Mind Control

It wasn’t exactly a party. My parties usually involved at least 30 people and much more alcohol. It was just me and a few friends at my house to watch some movies; there were only 6 of us, and no booze. Which is why I felt I could get away with this, although my parents had said no parties while they were away. The people were myself, Jenna, Eddy, Sally, Tanya and John. Jenna is slim, with auburn, straight hair down to her shoulders, long, firm legs and small hips. Her breasts are small, not excessively so, but they were a large A size. Tonight she wore a black, tight t-shirt, just low cut enough to expose a little cleavage, and tight blue jeans, which fully accentuated her gorgeous legs and her tight little ass. John and Eddy are both about six foot, John slim and Eddy broader, both with brown hair, Eddie’s darker than John’s, and both clean shaven. I didn’t really notice what they were wearing, but it was probably dark, loose and too big in both cases, that being how they usually dress. Sally has a bright, artificial blonde coloured hair, shoulder length and straight. She has C/D sized breasts, nicely rounded, and she is slim, though not over-slim, she has padding in all the right places, giving her a beautiful shape, which always make my thoughts stray to the bedroom. She doesn’t look like a supermodel, but I don’t really like them anyway, she does look a lot more like a stripper, or a porn star maybe. Tonight she was wearing a grey sports top, very low cut, probably chosen from a children’s clothing section, and light blue jeans with white, slightly fluffy, trimming. Tanya has dark, curly hair, streaked with gold. She is dark tanned, with deep brown eyes.

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   She has small, perky A-sized breasts, and is slim, almost to excess, but not quite. Her hips are small, and her arse is beautifully curvaceous in relation to the rest of her body. She wore a small black dress, loose at the top, and tight around the midriff, which came about halfway down her thighsWe all piled on to the 3-man sofa, except John who chose a beanbag, adjusted pillows etc. , and hit play on the remote to start the video of 2 fast 2 furious. About halfway through, John hit pause and asked if anyone wanted to come to his house for snacks. He did this at every party and gathering, but usually got a bigger response, only Eddy slipped on his trainers and followed John. We all spread out more, Jenna electing to steal John’s beanbag and Sally and Tanya moving further out on the sofa. It was hard to concentrate on the movie, the three girls had been chosen for this sleepover because they were absolutely stunning. Eddy had a girlfriend, but John was obsessed with Jenna, and I could spend weeks at a time with Tanya, although Sally was also gorgeous. Always, even during gripping action scenes, my eyes were straying to the bodies in the room around me. Jenna, was arranged in such a way that her well-toned thighs, one of her best assets, were on display in the tight jeans. The position also illustrated the divine curve of her ass. Sally’s sports top, with no bra made it vastly enjoyable to glance down her top at her size C breasts. Tanya, over on the other side of the couch, the opposite side of Sally, had her hand between her slightly parted legs, reminding me of a recent fantasy about her, and I could see up her short skirted dress to her lovely lacy black panties. Her best feature was buried in the couch, however, and her A sized breasts were hidden in the loose top of the garment.

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  I decided it was time to take my observation past the visual level. I pushed my mind out to the three girls, Jenna and Tanya were engrossed in the film, but Sally’s mind was wandering, her thoughts strayed back to something she had seen on the Internet the night before. She had downloaded a film of a girl-girl-girl-guy foursome. She was recalling how turned on she had felt, and how quickly she had brought herself off with her dildo whilst watching. Then I realised she had noticed my growing hard-on, and felt the arousal in her mind. I withdrew to my own mind and looked over at her, grinning, she saw me looking and blushed, staring back at the movie. I pushed my mind back out and read that she was concentrating on the movie again. I mentally urged all of them to be less than easily shocked and, as I slid my own hand into my underwear to massage my straining 10ins staff, I mentally suggested to all three girls that it was suddenly very warm, and prodded them towards a solution. They removed their tops, and I hit a button on the remote control that turned on the web cam atop my TV. Sally now sat topless, Jenna in a white bra, attractive against her pale skin, and Tanya in only her black panties. I moved to sit between Sally and Tanya, and psychically prodded the girls to thinking of a more comfortable position for each to sit in. Sally and Tanya leaned towards me, their bare tits against my arms and a hand each up my shirt, while Jenna rose, and lounged across the three of us, her breasts rubbing against Sally’s on my left and her arm around Sally’s neck. I placed certain images in the heads of the three girls, and their hands slid down into their underwear. To see these three hot, half-naked young girls masturbating around me was the most erotic sight of my life, the feeling enhanced by the knowledge that they were under my control, and brought my dick finally to its full length of 10. 5ins.

