I always liked the smell of coconut


I always liked the smell of coconut and salt. The beach was one of my most favorite places to be. Not just for the babes but for feeling of the sun warming your skin while the cool breeze coming off the ocean to cool you off. Today I was just relaxing by myself and taking in the rays. I think I half drifted off a few times but I was just aware enough to realize that some clouds had moved in blocking the sun. I also noticed the temperature dropping a few degrees. Anyone from some place with a beach knows that means it’s about to start raining. I opened my eyes and saw that others had noticed it as well and were packing up to leave. Seams everyone was getting ready to leave so I guessed it was going to storm. One look at the sky told me I was right. It didn’t look too bad but definitely not beach weather.

I started packing up my things when I noticed someone out in the water. Who ever it was, they were having a hard time trying to get back to the shore. Apparently they were out on the sandbar when the weather turned bad. I knew there was no way they were going to make it because of the undercurrent. Being a part time life guard I could swim pretty well but even I could not make that.

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   I watched for a few moments to see if who ever it was made any headway. Right then I figured out it was a female cause she turned on her back and was floating. Not a good sign. It meant she was probably worn out from swimming against the current and was about to be carried out either side of the sandbar and out to the ocean because of the undercurrent. I took off into the water knowing I would have to take her back to the sandbar and wait till the tide changed before coming back in. I hoped it wouldn’t start storming and lightning but I knew the sandbar was the safest place with all things considered.

The water was starting to get choppy and that made it a strenuous swim to get out to her. Luckily whoever she was she was at least smart enough to float to her back when she got worn out. As I started getting closer she began to look a little familiar. Oh shit! It’s Julie. She hated my guts. None the less, hating someone is one thing, being in the ocean and about to be swept out to sea was entirely another. I swam up along side of her and I saw that she was breathing very heavily and was shaking. I guess she heard me because she kind of lowered more of her body into the water just as I reached her. She really looked like she was having a hard time staying afloat.

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“Julie, are you ok?” I asked.

“Go away Jeff, I am just fine!” she scorned.

“Julie, your about to be swept out to the ocean, we need to go to the sandbar and wait till the tide starts coming back in. ” I said.

She didn’t say or do anything. She just floated there breathing. I guess somehow she knew I was right but didn’t want to relent or ask for my help. I didn’t know how she would take to me pulling her back to the sandbar so I moved behind her and put my arm around her and started making my way to the sandbar. As I thought she started fighting me and kicking her feet wildly. She was yelling something that I couldn’t make out with the water flooding over my ears but it didn’t matter. I had encounter people like this before. As a life guard we were always taught to approach from behind so that the wild kicks and flailing arms don’t accidentally get us. Her kicks actually helped me tread water but her hands and nails digging at my arm didn’t feel too good. It was a fairly tiring swim though because the water was pretty choppy and the undercurrent was pulling us toward either side of the sandbar. I managed to get us to the sand bar though.

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   As soon as her feet touched sand she really started pulling away. Since the water wasn’t in my ears anymore I could finally hear what she was screaming.

“I don’t have any bottoms on!” she screamed.

“I’m sorry, but I had to get you out of the undercurrent. Don’t you understand that you were about to be swept out to sea? I exclaimed.

She didn’t say anything. She just sat there with her legs under her butt in the edge of the water trying to hide her face. I guess she was embarrassed. Oh shit, she’s gonna start crying. Great, now what do I do. The last thing I need her to do is get irrational right now and try to swim it again.

I moved to the edge of the water a few feet away from her and said, “Here, you can have my trunks”. I shucked them off and extended them to her while turning the other way. I had made sure I was in the water enough that I wouldn’t be flashing her. I heard her move and finally take them from me.

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   A few moments later I asked if she had them on and she replied a pouting “Yes”. I turned and looked briefly and although they were ridiculously loose on her, they did the job. I didn’t push my luck though and looked away.

We sat there quietly not saying a word. I could feel the tension in the air though. I don’t know how much of it was her seething that I was the one that saved her from what she had to know was in a dire situation or the embarrassment of not having any bottoms on. ‘Wait a minute. Why didn’t she have any bottoms on?’ I thought to myself. Oh well, I am not going to ask.

I guess I should tell you a little bit about Julie. Julie is tall. Six foot tall. That is the most remarkable thing about her. I am not short myself at 5’10” ½ and am in pretty good shape but still, 6’ is tall for a chic. Sure she’s a blonde and has a very good figure but what I have always remembered about her is that she is tall.

