My Wish is Their Command Chapter 3

Mind Control

Saturday morning, I woke up before Asia. I gently pulled back the coversand my eyes were treated to the sight of her gorgeous naked form. Shehad her back turned to me, but tilted toward the other side of the bedsomewhat as she hugged her pillow. I spent a few minutes just gazing ather cute faintly yellow-ish white ass  and the cleft of her vagina. Iscooted up next to her and lightly nudged her body back toward minebefore pulling her tightly into me. That roused her out of her slumber. "Hi Master," she said sleepily. "Good morning, Asia," I replied in asoft voice, smiling. "If you want to go back to sleep go ahead babe," Ipermitted. "What time is it?" she asked. "A little before nine," Iinformed her. "I better get up so we can go check in with my parents,"she said. .

We had breakfast and went to her folks to let her mom know she was stillalive and well. Mrs. Oh did know that her daughter would be sleepingover with me and would do so until Sunday night anyway.

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   Asia dropped offthe clothes she wore Friday and we hopped the bus and went to the mall. Fuck, I could hardly wait until I was 18 and could start driving. Thisnot having a car shit in Southern California sucks.

I let her pick some stuff out for herself, including a couple pair ofnew shoes, and then we hit Victoria's Secret, where I bought a bunch ofpairs of thigh high stockings for her. After that, we went to theleather clothing store, where I told her, "we gotta [heavy] metal youup, girl," and we whiled away the next couple of hours having her try onthe stuff I picked for her. One particular red ensemble of a drawstringbustier and a skirt that was five inches above her knee inspired her toblurt. "Oh my God, I look like a whore in this. ". "No babe,  you lookstriking," I countered. "Every single person will be looking at you inthat outfit. You can't be demure all the time, man. Sometimes you gottalet it all hang out," I advocated. I also bought a halter top for her togo along with that skirt.

There was an added bonus to going to that shop, too: there was a fuckingamazing strawberry blonde saleswoman, about Asia's height and build butwith a flawless peaches and cream complexion. She had a bit of thatMelissa Auf der Maur thing happening facially and, I estimated, A cups.

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  "Hey babe, just keep browsing. If you see anything nice let me know whenI come back," I told her. Then to the girl who was helping us, I said,"hey babe, I'm going to take your coworker there into the back room andyou're not going to say a thing about it to anyone," I commanded. I thenwent up to the target of my lust and ordered her to take me into theemployees area, which was vacant except for the two of us. "Okay babe,get naked," I insisted and watched as she made herself bereft ofmodesty. Yes, her carpet matched the drapes and her tits were indeedsmall, but round and cute. "You're going to let me touch you however Iwant and you're going to enjoy it," I demanded. I put my arms around herand kissed her and from there it got hot and heavy. I reached downbetween her legs and checked her lubricant level with my index andmiddle fingers and she was wet. I grabbed a chair and had her slouch init and then elevate her legs. I grasped them and put them over myshoulders. I undid my pants and pushed them and my boxers down to myknees, my rock  hard dick hurtling out of them. She gasped. "Oh my God,you're huge!" she reacted. I smiled and aimed the tip of my cock at heropening and just jammed it in all at once.

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   She screamed, "Oh fuck!" asher cunt had to instantly stretch more than it ever had to before. Iheld it inside of her for a minute as she panted while her bodyattempted to cope with the scale of invasion it was now incurring.

I started flexing my hips and my prong slid in and out of her stuffedslit while I braced myself by holding the sides of the chair she was on. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," she gasped as I continued to ream her. Fuck, it felt so good and looking into her jewel like green eyes, ohman, life was really, really good at that moment. As I pistoned mybattering ram toward her cervix, her breathing degenerated into huffingand puffing. "Oh my God, your cock feels amazing," she evaluated. Imaintained my rhythm, her pretty face showing the signs of increasingpleasure levels, her eyes now closed so her brain could reap morevividly the product of the pounding she was accepting. I was feeling myown ecstasy rising and it manifested itself in the growing frequency ofgrunts.

I pulled out and had her stand and put her hands against a wall. Iquickly re-entered her sopping cock pocket, grabbed her hips and pumpedaway. My eyes scanned up and down her back and ass while I fondled herlittle tits and played with her nipples. Her passion heated right backup, as did mine, and we sounded like a couple of asthmatics competingwith each other as our breathing got shorter and the heat within us keptmounting. I leaned my head into that beautiful head of hair and took abig whiff of the scent from the shampoo she washed it in while my hipscontinued to propel my weapon in and out of her. "Oh fuck oh fuck," shewhimpered, her climax about to visit her.

