Mind Control

When they left he took her to the house he shared with the others. The two of them made their way to his room and it wasn't long until she was naked and tied to the bed with a heavy black blindfold over her eyes. She had no idea what was in store for her that night. Craig seemed like a nice enough guy that he could be trusted. Unfortunately, that was not the case. In her drunken daze, Alicia was used by all three of them. Her trust was broken completely by this but not his hold over her. Craig continued to say all of the right things to keep her like a marionette, dancing for him while he pulled all the strings. It didn't take long for him to convince her that this was the way to make him happiest. She was now property of the three of them. He convinced her to stay at the house with them, just as a precurser to making her move in to serve them to serve their needs around the clock. The car finally rolled to a stop in front of the apartment complex. Alicia didn't say a word as she climbed out of the car, following the three of them. She stared at the ground in front of her as they approached the main entry to the building. The others were talking amongst themselves but she didn't comprehend what they were saying. Her mind was elsewhere once again.

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   They were buzzed in and walked up the winding set of stairs to the apartment. The music could be heard in the hall over the mingling of voices from inside. Lee opened the door and smiled at them as they entered. He was a short, husky man with a receding hair line and foul breath. Alicia didn't make eye contact with anyone. She knew what was going to happen but didn't have to like it. Inside there were several men sitting around the large glass coffee table. The scent of alcohol and pot smoke filled the air. She made her way to a spot out of the way of the others. Kevin sat down next to her, offering her a drink. She quickly accepted and began to sip the concoction. Something needed to numb her more and prepare her for the festivities. The entire group of men seemed to be watching her, especially Carlos. He was practically salivating as he stared at her body. She kept her head hung low as she downed a bit more of her drink.

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   Alicia wanted to leave, to run away and never see any of them again. She stole a quick glance at Craig who was talking to Lee in the corner about something. Her heart dropped. He was the one she wanted to be with more than anything, but was also the one who coerced her into this. All it took were the pretty lies and she was hooked. To be his girl, she had to be his completely and give him whatever he wanted. When she agreed to it, she had no idea just what he was going to put her through. Craig approached her and extended his hand. She took it quickly in hopes of some salvation. He led her to the kitchen without a word. There on the counter was a large mirror with several fat lines of cocaine on it. He handed her the straw and smiled. She had never been into the whole drug scene before and now it was quickly becoming a way of life. Alicia sat her drink down on the table before she did a couple of lines. She handed him the straw back before taking a big gulp of her drink.

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   It was the only way she could get rid of the horrible tasting drainage. Lee took her hand, leading her toward the door. She glanced back at Craig, looking for some sign of hope. He just nodded and smiled before doing another line. She sighed softly and followed Lee back to the bedroom. He closed the door behind them, standing by the door and staring at her intently. He licked his lips as he moved closer to her. Alicia felt sick to her stomach. She knew that eventually everyone out there would be invited to take a turn at her. At that moment she despised Craig more than ever. She finished her drink and sat the glass down on the nightstand. Lee was now only inches away from her. She glanced down, noting the large bulge in the front of his trousers. With a quiet sigh she resigned herself to the fact that it was going to be like this until she had the courage to finally say no to Craig and his desires. She closed her eyes as Lee began to touch her.

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   His hands softly caressed her body, moving from the delicate curve of her neck slowly down the neckline of the low cut blouse she wore and finally to her ample breasts. He massaged the fleshy globe as his other hand slipped behind her head. His fingers closed into a tight fist, taking a handful of hair into his grasp. He pulled her face toward his and began to give her a sloppy, disgusting kiss. It was all Alicia could do not to vomit on him. She kissed back with her eyes clenched shut. She tried to imagine he was someone else, anyone else. His hands quickly worked on removing her shirt as he broke the kiss. Her eyes remained shut as she tried to focus her attention elsewhere. It was a skill she had always cherished for moments like this. It did not take long for him to remove her shirt. His mouth hungrily sought out her nipple, suckling it intently as his fingers pinched the other. She barely reacted to his touch, causing him to strike her. The reddened imprint of his hand across her cheek deepened in color as she was knocked off balance by the blow. She stumbled back against the nightstand, nearly knocking the glass off of it.

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   She quickly stood back up, glaring at him angrily. Lee grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her toward the bed. She landed on her back as she stared up at him in complete disbelief. He practically ripped her pants off, tossing them onto the floor beside the bed. Alicia was too frightened by this act to move. She laid there staring at the ceiling as he undressed. She did not dare to move or make a sound yet. Suddenly, his hands grasped her ankles. Her legs were spread wide as she laid there motionless. She closed her eyes, wanting to vanish into the darkness. Alicia felt his fingers, prying her pussy lips apart and delving in deep without care for her pleasure. He continued to finger her brutally hard and fast, making the natural lubrication flow. She whimpered as he forced his fingers deeper inside her as she became wetter. After several minutes, he withdrew his fingers, lining the tip of his cock up with the slick little slit before him. She had already angered him by being so distance during his advances, now it was only about his pleasure.

