My Wish is Their Command Chapter 10

Mind Control

July 4th was kind of a funny day emotionally for Asia. We went to abig fireworks show and boat parade that day (the traffic was bloodyhorrendous). It was a great night out. We ate an early dinner at afour star restaurant, the fireworks were spectacular and the boatparade beautiful. At one point, Asia remarked, "I hope we'll be ableto bring our kids to this next year. " I expressed the hope thatwould come true, but in my mind, I believed it was pretty unlikely. Adoption procedures usually don't move very quickly. "Are you goingto be able to concentrate on your schoolwork this year?" I asked,wondering if she would be so looking forward to bringing over thenew additions that she wouldn't be able to focus like she usuallydoes. "I think I will. The more I concentrate on it the faster thetime will pass," she philosophized. "Definitely," I agreed. "So keepyour mind on what's in front of you, babe, and before you know itwe'll have our kids," I promised. "I hope so," she said.

When we went home, she immediately took her clothes off and wantedto go to bed. She requested that I insert my cock into her and thenjust hold her while we talked. I VERY slowly moved my fuckstick inand out of her to stay hard as we conversed.

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   "So let's suppose yousee more kids than just two you want to take home with you, babe. What would you do?" I quizzed. "I don't know if that's one of thosethings I can decide until I'm actually there, Master. " "Yeah, I canunderstand that," I sympathized. "But how would you feel if I wantedto be a stay at home dad?" "If you didn't already have money," shebegan, "I would have a big problem with it. But it's not reallynecessary now for you to have a job to support me and the childrenwe'll have, so I'm okay with it. In fact, I would definitely put offhaving kids if it was going to affect my studies. You being thereactually allows me to have them. So thank you Master. " "No problemAsia. I'm glad it will make you happy. You're the best. " "I justhope none of them are fussy eaters," she giggled. That cracked meup. "Well, it would be their loss.

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   You're a great cook. " "Thank youMaster. The good thing is that since they will be Korean they willbe used to what I make. I only hope they don't start demanding Imake hamburgers and tacos and stuff like that," she smiled. "If theydo, my mom can show you. You'll pick it up in a flash," I predicted. "Thank you Master. I know I can. But I think Korean food is betterfor their health. " "I wouldn't doubt it, Asia. We should eat morefish, though. I love it and it's really good for one's health," Isuggested. "Yeah, you're right, Master. I'll have to ask my mom andsee if she knows anything she can teach me about that. "

I turned out the light and we nodded off.

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   When I woke up, Asia hadher laptop open and was looking at pictures of kids who wereeligible for adoption and their stories. Most of them were prettysad and I could see that Asia had been doing some weeping. She wentto make breakfast even though I told her she didn't have to if shewasn't in the mood for it.

Asia had taken all the AP courses our school offered except two,which she signed up for her senior year. We were able to get threeof our classes together because of that, including taking gym duringfourth period so that we could ditch it and have a long lunch periodlike we did the previous semester. This all meant that her courseload wasn't nearly as bad as it had been her junior year and wedidn't have to spend as much time in the library or online doingresearch.

In my second period history class, the teacher called the roll bylast name. When he came to both me and Asia, he asked if we wererelated as a kind of joke. He was shocked when I said we were, thatAsia was my wife. He congratulated us and asked us when we tied theknot. "June of 2008," I informed him. Then he speculated that it wasprobably a long time since the school had seen kids who were marriedas juniors, let alone seniors and moved on. Our school has been inexistence since the early years of the 20th century. So I'm sure hewas right.

Also during that semester, I was getting bored.

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   Not with Asia, whostill kept my torch lit everyday of the week, but I didn't watchmuch tv and didn't really read a lot, either. So when I wasn'tbanging Asia or talking with her, I had a lot of time on my hands. Iwas becoming more and more hesitant to step out on her, too. Soafter watching the DVD of "The Song Remains the Same" for theumpteenth time (Led Zeppelin is my favorite band), I decided Iwanted to play guitar. So I made a wish that I could play like JimmyPage and would automatically know every Zeppelin and Yardbirds tune. I went out and bought a cherry burst GIbson Les Paul and a headphoneamp. I didn't get a real amp because I would have had to soundproofa room of our house. I was only renting it, so I couldn't do that. When we moved to Belair, though, I turned an unused bedroom into amusic room/man cave and spend at least two hours a day blasting awayin there playing out rock star fantasies in my head.

