The Reunion Chapter 2

Mind Control

The following night, after she had returned from her bath, I putKazuko under again. "When I say  the words, 'the moon is flowingwest,' you will have ten intense, liberating orgasms in a row," Isuggested to her. I woke her up and we cuddled. That turned intostripping each other and progressed to making out and groping. "Themoon is flowing west," I enunciated. I watched her intently as shegot this really odd expression on her face. Then she let out thelongest loudest moan I have ever heard from her before she visiblyshuddered and then, "Iku! (I'm cumming)!" she squealed. Thatdeclaration was succeeded by machine gun panting and thenIiiikuuuu!" as she felt the second one go through her like anearthquake. There was more gasping and panting and a whimpering"Ikuuuuuuuuuuuu!" as orgasm number three ripped into her and that ishow it went. It literally brought her to her knees as her pubicmuscles convulsed and snapped repeatedly. By the time all theclimaxes had dissipated, she was out of breath and had heavilylidded eyes like she was drunk. "Kimochi yokatta ne (that must havefelt good)" I said to her with a snarky grin.

She laid on her back. "Anata, irete chodai! (Hey dear, put it inme!) she begged. Of course, I was stone hard watching her sensuallittle display, so I parted her chubby legs and inserted what to herwas a very thick eight inch dick but what in reality was more like asomewhat fat six incher. She propped her legs on my hips as I usedmy flesh drill  to tunnel into her and, possibly because she wasalready so worked up, within five minutes she was orgasming.

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   Theecstasy just kept attacking her while I enjoyed the sensation of hersoft, wet vaginal walls around my spear. I loaded my hips up andfucked her as hard as I could while she moaned, sighed and screamedunderneath me before my love bazooka unloaded cum rocket after cumrocket into her. "Ah, sugoi, sugoi! (oh my God, so amazing!)" shegasped.

Now one other thing about Kazuko: she told me early in ourrelationship that she had never fingered herself in her life. When Iattempted to get her to do it for me, she wouldn't even though shewatched me get myself off any number of times. So the next morning,I endeavored to correct that. After putting her in a trance, I said,"when it is suggested by me that you masturbate you will do it andkeep doing it until I tell you  to stop. " We subsequently hadbreakfast with Hanako, who departed for school once she had finishedeating.

We sat down on the livingroom couch. "Hey Kazuko, why don't youmasturbate for me?" I demanded. She looked at me quizzically andthen started pulling her skirt up. I reached in and yanked herpanties down to her ankles as her fingers found her clit. It seemedto take her some time to figure out just how she was supposed totouch herself. Suddenly, she shivered and that is when I knew shehad found the right mojo, I guess you could call it. Her index andmiddle fingers traveled north and south over the hood of her clitand then made quick little circles on it and basically alternatedthose two motions.

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   I saw her eyes roll up in her head and she shookand gasped then squealed out an "iku!," her fingers shining with hermoisture.

I pulled her skirt and panties completely off of her and dove inhead first to lick up those juices, my tongue licking up and downthe length of her sweet slit before I sucked on her clit, which sheloved, and she exploded into a chain of orgasms, making itdifficult  for me to keep my mouth on her vulva, let alone hernubbin.

She was becoming my little slut and I was loving it. The bigproblem, though, is that hypnosis is a very limited instrument. Youcan basically only use it to bring out something that already existsin the hypnotized person's psyche. For example, almost all girlslove looking at a big thick cock. Few would admit to it outwardlybecause they are afraid of seeming like sluts. So convincing her tosee my dick as an eight incher was easy from that perspective. Butif I, for example, suggested that she kill Hanako, that would neverhappen because Kazuko is first of all an exceedingly kind individualand she loves Hanako too much.

She laid there limp against the back of the couch and moved not asingle muscle to pull her panties up. Being how modest she generallyis, this told me her energy had been sapped. "Oi,Kazuko,  naoshiteoitekure (hey Kazuko, fix your clothes!)" I orderedand she looked down startled and hastily pulled her panties up. Iput my arms around her and gently kissed her. "Daisuki!" Iproclaimed. She quietly echoed that sentiment.

