My Wish is Their Command Chapter 5

Mind Control

As Asia and I laid on our sides watching tv in bed together, sheturned her body toward me and smiled. I craned my head a bit andkissed her. She reached back with her righthand, cradled my head init and pulled my lips back to hers. This evolved into a heavymakeout session and I slid my  hand up her tank top and unhooked herbra. Pushing that shirt and bra combo up around her neck, I gentlyfondled her breasts while we continued to orally communicate witheach other. She grabbed my hand, though, and guided it down herbody, indicating that she wanted me to finger her. "Aren't you stillon your period?" I wondered. "No. I got over it yesterday," sheinformed me. So I undid her shorts and then my hand crawled underher panties and rubbed her clit. As I was doing that, she popped thebutton on my jeans and unzipped them before reaching in and pushingthem down to my knees along with my boxers.

The tv was being completely ignored as we crawled all over eachother and fondled the genitals of the other. "God, I missed thatcock of yours," she stated. "Fuck me!" she demanded. I helped herout of all of her clothes and then did away with mine, the lot now apile on the floor and the two of us naked except for my pendant. Ijumped on top of her, shoved my fuckstick deep into her cunt and, aswe continued kissing and grabbing each other, I pumped the fulllength of it into her over and over.

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   "Oh God yes, oh my God ohshit," she panted, "fuck, I love it," she declared. It felt so goodto be back inside of her after being denied that pleasure for mostof the last week. Her lust began to peak and the room was filledwith the musical sound of a beautiful woman approaching climax. Ifinally hit her tripwire and she squealed and clenched my bicepswith her fingernails, imbuing the experience with some pleasurablepain. 'Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!" she desperately cried and then, ina strangled gasp, "I'm cumming! Oh shit!" she warned, as I slammedmy flesh torpedo into her as fast as I could.

I backed off the tempo when her orgasm subsided and kissed herheatedly in between admiring how her ecstasy had colored her cheeksand chest a nice shade of red. She was quickly ascending the ladderof euphoria again, too, and it became time to take her the rest ofthe way up that path, me frantically pistoning my  dick in and outof her. "Oh God, yes baby, oh God, yes, yes, yes," she muttered in areflection of the intensity that was building inside of her. Igrunted loudly while my pubic bone bounced off of her ass everytimeI delivered my rocket to its target. "Yes, yes, yes, oh shit, Godyesssssssss," she whimpered and then went right over the falls andinto a pool of orgasmic insensibility, screaming for me to fuck herharder. Two minutes later, I discharged ropey blasts of cum into herreceptive cunt.

I had told her parents to not bother us, but she was being quiteloud and I have to believe that they heard us, especially when shewas begging me to really put it to her. I wonder what her dad, inparticular, was thinking.

"Oh my God, Master, that was wonderful," she praised. "I love makingyou happy, babe," I said to her.

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   "When I go on my period, I getsuper horny but I feel so yucky that it overwhelms my need for youto fuck my brains out," she disclosed. I had never heard her talklike this unprompted. Obviously, she was feeling very comfortablewith me and that was pretty damned delightful.

I offered to take her out to lunch, but she said she didn't want tobecause she was afraid of getting fat. During lunch at school, sheusually just ate  fruit and yogurt or some kimchi since her familyate breakfast everyday.

"Master, do you mind if I ask you a question?" "No babe, go for it. ""Do you intend to be my husband?" "Asia, you and I are going to betogether for as long as you're alive. Why do you ask?" "Well, youtook my virginity and I want to be just with one man in my lifebecause I think that would make that experience more special. ""Asia, babe, you are special and you will never have to worry aboutme leaving you. " "It's too bad we can't have any children since yousaid you were shooting blanks. " "Yeah, that's true. But we canalways adopt. I'm sure there are a lot of orphaned kids in Korea whowould like to have a mom like you. How many do you want?" "At leasttwo. " "Well, let's wait until you finish your Phd before we thinkabout kids," I propounded.

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   "I want to be a doctor," she revealed. "What, you mean like a medical doctor?" I pondered. "Yeah. " "God,your patients are going to love having such a hot doctor treatingthem," I chuckled. She pushed me playfully and I kissed her.

