The Boy With The Golden Cum - Chapter 4

Mind Control

Mulder entered the meeting room in rather dishevelled state.   He'd not expected to be summoned back to headquarters quite so soon, and he'd barely had time for a quick shower before the black helicopter landed on the hotel roof to pick him up, leaving Miss Shell deeply sleeping, her new vibrator discarded beside her, its batteries flat. Like Mulders.   Scully caught his eye, saw he was in no mood for banter, and ignored him for the rest of the meeting.

The Director began by requesting a brief status report from each of them.   Scully reported good co-operation from the subject, Mulder mentioned the unexpectedly slow progress with the reprogramming at the school.

The Chief Scientist felt the need to summon up a PowerPoint presentation to accompany his Brief Status Report. Colored skyscrapers and sliced pizzas appeared behind him as he droned on.   Scully glazed over and Mulder dozed off.   When at last he finished, the Director summarized:

"We have one fit, healthy 18 year old source of top quality SuperSpunk, to adopt Scully's terminology. It has a hypnotic effect on females, and makes them highly susceptible to post-hypnotic command.   Mind control, in a nutshell. "

"More significantly, fluid collected from a vagina dosed with SuperSpunk has the same hypnotic effect on males. Magic Potion, we are now calling it.   The CIA are particularly interested in that. In much of the world where they operate, mind control of females is merely a novelty, the females there are already controlled in much more direct and brutal ways.

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"But mind control of males, that's the Holy Grail. "

"SuperSpunk and Magic Potion are both most effective when fresh.   We know that SuperSpunk preserves quite well dried, but we still haven't got a handle on how to preserve Magic Potion, so research on that has a high priority. We're also under pressure to deliver usable quantities for field operatives as quickly as possible, even if it doesn't keep. They specially want it because it's undetectable. Unlike other drugs, it leaves no trace, and we don't know of any adverse side effects. "

"Having only the one source is the main bottleneck, so we need to look after him, and especially, we need to make sure we don't waste any more of his output. "

Scully felt all eyes in the room turn on her, and her cheeks flushed.

"He is, after all, The Boy With The Golden Cum. "

"Question" interrupted Mulder. "What happens if a male ingests the SuperSpunk?"

"Nothing, apparently, at least in dried form. We've not tested fresh, do you want to volunteer?"  

"Try the TSA" suggested Mulder.

Ignoring this, the Director continued: "Agent Scully, you're the subject's first controller, and he seems to respond well to your command, so you're tasked with collecting all his output until further notice.   Do we still have the girlfriend?"

"Affirmative" said Scully.  


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    Get her manufacturing Magic Potion.   And I propose we use the subject's existing network as well, as far as possible.   Mulder, get on with the reprogramming, and look out for candidates we can use to boost production.   The profile is someone easily relocated, even if only short-term, preferably with above average vaginal secretion. Squirters would be ideal. We can't officially use any of the underage ones, you understand?"

"Sir?" queried Mulder.  

"I said, we can't OFFICIALLY use any of the underage ones, understand?". "Ah, yes, now I do" said Mulder.

 Scully found Greg playing a video game.   His suite had been upgraded with a big TV, surround sound, a selection of games consoles, and a computer with fast internet access, filtered to block outgoing traffic, as he'd quickly discovered.   He could watch and read all the news about the continuing manhunt for himself and his girlfriend, now dubbed "the new Bonnie and Clyde", as the list of crimes attributed to them continued to grow.  

The media, it seemed, had come down firmly on the side of Marisa as accomplice rather than hostage, though all were careful to state that this was not absolutely certain.   Pundits cited "Stokholm Syndrome", and invoked memories of Patty Hearst.

  But he was blocked from sending anything out. Emails he could read, but not answer.

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    He quickly gave up and accepted the situation, getting what enjoyment he could, but mainly waiting eagerly for the next visit from the redhaired woman, or Marisa.   Somehow, he found he redhaired woman winning out in this competition - even when Marisa was with him, he found himself thinking about the mystery woman. He didn't even know her name.

