Teaching Tahlia

Mind Control

This story is my very first attempt at writing, although I will admit to a very healthy imagination, I did enjoy doing it and hope to have left the end open enough to continue. My subject is real, and nothing like the person described, this is all pure fantasy. Hope you like it.
Tahlia at 14, not quite 15, is what some would call a little slow, I may rephrase that statement and say she is somewhat uneducated and down right dumb.
She has a body that is slightly dumpy, as she is vertically challenged at about 5’ tall. Her biggest embarrassment is the size of her tits; at 14E they are huge for her frame. On the many occasions I have seen her nude, have often conjured up various fantasies of fucking her and then have a good tug to clear the pipes, most often every day.
Tahlia is a step granddaughter and was diagnosed with a form of Leukemia at about 18 months; she had all the treatments of the day and is now in total remission. This condition has, in all probability changed her development process; her tits started popping out at 8 and rapidly grew to her current size. I had taken photos of her nude from about 6 onwards, depicting her development. My family were brought up as nudists, my wife and I had joined the nudist movement just after we were married 32 years ago, being dedicated nudists is definitely a step into a life style that we consider as open and honest, with no false modesties of the textile world (non-nudists) as everything is open and talked about with no modesty or embarrassment.
 I have been trying to bring up a good idea to get to fuck the guts out of her for about a year, now finally my chance has come.
I was asked to look after her on the coming Saturday, as her mother was going away for the week-end with a friend, to see if they could get laid, (I would normally volunteer but they are both bone ugly) my wife was to work early shift, leave at 6. 15am home at 3pm. She would be dropped off at our place on the Friday night, bloody perfect!!
Friday night came with great expectations, so a quick bat was in order.

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   Having completed formalities, fuglies gone, down to business. Tahlia is A. D. D. so craves attention, what better way to get her wound up but to ignore her, she soon is doing little annoying things and as to plan start to push and poke her and give her a half-hearted nipple cripple.
Ten to fifteen minutes of this and I tell her “Tahlia if you don’t stop I’ll tie you up. ” I know from previous episodes that is some-thing she likes to do. On telling her this, she dives in and says “go on then”. “No, I don’t feel like it now”, this annoys her bad, so I reply with “ you wait girl, you give me a hard time tomorrow and you will be tied up and dealt with”, then hastily added “I will even blind-fold you as well”. To which she replies, “Bet you won’t”. ”You go to bed tonight and think about what I could do with you tied, I have a new way to tie you”.
Saturday morning comes, wife has gone to work, and patiently I wait for Tahlia to wake, so we can begin. She woke at 7. 15am and unceremoniously dumped her self on my bed and said “come on lazy bones get out of bed”, I reply “stuff you to” and the big wrestle starts, and the excuse for a grope to warm her up presents itself, so, true to form, straight for the tits, “Ouch, that’s not fair” “it is for me “, and in I went in for another grab. “You like it, so stop complaining.

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   Remember what I said last night”. “Yeh, Yeh, I wish”. “OK, I will go and get some cord and tie you up”. I dammed near killed myself getting out and going for the cord I that had pre-planted, I grabbed the cord and blind fold and went into our lounge room and called “come on then I’m ready” Like an obedient puppy in she came, tits swinging under her loose pajama shirt and full of defiance, and said, “I’ll be able to get it undone, I usually do”, so I give a chuckle and told her to stand up facing the big window of the lounge and her back to a big leather reclining chair.
I started with a clove hitch to her left wrist and drew enough across her stomach to secure her right in the same manor; I tied the ends together in the middle of her back. There, done, she stood with her wrists tied tight to each side of her waist. “Huh, you think that will hold me”, “hang on I’m not finished yet”. I then took the rest of the cord and tied her arms above the elbow and pulled them together, naturally the 14EE’s thrust their way forward, just how I had imagined they would. “Owh, that hurts”, “It isn’t too tight, just right”, I replied.
“Now the blind-fold”, I started to secure the blind-fold and she let go a ripper statement, “I won’t be able to see”, I replied, “That is the general idea, you won’t know what is going to happen until it’s too late”.
I had turned and left the room to get my camera, “I thought to myself now or never. ”
Returning to the lounge, she burst out with, “What are you going to do to me”, A touch of panic I sense, or wish full thinking, never mind I don’t care. I stood in front of her, “What would you like me to do”. “Oh I dunno, I’m the one tied up”. I replied as my shaky hands reached out to undo the buttons of her top, “I think I will start here”.