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   I moved down thecouch and encouraged her to lay in my lap, which she did. Then shedozed off. I sat there only half interested in what was on tv(Japanese television really, really sucks; as bad as American tv is,and it well and truly stinks like a fetid swamp in mid-July, for oneof the smartest, most educated and well read people on the planet,their tv has packs all the intellectual stimulation of your averagefirst grade coloring book). So I focused more on making Kazuko feelloved, planting soft kisses on her cheeks and whispering howfortunate I was to be able to reunite with her.

When I rose to go answer the call of nature, she woke up and rubbedher eyes to get the sleep out of them. I began to mull in my mindwhat command I was going to give her next. I liked her for her anddidn't want to try to make her some new person. In fact, thesuggestions I had given her to that point were more intended to helpher enjoy her situation in life while I got some benefited from it,too. Then someone suddenly entered our genkan (that's the littlefoyer in a Japanese house where you will see people's shoes laying). "Gomen kudasai! (please excuse my intrusion)!" It was Mrs. Itamoto,one of my wife's best friends. She came bearing little cakes she hadbought as an offering. My wife, of course, scurried off to get hersomething to drink while I made small talk.

A word about this habit of the Japanese, and it may surprise a lotof foreigners: it is actually more polite to just show up withoutwarning than it is to phone ahead to provide advance notice. Thereason is that if a Japanese knows someone will visit, according tothe etiquette, they are required to put on the dog for you.

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   The sameethic obtains in the Arab world, where you would give your life toassure the happiness of your visitors. By coming over out of theblue, the homeowner has an excuse for not having made any elaborateplans and the guest can hit and run instead of being  as concernedabout the usual formalities of a planned visit. My wife, who is afine conversationalist, finally exited the kitchen with our drinksto join us and we spent the next half hour or so just chit chattingabout not much. Mrs. Itamoto, though, was something of a milf. Shewas about 40, very cheerful, a tad shorter than Kazuko, and a touchplump but with a warm, cute face and a nice little butt. God,Japanese women age well! There isn't another people like them onearth in that respect.

We were able to finally see Mrs. Itamoto off and returned to ourseats in the livingroom. I had Kazuko lay in my lap again. I waslooking into her jewel like eyes and her lips seemed to be crying,"kiss me. " I smiled and did just that. Of course, I couldn't resistthe urge to run a hand up and down her thigh  and fiddle with hersnatch through her panties. "Echi! (pervert!)" she giggled. "Kimi gakawaikute shikata nai sa (I can't help it because you're so cutebabe)" I retorted.

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We kissed some more and then I put her under again. "You will tellHanako how good my massages feel and strongly urge that she have oneand that she should get naked when she does," I suggested. I woke her up and toldher I wanted to take a walk. I was more restless than anything else,so the walk was meant more to siphon off my excess energy. Also, thetown in Japan we built the house in is just a nice, pleasant place.

Now here is the thing about Hanako and hypnosis: for hypnosis towork, there usually has to be some basis of trust between theparties involved or it usually doesn't take. Hanako was still beingrather distant with me, so I had no idea if I would be able to puther under or not. I suspected not. My one shot was that since shetrusted her mom's opinion then Hanako would expect to have a nicerelaxing massage, which I could use as a subterfuge to then accessher subconscious. Very tricky stuff,  no?

I also had no idea when Kazuko would tell Hanako about my massages. So I prepared myself to be mentally psyched for it all the time inorder to be ready when the big opportunity presenteditself. Fortunately, I wouldn't have to wait long.

After Hanako had taken her bath, Kazuko went to her and recommendedthat she let me give her a massage. I actually have no idea what thesubstance of the conversation was, but I could rightfully assumethat is what happened. Hanako, for got only knows what reason, tookthe bait.