"Hey, Greg, how are you feeling?  Have you missed me?" and she stopped his answer with a brief kiss on the lips.   She looked at the screen.   Greg had paused the game in the middle of a military-style firefight. "Still serving your country, I see".   Greg, unaware of the keyphrase, thought his erection was due to the kiss.   And maybe it was.   Another kiss followed, and her hand found the bulge in his shorts, and squeezed it.   He'd gotten used to hanging out in teeshirt and boxers, finding fresh ones set out for him daily, though sometimes he just stayed all day in one of the luxurious bathrobes that also appeared daily with the towels.  

"Let me help you serve your country" she purred, and released his now stone hard cock from his shorts. She pushed him back into the lazyboy and lowered her head so her curtain of auburn hair hid her face and his cock, and he felt the sweet soft moist warmth of her lips close around him, her tongue finding The Spot, then teasingly just missing it, circling round, building his desire.  

She decided not to give the third keyword, instead she'd see how long it would take to get him to cum purely from her blowjob.   The answer was, not long at all.

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    She didn't let up, gave him no chance to back off and regroup, and he blew his load inside her mouth.   She didn't swallow, but took an empty glass from the bedside and spat his cum into it. "Thanks" she said, and kissed him hard on the lips, pushing her tongue in between, and he tasted his own cum on her.   Then she was gone, taking the glass with her.

Now that Greg's semen was officially designated Extremely Valuable, Scully could see that she wasn't going to be getting to keep much more of it.   By keep, she meant swallow.   Still, she could get a good deal of pleasure from it by doing her share of Magic Potion making. One ejaculation of Greg's provided enough SuperSpunk for several pussies, maybe as many as ten, but all she had so far was two - her own, and Marisa's.  

The recipe for Magic Potion was really simple.   Insert some of Greg's SuperSpunk into a vagina, preferably immediately before or after orgasm, and collect the juice that accumulates over the next hour or so.   Since even a small dose of SuperSpunk had the effect of doping the subject for at least an hour, it meant that Potion making was not a task that could be done at the same time as anything else, apart from sleeping.

Greg had been using small bottles for collection, but tampons were simpler and more efficient. They just needed squeezing to extract the juice.

Scully collected Marisa from her suite and brought her to Greg's.  

Once she'd got them sitting on the couch, she explained what was going to happen.

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   "Greg" she said "From now on, your cum is extremely valuable to us.   We want it all.   We will help you produce as much as possible, but you are forbidden to waste it.   If you jack off, make sure you catch it all in a cup, then dial zero on this phone, and someone will be here to collect it. Same goes for you Marisa. If you jack him off, catch it in a cup.   If you suck him off, spit it in a cup, don't swallow.   Dial zero to get rid of it. "

"Marisa, once Greg has cum, smear a little inside your pussy and then insert one of these tampons.   After an hour or two, bag it up and dial zero. "

"Greg, if you happen to cum inside her, try to get her to dribble out as much as possible onto a plate or cup, then put a tampon inside her if she's too far gone to do it herself.   I think that's all.   Enjoy. " And she stood up to leave.

"Miss?" said Greg.


    "Sorry, I don't even know your name. " "Dana. Call me Dana. " "Er, Dana, I just thought - I'm sure I'd be able to give you a lot more semen if you were to collect it in person. "  Scully couldn't help smiling at that.   "Direct little fucker, aren't you?" she said.   To Marisa, she asked: "How do you feel about Greg fucking other women?"

Marisa, compelled to be truthful, answered: "Well, he must have fucked about a hundred in the last year,  so I guess I'm used to it.

I don't think I mind. I've helped him take them home, even helped him undress some of them.   It can never erase the fact I was his first, I got his virginity. I like it best when he lets me watch. It's like I've trained him and then I get to admire how he performs. It's so hot when he makes them cum. And I get off on showing him stuff he finds sexy, like masturbating and making out with other girls, and I love seeing how he watches me when he's fucking someone else. I love how he kisses me while other girls are sucking his cock, he gets so passionate.