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   I guess that is because she lacks depth in personality. She’s nice and all but she tends to be on the fickle side. We had a lot of mutual friends, since we were the same age and hung out in the same crowds but never really talked.

Why did she hate me? Her sister, who was 2 years older than her at 21 used to work at the same beach hut that ran the life guard station that I worked at. I caught her stealing some of the bathing suits that the hut sold and turned her in for it and Julie got plenty pissed off at me for it. What she doesn’t know is that I was the reason she didn’t get arrested over the issue. I literally begged them not to. Julie never gave me the chance to tell her that and quite frankly I didn’t really care to. I did the right thing and shouldn’t have to explain myself for doing so. Julie’s problem is that she doesn’t see her sister for what she is. Julie’s sister is a pothead. She probably stole the stuff to sell for drugs. I knew it was only a matter of time before she did something stupid. Julie refuses to see that.

“They came off when I was trying to swim back to the shore.

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  ” Julie said, interrupting my thoughts.

“What?” I asked.

“My bathing suit bottoms. They came off when I was trying to swim back to the shore. ” She explained.

“Oh. ” I retorted, not wanting to seem as if though I was using this to engage in a conversation with her. I guess she just didn’t want me to think she was nude bathing out here. I did notice though that she had not thanked me for my trunks. Oh well.

“Why did you bring me back to the sandbar instead of the shore?” she asked.

“We wouldn’t have made it to the shore. With the tide going out the undercurrent was trying to pull us out to sea. With the water being choppy it made it even harder to swim. Our best bet was to come back to the sandbar and wait till the tide starts going back in.

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  ” I responded.

“Is it going to storm?” She asked with a hint of fear in her voice.

“It looks like it is going to rain but I don’t think it will be bad. ” I answered.

It then occurred to me that I had not driven here and was going to have to take the bus home. How the hell was I going to take the bus home with no trunks?

“Julie, did you drive here?” I asked.

“No, I took the bus, why?” She said.

“Umm, I took the bus too and I have no trunks now. ” I said with kind of a defeated look on my face.

“Oh, umm, well, hmmm. ” She stammered.

We both sat there quietly thinking to ourselves. Of all the people each of us to get stuck in a situation like this with it had to be her and I. I didn’t particularly care for her and she certainly hated my guts. It was Julie that spoke first.

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“Jeff, I don’t really like this situation. I don’t like wearing your trunks but I don’t have much choice in the matter. I know you don’t really like me wearing your trunks but I appreciate your being a gentleman about it and giving them to me. I have a wrap on the beach and once we get there I can give your trunks back to you, but I am scared to go on the public bus with just a wrap on for bottoms. You know how those perverts get on the busses, it gets crowded and they get touchy feely. This is hard for me to ask but can you please forget our differences for a bit and see me home?” She said eloquently.

I was in shock. Julie was always smart in school but she never had any worldliness about her. She never had depth of emotion and quite frankly I figured her for the type to just leave when we got to the shore with my trunks.

“Umm, yeah, sure. ” I stammered.

Julie then asked, “how much longer till the tide starts coming in?”

I answered, “about an hour and a half. ”

“Well, I am going to relax till then. ” Julie said.

With that she leaned back while still keeping her legs bent.

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   I guess she resigned herself to have to be civil with me at least until this was over. I was still taken back by how prolifically she spoke earlier. She completely conveyed what she was thinking and how she felt. Hell, she even showed empathy for my feelings.

I sat there thinking and looking around just trying to pass the time till the tide started coming back in and I noticed something out of the corner of my eyes. I looked over at her and holy shit! I could see clear up my trunks to her pussy. The trunks were really loose on her and they weren’t very long anyway. I couldn’t believe it. I tried looking away and ignoring it but it was like one of those stains you find on someone’s shirt. You know, when your standing there talking to someone and they have a stain on their shirt and you can’t help but look at it. I didn’t want to sit there and stare at it because if I did and got a hard-on she would definitely notice it being as she had my trunks. I had to do something. I decided to just roam around in the water a little bit. The cool water should help me keep my member under control. I did see enough though to know that she shaves completely.

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The tide finally started coming back in and I gave it another 30 minutes and then called out to Julie to let her know it was time to go. We started swimming back to the shore and when we were about half way there she fell behind. I stopped and looked back and asked her if she was ok. She looked at me strangely for a second and then said she was fine and started swimming on. We made it close enough that we could stand without much trouble. We stopped about waist deep in water and I asked her to go get her wrap so I could get my shorts back and we could make our way to the bus stop.

“I can’t. ” Julie said, looking down.

“Why?” I asked.

