The Boy With The Golden Cum - Chapter 11

Mind Control

The Mansion: Day One

Greg wakes before Marisa, his closest companion, bed sharer and sleeping partner, but lazes in bed until she surfaces.   They shower together, and start to play.   Before the inevitable happens, Marisa skips away from Greg, grabs a bathrobe -thus declaring herself "off duty" - and goes in search of breakfast.   Greg, naked, his erection deflating, follows. They breakfast together, then go exploring. In the indoor pool, they discover the three sisters, Abbey (18), Kylie (16) and Krista (12) playing in the water.   All are, of course, naked. Which means "on duty". Greg has a duty as well, and his dick is ready to do it.

They mess around in the water until Krista discovers Greg's erection.   She tells on him, and in a moment he's on a lounger by the poolside with three wet heads jostling for a suck at his cock. Kylie abandons it to her sisters, and straddles Gregs' face instead, so he can tongue-fuck her pussy. Abbey tells Krista "watch this", and she also straddles Greg, impaling herself on his cock, getting it right up inside her. Abbey rakes her nails down Kylie's back as both girls buck their hips to pleasure themselves on Greg's face and dick.   Krista can only watch, and tease her own clit, as her sisters drive Greg right off the cliff, and he erupts invisibly inside Abbey.  

Marisa leaves them to it, and goes to the gym.

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   She wants Greg to fuck her tonight, and not before, so she can wake beside him again tomorrow morning, not in the middle of the night.

Kylie dismounts and kisses Greg's juice-soaked lips, stepping away as Abbey leans forward to lie on top of Greg, arms around him, already spacing out from the effect of his cum inside her.   From nowhere, two tracksuited Fluffers appear and help lift Abbey off Greg and lay her down on the next lounger.   One slips a tampon into her vagina, the other finds towels to cover her.   There's cum on Greg's cock, and some has dripped onto his thigh from Abbey as the Fluffers lifted her off him. Kylie bends her head to lick it up, collects it all on her tongue, shows it to Greg.   He understands.   "Come here Krista.   Lie down on your back, legs in the air and open wide. "  She obeys.   Greg comes to her and cradles her head in his hands, kisses her very gently and slowly, while Kylie lowers her head to Krista's virgin pussy and deposits the cum she'd collected.   Greg fingers Krista, working the cum as far as he can inside her, and Krista fades away.   Once more, out of nowhere, a Fluffer appears with tampon and towels for Krista, and makes her comfortable on a lounger.

Leaving the two sisters blissed out by the pool, Greg and Kylie stroll hand in hand back to the dining room, where they have an early lunch.   Only halfway thru does it occur to Greg to remark: "We're still naked".

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    Kylie laughed, "Well, how about that. "  They hang out together for a while, discuss the decor, explore, and wind up in her bedroom, still naked, for a long slow fuck that finally ends with Greg shooting his second load of the day inside her as she lies on her back. She drifts off to nirvana, as Greg withdraws and reaches for a tampon from the stock beside the bed.    He covers her with the bedding and takes a shower.  

Strolling in bathrobe back to the lounge, he wonders once more at his luck.   He'd thought when the raid happened, that it was all over, he'd spend the rest of his life in jail.   And here he is living like a Sultan, living something damn close to the Islamic Terrorist's idea of Paradise.   Hah, Bin Laden, you evil old fucker, I've got this and you're fishfood.

In the lounge, he finds Miss Shell sitting with Mary Anne, mother of the 3 girls he'd just been playing with. Both ladies are naked, therefore, On Duty.   Or not quite naked, Miss Shell has a thin gold chain round her waist.   Mary Anne is massaging her shoulders, and they are discussing bodypaint, and wondering whether it might fit in with Greg's preference for nudity.   "Hi Greg.   Come sit with us. " Miss Shell smiles sweetly at him.

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   "Mary Anne does a wonderful massage.   You should try it" suggests Miss Shell, after Greg had settled in beside her and they'd exchanged a long slow wet kiss. "I'd like that" says Greg, and they move across to the massage table set up at one end of the lounge.   It is a specially constructed table, with a padded face hole so Greg could lie comfortably face down, and another hole, strategically placed where his dick and balls could hang.   There is a wheeled platform below, like a padded version of the trolleys car mechanics use.   Greg, still naked, hoists himself onto the table and looks down thru the face hole to see Miss Shell scooting underneath on the trolley.   She is upside down relative to him, and she winks at him as her face passes the hole.   Then he has a view of her breasts, ribs, belly button, and finally pussy directly below him, and discovers the true purpose of the second hole as she gently takes hold of his sleeping cock and begins caressing his balls while Mary Anne starts into a slow methodical massage of his upper back.   The massage works its way down his body, until he finds he was having his ass massaged and his cock sucked at the same time.

