My Wife Barb 5

Mind Control

When mindy left i Huried through my computer stuff I had 3 more cameras. i put 1 in the Bathroom in the cealing vent where no one could see it. one in ben and andys room and the last one in the Kitchen. From my pc i could watch the whole house without any one knowing.
 In part 4 i hypnotised Barb and had her flirt with her son Ben. i told her never to go all the way with him but that back fired when ben forced himself on his mom who was helpless to stop him because i never told her she could. so ben raped his mom who just could flirt with him,even after
ben finished with her she flirted she didn't go all the way but ben could.
 Barb and the boys got Home and barb came up to are room to see me. Hey hon me and the boys got some new clothes and some groceries,what you been doing. Nothing, i just took a nap. (come in and sit)Barb stared straight ahead. Put on your Black bra and panties and this whit tee shirt. go back down staires and do your house chores. you can act sexy but don't do anything with anyone. stay wet and horney but if anyone tries anything you wont enjoy it just tell him no but don't stop him he is much stronger than you if he hols you you can't get away understand? yes. ok 1 2 3 wake up.

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  Barb started changing. hey barb i'm going to work on my computer so i'll be in my room all night. ok mike im going to go do dishes.
 Barb walks out of the room she looked hot the white tee shirt just barly went below her butt and you could see her black underwear clearly through the shirt. i turn to the computer. the boys are in there room . Barb was in the kitchen doing dishes. after about 5 min ben goes to the Kitchen. Hi mom wheres dad? he is in his room for the night so we got the whole house to are selves she said in a flirty way. she contined to do dishes and ben comes up behind her and rubes her butt. barb pulls away don't ben your my son its wrong. ben wraps his arms around her and grabs her butt and pulls her to him. come on mom dad won't know he hasn't caught us yet. No ben i won't let go your dad could come down hear for something anyime. ben said lets go to my room he won't come in ther.

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  no ben. at that ben takes her arm and pulls her along. she thinks he too strong so she just lets him lead her to his room. Andy is playing his x box game when they come in and don't pay any attension to them. Ben tells his mom to sit down on the bed. she does. ben walks in front of her and pulls his pants down. suck me mom. barb says no but ben puts his dick in her mouth and grabs the back of her head she starts sucking him slowly. Andylooks up what are you doing ben? mom is washing me your next he said with a grin. Ben pulls his rock hard dick out of his moms mouth and tells her to go over and suck Andy. She gets up and goes over to andy no use to refuse they are to strong for her to resist. andy looked a little scared as his mom pulled his jeans down and knelt down in front of him in his chair. his little dick wasn't a inch long with very little hair. she starts sucking on him.

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   andy just stared at the top of his moms head. after a few min. Andy got hard and grew to about 4 inches . andy came in his moms mouth soon after. ben had her stop and pulled her shirt off and then removed her bra and panties. ben had her lay on the floor and slid betwwen her leg. no ben stop please we can't then he was in her andy was watching with interest now. Ben fucked his mom for about a hour cumming in her several times in alot of positions Barb just let him do what he wanted while andy watched the whole time. when ben was finally spent he looked at andy. Come hear Andy. mom get on your hands and knees. Se this little hole Andy nodded. stick your we we in it you will like it. ben left the room and Andy did he started fucking his moms butt. barb just held still for him and let him.

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  after only 1 or 2 minutes andy came puled out and shot it on his mom back. can i go now boys its time for bed. sure mom thanks. Barb got dressed and went to take a shower. a little while later she came to bed. hi hon you get all your house chores done?yea most of them anyway. she looked at me with a guilty look that turns me on. she was partly embarressed partly ashamed and i could tell she was a little horney too. she got undressed for bed and i got undressed exposing the 7 inch hard on i had all night. we fucked like rabbits she came several times i was spent and she was still horney. i looked at the time it was only 9:30 pm i put barb under. call dave are next door neighbor tell him im out of town and you  have a water leak. 12 3 wake up. i roll over like i'm going to sleep and Barb gets up and leaves the room. (Dave is from part 3 the fat 55 year old bald neighbor i had barb seduce.

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 i get on the pc sure enough Dave is walking in. Hi barb wheres the leak . i cant stay to long me and my wifewere getting ready for bed. the leaks between my legs and she droped her robe standing in front of him naked. she leads him to the couch and pulls down his sweats. barb well get caught . just then she takes him in her mouth sucking till hes hard and then climbs on him. barb starts humping him bucking up and down hard on him cumming time after time till he gets off and goes soft. dave get up and leaves with out a word. barb sits there for a minute and starts playing with her self. she out of control and i'm loving it. after she gets her self off a another time she gets up and goes up staires completly naked cum running down her legs. she walks in bens room her 5 foot tall 110 pound body full of lust. her little tits were rock hard her cute round butt quivered she asked ben to fuck her again. she climbed on him .

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  after 3 or 4 orgasiums she slowed down. andy get on top of mommy. so with Ben undneath Barb in the middle Andy sticks his dick once again in his moms butt. this put her over the edge. she moaned and wiggled and came again and again till they all colapsed on the bed. the next morning i get up barb is not in my room. i get on the pc and barb was  in bed with the boys still naked sleeping sound. i go down the hall and knock on the door boys its time to get up and go back down the hall  barb and the boys are getting dressed quickly ben grabs his mom and they knock off a quicky . they both come quickly and barb opens the door and hurries to the bath room to take a shower.
Ive created a horney monster. this is probably the last of this series unless i get a request for more . enjoy.