Continuing to look down she said, “I lost your trunks. They were so loose they just kind of slipped off me’ I am really sorry. ”

I couldn’t help it. I just laughed. Not knee slapping or anything but a good chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” she said defensively.



“Just this whole situation. I mean look at it. Every turn something goes wrong. ” I answered chuckling.

“Well, yeah, your right, but now what are we going to do. ” She asked.

“Look, I will run onto the beach and grab your wrap and bring it to you, I will also grab my shirt. But we are going to have to figure out the bus though. ” I said.

“What do you mean figure out the bus?” She asked.

“Well the bus is going to be busy, it’s always busy and when I raise my hands to grab the bars… well, my shirt is not very long. People will see I have no trunks on. ” I explained.

“Oh, I see. Hmm.

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  ” She said.

With that I ran off to go get her wrap and my shirt. I noticed she had a shirt too but it was a short one. I grabbed it anyway for her. I slipped my shirt on, ran back out in the water and gave her clothes to her. She put her wrap and shirt on and we made our way out of the water. I noticed her wrap barely covered her ass. Any shorter and you would have seen her goodies.

“I have an idea,” Julie began, “you know how the very back of the bus, that little compartment that no one likes because it’s so small and right next to the engine? Well, if you get behind me back there no one will be able to see your not wearing trunks. We could take the bus to your house and then you could drive me home. ”

Oh, boy. I was nervous now. I knew that being behind her would shield me from other people but I also knew that it would press her ass up against my groin. I also knew that would end up stimulating me. I didn’t know how to tell her that and I just stood there with this dumb look on my face.

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“What?” Julie said exasperatedly.

“Well Julie, I don’t know how to say this. I feel almost ashamed to say it but, everyone else might not know that I don’t have trunks on, but you would. And you would know it first hand. ” I tried to explain.

Julie stood there with a questioning look on her face as if she didn’t understand.

“Julie, what I am trying to say is with us standing there in close proximity and barely clothed, I am afraid I will get turned on. I wouldn’t do anything about it, but you would definitely notice. ”

The light bulbs went off and Julie’s face lit up with embarrassment. She stood there for a moment soaking in what I had just said and possibly thinking.

“Jeff, I know we don’t much like one another and maybe that makes things better. I know that you are not going to try to have sex with me or take advantage of the situation. Even though I don’t like you, that doesn’t change the fact that you are a nice guy. I have my bag that I am going to put in front of me and I would rather have you behind me even with no trunks than someone else that will definitely try something. I realize you will probably get turned on and even thought of that but still, the alternative is to have a stranger getting turned on and rubbing himself up against me or worse.

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  ” Julie articulated.

I was in shock again. I managed to compose myself and said, “Julie, you have a lot more depth than I ever thought you did. ” She took that in and looked away a little embarrassed and I left it at that. I didn’t want to make too huge a deal of it and surely didn’t want her to think I was coming onto her.

We made our way to the bus stop a few blocks away. Luckily it looked as if it was not going to rain. Unluckily the bus stop was packed. If the bus stop was packed the bus was likely to be packed. True to form the bus was very busy. We did manage to get on and even managed to squeeze our way to the back of the bus. She was right, no one was back there. The noise really was bad but surprisingly we had enough room where she was not pressed up against me even with her bag in front of her. We might actually make it through this without dealing with any embarrassment.

Then it happened.

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   We stopped at another bus stop and more people got on than got off the bus. Julie’s ass was pressed right up against my hips. I started trying to think of anything, baseball, my grandmother, anything. It didn’t work, I started getting hard. At first it didn’t matter because there was enough room between Julie’s legs that she couldn’t feel it. I guess maybe she knew I was going to get hard and kept her legs apart enough that I would not touch her with it. That didn’t last long though because I didn’t just get a little hard, I got very, very hard. Soon enough my dick reached up as far as it could go. It pressed right between her lips and onto what I guessed was her clit. I heard her sharply take a breath of air.

I whispered into her ear that I was sorry. She just stood there and didn’t say anything. Her eyes had closed and I thought she was really pissed off now. The bus jostling around really had me rubbing up against her. That’s when I realized that she was getting very hot and wet.

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She looked back at me and carefully said, “We have got to move or something do you have any room to move backward. ”

“Not enough that we aren’t touching, I am so sorry. ” I responded.

“Maybe if you move back some, and if I move forward just a little you can get it from between my legs and just on my back on the outside of my wrap. ” Julie said.