The sucking breaks off: "Hey, Greg" says Miss Shell. "It looks to me like you're ready to fuck me now. "  She scoots out from under him. "Shall we?" she asks, and takes his hand as he rouses himself from the table. She takes him in her arms, and the pair of them subside into the padded cushioned surface behind the massage table, where Miss Shell soon guides his revived erection into her already soaking fuckhole.   She plays him like an instrument, and guides him to climax before he'd meant to.

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    Out of habit, he said "good girl" as he sprays his cream inside her, but her orgasm is entirely due to his physical efforts.   Once again, Greg sees his partner in lust leave him for her own inner vacation land.   He gets off her, looks round for a tampon, and sees that Mary Anne already has the matter in hand.   Since Miss Shell is still semi conscious, he uses her mouth to clean off his dick.   She sucks and licks dreamily, then fades away completely.

"Come here Greg.   Lie down with me, let me finish that massage" says Mary Anne. "You don't have to fuck me, you know.   Not if you don't want to. " "Oh, but I do, Mary Anne", and he beds down with his head on those marvellous pillows, the breasts that inspired Mulder - and many others before him - to thoughts of tittyfucking.   He dozes, waking later to find Mary Anne guiding his already hard dick between her spectacular breasts, which she's lubed up with massage oil.   The tittyfuck is indeed exquisite, and Greg's excitememt cranks up a notch as he notices Krista arrive, already recovered from her small dose of Greg's semen. "Hi Mom" says Krista, "Hi Greg.   Are you gonna fuck my mother, motherfucker?" and she giggles like it was the first time she'd said that. But Greg reaches out, takes her hand, pulls her close.


   "Not yet, sweetheart.   Kiss me. "  Greg had been giving Krista what she thought of as kissing lessons, and now she does her best to show him what a good student she's been. He has one arm round her, and he slides it down her body, then works it slowly up between her legs until he's gently rubbing her slit. "Want me to suck your titties now?" he asks. "Oooh yes please", and she brings one tiny breast-bud to his lips. The combined effect of kissing sucking and rubbing has her gasping. "Ooooh Greg this is so nice. "  Mary Anne stops tittyfucking Greg's cock.   "That's my youngest daughter you're feeling up. Does this mean you're ready to fuck her too?" and Mary Anne uses a wetwipe to clean the oil from his dick, before giving him a quick suck, making sure there's no lingering taste of oil. "Krista, dear, have you ever sucked Greg's cock?" "Not yet Mom.   Kylie and Abbey never let me. " "Well, come here, you can try it now. "  So Krista learns from her Mom, and becomes a little cocksucker like her sisters before her.

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   Greg can still reach Krista's pussy, and he's probing inside her tight litle hole with two fingers.  

She leans in and kisses Greg while Mary Anne continues her magic, until he's ready to blow.   "Fuck me now, Greg" says Mary Anne, pulling him to come over on top of her, and he enters her loose wet gash, losing himself between her breasts, and she clutches his butt and pulls him into her, and he fucks her hard and fast, holding back nothing, and his cock erupts another dose of SuperSpunk all the way up inside her.   He looks up, sees Krista watching, eyes shining, touching her clit with one hand and squeezing a tiny nipple with the other.   "Mother Fucker" she says, smiling.   He pulls out and rolls onto his back beside the spaced out Mary Anne.   Krista moves in on him, licks and sucks his cock clean of his cum and her mother's juices, swallows. It's enough to knock her out for a short while, and Greg arranges her close to her mother as the ever-present Fluffer moves in to insert a tampon in Mary Anne and throw a blanket over mother and daughter.

Greg is hungry. He runs into Marisa on the way to the dining room, and they have a snack together from the buffet.

"Have you seen Mackenzie yet?" Marisa asks. "No". "She was in the gym earlier, she's so fit, and she's determined to stay in shape.   Said she had something to show you," and Marisa gave a sexy little smile.   When they'd finished, they set out together to find Mackenzie, which turns out to be easy.

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    There's pulsing music coming from the Fuck Room,  and there's Mackenzie, the 5'8" skinny brunette with B cups, long legs and a nice heart shaped ass, completely nude, practicing pole dancing.   When she notices Greg enter, she signals the control room to restart the music, and she begins her routine.  