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  Lee grunted as he pounded her tender pussy. She closed her eyes, fighting back the tears she so desperately wanted to cry. She had never felt more degraded in her entire life as she did with this stranger on top of her. She turned her head as his rancid breath continued to invade her airways. She tried to block out the loud grunts he made as he continued to thrust into her at a quickening pace. The noise stopped suddenly as he thrust in a final time, holding himself deep inside her. She felt the warm flood of liquid inside her as he came. Without as much as a syllable spoken he withdrew from her dripping cunt and dressed himself once again. She did not move from where she lay, even after he shut the door behind him. Several seconds later the door opened again. It was another guest at the party. This time it was an older man who had to be in his mid 40s with thick salt and pepper hair and a goatee. Alicia looked up at him for a moment, not making eye contact with the stranger. He walked over beside the bed as he unzipped his pants. He did not speak to her either.

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   There was no need to. To him, she was just another slut who didn't deserve anything better than having a dick rammed in her any time he desired. His fingers tangled in her hair as he pulled her face toward his swollen cock. It jutted obscenely out of the opening in his pants. Alicia did not open her mouth at first. The man, known as Rod, twisted his hand pulling her hair tightly. As her lips parted slightly to let the whimper escape, he forced the tip of his cock into her warm mouth. She was sickened by this. He shoved the rest of his cock into her mouth, causing her to gag violently on it as it entered her throat. She felt the vomit rising and quickly swallowed to keep it in. He began to thrust in and out of her mouth slowly as he groaned. She knew if she didn't suck him that he could hit her as Lee did. She sucked lightly, trying to put it all out of her head. He continued to fuck her mouth as she laid awkwardly on the bed. The door opened once again, this time a slender, unattractive man named Seth entered.

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   He couldn't have been much more than 23 with bad acne and greasy blond hair. He took little time in undressing before he walked toward the naked woman on the bed. His cock looked small but very thick as he stroked it furiously. He nodded to Rod who stopped for a moment as Seth pulled her into a new position. She was forced onto her hands and knees on the bed with Rod's thick cock still deep in her throat as Seth climbed onto the bed. She felt Seth's cock bumping against her pussy as he tried to get the head inside. Rod held her head still as he began to fuck her mouth. A dribble of drool leaked from her lips as his cock sawed in and out. She let out a muffled whimper as the other cock forced into her unprotected pussy. He began to frantically thrust into her like a horny dog humping the leg of the closest human. Her body was jostled back and forth from the force of the two men thrusting into her. After what felt like an eternity in her mind, the thick ropes of cum shot from Rod's throbbing shaft and flowed down her throat. She gagged as the first shot hit the back of her throat, catching her slightly off guard. She swallowed to keep from choking on the rest, drinking it all down quickly as she tried to avoid tasting it. He withdrew from her mouth quickly, allowing the last bit to splatter on her face.

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   She cringed as it dripped down her cheek, keeping her gaze low. Rod zipped up and walked out of the bedroom. The scent of sex was overwhelming in the small bedroom. Seth continued to pound away at Alicia's pussy, not seeming to notice her lack of interest. The door opened and in stepped Craig. Her gaze drifted to him, giving him a pleading look. He walked over to the bed and smiled at her as he sat down next to her. Seth let out a loud cry as he released a thick gooey load of cum into her womb, nearly collapsing on top of her as he panted. Craig shot him a look and the boy quickly pulled out. It did not take him very long to gather his clothes and leave them alone. "Aren't you having fun Alicia?" he asked feigning concern for her. Alicia did not answer. She just lowered her gaze as she shook her head. He gently stroked her mangled hair and smiled at her with the same smile that melted her heart the night they met. He stood up and extended his hand to her.

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   She could not resist him, not now anyway. He led her into the small bathroom attached to the bedroom. He took a clean washcloth from the closet, before turning the water in the sink on. He got it warm before drenching the cloth in it and wringing it out. He walked over to Alicia and gently swabbed the streak of drying cum from her cheek as he stared into her eyes. He was so good at faking the compassionate side of his personality that it was impossible to see that he was truly insincere about it. He then rinsed the washcloth, ringing it out once again. He smiled softly at her as he put the lid on the toilet down. She quietly sat down as she watched him. He knelt down on one knee as he gently placed his hands on her knees, spreading them apart. She bit her lower lip as she felt the warm, damp washcloth travel over her inner thigh and toward her aching pussy. He could see that she needed a brief rest before the others got their hands on her. Alicia flinched as the fabric touched the imflamed lips of her pussy. Craig dutifully wiped away the cum that had dribbled out of her sore little slit. The entire time his free hand softly stroked her thigh.


   Her anger soon fled as he showed her the tenderness she craved. Her deep amber eyes lifted their gaze, staring at his face as he looked at her. She could see the kindness in his eyes as he cleaned up the mess between her thighs. He tossed the used washcloth in the sink and stood up. His hand gently grasped hers. He helped her to her feet and led her back out to the bedroom. Craig watched her get dressed again as he sat on the bed. Without a word he led her back out into the living room to the delight of the others. Alicia's devoted gaze seemed to erradicate any doubt about her feelings toward Craig. She was so completely absorbed by him that she had seemingly forgotten the ordeal he just orchestrated. She sat quietly beside him, blissfully unaware of what he had planned for her next. .