After school Monday, I had a limo pick us up and take us to LagunaBeach, where we had an early dinner at a nice little beach side cafeI had read about. At the end of the meal, we stood up and I lookedinto her sparkling brown eyes and said, "Asia, will you marry me?"She squealed in excitement, threw her arms around me and said shewould. We then went straight from the cafe and picked out herengagement ring at a jewelry store. .

When we got back to her house, we went in and announced what hadjust occurred. Her parents were shocked at the suddenness of it. Imean engaged at 18 after we had only been going out a month, ifthat? Yeah, generally not a good idea, but soon after we graduated,we went to Korea andadopted four children. Two of them were half white, half Koreantwins named Min-hee and Mi-cha. Asia was afraid that they would getsplit up, so that is whywe took them. We selected one other girl, Young-mi, whose parentshad died in a car accident, and a boy, Jae-sun, who was anotheroffspring of a union between an American G.

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  I. and a young Korean girl. The twins andthe boy were four and the other girl was three. In fact, as I'mwriting this on my laptop, they're all sitting on the floor whileAsia is reading a Korean children's book to them. She began teachingthem English practically as soon as we all got off the plane andhas done a nice job with them while going to college and taking 18units, which is one hell of a workload. Of course, it helps that I'm astay at home dad. We moved to Belair  to be closer to Asia's school. Next year,we're going to have them start taking Taekwondo lessons. Mydaughters are studying piano and my son is learning guitar. We let themchoose between guitar, piano, violin, bass and saxophone. They're notallowed to watch tv because we want them to be creative and make theirown fun and not just be passive consumers of the garbage that is toooften on the tube. Both Asia and I read to them and talk to them all thetime to try to spur their mental development and vocabulary. The rulein the house is that between the time they come home from school anddinner that time is there's to spend how they want. But after dinnerwould be study and family time. So Asia would be reading and writing herpapers at the dining room table while the kids were practicing theirinstruments.

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   I hired private tutors to come over and teach them so that Icould keep an eye on things. As for me, I read sports or musicmagazines or looked at news sites on the net.

But getting back to the day I proposed to Asia, once we had made theannouncement, I took Mr. Oh aside and told him he was going to have toclose his store. I didn't want Asia getting a phone call some night thather dad had been shot dead during a robbery. I offered to bankroll anybusiness he wanted to open, but the liquor store was history. Six monthslater, he started a small import business and it's doing fairly welleven now. Of course, Asia was thrilled that she didn't have to worryabout her father anymore and cried tears of happiness when I told her. We then went upstairs to her bedroom and had a celebratory screw.

Tuesday, I have to say I felt a little apprehensive at her going toschool with a $20,000 engagement ring on her finger. I had her leave itwith me before she went to gym class so that it wouldn't get stolen. Allthe girls in her classes asked her about it and wanted to know why shehad decided to get engaged at her age and whether she was pregnant, anotion that really offended Asia's pride.

Those girls then told their boyfriends, some of whom were in my classes,and they, in turn, would hit me up about why I felt it necessary topropose to Asia while still only a high school sophomore. "Dude, tell meyou didn't do that just to get into her pants," one guy asked. "No, Ididn't do it to get into her pants you dumbass," I countered.

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   "I don'treally have to justify myself to you anyway, dude. Besides, look at howfuckin' fine she is! I wanted to make sure she would stay with me andremain out of circulation. "

After school, Asia wanted to discuss what we should do for our wedding. It was going to be a pretty big affair since she wanted to invite all ofher relatives from Korea, family friends as well as my friends andfamily. That was fine. Then she hit me with, "how would you feel aboutgetting married next summer?" I was a little taken aback that she wantedto move that quickly, but I was up for it. I then asked her why shewanted to make it official so soon. "I would feel assured that youweren't going to change your mind in mid-stream. " I wondered if shewanted to continue to live separately with our parents after we gotmarried or if she wanted to rent a house until she headed to college. "If we're married we should live together," she shot back resolutely. "Sounds good to me,  babe," I responded. I really liked this side ofAsia, where she determines what she wants and then just goes right afterit hammer and tongs.