Greg sits on the edge of the Throne to watch, Marisa clambers in behind him, wrapping her legs around his waist, stroking his back, watching Mackenzie over Greg's shoulder. Mackenzie is athletic, and energetic, and has clearly been practicing. Her perfect split reveals a hairless pink slit and tiny puckered butthole. She spins, twists, grinds, shows and teases in perfect time to the music. Cranking the sensuality up a notch, she rubs her slit up and down the pole, as she gazes directly into Greg's eyes.   Naked, his penis gives away his mood, rising rapidly to attention, but Mackenzie has a set of moves she wants to complete, and does her damndest to bring herself off on the pole, but then suddenly gives up and thrusts two fingers into her pussy, reaching in to strum her G-spot and drive herself into a squelching frenzy as she masturbates herself to a gasping orgasm before him, staring straight into his eyes.   Still keeping eye contact, she slowly leaves the stage, holding out before her the fingers that were inside herself, offering them to Greg to taste, then straddles him like a lap dancer without limits, lowers her pussy onto him so his dick slides in easily, and grinds at him.  

All without a word spoken, she's like a dream girl, and Greg has no trouble at all summoning up another load of spunk from his balls.   Mackenzie closes in on Greg and brings her mouth to his, and the long warm wet open mouth tongue kiss is all it takes to tip him over the edge and let the semen spurt out of him and into her depths.   She stays astride him, arms round his neck, until he realises she's no longer with him, and he lowers her gently to the cushioned floor, then slowly withdraws.   He uses her pretty mouth to clean his cock.   A Fluffer materialises with a tampon and a blanket, and Greg steps away.

Marisa rises from the Throne, takes Greg's hand.

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   "You need a shower. Come on", and leads him to the wet room off the Fuck Room, where she soaps and rubs him, and finally risks a quick suck at his half deflated penis.   "Dinner and a movie?" she suggests.   "Oooh, are we having a Date?" he asks. "Yeah, why not.   And if you play your cards right, you might get to Third Base afterwards. "

Marisa sets Greg like an alarm clock.   After the movie, it is still too early for her, so she teases and tantalizes him, never quite letting him get to orgasm, while making sure she has plenty for herself.   He licks and sucks her, he fingerfucks her, he makes her cum again and again, but she doesn't let him put his cock inside her.   She licks and sucks him, but keeps control, keeps him away from the edge, calls unexpected breaks, insists she desperately needs Ice Cream, which means a trip to the buffet, and spins out the time until it's almost 9 pm.   Then she melts into his arms, and whispers "Take me now. Fuck me. Cum inside me" and suddenly Greg has renewed stamina, and he fucks her without restraint, without consideration, bangs away at her tight little teenage lovehole, clutches her perfect ass, sucks her pert little B-cup titties, delves his tongue deep in her mouth as his cock plunges deep in her cunt, and she cums again, and again, and still he doesn't.   Now he's reached his stride, he knows there's another load of cum building up in his balls, but he can go on like this forever, the pleasure never ending, never overwhelming, the rhythm steady, her eyes rolled back in her head, she's almost in a coma already and it's not from his SuperSpunk, unless his pre-cum has the same effect.   He flips her over and burrows into her from behind.

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    He pulls her onto hands and knees, doggystyle, and she's gasping and moaning again as he pounds hard against her butt, until finally, finally it rips thru him, starting in his balls, rising up his pipe as he keeps up the pace and then it's too late to back down, too late to stop, and the last dose of cum for the day spurts out into her squelchy pussy.

Flopped beside her, he barely notices the Fluffer.

A dreamless eternity later, no time at all, Greg awakens to the sensation of a warm wet mouth methodically grazing on his cock.   It's hard already, he notices, before drifting away again.   Next thing he notices, the feeling has changed, the mouth now has no tongue, or teeth, but it's a tight slippery warmth, and he relaxes and lets whoever it is milk his cock with her cunt.   Its dark, so he uses his hands.   Breasts midsized,  C maybe.   His mind won't work, he still does not know who this is, until she gasps and moans and a flood of wetness warms his balls.   "Abbey! Hi" he manages. "I wish I could suck you off" she whispers. "Not allowed.   Pussy or nothing, them's the Rules" says Greg. "Pussy it is then", and she redoubles her efforts, gets into a squat, and presses down on him, slides up, repeats.   "Oh, that's gonna do it Abbey, yes, don't stop", and he thrusts to meet her half way, and squirts one more time, then holds her close so he can roll her over and dismount.   Silently, ghostlike, a Fluffer appears and deals with the already zonked out Abbey, while Greg goes for a piss.

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    When he returns Abbey has gone, only Marisa is asleep on the far side of the enormous bed.

Occasional echoes of the Ninja Dream return, but it's only a Fluffer changing Marisa's tampon, every two hours, all through the night.

And in the morning, he and Marisa wake together, and another day begins. .