In October, Asia and I began talking about going to Korea over theThanksgiving holiday. She was very much up for it. We decided togive the entire week a miss. I told both her and my teachers to markus as present in the days leading up to the actual holiday when, infact, we left for Korea the Saturday before the break. Korea thattime of year is a little brisk temperaturewise, but otherwise verynice. Our private jet arrived at just past 6 p.

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  m. at the big mainnational airport (which is beautiful,  incidentally; it puts LAX andJohn Wayne to shame) and we took a limo into Seoul. I kidded Asiaabout her being relieved to be back in an  environment whereeverybody speaks Korean instead of English. She pushed me playfully. "God, I hate Seoul," she said. "It's just too damn crazy here. Inchon is so much better," she said, bragging on her hometown.

The next day, with Asia's parents in tow, we visited some adoptionagencies and a couple of orphanages. One of those orphanages waswhere we met the children who would become our kids for the firsttime. I shit you not, at the end of about 18 minutes, Asia hadalready decided which kids we were going to make our family with. Obviously, she couldn't limit herself to just two and I'm glad. Whenthey found out it was us, a couple of 18 but soon to be 18 year oldswho were going to be adopting, the people at the orphanage balked. However, when they were informed of the size of my bank account(actually, bank accountS, since I have it spread out over hundredsof banks, including one in Switzerland) then they got A LOTfriendlier.

That trip was also the last time I messed around on Asia. The hotelwe stayed at in Seoul was fucking sweet.

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   The female desk clerks weresuch knockouts it was insane! The ones at our hotel in Inchon werepretty hot, too, but Jesus Quincy Christ, this lineup was so stellarthat "killer" doesn't even begin to describe it. And then there werethe elevator girls, too. Holy shit!

The female desk clerks all spoke english to one degree or another. Iwent downstairs from our room and told one of those desk clerks totell me when she was getting off of work. She was off at six. I toldher to wait for me and I would follow a few yards behind her to herapartment, where she lived with a couple other women (neither ofthem were coworkers). At 5:30, ordered Asia to have a nap. She wassoon sawing logs and I went out the door. The desk clerk, who wasnamed Eun-na, saw me and went out the door. I trailed her and we goton a bus. After about 18 minutes on the bus, we got off near a blockof high rise apartments. We took the elevator up (there is noelevator girl in these apartments) and I told her that we were goingto have sex and that she was going to enjoy it.

When we got to her apartment, her roommates were there. Eun-naintroduced me and then we went into her bedroom. Eun-na was 5'4" and100 pounds maybe.

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   She was overly made up and her hair was tied upinto a bun, too, so I told her to go take a shower and to lose themakeup and let her hair hang down. In other words, to look natural. 20 minutes later, she was back in her bedroom and when she droppedthe towel she revealed an absolutely smokin' body! Her breasts werepillowy large B cups, almost C's with dark brown nipples and she hada neatly trimmed bush. Her legs were toned and slim, as was herbody. I went instantly hard as soon as I saw Eun-na shaking hergroove thang out the door back at the hotel, but peeping herstarkers made my dick do the tighten up just that much more. Withoutall the makeup and with her hair now hanging naturally, it exhibitedthe true contours of her lovely Korean face and her long hairsoftened the impression she made now.

I wrapped her in my arms and we kissed for a few minutes and then Ihad her get down on her knees and suck me. This she wasn't very goodat and didn't seem to care for very much. So I grabbed her head andrammed my cock between those lips and skullfucked her until I filledher mouth with my manjuice, which she swallowed at my direction. Itwas probably the first time in her life semen had sullied her tummy.

We climbed into bed and I parted her rose petal like labia. I foundher clit and sucked it like an infant does her mother's teat,bringing her to loud orgasm after orgasm. She didn't seem to careabout whether her roommates would hear us as she huffed and puffedand screamed.

