My Wish is Their Command Chapter 9

Mind Control

The Monday morning of finals week for the fall semester of my junioryear, Asia and I were talking in the hallway near her first periodclass while facing each other with our hands on each other's hips. One of the teachers walked by and told us to "knock off the PDA(public display of affection). " "Sorry dude, but we're married," Iirritably rejoindered. "Don't lie to me, son," he countered. Asiaflashes her ring and the guy's eyes bug out. "Woah, if that thing isreal it's gotta be 25 grand," he remarked. ""Try 30," I shot back. "We've been hitched since last summer. " So the douchebag asks forour ID to prove it. I told him to leave us alone and he walked away. Asshole.

I don't get this whole thing about hating on, as they lamely put it,"PDA" anyway. Fuck, I hate prudes. What a bunch of pain in the asscontrol freaks. It's like they want to make you feel dirty fordisplaying love for another person. That is completely screwed up.

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  Maybe a lot of these losers are jealous because Asia is gorgeous andthey're married to some fat ass hausfrau who last looked good forten minutes back in 1952.

Asia and I went home for lunch and had a quick screw while Mr. MoralGuardian was probably eating his heart out that he couldn't touchany of the hot young poon he taught. Fucking hilarious. I wonderwhich students he was thinking of when he wacked it or when he hadhis once a month 30 seconds of sex with his wife. You just knew hewas. All those prudes are a bunch of repressed pervs.

Since we tied the knot, Asia has had a minor issue with a couple ofher teachers. When they would call her "Miss Cotton," she would haveto correct them that it was "Mrs. Cotton. " For example, the dayafter the spring semester began, her AP math teacher called on  heras "Miss Cotton. " When she told him what the actual proper form ofaddress was, he didn't believe it until the other students chimed inand told him that she had gotten married the previous summer.

The first time it came up was the second day of school two and ahalf months after she and I had our nuptials. The teacher didn'twant to believe her wedding ring was real, so she had to show himher green card with her old last name on it. She hadn't received herspouse visa yet that would have included her new surname andwouldn't get it until April even though we went through theinterview at the Immigration Department and all that shit in Augustafter we married.

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   Your tax dollars in inaction. By the way, Asiastill hasn't applied for American citizenship. She's not sure thiscountry is going in a good direction and wanted to hedge her bets. So she recently had me apply for a spouse visa in Korea, and forresidency permits for our kids, just in case. We're still waiting tohear back. It shouldn't be too much longer.

The new semester was pretty much the same as the last one for Asia, whohad to work her ass off, though with my fumbling help. I got her out ofher gym class again and I dodged mine, too. The cool thing was that wewere able to get that class during the same hour and it came beforelunch, so we just went home after third period and spent the next hourand a half eating, watching tv or fucking. The dogs loved that and itwas great to be able to play with them in the middle of the day becauseof the way it elevated my mood.

Then we would head to the university library. I helped her pile upresearch materials and then I would leave for a while to go find someside poon. I told her one day in February I was going to see thebasketball game that was being staged at the campus gym. I did do that. But I also picked up this hot little sort of lighter skinned early 20'sblack chick who was a member of one of the player's family and took herto a motel.

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   She was 5'4"-5'5" or something like that and built kind ofthick with a perky butt,  full D cups and straight black hair she hadcut short. Her thick lips were very kissable and I spent quite a whileswapping spit with her. Her soft naked body felt amazing in  my arms andI sucked lustily on her coffee colored nipples as she moaned with eachinhalation against those sensitive milk nubs. I had her fondle my cockwhile I did that and there was definite heat being created between us asthe moaning and groaning became louder and more frequent.  

I slid down the bed and inserted my head into her voluminous, spongybush and darted and rolled my tongue at and over her clit. This was thefirst time I had been with an African-American girl and I was going tohave my fill, as I used my mouth on her meaty slit to trip her triggerrepeatedly. I stopped because I didn't have all freaking day and neitherdid she. I scooted up between her legs and her cunt swallowed my bigcock with no problem. For the next half hour, I punished her moist holewith gusto while taking in the sight of her beautiful face and bouncingbreasts. "Oh fuck, God, I've never done it with a white guy before, butyour cock feels soooooo good," she complimented as her breathing becameharder for her to harness. She put a strong grip on my biceps while mydick moved like a piledriver into her sacred hall. She emitted a loudgasp and moaned that she was cumming, me tattooing her ass with my pubicbone as my prong impaled her as much as I could manage.

