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Mind Control

Barb lead Dave into the bathroom and washed off his dick that now was soft as can be. she saw that the old man was spent so the went back into the kitchen where he was begging Barb not to tell his wife. tell your wife what my wife said. nothing happened 'have anice day dave I'll let mike know you stoped by to see him. at that he walked out of the house. I walked into the kitchen and told barb to go put some clothes on the boys would be Home from school soon. I had her put on shorts and a shirt that streched around her perky little tits. i was not use to her dressing like this. all after noon her little butt wiggled in those shorts as she did her house cleaning. you could see the shape of her tits the way her top clung to her body but it wasn't to revealing unless you were paying attension to it. That evening Barba mom stoped over to see how she was doing and if the hypnosis class was helping her quite smoking. thats when it dawned on me. she the one that got barb to go to the doctor. i wonder if she could be controlled like barb. barbs mom wasnt bad looking just 20 yrs older than barb about 53 years old but built just like her. 5 foot tall 100 pounds smaller tits at least what you could tell with the clothes she wore.

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  barb went into the kitchen so i had a chance to see if it would work i said come in and sit. she staired straight ahead. Her name was mindy so i said mindy you ok?she nodded her head. it worked she was in my control. lay back and clothes your eyes. she did just that. i had my wife in the other room and her mom on the couch in my control had to figure out what i was going to do. the boys was in there rooms and probaly wouldn't be out the rest of the night. i go to the kitchen and put barb under and tell her to go to bed shes tiried. i go back into the living room. while mindy is under this is what i tell her. mindy you are horney very horney. you think i'm very sexy and you want to seduce me you can't control yourself and you will do anything i say from now on. if i tell you to jump you jump if i want you to play with your self you do it. understand? yes she replied.

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  i woke her up. wheres barb? she went to bed she was tired. she got this smile on her face and asked if i could rub her back. sure i said and she laid down on the couch slipping her shirt off  she laid face down on the couch. i start rubbing her back her butt was nice and round like barbs with a nice waist line my heart was pounding loud i couldn't believe i was going to fuck my mother inlaw. i unhooked her bra while i rubed her back she just layed there and moaned. after a few minuites i told her to stand up. she did so letting her bra fall to the floor. her tite were small saged just a little probably a cup but her nipples stuck out a inch hard as a rock. take your clothes all off. i sit there and watch her strip her belly was almost flat a little lose but not bad for 50 + years old she had a hairy bush like all older people do that generation never trimed down there. i pull my shorts off and embrace her. she was hot kissing me like her long lost lover i laid her on the couch and thrusted into her as hard and fast as i could. she came almost instantly . 3 or for times back to back before i did.

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  first time you have sex with someone is almost always fast but also the orgasum and excitement is great we only lasted about 5 min. after we were done she got dressed and huried out the door. the end.