I was hard again by the time I pulled my face out of her crotch andpushed my meat stick into her velvety pussy. She sucked air throughher teeth as I bored it into her due to my size, but I was able topark the whole thing inside of her and then began to pump.

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   Shemoaned in Korean and said something to me that I didn't understand,so I just kept at it. My little soldier invaded her strategicterritory again and again, her defenses weakening with eachsuccessive thrust. Fuck, she was tight! It was definitely a snug fitand my ardor heated up as things progressed. I was getting closerand so was she, so I loaded my hips up and hammered it into her likeI was trying to drive a railroad spike into the ground and she waswrithing and sighing and gasping under me, her breasts wavingslightly with every in stroke and the attendant crash of my pubicbone against her ass until she let out a panting yell that soundedlike it emanated from an animal as the orgasm went through her.

I pulled out of her and lay on my back. She squatted over my prongand guided it to her hole and seated her vaginal walls on it,rocking and twirling her hips to stir it inside of her while she puther hands on my chest to balance herself. Her sweet  tits flopped infront of me with every back and forth slide of her pussy on myschlong and I reached out and grabbed some. Two minutes later, shewas issuing some unintelligible (at least to me) exhortation as hercunt continued to glide up and down my length. She went off againbefore I painted her pink house with my sperm filled frosting.

We laid there about 20 minutes recovering and cuddling before I toldher I had to go and that she wasn't going to tell anyone about ourone night stand. I returned to my hotel, took a shower and then wokeAsia up. We stayed up until 18 and then called it a night.

Getting back to what happened at the orphanage, the guy who ran itexplained to us that because of our ages, we would have to pay a"transaction fee. " This was a euphemism for a bribe and they gave mea bank account number to transfer the $40,000 they were demandinginto. Once that was paid, they said, then they could process thepaper work.

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   I was livid and so was Mr. Oh, who tried to negotiatethe bribe downward for me, but Asia had her heart set on those kidsand so I had no choice but to pay. We had zero leverage. "This iswhy I left Korea," Mr. Oh fumed. "This kind of backdoor bullshit inbusiness here. "

When we got home, I wired the money, but then they informed me thatit would take three months to get all the paperwork approvals fromthe Korean authorities  We also had to hire an immigration lawyer tomake sure we could legally bring the kids into the U. S. All told, ittook about six months to take care of the bureaucratic bullshit. Wewent back to Korea over Easter break and bam! Instant family!

That last semester of school, we only had to have three classes tograduate. So that is all we took in order to spend as much time aspossible with the kids when we were finally able to get them. Asia'smom babysat them while we were in school, which was a lifesaver. Thefirst time that Asia cooked dinner for them she cried afterward. Asia, like most women, is very sentimental. She also teared up thefirst time the kids called her the Korean term for "mom.



Asia was named senior class valedictorian and was admitted to thecollege she wanted to get into. That April, just after she turned18, we went looking at houses in the general vicinity of thatuniversity and bought a 5,000 square foot six bedroom property. Theneighborhood itself isn't gated but my property is. The lot is huge. I do all the lawn care myself (thank God for riding mowers!) and wehave a junior olympic sized swimming pool that we all use to workoutand play in. We have an amazing life and I'm grateful for it.

It amazed me how quickly our kids picked up English. I talked tothem constantly and so did Asia. We taught them to read over thatfirst year they were in America, too. All of them except Young-miwere already literate in Korean. Now Asia speaks to them in justKorean while they get their English input from me. They all stillhave obvious accents. The twins and Jae-sun entered kindergartenthis past year while Young-mi still has a year to wait. They seem tobe adjusting fine.

The only thing that will be weird is watching Asia and the kids agewhile I stay the same.


   I hope she lives a long, long life. The day Ilose her will be very sad indeed. She's in her second year ofcollege now and is thinking of putting off med school for a fewyears so that she can spend more time with our kids, especially inthe youngest phase of their lives. Whatever she decides I'llsupport. As long as her and my kids are happy life is good.

The End