Happy Birthday


It's your birthday, and this yearwe want to be alone and be able to be as loud as we want so we rent a motel room and go inside, a one bedroom and bath room we were
both all over each other, unfortunately you'd just run out of the pill the month
before and I still had to run out to grab condoms which could take me up to an
hour walk there and back, I leave in a hurry hoping to get back with u still up
and waiting, u hear me leave out the door and decide to read some fan fiction
while waiting, after several minutes of reading an intense story you heard the
floor creak in the other room, thinking it was me forgetting something u ignored
it, at first till you heard a crash "James?" you walk out into the other room to
find the door open a crack, you notice a flash of movement behind you in the
mirror and before you can make a sound u feel a cloth covering your mouth and
blackness enveloping u... you wake up and try and move your arms, both tied and
legs done the same way all to bedposts, you pull hard they move a bit but theres
no way you could break the rope and the knot looked tough, "looks like the sluts
up" a man in a ski mask walks inside wearing nothing else, you see him look you
up and down realizing your underwear's the only thing your

still wearing, "fuck I'm going to enjoy you, and we've still got lots of time
till your bf gets back he'll run out of gas halfway thanks to me," you can see
the man quickly getting aroused watching you, he walks over to the bed grabbing
your ass and digging his face deep into your thong," mmm smells like the bitch is
wet already,dam you want this" you squirm and want to tell him it wasn't him it
was her bf and the fan fiction but she knew it was pointless, he took a knife out
and you draw a deep breath he cuts your thong in one clean cut next your bra "
you ready for me huh slut" "oh god please no please don't" you start to cry at
the same time feeling ashamed at how turned on you feel, your body betraying your
love, "alright now kiss it bitch" his dick sticks out in front of you and u turn
your face away closing your mouth. "alright hard way" he slaps you hard' you keep
your mouth shut " fine my way" he grabs your hair and pulls making you cry out
in pain quickly he shoves into your mouth " bite and I kill u and ur bf"
he puts

his hand on the back of your head pushing you down his dick shoving down the
back of your throat you gag but he holds you down youfeel your control going and
you puke up on his dick, he holds u down another second and let's it out partly
"ya bitch make it nice and sloppy" he grabs your head and fucks your mouth
harder and harder making you gag until finally you controlled your breathing, he
pulls out, "alright that was good now main course" he unties you and sticks
himself at your entrance " nooooo plz dontt I've only given myself to him please
don't I'll blow u please " "hah you did that already besides you look like a really
tight fuck u little cock whore"

with that he grabbed your face and pulled you to
his lips shoving his tongue down your throat, as he plunges all of his length
deep inside you till he reaches your limits, stretching you till it hurts. he
grabs your ass and starts to fuck u hard then he pulls you around and pushes you
over the bathroom sink, bending you over he smacks your ass repeatedly making
tears fill your eyes as your ass is left with hand prints you feel him grope your
soaking pussy and shove into you fucking you hard instantly, you can feel the
sting of your ass slapping against him as you feel yourself shaking your ass
trying to get yourself off again, you feel your orgasm building up as you feel
him fucking you harder and harder and you watch yourself tears dried on your
cheeks, dried cum on your face, and makeup smeared you watch yourself get fucked
from behind and you pass out as you explode in a world consuming orgasm

it felt like none before and lasted forever, finally u wake up to him fucking u just
as hard and u remember your not on the pil, " noooo don't cum inside me cum on my
face please il suck you off" hmm better yet come in here he pushes you back onto
the bed and flips you over re strapping all the ropes you feel him come up behind
you and his hot breathe on your neck you want me to fuck your ass you slut" " oh
god anywhere but there I've never done that please don't""like there's a choice"
you start struggling against the ropes as you feel his finger squirming rubbing
lube around your ass, oh god no u thought, you feel him press the head against it
and push

" ahhhhhhhh stopppppp it's to bigggg" you feel the head pop in "
ahhhhstop stop " he laughs and youfeel him push in halfway " plz stop it hurts"
before you know it he pushes all the way in " your splitting me apart ahhh" you
feeling him push 3 fingers in your stretched pussy then he slowly starts finger
fucking you, the pain in ur ass is forgottenfor a moment as the pleasure of
being full fills u, slowly u start to feel good all over, then he starts to pull
out then bak in "ahhhh" he speeds up fucking like it was your pussy all over again
" ahhhhhhhh" sobs and tears escape you as you slowly feel the pain taking a back
seat to pleasure, you start pushing hard back against him harder " ya bitch u
like that" " fuck my asss harderr" " god u are slut"

as you feel yourself build up
with his fingers and cock pound into u, u feel your ass spasm on his dick and u
pass out again feeling only pleasure now u come around to hIm pulling out cutting
the rope and pushing u on your knees" taste your ass bitch" he shoves his cock in ur
mouth and fucks it for 30seconds before you feel a strong gush of cum down your
throat gagging u, he pulls out shooting like a firehouse all over your chest and
face getting it in your hair and on your lips even in your eyes, u start to cry
thinking what have u done "happy birthday baby" oh my god you almost want to strangle
him and thank for hours for the best sex of your life

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