I backed off my tempo to reclaim some energy, slowing to an easy pacethat kept the friction coming for both of us, her body and brain feedingoff of the repeated spearing of her sex. I progressively ramped theferocity of my thrusting up and with it  the feverishness of herpassion, her arms firmly hugging me and her open legs an invitation tokeep slamming my meat stick into her. "Oh fuck, oh god damn! God!" sheincoherently muttered as she was put more in touch with every humanbeing's primal protocol.

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   Her breathing became more asthmatic andirregular, her utterances more like hisses as she came to the edge ofparadise. "Oh God, oh shit!" she whimpered before I pumped her into thegorge of euphoria and heard her float to the bottom in a more gracefullanding than my own intensifying growls and  grunts were doing for me. When I arrived at the apogee of the heat within my whammer jammer, Iinundated her pink riverbed with my thick, white rain and then collapsedon top of her like a wounded animal. We held each other for a fewminutes as we recovered from our exertion. I stroked her forehead while Ilooked into her opalescent brown eyes and kissed her.

"My God, you're beautiful," I burbled. She chuckled at the obviousflattery. "Thanks baby," she acknowledged. "We should probably getback," I observed. She did a quick cleanup, fixed her hair and wehotfooted it back for the end of the game, which was now about halfwayinto the latter portion of the contest. I stayed until; the end eventhough I didn't care at all about the outcome. I went back to thelibrary to see how Asia was faring and spent the rest of the time withher until it closed at 18 "How was the game?" she asked. "Meh," I said. "They won, but it wasn't exactly an effort either side would beparticularly proud of. So is your paper coming along?" "It's gettingthere," she blandly opined.

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   We went home. She was mentally worn out andconked out soon after showering. When I cuddled her sleeping form after Ifinished showering, she woke up momentarily, put her hands over mine,and dozed off again.

The following day, I stayed with her the whole time. I mostly read whileshe hacked away at her assignment. Occasionally, we would check thecomputer for more reference materials and I picked them up for her whileshe returned to her work. I also helped her find the applicablepassages she needed. It made her feel like I was really invested in hersuccess. I asked her if she felt any pressure when I was there. "Notbecause you're there per se, but I really don't want to fail afteryou've taken time out, and I know this is kinda boring for you, to helpme," she confessed. I got up, moved behind her and wrapped my armsaround her shoulders and told her to relax because I would always bethere for her. "Nobody's perfect, babe. We all fail at some time oranother. Just look at me," I snarked. She giggled and I gave her a quickkiss before returning to my seat.

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When we got home, we laid in bed just kinda having a nice lingeringmoment. We didn't have sex, but we quietly communicated with each otherour love mainly through smiles and kisses and a few brief words beforewe fell asleep.

The day after  that, we both sat in bed with our laptops doing moreresearch and I sent links to her for things I thought she would want tolook at. My dogs occasionally broke this up when they heard another dogbarking or somebody walking near our house. Then they would come rompingback into bed and that always made Asia smile and laugh. I was never abig tv guy and when I got restless, I would watch music videos (with myheadphones on, of course) or comedy clips on You Tube and occasionallyshow them to Asia to lighten her mood.

As this routine continued for a number of weeks, I became concerned thatshe was going to burn out. So the first Thursday in April after school,I made her leave her books behind and we had a mini-vacation at thebeach. We stayed in the same hotel we got married at and cleared ourheads with tasty dinners, walks on the beach and just kicking it in ourroom vegging and fucking.

We got back that Sunday night after picking  up the dogs from my folksand Asia was rejuvenated because she was super relaxed, as was I. Thatlittle respite gave her a kind of second wind and she kicked ass therest of the way. The school year ended on a Wednesday in mid-June. Thursday morning, she was looking up information in Korean aboutadoption. We discussed the matter throughout the day. I was totally onboard with the idea.

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   The main issue was just making it happen in asefficient a manner as possible.

I began researching the real estate situation in areas that were closeto the university she wanted to attend, especially what the schoolswould be like for the kids we would take on. She was in line for justabout every academic honor our school had to give. I was merely lookingforward to getting school over with.