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   When I looked towards Tanya, her hand lifted up her panties as she drew her finger outwards, and I could see down to where she entered her perfectly-shaven pussy. My balls were getting tighter and I needed relief, rather than keep issuing my own commands to them, I felt it was time to let them freewheel, so that I could properly enjoy this. So I planted in the mind of each a hint of a certain mood, after suggesting what they could do with their free hands. Tanya and Sally’s hands snaked out of my shirt and towards each other’s breasts. Tanya’s dark tanned arm massaging Sally’s ample twins, and Sally’s pale hand teasing the nipples of Tanya’s dark, perky tits. Meanwhile, Jenna, moaning softly as she played with herself, undid my fly and released my raging member, grasping and rubbing it softly. Sally and Tanya leant forwards and down towards my cock, and each licked once down and up the shaft, while Jenna played with my balls with her free hand, and licked around the tip. Then, Sally, Tanya and Jenna all started to suck on a part of my tip, 3-way kissing across it, and moved the kiss down towards my balls. When they reached my balls, Tanya stayed down, sucking on my balls and tickling them with her tongue, Sally moved all the way up and took the first 5ins into her mouth, and Jenna licked the bottom half of my shaft, up and down. Meeting Sally at the top, Jenna would kiss her, their tongues flicking over each other’s to stimulate my cock, and the same with Tanya at the bottom, their tongues wrestling over, around and even through my scrotum. After about 5 minutes, not able to restrain my orgasm anymore I instructed the girls to stop, vocally this time, and told Jenna to lay on the floor, on her back. This she did, removing her bra slowly, allowing her breasts to burst free, and propping herself up by the elbows, I straddled her and placed the tip of my dick in her mouth, she sucked and licked at it eagerly as I wanked furiously. With one “Ooooh fuck!” I came in her mouth, hard, and then withdrew to come again and again on her tits, face and belly. Sally and Tanya fell on her, licking every last drop of my cum off of Jenna, licking her breasts, her face, her belly anywhere where they could find my spunk. I watched as some trickled from her belly, down into the loose front of her jeans, but it did not escape Sally.

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   Straddling Jenna’s legs, Sally pulled her jeans down about 6 inches, and licked the trickle of cum all the way to Jenna’s right inner thigh, just below her crotch, she wore no panties. Hard again from watching the licking clean, I climbed down from the sofa, where I had sat to watch and, pushing Sally away, I pulled off Jenna’s jeans, exposing her hairless pussy completely, which dripped from her excitement. I leaned forward onto her and pushed her gorgeous legs up to her shoulders, then guided the tip of my cock into her lubricated opening. She looked so hot under me, her hair spread over the floor, the traces of saliva left by her cleaning, her legs perfectly straight and reaching nearly a foot past her head, it was hard to resist the animal inside me. It took almost all my restraint not to just pound at her until I came; instead I slid in slowly. I was surprised to encounter the resistance of her hymen, true we were only 16, but she was truly gorgeous, and I had not expected her to be a virgin. I broke the hymen and continued to slide in. She was deliciously tight around my 10. 5ins and I felt every ripple of flesh rubbing me. I withdrew as slowly as I had entered and repeated, growing faster with each entry. She was moaning and tweaking her nipples, and Tanya seemed as turned on as I was by this, she quite literally ripped her panties in two places at the waist so that they fell to the floor, she then straddled Jenna, facing away from me, and Jenna started to lick her furiously. I was now thrusting at full speed, and Jenna’s tits were bouncing, her loud moaning was muffled by Tanya’s cunt, now pressed into her face and grinding in her pleasure. Sally was kissing Tanya passionately, their breasts crushed together, and still playing with herself in her jeans, she was the only one who was still clothed. I slowed my pumping, trying to vary to increase the pleasure, and speeded up again as I neared my climax. At full speed I slammed home, straight to the hilt and Jenna had her orgasm, her pussy walls had spasms and her hips bucked furiously, as she screamed, mostly in pleasure, but at least partly because of the pain of me coming all the way in for the first time.

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   A wave of juice flowed through her tunnel to meet my hot load coming the other way. I moved off her, but her legs stayed where they were as Sally moved to her crotch to lap up the mixed, leaking juices. I moved round to Jenna’s head and ran my fingers down through Tanya’s hair, down her sides and under to her crotch, sliding two fingers into her pussy and pumping them to assist Jenna’s tongue. My free arm I used to crush her body against mine. I kissed her furiously, hungrily, crushing her lips to mine, my tongue working feverishly, I had wanted to kiss her like this since I met her a little over a year ago. I kissed her lips her cheek her neck, all the time finger fucking her hot pussy, all the time feeling her hot, firm, athletic body crushed against me, and after a while, feeling her massage my once again growing dick. How I had lusted for Tanya, for over a year now. The kissing, the hand job, it felt better than the three way blowjob, it felt better than pounding at Jenna, it felt better than anything in my life. I decided I would not fuck her yet though, not yet; I would wait, save the best pleasure for last. I moved back to the sofa as Tanya moaned and screamed in her own orgasm, brought by the licking and fingering, and as Sally finished licking the juices from Jenna, I put the notion of a strip tease into Sally’s head. Tanya and Jenna sat naked on either side of me on the couch, and Sally started undoing the buttons of her jeans. She turned to face away from me, her ass swaying, and, bending only at the waist, pulled her jeans down to around her ankles, her panties were g-string style, light blue, with a darker wet patch at the crotch. She turned back towards me and then stood up on the sofa in front of me, crushing my face into her crotch with both hands, allowing me a full breath of her intoxicating scent. Then she pushed back my head and worked her panties down, a little on one side at a time, until they only just hid her slit, and then breathily instructed me to do the rest. I leant forward and grasped her panties with my teeth, pulling them as far as her knees, as I passed I noticed that her crotch was as hairless as that of a baby, and her pouting lips literally dripped.