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   I reached down deep inside meand thrusted as hard and fast as I could, which boosted her inner heatpast the boiling point and she exclaimed, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" in avoice loud enough to have anyone who was in the front of the shop hearwith ease. When her orgasm had subsided, I had her kneel on the floor infront of me and suck my dong until I exported a major load of my cumbetween her lips. She pulled her mouth off of my dick and held my cum init. "Swallow it!" I said. She did. "Good girl," I complimented. "Nowyou may put your clothes back on and you will not discuss this episodewith anyone," I recommended.

Me and the girl emerged from the back room and, after I bruised mycredit card for a grand total of over a grand at the mall, we went to arestaurant across the street and had lunch. She only had a salad while Ihad stuffed quesadillas. Fuck, they were tasty! Then we rode the busback to my house. Doing that made me contemplate just buying a car andthen hiring a driver. But when I found out all the bullshit I would haveto do to employ someone I just said, "fuck that. " It was only going tobe five months until I turn 18 anyway, and could get my learner's permitand then, eventually, a license.

I also had to tell Asia to keep how much money I was spending a secretbecause I didn't want anyone to know I was suddenly wealthy. Here I was,one of the richest people on the planet and I couldn't say a word toanyone because when money gets involved everybody gets weird.

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   So I keptdressing like a dirtbag or just any schmuck on the street. I mulled overwhether I should get a Ferrari, a Mercedes or a Lamborghini when Ifinally obtained my license. However, the traffic in the region I livein offers almost no chance to ever get above 70 mph because of thetraffic and you're actually lucky if it moves at 40mph during themisnamed "rush hour," which is more like, "rush most of the day. " Butshit, the Lambo looks so fucking cool, though it's pretty much unusablefor anything other than that or just driving around in and blastingtunes while creating envy among regular folks. Plus some people aregoing to accuse you of having diminutive penis issues, which I obviouslydon't.

Anyway, when Asia and I arrived back at my place, I was in a really goodmood after buying clothes to hot up my already smokin' girlfriend evenmore, and getting in a little spontaneous fucking with a stranger. MeFTW!

Monday, I had Asia wear the aforementioned red leather outfit with apair of white thigh high stockings and white four inch heels. I didn'tknow how the school's administration would receive her being on campuswith only a bustier concealing her knockers, so I had her wear thehalter top with the skirt. Suffice to say, after nearly two years ofcoming to school dressed casually and modestly, Asia had jaws droppingat her new attire and it was fun watching all the eyes following her as Iaccompanied her around the grounds. Her long jet black hair reallycontrasted nicely with the red of her outfit and the white of herstockings.

At lunch, she said it was weird for her to wear something that attentiongetting and she felt self conscious about it. I told her that sheshould rock it hard because exuding confidence while dressed that waymakes her presence even  sexier. Not only that, it makes me look amazingbecause I have a chick who looks like that on my arm. It's a totalwin-win!

The next day, I had her wear a white sun dress, which again lookedkiller on her but was much less intense in terms of the impression itmade in public. She thought it was really comfortable and wishes she hadstarted wearing them years ago.

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Wednesday, I let her pick her outfit and she went for a more collegiatelook, a gray Korea University sweatshirt, black jeans, blue socks andslip on shoes. In the wake of that, just when people thought she wasreverting to normal, I had her don a black leather halter top and skirtwith black thigh high stockings and four inch heels plus some darksunglasses I bought her. Again, a lot of, "holy shit, who's THAT?" kindof expressions on the faces of onlookers. It was hilarious. "Fuck babe,you look so awesome you have no idea," I told her as she sat on my lapduring lunch. She giggled and wondered how people were perceiving hernow. "I don't know babe," I replied," but they definitely remember youbetter," I chuckled.

I decided to show her off a bit, so I called a cab after school and tookher to a really good Chinese restaurant I knew of that featuredSzechuan style cooking. God, that was good. The smells were pungent butthe taste was only moderately spicy and very flavorful. She loved it asmuch as I did. The waitress who served us was a very cute little 5'0"Chinese girl. She had very little in the way of a chest, but she wasjust adorable and really nice. She was actually a 20 year old collegestudent, but she looked like she could be my and Asia's ages. Idefinitely wanted her.