Asia took her SAT's two weeks after school ended and scored extremelyhigh. Then she took her ACT's and destroyed on them. Through the summer,she was reading stacks of books. It was like she thought reading washer job. Some of those books were on child psychology and nutrition. Itwas kind of cool watching her prepare to be a mother. Then she woulddiscuss with me what she had learned, so I basically got the bottom lineCliff's Notes version rather than having to trudge through a mountainof gobbledygook.

And in between all that, she was still regularly sucking and fucking me. I'd be sitting on the livingroom couch watching a ballgame or somethingand she would suddenly come down and put my dick in her mouth or she'dappear naked and impale herself on it and ride me to a couple orgasmsand a healthy cumshot and then go back to what she was doing. Then atnight, I cuddled her and and expressed how awesome I thought she was. She knew what I wanted physically and I knew what she neededemotionally.

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We rarely argue even today. I'm pretty easygoing. Again, while I couldturn her into a total slave if I was so inclined, the only real standingorders were that she be my girlfriend (and that obviously evolved intoher wanting to become my wife), call me "Master" and to ignore it when Ifuck around on her. Yet, I try not to rub it in her face because shedoesn't really deserve that. She is a fantastic girl but I had avoracious dick to feed, too.

For example, when Asia left to take her SAT's, I went to the mall to seeif I could find anyone to spend some time with and, what do you know, Iran across one of my school's cheerleaders. She looks like the totalCalifornia beach bunny: blonde, suntanned (she kept it year around, soshe was definitely using a tanning bed), teardrop shaped C cups and abody that was toned to the nines. She was with a couple of the othercheerleaders, so I told them to go do something else while I took Joy,that was her name, back to her house since her parents weren't home. Wewent into her bedroom, which was adorned in pink and had lots of stuffedanimals on the bed. It was a typical girly bedroom (though Asia's was alot more spartan).

I directed her to join me in bed and then kiss me. Her lip gloss hadsome kind of flavor to it, but I couldn't really pin it down. We tonguewrestled for a while. I broke away and told her she was going to let medo anything I wanted with her. I immediately put my hands up the back ofher belly shirt and unhooked her bra and then pulled both the top andthe boob halter off of her.

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   Her Playboy model-type boobs were just astanned as the rest of her body, which confirmed the tanning bedsuspicion. My mouth mauled her nipples while my righthand ran up herthigh, under her skirt and then beneath her panties. I was high fivingmyself in my mind because here I was with the hottest cheerleader inschool and I had my fingers in her pussy and my lips on her gazongas. Iworked her into a heap of horniness. She was panting very seductivelywhen I sat upright and yanked the rest of her clothing off, revealing ahairless twat. I started kissing up her legs, beginning from the tops ofher well manicured feet, until my tongue landed at her pink treasureand tasted her natural lube. I reinserted my fingers into her and wentto town, sucking, lightly teething and slathering her clit while mythumb supplemented the oral stimulation on that love button as my middleand ring fingers strummed her g spot. She was sighing and moaning up astorm and the more she did it the more intently I sucked that nubbin. She suddenly commenced gasping over and over and then let out a longgirly grunt before the orgasm rippled through her. I couldn't get enoughof her sweet tasting juices and stayed on that clit for another halfdozen orgasms before my jaw became too fatigued to continue.

I stood up, pulled her legs toward me and then slung them over myshoulders so that her butt was on the edge of the bed. I buried my longstick into her no doubt popular little cunt and savored the sweetcompression of her vaginal walls against my fuck stick. Her motor was upand running like nobody's business and within five minutes she wasindicating that she was climbing the mountain of pleasure. So I loadedup my hips and drilled the shit out of her for the next five minutes andshe emitted a strangled scream as the orgasm flew through her senses,panting vociferously until it subsided. "You really love dick, huhbabe?" I interrogated.

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   "God yes," she admitted. "You're as big as myboyfriend," she sighed, as I dialed my attack back to a midtempo rate. As her ardor ascended anew, she begged me to fuck her harder and Ijackhammered it into her with sadistic glee. She desperately squealed,"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" and then a guttural scream pre-saged atidal surge of panting when she climaxed. I was about to lose it, too. Ipulled out of her and leaped quickly on to the bed and pasted my ballfluid all over her lips, nose and bedsheets. I was laughing insidebecause the next time she saw her boyfriend he was going to be kissing aface that had been spattered by my cum. "Okay babe, gotta go," Iannounced as I pulled my clothes back on. "Don't tell anyone aboutthis," I demanded and went home. Asia was home about an hour later in agood mood after shredding on her exam.