We went online and looked at caterers, bridal shops and the sites ofwedding planners. Neither of us was religious, so we weren't going toget married in a church. Thus, we looked for alternate possible venuesfor it.

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   In my mind, I was picturing Asia in a white wedding dress, herass length black hair contrasting with it as it hung from her beautifulhead and those smoky brown eyes shining like jewels atop her tall (for agirl), lean body. It was going to be quite a sight. The whole exerciseof talking about the festivities was actually kinda fun. Nevertheless,it was Asia's show and I was going to let her handle it since I didn'thave a feel for those kind of things.

I went home for dinner and once I ate I decided to try my luck at thecollege again. The campus was in the middle of its night classes by thetime I disembarked from the bus. I trolled the library and didn't seeanything I was interested in. As I exited it, I saw students millingabout. I guess it was break time for those classes and I strolled aroundand checked out the scenery. I noticed this chunky blonde girl,probably about 5'3," walking back from the bathrooms. I deftlyintercepted her, telling her she was going to answer my questions. Sheaverred that she still had another hour left in her evening lit class,so I ordered her to come to the second floor of the library when it  wasfinished and get me.

I kicked back in that library reading a couple of sports mags. Shefinished her class and came to the library to pick me up. She was justthe kind of big girl I like: cute face, big ass titties, probably DD,long hair and with little cellulite.

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   As it turned out, she had drivenher parents minivan to school, which was perfect. I had her drive to apark that wasn't far from my house but where it would be dark as hellbecause most of the lights in it were off to, I think, save the citymoney. I had her pull the rear seats down so that we had a flat surfaceto lay on in the back, which had enough room for the two of us to get iton. I then told her she was going to have sex with me. As we kissed, Iundid the buttons on her blouse and unhooked her bra, her heavy,pendulous  milk bags flopping out of it. They had huge light brownaureolae and dime sized nipples and my mouth was all over that innothing flat. I sucked on them for a good 18 minutes before I unsnappedher pants and shoved my hand down under her panties to her vulva. It wassteaming damp in there and I brought my hand back out to lick some ofit off of my fingers.

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough room for me to eat her, but Inonetheless pulled her panties and pants off and climbed on top of her. She guided my sausage into her skillet and her big, velvety pussy had notrouble taking it at all, but she did acknowledge that I was "a bigboy. " I started feeding her my mainrail and her breast quivered as Irammed it into her time and again. There was less pronounced frictioninside of her for me than with Asia or most of the other girls I haddone to that point, but it still felt sweet and I was pushing it intoher real good, causing her to moan and sigh in a sexy way. She had abig, bright smile that I could see as the moon shone down into thepassenger cabin and her thick legs had my body clamped securely while myhips slid back and forth to help her have a good time.

She had a nice soft belly and so being on top of her was almost likemasturbating against a mattress. Yet, her fat was shifted into all theright places that made her seem more voluptuous than obese.

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   The turneddown seats squeaked under us with all the weight that was being pressedon them  and she was about to leave the launch pad, my flesh chiselslicing and slipping in and out of her exquisite love channel. Sheemitted what sounded like an asthmatic's attempt to desperately gulpsome air and then yelped that she was cumming, her heavy pantingpunctuating the pleasure that surged through her, my cock enjoying thefeel of her wet, sloppy cunt.

The windows of the minivan were steaming up,  which added even moreatmosphere to things as our bodies rocked and slithered against eachother hoping to attain the ultimate in pleasure. She was soon pantingagain and forced me down against her body, her curses into my earindicating that she was about to go off again. I battered her twatfuriously, endeavoring to get her there and, as her body convulsed inecstasy, I poured voluminous rounds of cum into her meaty love chamber. We laid there for a few minutes to both enjoy the high from our orgasmsand to physically recover.

I put my clothes back on, kissed her goodnight, got out of the minivanand walked home while thinking what assholes guys who put "No FatChicks" bumper stickers on their cars were because they had no idea whatthey were missing out on. If they want to leave them for me I'll take'em.