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After dinner, we took another cab to Asia's house, where I dropped heroff. I said I was going on home, but the truth was I told the cabbie totake us back to the restaurant and went right past the hostess and foundthe waitress, who was named Lien-hua, I mentioned above. "Hey babe,take your break and meet me in the rear parking lot," I declared. Shescampered off to tell her boss. It wasn't that busy yet, so they weren'tgoing to be hurt by her absence. Five minutes later, she came out theback door. I beckoned her to get into the cab with me and I had itdeposit us in a failing industrial park. I led her into a dumpstercorral that had no dumpster in it and shut the gates. As one canimagine, she was weirding out about what we were possibly going to dothere.

I called for her to shed her clothing, which she soon did, exposing hervery petite body and her short and slightly chubby legs. She barely hadany breasts at all. It was basically two nipples and little else. Herskin was fairly pale even compared to Asia's or mine. Her pussy wasfronted by a thatch of trimmed pubic hair. Her face, though, was just socute, marked by wide-ish lips that were a bit thick, coffee coloredbrown eyes encased in narrow slits and a button nose.

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   I picked her upsince she couldn't have weighed more than maybe 85 pounds and pushed herback against the left wall of the corral and started kissing her. "Jesus, Lien-hua, you are super cute!" I told her. I resumed kissingher, also nibbling on her neck and ears. My cock by now was trying tosplit my jeans open.

I put her down and got starkers myself. When she saw my dick, her eyeswidened. "Are you going to try to have sex with me?" she asked. "Yes,you are going to have sex with me," I informed her. "But you're so big!"she objected. "You're going to split me open!" she believed. "Don'tworry babe, I'll take my time," I said. I piled up our clothes and madean improvised bed on the hard asphalt of the corral. I had her lay downon it. I couldn't resist going after her sweet little snatch andenthusiastically dug into licking and sucking it. She startedforgetting  the issue with my size and was moaning like nobody'sbusiness.

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   I swear to God, if somebody could come up with a fake pussythat was as good as the real thing that guys could go down on the beerbelly would be all but unknown. My tongue darted and flicked, my lipssucked and hummed and her clit sent jolts of pleasure into her in evermultiplying amounts and she grabbed the back of my head and pulled ithard into her crotch as she experienced her first climax of thisencounter. The gentle breeze and still warm sun on our skins added tothe sensations she felt. Five minutes later, she was panting and cummingagain, her pussy very juicy and succulent now.

I picked her up off of the thin improvised mattress and laid on itmyself while telling her to fuck me from on top. She squatted over mythick weapon and rolled it around in her hand for a minute as sheendeavored to figure out how to get it inside of her narrow love tunnel. She very slowly sunk her hips and I finally felt the opening of hertwat against the tip of my penetrator. She pushed down on the head and Ifelt it being gripped by the muscles in her entrance. "Oh shitttttt,"she exclaimed as the pressure dividing her vaginal walls caused hernerve endings to pointedly register the intrusion. Bit by bit she shewent further down on my engorged shaft and had to really battle to getit done. "I feel like I have a telephone pole inside me!" she asserted. "Keep going, babe," I urged. After about ten minutes, she was able toget my cockhead right against her cervix, which meant that was as far asshe was going to go. I was only about 6. 5 inches into her shallow spermcatcher as she undulated her hips to stir my cock within her.

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   "Fuck,the friction is so intense," she remarked. The combination of the wind,the sun and her uber tight cunt on my cock was an indescribableexperience. She was moaning as soon as she moved any part of her hipsand as her pussy adjusted to my size her range of motion increased andshe finally worked up a good head of steam. Once she was able to dothat, the orgasms began coming one after the other. "Oh fuck, oh God,"she blurted as she panted in irregular bursts, her eyes shut tightly andgetting off on the thrill ride she was seated in. Oh oh God!" shesquealed. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh my fucking god!" she gasped. Then there wasmachine gun panting and she yelled, "I'm cumming, oh my God, shit!" Asshe furiously rocked and slid her hips to feed her lust for moresensation from my fuckstick. When she finished one, another was justabout to hit her and she came at least half a dozen times before I hosedher receptacle with my semen.

She fell on top of me, out of breath. I wrapped her in my arms. "So areyou going to want more in half an hour?" I cracked. "Shut up!" shegiggled. She finally stood up and some of my cum fell out of her pussyand on to my stomach. God, that was hot! She took some tissues out ofher purse and wiped the rest of the leaking fluid from her thighs andslot.


   We got dressed and I called another cab to take her back to workand me home. As tight as her pussy was, it would have been moresatisfying if she could have taken all of me, but screwing her was stillfun.