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   She started to move back but the chair blocked her path, by this time I had 2 undone, I left the last 3 for “support”.
“What are you going to do?” “This for a start”, as I reached in dragged her left tit out. She gasped in shock; I had never done anything like this to her before when I had tied her. The right one followed straight away. There she stood, with her tits proudly stuck out in front of her, I was in heaven. Camera time, click, click of my digital camera and photos.
“Think your funny or sumthin” she mumbled. “No just having a good time teasing you”, “Well I don’t think it is teasing me”, “Oh you don’t think so, what if I open the curtains so people can see you”. A terrified “don’t you dare, that would not be nice at all”. “I think I will for fun”, and made the curtains move so she would think I had opened them. She really made a fuss then, so I said, “This will make a nice look”, and promptly lowered her pants to her ankles. Well that was it, I thought for a moment she would come apart, she started blubbering and stammering “Please no, don’t let any one see me like this, please close the curtains, that is not teasing, that is plain cruel” I looked at her luscious tits hanging there, begging to be handled, and the short clipped pubes around her fleshy cunt lips, This is great I thought I can look as much as I wish, unobstructed by her gaze. “Close the curtains PLEASE, I beg you”, music to my ears. “I beg you?” I mocked, “What if I do?” She replied, “Do anything, but PLEASE, close the curtains”.
I made the curtains move as before, and her body language suggested a big relief.

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   I now was in front of her, tongue ready, and started to lick around her left areole, her tiny nipple started to immediately emerge, bearing in mind, that due to the massive tit size, and pressure from behind, they are non-existent normally. She jumped at the touch, “Did that feel good?” I asked, “Sort of sudden, a bit of a shock though”. “Would you like it again?” “Ok, if you want to”, “WANT TO!!!” I thought, “Ok I’ll do them both”. At first contact she made to back away, but the good old chair again, I licked harder on the left one then swapped to the right and was immediately rewarded with two small hard nipples.
(Shaking slightly, from fear or excitement, I couldn’t tell,) “What did you think of that?” I asked, she replied, “Nice”, “More?” I said, “yeh please”. “You know I am going to tease you bad”,  “Not like that you won’t”. “We will see, I am going to do it again this time with a twist”. “What do you mean?” “You’ll see”.
I went back to work, gently squeezing her tits and sucking her tiny nipples. “That is doing the trick” I thought, as her body was starting to respond, pushing outwards now and I felt that it might be time for a little cunt tickle. Still with her legs together, I slowly and meaningfully, traced a finger down her plump belly; she shuddered involuntarily at this and pulled back a little as I reached the top of her cunt crack. I lightly ran my finger across the short fine stubble of her right lip then across and back up her left lip. I saw a slight glistening of moisture in the pink gap between her lips as my finger completed its journey back to the top. I was a little surprised at her response, after her initial shock and back away reaction of the first touch, I repeated the finger trace and this time the she moved forward slightly with a little shiver of he body, “Well, I thought, this is going too easy”. “You really like that”, I said.

