A Night On The Roof


I was walking home from school with my friends Kim and David. Kim was trying to talk to me about how hott Michael was. And David was mumbling something about his schedule. "Aubrey, how can you not be pissed that we don't have 1st period together?!" David practically yelled in my ear. "It's one class, it's going to be okay. " I smiled and looked up at him. "So about Michael, he's sooooo gorgeous. Last night, we talked on the internet for hours. I think he wants to date me. " She became giddy at the thought. I rolled my eyes and continued looking down at the ground. I knew Kim would kill me if she knew that I was Michael's biggest fan. His band was amazing. And they loved me as much as I loved them. I'd been to every all-ages show they had played. My life revolved around them, and their life revolved around me.

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   Even the shows where there were only two or three people, I went, and they blew my mind out every time. And those select shows that had fifty or sixty people, I was still the first person there and the last person to leave. They knew it too. Even their bassist, Dan, called me the little sister of the band. I walked along with David still sulking about his schedule and Kim nearly having an orgasm at the thought of Michael. I heard a truck drive up behind us. Thinking it was David's girlfriend coming to chew him out for not waiting for her, I kept walking. Kim turned around and stopped quickly. And I suddenly knew it wasn't David's girlfriend. Kim ran to Michael's passenger door window. He had an old, lowered, dark green Chevy Silverado that I envied to the extent of wanting to have sex in it. "MICHAEL! Hey. . . " Kim said in a flirtatious manner.

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   I smiled and quickly erased all emotion as I slowly walked up to the truck. "Bre! Hey kid, you need a ride?" He asked me, totally ignoring Kim. "Uh. . . sure. " I smiled again, this time, not really caring if Kim saw me. I could hear David laughing and Kim punching him as I opened the car door. When I was inside I realized the familiar sound of Pantera blaring over the car's speakers. Michael smiled and turned down the volume as we drove off. "It was kind of rude not to give your friends a ride. . . wasn't it?" He asked and looked over at me. I was too afraid to say anything.

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   So I shook my head and looked down at my Chemistry book. I could hear Michael laugh. "So it wasn't rude?" He questioned, knowing that eventually I'd have to open my mouth. I looked over at him. He wasn't looking at me anymore. He was paying attention to the road ahead of him. "It wasn't rude. They'll understand. " I quietly said, looking up at his face. "Okay, whatever you say. " He looked back at me and grinned. I stared at him for a few minutes, taking in everything that I thought beautiful about him. His ears were gauged and I couldn't help but want to nibble one of his ears. I suddenly got erotic thoughts in my mind. He was playing with lip ring as if he were nervous and I followed his actions.

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   Switching off playing with my own. He looked over at me again. "Which way?" He questioned when we came to the first turn. "I don't care. . . just drop me off here. " I knew what I had to do. I had to get home, fast. I was 16, my hormones were everywhere. I needed to get somewhere where I could masturbate as soon as possible. Michael was making me hotter than any guy ever had. And I knew with that, there was going to be a load of heartache when he wouldn't take me as his girlfriend. Michael locked the doors as soon as I went for my door handle. "Do you have to be home right now?" He questioned.

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   I wanted to scream "Yes! Because I need to fucking finger myself to a picture of you!" but I held back, knowing that would be the stupidest thing that had ever come out of my mouth. "Yeah. " I mumbled and looked at my feet. "Well. . . when are your rents going to be home? You sure we couldn't just hang out for a while? Maybe go to my place, let me show off on the drums for you?" He smirked. I sighed. "Sure. . . you know, it would be pretty cool to be able to go to a private show. " I smiled and looked over at him. He immediately flipped a bitch and headed out of town. His parent's house was on the outskirts of town.

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   They had no neighbors, just a little church next to them. The thing was, he was going in the total opposite direction of his house. I felt extremely uneasy as he pulled up to an orchard. There were no houses, or even any signs of human life. The road was deserted. He pulled into the orchard and turned off his truck. I could feel a slight breeze blowing through the car windows and I shivered. I was nervous. Knowing that Michael had nothing to look at now, other than me. He turned and did exactly what I predicted. He looked at me and I was forced to look at him. "I want to do something for you Aubrey. I mean, you love my band. You've been there for us since day uno. .