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   Her panties fell the rest of the way to my legs and I resurfaced, flicking my tongue across her lips and into her pussy.
    She moaned “Mmm, baby it’s good,” then she pushed me away with both hands, “but not right now. ” Her eyes flickered downwards “I want that big cock in me. ”She bent at the knees and the waist until her hungrily opened lips were placed just on the tip of my cock, her dripping juices running down my length, then, with one hand she held me steady as she lowered herself onto me. Slowly down my shaft, then back up, slowly, rhythmically, she began to speed up, and I put my right hand on the top of her butt, forcing her downwards faster every time, the contours of the inside of her pussy massaging my cock. My left hand snaked out sideways, towards Tanya, over her leg and up the inside of her thigh, my fingers dancing lightly over her slit, then sliding inwards, just one finger, as a slight moan escaped her my finger started tickling the inside of her cunt. I rubbed against a small patch of rougher, firmer flesh, the fabled G-spot and rubbed at it softly, tickling it, teasing it, rewarded with a symphony of moans and gasps. Looking right, I saw that Jenna had taken a small vibrator from her handbag, and was once again pleasuring herself and moaning softly. Sally was moving as fast as she could, bouncing on my cock, using one hand to hold her hair back behind her head and the other hand around my neck, keeping her balance her beautiful round breasts were bouncing as fast as she, and I couldn’t resist taking a nipple in my mouth. She screamed in her wild pleasure, bouncing faster than ever before. I could no longer take the bombardment of the senses, I felt like I would come right then, again. Every bounce brought me closer, every different note in the song of moans, screams and gasps brought me closer, I released Sally’s nipple and the sight of her bouncing breasts brought me closer. The musky smell of sweat and come brought me closer. I pushed my mind out to Sally, finding nothing inside but a primal lust, a need to be sated, and her pleasure as I filled her to capacity, stimulating every nerve, no thought, and her lust brought me closer. Sally’s orgasm racked her body, her warm juices sliding around my cock to trickle onto my balls, bringing me closer, her walls contracting on me, bringing me closer, her whole body shuddering, bringing me closer.

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       She came again and again, torrents of warm liquid rushing through her, still bouncing, bringing me closer. Tanya leaned over and kissed me slowly on the mouth, her tongue parting my lips gently to wrestle with my own, and I could no longer hold back, my jiz slammed hard into Sally, again and again, as Tanya’s walls contracted on my finger, her juices flowing as she moaned into my mouth, and Jenna screamed in her own orgasm. Sally went limp against me as our orgasms subsided; panting heavily, and I lifted her off, placing her on the ground with her legs apart. I bent my face to her crotch; I licked and sucked at her pussy, eating our combined come. My tongue circled, and danced around the inside of her pussy and I inserted three fingers into her and began fucking her with my hand. I looked at Tanya, lying on the floor next to us, and felt an all-consuming love that I had mistaken for lust, but there was lust as well. Her beautiful, dark, curly hair spread on the floor around her, her perky breasts standing proudly on her chest as she played with her nipples, her eyes closed, she bit her lip and moaned softly as she fingered herself, her finger moving slowly in and out of her. She looked like an angel of beauty, overpowered by lust. I pushed into her mind, and felt there lust, a need to be filled, but also a need for something deeper, some kind of connection, and I knew then that I would not be satisfied until I had her, sexually, and in a much deeper way. I moved over to her, and kissed her on the mouth, then the neck, then on each nipple, trailing kisses all the way to her crotch, then placing one light kiss on her wet lips, I started back up, and kissed her several times on the mouth. In missionary position I slid my penis into her, erect once more, psychically instructing Jenna and Sally to pleasure each other as they started a 69. Tanya wrapped her legs around me and let out a soft moan, biting gently on my shoulder as she grasped my back, unknowingly digging her nails in. I kissed her again as we moved slowly together, as one. She felt better to me than anything, I felt safe, loved, pleasured beyond mere mortal pleasure. There was no world; the moans of Jenna and Sally failed to reach my ears, only the two of us, only the movement of our entwined bodies, only her soft moans.

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       There was sexual pleasure, certainly, her pussy felt impossibly tight, her flesh soft velvet, and I felt again ready to burst, but it was almost drowned by a much deeper type of pleasure. Nothing could ever feel as good as that mixture of pleasures. We climaxed together, and the movement ceased, but I remained inside her, our bodies remained entwined as we held each other, panting, and kissed deeply and lovingly, and after a while, in that position, we fell asleep. .