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   Kazuko grabbed a couple of towels and warmed up somemassage oil. I kneeled on the floor next to Hanako in the livingroom as she laid on her stomach with her pajamas on. "Oi, masaajitte hadaka ha atarimae deshou! (Hey, when you get a massage it iscustomary to be naked!) Kazuko barked. Hanako turned her head backtoward Kazuko and gave her a "WTF?" look. Now in Japan, "hadaka(naked)" can have different meanings. Sometimes it only denotesnudity from the waist up. Sumo wrestlers are said to be naked,  forexample. Hanako, understandably chose this option and merely removedher pajama top, leaving her in her bra, bottoms and panties. Idrizzled the massage oil on her back and began to rub it in. Usingthe oil as an excuse, I unhooked her bra. I began to manipulate hershoulder muscles right around her neck area. My heart was beatinglike it would rip itself free from my chest. "Ah, kimochi ii," shesaid. I don't know if she said that out of obligation to her mom orwhat. Kazuko was right next to me, so I whispered the magic wordsinto her ear and she went out like a light.

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In a low, monotone voice, I started to say the same things I did thefirst time I had ever put Kazuko under as I kept up a steady rhythmwith my hands on Hanako's shoulders and back. I could feel her reallybeginning to relax. Then I saw her eyes flutter and finally close. Iwaved my hand in front of her, even faking trying to punch her. Nothing. I leaned over and with my lips maybe a quarter inch fromher ear, I told her, "when I say the phrase, 'there is a baby in thetree,' you will fall into a deep sleep but still be able to hearme," I suggested. "When you wake up, you will feel refreshed andrelaxed," I added. I said a little prayer  that this would work. Ireattached the hooks on her bra and then whispered in Kazuko's earto wake up while I shook her gently.

"Look Kazuko, she liked my massage so much she fell asleep," Icovered. Kazuko remarked on how cute Hanako looked sleeping sodeeply. So she obviously bought it. I woke Hanako up. "Dou? (how wasit?). " "Kimochi yokatta ne (that really felt good).

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  " "Yokatta (I'mglad)," I expressed. I then wished her sweet dreams and she groggilywalked off to her bedroom.

I was excited and scared all at once. How far I could take thingswith Kazuko was a dubious question in itself, but with Hanako evenmore so. I loved Kazuko more than life itself and didn't want toblow it because I got greedy about poon.

The following day, after Hanako had gotten home from university,Kazuko went to the kitchen to make dinner. Hanako was sitting on thecouch watching tv while I was on the floor with my back against thatsofa. I quickly turned to Hanako and with no little worry, I toldher that there was a baby in the tree. She looked at me, cocked herhead like dogs do sometimes when they are mystified, and then sheblinked her eyes rapidly and fell into a deep slumber. I scrambledto my feet and sat next to her. "Kimi ga ore wo mitara nurete echina kibun wo kanjiteiku" (whenever you see me, you will always getwet and feel horny). " I intoned in a low voice. "Now when you wakeup, you will feel refreshed and relaxed," I stated and shook herlightly back to a state of alertness.

I dashed off to the bathroom and just kinda hung out there for a fewminutes to calm myself down. "Well, here we go," I muttered in  mybrain.

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    Kazuko called us to dinner and when I looked over at Hanako,she was giving me that thousand yard stare a hungry animal produceswhen it badly needs to eat. She was also shifting around in her seata lot, probably rubbing her thighs together. I smiled at her andtold her how cute her outfit, which was just a blue shirt and whitepants, looked on her. She blushed. That was when I knew I had herfor sure. I kept my eyes focused on Kazuko from there even though Ihad major bone action occurring at the moment thinking about rammingit between Hanako's 20 year old vaginal walls.

I helped Kazuko with the dishes and then everyone began to taketheir showers/baths. I took mine first, then Kazuko second andHanako third. When Kazuko was bathing, Hanako opened the fusuma doorand walked in. "Hi Hanako!" I sang. She just stood there and staredat me before turning around and walking back to her room. That wasdelightfully weird and I wasn't sure what she was expecting. Maybeshe was reconfirming her newfound attraction to me, I don't know. Ididn't want to touch her because I still had some issues to coverwith Kazuko.