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  . " "Michael, no. I love you guys, yeah, but you don't have to do anything for me. I love you for your music. I don't expect you to repay me. " I strained out. Of course I didn't expect Michael to repay me in any fashion, but I was glad he wanted to. I was glad enough with the fact that he wanted me. "It's not that. I feel sort of stupid. This whole time, I've thought of you as more than just a fan. Remember that night when we were all drunk together, and we had nothing better to do than sit around and keep drinking. Remember how we were forced to sit on the loveseat together. We were so close to each other that we had to hold onto each other to keep from falling off that damn couch. " He smiled.

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   Damn, this whole time, I'd been hoping no one remembered that, especially not Michael. I blushed and looked ahead of me. "Of course I remember that. I was happy then. Back then, I thought you and I actually had a chance together. " I stumbled over my words. The way I confessed my love for him sounded incredibly stupid, but I knew it was the perfect way to say it. I looked over at him and he was still smiling. But it wasn't a smile that suggested anything, it was an innocent, almost loving, smile. Before I knew it, Michael was leaning over me kissing my neck as he unzipped my jeans. My shirt was still on but I didn't care. I knew this part of our session was hurried, but I also knew there was much more to come. I arched my back and steadied myself so that he could pull my jeans down from my waist. My pants weren't even all the way off before he stopped kissing me and looked down at my still concealed pussy. He grinned again.

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   "Have you ever had sex?" He questioned. I could feel my face getting red and it suddenly seemed hotter in this truck. I knew I wanted to, but not here, not now. I wanted my first time to be somewhere important. "Uhm. . . no. . . " I whispered. "Okay then, not here. " He said, seeming to understand my feelings. "But I still want to feel something here. I want you to get.

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  . . pleasured. . . now. And I want to be the one to do it. " He grinned again and continued kissing my neck. I could feel the heat of his hand sliding up the inside of my thigh as his other hand gripped on the back of my seat. His hand obviously showed that he'd been playing the drums for years. It was calloused, but incredibly comforting. My thigh was soft and the feel of his hand turned me on instantly. It was like someone turned on a faucet and my underwear showed this. His hand eventually reached the edge of my black underwear and rested on top of them. He rubbed my covered pussy, directly over my clit.


   He was rubbing in a fast motion, pushing hard on my pussy. I didn't mind, considering this was the best feeling I'd ever felt. He kissed my chin, making sure not to kiss my lips yet, as he pinched the side of my panties up and over my pussy. I felt a burst of cool air and moaned. I couldn't control it. I ran my hands through my own hair and then through his, forcing him to kiss my neck harder. Michael slowed down his kissing a little and gently pushed his middle finger into my drenching pussy. I was trembling and I tensed up instantly. He curved his finger and made a slight rubbing motion on the inside of my walls, causing me to tighten and climax hard. I moaned and hugged him, scraping at his clothed back. He included two then three fingers, wanting to make me orgasm again. But I couldn't at first. I was worn. I felt sensitive and I wanted to tell Michael to stop. But I couldn't, the thought of him wanting me to feel superior was enough to make me cum around his fingers again.

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   I felt the climax nearing and Michael stopped kissing me and looked directly into my eyes. "Keep your eyes open. " He whispered. "I want to see your eyes when you come so hard that it makes the truck shake. " He smiled. I tried my hardest to smile back and keep my eyes open. I could feel my body tensing up. He thrust his fingers harder and faster in and out of me. Pumping me for all I was worth. This had to be a trick, there was no way I was going to keep my eyes open. I could feel my eyes glaze over and right as my orgasm hit me, I screamed and snapped my eyes shut. I shook and thrust myself at his fingers. I was amazed that he kept stable. He pulled his fingers out of me and rubbed them on his jeans. I opened me eyes and sighed deeply, trying to catch my breath.