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   Just as long as he keeps fucking me too", and she snuggled up against him.  

Scully wondered if she was really fully released from Greg's spell, or if this was some lingering post-post-hypnotic suggestion he'd cunningly implanted.   Oh well, it suited her purpose anyway, the last thing she needed was an outbreak of teenage jealousy.

"Good" said Scully. "Then you won't mind this", and she stood up and swiftly removed her jacket, skirt, shirt, bra, and panties, and stood before them naked but for black stockings and suspender belt. These weren't her usual field agent attire, but they seemed appropriate for this assignment.   She rotated slowly for Greg's benefit, then licked her fingers and started rubbing them into her pussy.

"Greg" she said, as she continued working saliva into her cunt, "I'm going to fuck you. You are going to cum inside me.   Then I'm going to put some of your cum inside Marisa.   Then we'll both need a bit of a lie down, I expect.   That's when I want you to take those two tampons and put one into each of us. Understood?"  "Yes, Dana. "

"Marisa, has he got a hardon yet?" "Yes", Marisa confirmed. "Tell me how it tastes.

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  "  "Mmmmm. . . Good. "

"Spit on it Marisa, make it really wet.   Wet enough to fuck me. Tell me Marisa, have you ever sucked pussy?" "No. "

"Well, here's your chance. I want you to suck mine, just as soon as I've made Greg cum inside me", and Scully straddled Greg where he sat on the couch.  

"Ready to serve your country?" she asked, and dropped herself onto his cock.   She wriggled her butt to settle herself comfortably, then turned to Marisa.  

"Kiss us, Marisa" Scully commanded, and Marisa joined them, kissing them both in turn.  

"Suck my tits, both of you" commanded Scully, and Greg and his girlfriend worked cheek-to-cheek sucking on Scully's C-cup boobs while she rocked back and forth on Greg's dick.   "You enjoy serving your country, eh Greg?", and she speeded up, now bouncing on him so her tits swung free of their mouths, Greg and Marisa turned their lips and tongues to each other, and Scully found herself crossing the tipping point into orgasm. "Serve my cunt you fucker.

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  . . " she screamed as it hit her, and she felt Greg's hot cocklava erupt inside her, pulse after pulse until he'd emptied his balls into her.  

"Get your face under me, quick" she ordered Marisa, as she lifted off Greg, and landed her pussy over Marisa's open mouth before his cum could escape. "Come here Greg, I want to suck you" she ordered, and Greg stood where she could take his dick and clean it up with her tongue. "Suck it all out Marisa. Don't swallow. "  Scully lifted off the teenager's face, and turned to embrace her. "Now gimme. Every drop", and she rolled off the couch onto the floor with Marisa on top of her. Gravity helped, and the mixture of Greg's cum ,Scully's cunt juice and Marisa's saliva dribbled into Scully's mouth.   Scully wriggled out from under, and signalled to Marisa to lie back on the couch.   Scully raised Marisa's legs high and buried her face in her gash, probing deep with her tongue before releasing her mouthful of fluid.   She used two fingers to rub it deeply into Marisa's cunt.   "That should do it.

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    Good Girl, Marisa", she said, before flopping on to the bed and switching off like a light.   Marisa was already out of it, even as the gasps and shudders of her orgasm subsided.

Dutifully, Greg unwrapped the two tampons and inserted them as ordered.   Once each tampon was installed, he kissed the place where its thread dangled out.

Then he paused to admire the pair of them. Marisa, the slender, blondish teenage girl, with her short skirt pulled up round her waist, bald pussy bare, cum drying round her mouth. Dana, the mature redhaired woman, flat on her back on the bed, legs splayed, naked but for stockings and suspenders, sweaty, a dribble of cum on her chin, blissful half-smiles on both their faces. Again, the mystery woman, Dana, had resisted the effect of his cum long enough to do what she needed to do, while Marisa had been knocked out instantly.

Greg headed for the shower, once more in awe at the blend of power, control and sheer sexuality embodied in the beautiful and mysterious Dana.