When my wife returned to our bedroom, I put her under again andsuggested that she would rejoice when she saw Hanako and I eitherbeing affectionate with each other or having sex.

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   This was REALLYdicey. I  knew that Kazuko had an overweening desire for Hanako and I toget along nicely. But to what extent could I stretch that hope?

Moreover, Hanako wasn't on the pill. In Japan, most unmarried womenwon't get it because they don't want to seem like sluts, even totheir doctors. Instead, they rely on condoms, which may account forthe high number of so-called "dekichatta kekkon (marriages afterthere was already a baby conceived)" among celebrities and suchbecause the Japanese drink a lot and I'm sure when they don't have arubber on them too many of them say, "fuck it, I'll just pull out. "Unfortunately, pre-cum has tons of sperm in it and a girl can getknocked up by it. So I had to fix that, too, before I had anythought of fucking Hanako.

The following morning, there was more of that hungry stare fromHanako while we ate. I managed to buttonhole her just after she camehome from school and suggested that she get on the pill and that shewouldn't feel embarrassed by using it. Then I issued a directive toKazuko to take Hanako to her doctor to get on birth control and toensure that Hanako takes that pill everyday at the same time. A fewdays hence, they went to their family physician and when I askedHanako if she was on them she said she was. Good. That meant that Ihad to wait six weeks just to be safe.

I couldn't resist playing games with Hanako, though. When Kazuko wasmaking dinner, I slid over next to Hanako and grabbed her hand andkissed it.


   "You have really nice hands," I flattered. She denied it,as Japanese are wont to do with a compliment. I then got reallybrave and stroked her face with the back of my righthand. She tookit in her hands and leaned her head into it. I was knocked for six, ofcourse, even given the hypnosis, due to Hanako's and my checkeredhistory relating  to one another. I told her she was cute and that Iloved her. Then I kissed her very softly and tenderly. She wrappedher arms around me and kissed me back passionately and was pantingwhen I broke it off. I told her I wanted her to sleep, in theplatonic sense, with her mother and I that night. Before she exitedthe bath, I pulled out a couple of futons, moved the bed over andthen rolled the futon on to the floor. We arranged pillows andblankets to lay on and to warm ourselves with. Kazuko profoundlyliked this development because, "it feels like we're a real family. "Exactly.

This was going to be interesting. I hoped that Hanako wasn't going to try to have sex with me because I didn't want to impregnate her.

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  Kazuko laid on my shoulder as we watched tv from the floor. Hanakofinally opened the fusuma and walked in clad in her pajamas and withher favorite pillow. I bid her to lay next to me, which she did. She  took my arm and snuggled up against me. I kissed Kazuko andtold her I loved her and then did the same to Hanako. Maybe it wasthat her mom was there that stopped her from attacking me, I don'tknow, but Kazuko fell asleep without incident after I turned thelight out and I was about to checkout for the night myself when Iheard soft moaning behind me (I was cuddling Kazuko). I could thenhear noises of Hanako's fingers against something wet and that was when Irealized she was masturbating ("onani" in Japanese). I heard somemore suppressed moaning and then something that sounded like stifledhiccups that were probably muffled screams from when she orgasmed. Iwas stone hard and couldn't really do anything about it. Shit.

I arose in the middle of the night to take a piss. When I returnedto the bedroom, Hanako was on her side facing where I had lain. So Islid back in between them and then put Hanako under my right arm andpulled her head on to my shoulder. She laid her righthand on mychest and I could see her opalescent brown eyes looking directlyinto mine like she was silently imploring  me to take her. I smiledand kissed her very gingerly since I didn't really want to fullywake her up.

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   Kazuko was also a notoriously light sleeper and Idefinitely didn't want HER up. Hanako indicated she wanted anotherkiss and I accommodated her. I placed my hand over her long delicatefingers and said goodnight.

This went on for the next six weeks. I was so fucking hard all thetime during that interval that I took it out on Kazuko, often tryingto fuck her into oblivion while I thought about what Hanako'sslender body and C cups would probably look like. Kazuko makingdinner became Hanako time for me and we shared some heavy makeoutsessions. She actually did show me her tits, which were just likeher mom's. Hanako was now sleeping with us twice a week, too.