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   I was glad to see that Michael was rubbing my juices out onto his pants. If he had stuck his fingers in his mouth to clean them off, I would have puked. I carefully pulled my up my jeans. I sat back and fell into a light sleep instantly. I could still hear what was happening around me. I could hear Michael start up his truck and turn up his Pantera CD. I could hear him take off towards his house. And I could hear him sigh, happy with his work. I woke up to him standing outside the passenger side. The door was open and he was brushing my hair out of my face with his pointer finger. It was dark out, but just barely. I could still see everything clearly, suggesting the sun had just gone down a few minutes before. I couldn't help but ask myself what time it was. "Nice of you to wake up Aubrey. " He laughed his sweet laugh and grabbed my hand.

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   "Get up, I have something to show you. " I let go of his hand and pushed myself out of the truck and onto wobbly legs. His mom's Suburban wasn't in the driveway and neither was his dad's F-350. I tried to walk over the gravel driveway but I started to feel tired again. "Michael, where am I going?" I questioned as Michael took off around the side of his house. His head popped out around the corner. "Just come on, and when you get over here, climb up the ladder. " He smiled almost evil-like and disappeared around the small white country house again. I eventually made it around the house just as I saw Michael's ass vanish from the top of the ladder. The top of his house was pointed, but they had a screened in porch that was flat with a three foot tall wall around the outside. I pushed myself up the ladder, thinking the whole time that I was going to fall. I reached the top of the porch and saw the most beautiful site ever. Michael had set up a makeshift bed. There were small candles along the border of the wall. It was just enough light to see the outline of everything in front of me.

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   There were what seemed like twenty or so blankets covering the roof so it would be comfortable enough to lay on. I felt tears come to my eyes as Michael just kept smiling. He walked up to me and pulled me into a hug. "For years I've had to love you from a distance. For years I've waited to make love to you. For years I've jacked-off to pictures of you, immediately feeling bad because you were three years younger than me. " He laughed and loosened our embrace. He looked down at me and leaned in to kiss me, this time, kissing me on the lips. I felt so blissful. I felt like I was finally somewhere I wanted to be, in Michael's lightly tattooed arms. He lead me over to the blankets, softly laying me down as we continued to kiss. He laid down on top of me. His weight was just perfect. I moaned deep in my throat as his kissing continued. Tears welled out of my eyes.

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   I couldn't help but question if this was really happening. Michael pulled off his shirt and then slowly pulled off mine. He seemed to be hesitating whither we should be doing this. I unbuttoned his jeans and slipped my hands down the front, caressing his hard-on. This reassured him that I wanted this just as bad as him. And he continued stripping me of my clothes. When we finally both laid naked on his roof is when if hit me that this really was happening. I was laying naked with Michael on his fucking roof. I looked down at his cock. It was fully erect and was a good eight inches. He was laying on his back next to me, waiting for the perfect moment. I made the first move by sliding my hand down his stomach. I clutched his and slowly moved my hand up and down. He moaned and grabbed my arm. He rolled on top of me and kissed me again.

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   His hands were keeping him balanced above me as our lip rings clinked together.
    His tongue slid in and out of my mouth as we made out. I could feel his tongue piercing massaging my tongue and it just made the experience more erotic. I nibbled on his bottom lip and dug my fingernails into his back. He stopped kissing me and looked down at my face. Even though nothing had really happened yet, I looked as if I were climaxing over and over. I kept trembling and my hands held tighter onto his back. "Aubrey, I want you to know that I love you. " He whispered in my ear. "I love you so much Michael. " I moaned. He rubbed the head of his cock on my soft pussy lips. He reached down with one hand and felt my warmness. I was soaking wet and he smiled as he started to finger me. My face distorted and he pulled out.

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       "I want you. " I groaned. That's all I had to say. Before I knew it, it was entering me. He swiftly took my virginity and stopped moving. I screamed and cried into his chest. I wanted all of him. I wanted the pain to stop, but I wanted the pleasure to continue. He slid deeper and deeper. I moaned as tears flooded from my eyes. His cock throbbed inside of me as he sped up. Pumping in and out of me. It was all going to fast for me to comprehend. He pulled himself out again and then pushed himself deep into me, giving me all eight inches of him. "Aubrey, you're so tight.

