A twist of fate (Chapter 1)


She was 18 when they first met. She was doing a cover of a huge concert for her favourite magazine, a concert his band - her favourite band - were headlining. To her annoyance, they hadn't given out press-passes, but they were all smokerd, so her and her friend waited outside for them to finish the set, and come out to get some air, and light a few.
Half and hour later, they came, as expected. He was the short one. Now came the hard part - Getting them to take her and Jade seriously. They showed them their press passes. "My name is Rachel, I'm going to be your interviewer tonight, this is my co-worker and photographer, Jade" she tilted her head to the left to inidicate who 'Jade' was. They braced themselves for the laugh they both knew was coming at their age. It arrived right on cue. (Sorry, not sure how to spell 'cue' forgive me if I'm wrong) "You're kidding, right? You're KIDS, you don't even look 16!" came the ageist reply from the vocalist - who was about 4 inches taller than HIM. "That's because we're not, we're 18 years old, but like it or not, we're the best, and you'll just have to live with that. "
He finally spoke up. "I like her, the kid's got spunk. " She smiled, took off her hat, and gave a mocking bow. "I'd like to introduce you to the most random interviewer you will EVER meet.

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   Oh, and just in case you were wondering how WE, two 18 year-old girls, got to be the best. We know, EXACTLY what the fans WANT to know. You know WHY? No, didn't think so. It's because YOUR fans, are OUR friends. Now, are you gonna answer these questions or not?" It could be easily said she was cocky, by just meeting her, you could tell she was a scoucer. Although, it's probably best to mention that she was also an Evertonian. Born and bred in Norris Green, she was one tough cookie, and not a girl to be messed with, she was stubborn, arrogant, and smart. She was logical, and had the ability to talk anyone around to her was of seeing things. That was why she was such a good reporter.
They lit their cigarrettes, and sat down at one of the tables outside. "Do you mind breathing in a different direction? I'm an asthmatic, and an airway full of Fermaldahyde, cyanide, and arsenic doesn't better my health any. " They put them out - she also had the ability to put ANYONE off their cigarrete. "Thankyou. Now, totally random question. What would you think if the world was pink?""WTF?!?" started the drummer, "What kinda question is that.

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  ""A RANDOM question, asshole, now are you gonna answer it or not?"HE laughed, "I'd tell myself to take off John Lennon's glasses for a start!""John Lennon's glasses are bottle green, you dick!" Started the other Guitarist, Ryan. "Shut the fuck up man," HE replied - his name was Sean. "Okay. . . What would you say to someone who asked you to sign their ass?"
You can probably guess how the interview continued. Everyone generally had a good time, and at the end, they exchanged contact details, PURELY for the sake of the interview of course, but Sean also gave her his YIM address - GothicAngel82. They talked regularly, although she didn't have a webcam, so he had no real idea what she looked like, and when he finally saw her again, 2 years later at the K! Awards, doing Vocals and Guitars for her own band, accompanied by her boyfriend Liam, he had no idea it was the same girl, and she didn't plan on telling him either.
(Sorry, no real action in this one, but it's just an introduction to the storyline, hope you like it!)


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