Kazuko could see that our  "naka" (getting along, relationship) wasimproving and she seemed to be a very happy camper about that. Whenthe seventh week after Hanako had gone on the pill arrived, I hadher sit on the floor next to me while we were watching tv after shegot home from school. I patted the floor on the other side of me forKazuko and I put my arms around both of them. I started sneakingkisses with Kazuko and then turned to Hanako and began doing thesame with her. Kazuko was smiling, but I wasn't really sure how shewas reading what I was doing. Maybe she thought I was being merelysaucy and didn't necessarily want to fuck her daughter for all Iknew.

The hours passed and we all cleaned up and it was time for bed.

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   Iinvited Hanako to sleep with Kazuko and me. By the time Hanakofinished with her bath, Kazuko had her hand on my cock under thecovers and was stroking it. I reciprocated by opening my wife'spajama top to fondle her full breasts and her sensitive nipples. When Hanako entered the room and lay down next to me, both me andKazuko hurried to restore our modesty. Hanako snuggled up to me, aswas becoming usual and I gave her a peck on the lips. "Ne, Kazuko,kite (uh Kazuko, come here)," I invited. I very tightly slotted herinto the crook of my arm and then heatedly kissed her. Now I wasgoing to start going for it. "Ne, Hanako, kite," I smiled. Ienveloped Hanako's slim back in my other arm and passionately kissed her,even throwing some tongue in there. My flesh torpedo was now fullyweaponized.

I looked back at Kazuko and put both arms around her and,  as Iunbuttoned her pajama top, I gave her a long, hard series of kisses. I then flipped back over to Hanako and began opening her top while Ikissed her for all I was worth. Hanako's soft, white breasts poppedout. "Hey you guys," I said in Japanese, "let's get naked.

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  " "Shikatanai ne," Kazuko said, to my utter jaw dropping  astonishment. Butthen again, she has always had a pretty healthy attitude towardbeing naked since we would usually start our  bedtime with somethingon only to leave it cast aside within about half an hour of turningthe lights out.

So now the three of us were absolute starkers and I had Hanako'swarm,  beautiful body next to mine as well as Kazuko's. I feltKazuko's hand around my cock again. Hanako then reached for it. "Okaasan, wakete chodai (mom, please share it with me, will ya?)"she somewhat impudently demanded. "Hai (okay)" Kazuko caved and Iwas in seventh heaven. Kazuko had to still have her hand in, I guessand was playing with my balls. I continued to kiss both of them asthey did this. In just a few minutes, I launched my load on to mystomach (Kazuko was stroking me at the time and pointed it toward myabdomen when I told her I was going to shoot).

"Sugoi! Ippai dashita ne (you came so much!). " "It was thanks to twobeautiful women," I rejoindered. Kazuko got me some tissues to wipethe mess up with. I turned to Kazuko and put her right nipple intomy mouth and began sucking and licking it. Of all the women I haveever been with, Kazuko was the one who loved having suction appliedto her milk ducts the most.

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   Basically with Kazuko, if you can gether nipples hard you're going to be allowed to fuck her. Then sherequested that I suck the left one, too, caressing my head as if Iwas a newborn baby at feeding time.

Then I pulled off and and turned to Hanako and rolled her on to herback and began assaulting her nipples with my tongue and lips. Theywere as sensitive as her mom's and they became instantly erect. Islipped my hand down to her pussy and rubbed it. She was sopping. Ipushed her legs open and inserted two fingers into her and found herg spot as I tantalized her milk nubs. She grabbed my forearm as Ipersistently strummed those ridges while my mouth pulled and rolledher teats.