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       I can't believe you saved this tight little pussy for me. " He began to move slowly at first, allowing me to readjust to his cock and when he felt me cum, his movements became more rapid. I moaned and moaned as he began to make small thrusts inside me, pulling out and pushing back in. I thrust my hips into him as he held my legs wider and pounded my pussy harder and faster. "Oh, Michael! Don't stop! Please! Pump me harder! Agh. . . FASTER!" Each thrust came harder and harder but it felt so good. He was so huge inside my tight pussy and I clenched my pussy around him. He held himself still and with one final motion he pulled out briefly and then buried his cock inside me and exploded. I then realized how much I loved the Michael. I had never felt so aroused or felt so good in my life. He stayed inside of me as he rolled us both to own sides. We laid there for a while until we fell asleep. I woke to the feel of Michael's mouth sucking my breast.

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       Half awake, I moved closer to him as I felt his fingers against my pussy. He thrust two fingers inside of me as he kissed my mouth, thrusting his tongue inside my mouth with each thrust of his fingers. I came as I moved even closer to him. I felt his hard hot cock against my thigh and couldn't help but remember that just half an hour ago this eight inches of nineteen year old had been inside me, filling my sixteen year old pussy up. I reached down and began to stroke up and down his shaft again I heard him moan as I continued to stroke him. His cock was so hard and rigid but it felt like velvet against my fingers. I pushed against him until he was on his back and I straddled him. He felt my wet pussy against his stomach as I raised my hips and reached for his cock. "I need you inside me, Michael. . . I can't wait!" I placed his cock inside of me as I came down on him, taking him further inside of me. I moaned as his cock invaded my tight passage. I took him deeper and deeper with each movement. We both moaned as he felt my pussy clinch around his cock and as I felt his cock stretch my pussy in ways I'd never imagined.

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      He held my breasts as I began to ride his cock faster. He felt my cum and he sat up to suck my breasts as I rode him harder and harder. He rolled me over onto my back, keeping his cock inside me. He raised himself up as he spread my legs as wide as he could and with one deep, hard thrust he buried himself deep inside me and exploded as my pussy tightened against his cock. We collapsed against each other and rolled to our sides with Michael keeping his cock inside me. I felt a sense of desertion when he finally pulled out of me. "I could do this all night with you, Aubrey. " Michael said as he stroked my breast. "We could do this as long as you want. It isn't like I'm protesting. " I smiled and kissed him softly. He had just driven me to the point of multiple orgasms, I wasn't going to say no if he wanted more. "You know the way inside of me love. " I drifted into a light sleep again. With all my senses still alive and ready for more.


       Michael looked down at me. I must have seemed so peaceful just laying there. He was lightly playing with my breast when he felt my body shift and my legs spread. My instincts must have been taking over in my sleep. Michael felt himself go hard and I felt it too, because I moaned in my sleep and moved closer to him. I felt hands on my legs spreading my legs apart. Oh, what a wonderful dream. I never knew my pussy could be so wet when I was asleep. Ah. . . a familiar feeling! Michael's cock was in my pussy, gently entering me. I'd never had dreams like this before. It all seemed so real. "Yes, Michael! Oh, yes!" I moaned aloud.

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       Michael couldn't wait. He had to take me then. He thrust his huge cock inside me and I gasped as I realized this was no dream. "Sorry, baby," he said, "I just couldn't wait. " I opened my eyes as my pussy began to adjust to his cock. I was still so tight and his cock knew just how to stretch me to maximum pleasure. I reached between my thighs and massaged his cock as he continued to thrust inside of me. He felt me cum and he moaned at the feel of my fingers on his shaft. I wrapped my legs around him and pushed my feet against him, pushing his cock deeper inside me. "Deeper, baby! Please! I need it all!" I writhed beneath him with each thrust inside me. Pump. . . pump. .

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      . pump. . . he continued to drill into me. We both moaned as we matched each others movements. "Hold on, Bre!" With one final thrust he buried his cock deep inside me and exploded his cum against my pussy walls. I gripped tightly onto the blankets as I came hard around his cock. We laid there for a few minutes and he finally pulled his self out of me. I felt lost without him. But I knew I had to sleep. "I'm so sore. " I wined and clutched his back. I combed my hands through his hair and he smiled again. His eyes were still glazed over and I knew that this was the perfect was to have lost my virginity.

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       I knew that this was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me. "I love you Bre. " He smiled and held me as we fell asleep in each others arms. .



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