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   “Yyess” she replied with a slight stammer, “I did”. “I don’t think I will do it again”, she quickly replied, “why not”. “I am supposed to be teasing you not pleasing you”.
“That’s not fair” she replied, “Please do it again”. What could I do, with a Plea like that I knew I was in for some fun, this mind game stuff is a hoot.
I started tracing my finger up and down her lips again, my cock was fit to explode, but this would have to wait. On the third lip tickle I was at the bottom of her crack, and on the upward stroke lightly parted her lips, the moisture was more than I expected as my finger slipped just inside her lips. As I reached the top of the stroke and grazed her clit, I thought she would collapse or buckle at the knees, the response made my swollen cock twitch again as a low moan escaped her lips. I repeated the process and this time she started to open her knees, I then ran my hands down her legs to her ankles, and to my surprise she aided me in removing her pants from around her ankles. Standing straight again, this time with her legs further apart, just enough to see her inner pink folds, all shiny and moist.
I had no hesitation this time of getting right to the point, I started to rub her clit and search for her opening, she started to moan as her breathing quickened, “WOW” I thought “she is a hot piece of stuff”. I continued my ministrations of by now a very wet cunt, the juice well wetting my finger as I found her opening and pushed my finger in to the second knuckle. “Fuck she is tight”, I thought, “I might blow my bolt before I get my cock into her”. She had opened her legs a little wider of her own accord, so I started to insert a second finger and ream her a little. Her breathing now was sharper and faster; I thought “she might cum for me real soon”.

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   With my thumb rubbing her clit, a minute or so later she let loose, dribbling her juice down her right thigh as she very noisily let go. I had to support her as she slowly came down from her orgasm. I said, “Now I suppose we should stop”, hastily she replied, “No way, I really liked that, I have never felt like that before. ” “Have you masturbated much when you are alone?” “Oh yeh!, some times 3 or 4 times a day, even in class. ”
I needed to cum, so I told her to sink to her knees, she said, “what for,” “you will see”. After complying with my request, I told her she was about to give her first head job. “That’s disgusting” she replied, “How do you know if you haven’t tried it”. I aimed my cock at her mouth and brushed her lips, she tentatively opened her mouth a fraction and with a little forward move slipped my rampant cock between her lips, her tongue ran lightly over the end giving me a bit of a shock at the velvety feeling. I knew I would not last long with that sort of feeling screaming through my cock, so, I said “suck it all, up and down, get as much in your mouth as you can”. No reply, not with a mouth full of cock anyway, so I held her head and started to fuck in and out. She seemed to be getting the hang of it, and I was rapidly building a back wad of cum as I pushed further towards the back of her throat. By now I had my left hand on the back of her head to ensure that when I came she would get the lot, like it or not.
My right hand was busy squeezing her left tit and teasing her small erect nipple, I thought, “another couple of thrusts of this and it will be show time.

    I couldn’t hang on any longer, as my dick swelled and the first load was on its way, I pinched her nipple and shot my load deep down her throat, she started to gag a little and as she took the remainder and tried to swallow it all, a small trickle ran out the corner of her mouth.
    I was rapt; her first head job and she had taken to it like a pro.

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    “What did you think of that?” I questioned, “A bit salty, but it was ok. I think I liked it though”. I let my cock slide out of her mouth, and wiped the leakage off her face with my finger and sucked it for a taste of myself.
    I helped her to her feet and asked, “Do you want to go on?” “What do you mean” she replied. “You sit down on the chair and I will give you a licking”. I helped her to sit down and eased her back in the chair so that her cunt would be forward enough for me to be comfortable and readily accessible. “This is painful and uncomfortable tied like this” she complained, I said “Ok come forward and I will untie you” I brought her up into a sitting position, that felt good, my cock had disappeared between her tits, so I tensed him up for a twitch or two and proceeded to untie her. “Leave the blind fold on for now”, I told her. “Why” she asked. “It will help your imagination make it more rewarding for you”. I replied. After wrapping her tits around my dick and giving him a rub up, I eased her back in the chair, and lifted her legs up and apart; she jumped in shock, as my tongue licked the length of her slit. “That felt electric” she said. “It will get a lot better than that”, I replied. The next lick was from the bottom to top, just inside her very wet cunt, with a resounding circle of her slightly visible clit.