The moon shone brightly through the window and was providing someillumination. I pulled my head away from Hanako's chest and took in herslim, tapered body and flawless skin. I resumed flicking my tongue ather nipples and she was moaning again and stroking my cock, too, withthose soft, long fingers of hers. I scooted down to between her legswith a pillow. I put the pillow under her hips to give me a better angleto eat her and then I dove in, working around her fine pubic hair whilemy tongue slithered around her vulva before I rolled upward from thebottom of her slit and found her clit. I pushed my tongue against oneside of her hood and then run the tip of it over the top of the hood andthen enclosed it in my mouth and sucked on it. At this point, because Ihad already fully committed myself, it  became irrelevant what Kazukowould think of it until I was done.

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   So my sole concentration was onHanako and I forced two fingers inside of her and felt the ridges on herupper vaginal wall, her g spot. Folding and unfolding my fingers insideof her to exert friction on the ridges, I continued to suck, lick andflick Hanako's succulent clit and she soon had her hands on my headpuling it into her. "Ah, ojouzu (your're so good at it)!" she sighed asthe pleasure began to pile up within her, the constant battering of hertiny joystick shepherding her up her mountain of pleasure . Then I didto her what I knew Kazuko liked, a chain of short, hard sucks, and shebegan to pant hard. "Iku! oh iku!" she puffed as the first orgasm hither like a ton of bricks, my tongue wanting to keep going back for moreof her young, tasty juices.

My fingers strummed a steady rhythm while I manipulated her clit  withmy mouth and three minutes later, after more sharp, short sucks on hernubbin, she came again. I kept at it and she was moaning loudly, hercries of lust echoing off the wooden floors of our house. I begansucking her clit again and she instantly had an orgasm and then anotherone right on top of that. "Iku! Iku! Oh, iku! iku! iku!" she was gaspingnow as I saw her pubic muscles jerking and juking from the attention Iwas giving her joy button.

All I could taste and smell now was Hanako's somewhat florid juices and Iwas totally intoxicated with them. My jaw, though, was running out ofsteam. So I climbed on top of Hanako and pointed my cockhead at heropening. Hanako had boyfriends before, so I wasn't expecting her to be avirgin and she wasn't, as my flesh barrel rolled deep into her steamingstorehouse of pleasure. I looked down on her gorgeous face and soft,white breasts with those thick, chocolate nipples and began to pump mycock into her. I let out a moan as I felt the pressure of her vaginalmuscles squeezing my dick.

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   I built up a nice rhythm. "Ah, kimochi ii!"she moaned. "Ohhhhhhh. . . . " she extolled as she felt my cock invade herover and over, my own breathing informed by lust for this young, prettygirl, my stepdaughter, her generous wetness allowing me to slip easilyin and out of her. Ahhh, hai, ohhhh, kimooooochi iiiiiiiiiiiiiii" shewhimpered as I became her sherpa guiding her back up toward that summitof pleasure,  her skin almost glowing thanks to the beming moonlight. Five minutes of hammering her cunt later, she yelped, "ikisou! (I'mabout to cum!)" and I really let her have it, my pubic bone smashinginto her as I was trying to give it to her as deep and as often aspossible, feeling my cock becoming more sensitive with each passingthrust. I felt her nails digging into my back and then she her voicejust exploded into a scream. "Iku! Iiikuuuuu!" as the orgasm made herits bitch, her legs thrashing around on my hips while she accepted everyinch of my cock.

I was able to clear my mind again and that helped me last longer while Iburied myself time and again inside my college student stepdaughter. She began to cum again, her musical sighs seeming to make me harder andhornier, if that was possible. I let my brain turn itself back on andwhile looking down at that beautiful face and those magnificent tits Iwent off like a nuclear weapon, radiating my burning hot plasma all overher cunt and against her cervix. Kazuko grabbed some tissues as Hanakobegan to leak cum and I wiped it off of her.

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   I then hugged Hanako andtold her I loved her. I reached out for Kazuko and she fell into my leftarm and snuggled up with me with a smile on her face. "Kandoushimashita (I was moved by that)" she informed me. "She then expressedgratification at how close our family was.

Inside my head, I was doing an Elmo Wright style touchdown dance knowingthat I had both my stepdaughter and my wife fished in with my hypnotichold over them. As I kissed and hugged Kazuko and Hanako, I wonderedwhat else I might be able to do with my new tool.