I knew that with her being as tall as she was my dick would not be on her back, it would be between her butt cheeks but I suppose that would be better for her to handle so I said ok. I tried to move back but there was really no room for me to move and she pushed forward against the person in front of her. As she did so my dick moved from her clit but just traced along her lips. I guess the person in front of her didn’t like being pushed because he pushed her back. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time. When she was shoved back instead of being put back along her clit my dick was shoved about have way into her pussy. She took in a sharp breath of air and just froze. Me, I was totally in shock. I had in no way intended on this happening but there I was, half way up inside of someone’s pussy that I would have never had sex with. I guess my dick didn’t care who she was.

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“Holy shit, oh my God, I am so sorry” I blurted into her ear.

“Just don’t move. ” Julie said between gritted teeth.

I wasn’t moving but the bus was jostling both of us. I may as well have been having sex with her because that was what the effect of the bus jostling around was causing.

Julie said, again between gritted teeth, “I am going to move my bag to my side and try to push forward slightly and try to dislodge it, you make sure it goes up but not up in me. ”

With that Julie carefully moved her purse forward and right then the bus quickly slowed down. Perfect, it dislodged me just as we wanted. I strained my groin muscle trying to bring it up. Even if it was on the inside of her wrap as long as it was not up in her. The bus then hit a speed bump making both of us jump. The result was to put me squarely against her hole. Not her pussy hole but her asshole. Think it couldn’t get any worse? It did. After hitting the speed bump the bus suddenly sped up lodging the head of my dick into her ass.

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   Then the back of the bus hit the speed bump and made both of us jump even higher. The result was to push me all the way into her ass in one single motion. I guess we were lucky that I had been inside her pussy because I was well lubricated… if you can call anything about this situation lucky.

“Julie, you’ve got to scoot forward, I have no room back here. ” I breathed trying to control my voice.

“I can’t, I am pinned by this jerk in front of me. ”

“Great, I am very sorry, this was not supposed to happen. ” I said.

“Just try not to move or you’ll hurt me. I am sorry too. This was my idea. ” Julie said, surprisingly calm.

“What are we going to do now. ” I inquired.

“I don’t know but if you dry up in me it is really going to hurt a lot.

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  ” Julie said.

“Well what do I do, I can’t move very much at all. ” I asked.

“Cum. ” Julie said.

“What?” I blurted.

“If you cum it will provide the lube needed so it doesn’t hurt, plus you will go soft and slip out of me. It’s not the best solution, but it is the best solution we have. ” She explained.

I stood there, stupefied for a moment and then I felt her ass muscles clinch me. It was a hell of a turn on. She did it again and I started slowly rocking. I was getting into it and if I didn’t know better I would say so was she. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was labored. I kept slowly rocking inside her.

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   It was tearing me up that I couldn’t just pound her. I couldn’t though, other people might noticed if I went all wild banshee on her.

I decided to go for broke. I managed to get one hand from the rail above me and move it to her breast. I pinched her nipple and she open her eyes and looked back at me. I could tell by the look in her eyes she was getting into it. I pinched her nipples as I rocked inside of her. The whole time she was clinching her sphincter muscles over and over. Her breathing got more and more labored as did mine.

Here I was fucking someone that I didn’t like and didn’t like me in the ass on a public bus. That realization was just too much for me. I could feel it building up and told her I was about to cum. She actually moaned and clinched really hard on my dick. Luckily we were right next to the engine and no one could hear us. Hell, we could barely hear each other.

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   I felt her quiver all over and she got tense. I couldn’t believe it. She was cumming. That was all I could take. I dumped my load right in her dumper. I came hard, really hard. I came so much it was almost like I was pissing inside her.

Finally though, I calmed down and so did she. My dick also calmed down and as she had said it slipped out of her. We stood there quietly pressed to one another until we reached my stop. We shoved our way through the crowd and out the door.

Our walk to my house was very uneventful. Neither of us said a word. When we got to my house I pointed to the bathroom and went to my room for some clothes. I managed to find her some of my shorts with a draw string so they would stay up on her.


   I knocked on the bathroom door and left them right outside the door. I knew she was probably embarrassed and didn’t want to face me. I was embarrassed too. We didn’t say a word on the way to her house. When we finally arrived I stared blackly out the front windshield and said, “I am sorry Julie. I didn’t mean for that to happen. ”

“Neither of us meant for it to happen it just did. But this will stay between us. ”She quietly said, not looking at me.

“I am not going to tell anyone, it will be our little secret. ” I said, still not looking.

Then she did something that totally shocked me. She very quickly reached over and kissed me on the cheek. She also very quickly got out of the car and started heading to her house.

I wonder what the kiss on the cheek was all about?

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