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       Bang! She Jumped and slid slightly forward to meet my hungry tongue. “Shit!! Do that again”, she cried. So I dutifully complied with her wishes and gave her some more of the same.
    It didn’t take long, a bit more licking and sucking on her now very sensitive erect clit, and she was off with another more powerful and rewarding orgasm.
    As she slumped back into the chair, she said, “that was wicked, a lot better than the last one”. “Can I take the blindfold off now”, she asked. “I suppose so”, “It’s done its job”. She took off the blindfold and blinked a couple of times to accustom her eyes to the light. My cock was by now standing proud with one of the biggest erections I have ever had, it is not huge like, just average at about 6 1/2”. But her eyes widened as she feasted on the sight of it. Although we are nudists, and she has seen us nude many, many times, she has never seen an erect angry cock.
    “I want to fuck you now, what do you think of that?” “I don’t know, will it hurt, it is so big, and it might not fit”. “It will fit, with a little care and a gentle shove”. “I don’t want to get pregnant”! Anxiously cried,  “You wont get pregnant, I had a vasectomy many years ago”.
    My cock was now in overdrive, a small drop of pre-cum oozing out the tip as I prepared to sink my meat for the first time into this 18-year-old slot.

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       I know that what I am doing is wrong and is illegal, “Ill-eagle”!! that’s a sick bird isn’t it!! So on with it.
    Holding my impatient cock in hand, I rubbed the tip up and down her wet slit to lube up a bit, found her entrance and pushed the head of my cock in, pausing to let her accustom herself to the unusual stretching of her cunt. My thumb was busy massaging her clit. A couple of seconds of this treatment saw her start to slide forward to force some more cock into her. I backed up a little as a tease, “Don’t take it out it feels nice” she blurted, so, Heh, Heh, I gave in to her knowing that when I did blast her cherry she’ll be ready.
    I started slowly inching my cock into her, at this time her hands were on my shoulders, I had been groping her tits with my free hand, and as I felt my dick come in contact with her hymen, I shifted both hands to around the back of her hips, I was going to bust that bloody thing in one big cunt filling shove.
    I started stroking my cock in and out, you know, just getting the feel of things. After a dozen or so strokes, I had to bury my burning cock right in to her, she was starting to bounce around meeting and getting in rhythm with me, so, as I withdrew for the last outward stroke, Bang, In to the hilt. “Ahhh ssshhhiittt” she screamed as the brutality of the stroke hit home.
    As I lay buried in this very tight cunt, trying to not to shoot my impending load, “It is all over, you are no longer a virgin, soon it will start to feel good again, just feel my dick throbbing away inside of you for a sec, and I’ll continue. ” I was having a hard time not wanting to blow, I could feel her hard clit sticking into the top of my shaft as I wallowed in the exquisite feeling of this very tight cunt cavity.
    I busied my hands with a bit of tit squeezing and nipple manipulation coupled with alternate clit massage with my thumb. This attention took a little off the edge where my dick was concerned, but boy, did it ever start Tahlia’s motor, I mean, she started to moan, ooh, ahh and bounce around.
    Her face and chest took on a rosy glow, her tongue peeking out the corner of her mouth, her tits bouncing side to side, and way too much for me.
    I was in trouble, I really thought I was going to blow it; I started stroking my dick in and out of her sopping cunt, faster and harder, I felt I wanted to pound her cunt to death, her breathing was coming in rapid gasps between her hissing “FUCK ME, FUCK ME” this drove me to the limit, three more hard shoves and “POW” I buried my cock to the hilt and fired off a volley of cunt drenching squirts of seminal fluid.

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    Tahlia let out a scream at this final assault on her once virgin cunt as she came for the third time. “ That was fantastic “ I can’t wait for another shot at it”, I said. She layback spent, “If that is what sex is about, I want more”! “Not right now girly”,  “I will need time to recover my strength after that episode”. “Let’s go and have a shower and recuperate”. “