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Mind Control

Barb and her son ben walked down the hall to the bedroom. i just stand there shocked thinking i need to stop this but for some reason instead of going in the house and anousing i'm home i sneak around back and peer in the bedroom window. Barb and ben was talking sitting on the bed. she romoved her shirt while ben stood in front of her he was staring at his moms tits she took his hand and put it on the left one and reached down and grabed his dick. it was still hard and ben didn't look scared anymore he was more mezmerized by his naked mother. She slide up on the bed and pulled ben on top of her. ben raised himself up on his knees and barb spread her legs for him. he put his little dick over his moms opening and puhed it in. in his face i saw pure pleasure he was enjoying it. it only took the youngster a few minuites and i could see he was cumming in his mom. barb wraped her legs around him tight and came at the same time he did and held him in her with her legs till he relaxed on top of her. I have to be more careful everything i tell her while hypnotised she does the control over her is total from now on i'll have to use names so she don't get the wrong guy next time. for now i need to get her to stop what she doing. i go around the house and make noise as i walk in the house. i hear ben run to his room and a few minuites later barb comes down the hall with her bath rob on. Hi honey how was work.

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  she comes up to me and gives me a hug. are you hungry i can fix you something. no i ate before i came home. ok i'm going to take a shower i'll be out in a little bit.
She acted like nothing happened. pretended like everything was normal and turned and went into the bathroom. I needed to think what was i going to do . in one hand it turned me on watching her fuck someone else. she was always so shy and never showed her body dressed conservative long dresses if she wore a dress and shorts half way to her knees. this was all going to change. now i need to change her mind set and make where she wont fuck her own son anymore. i'm going to have fun with my wife i might even make her a slut but not with her son. i go to the bathroom and walk in. the shower was on and she was about to get in. her back was turned to me and i looked her up a down.

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   her butt was sticking out and i sudenly remembered my plans for today was to fuck the hell out of her before ben scewed everything up. i said come in and sit. she started to turn but froze and stared straight ahead. i shut off the shower and stand and stare at her . her tits where sagging slightly but her nipples pointed upward alittle i reach over and sqeeze them making them hard. her pussy was nice and trimed. just a little patch of hair above her slit the rest was bald. i could see a little of ben cum running down her leg. i took a towel and wiped it off. i then instrucked her she would not fuck ben anymore. it was a mistake. you will feel guilty for it but never tell anyone. from now on when its just me and the boys home you will wear that see threw nighty at night around the house with no bra or panties it covers you enough and you and barely see anything thew it if the boys have friends stay over you can still wear it. you will dress more sexy from now on wear short shorts and miniskirts or what ever i tell you too from now on. you will let me fuck you any time any way i want with out asking.

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  123 wake up. she woke up and turned to turn the shower on i grabed her around the waist and stuck my fingure up her and pulled her back sat her on the sink she didnt resist i took out my dick it was rock hard from all this control over her i slamed it between her legs her pussy was still wet from her earlier time so i slide all 7 inches in slaming her into the sink and mirror. i came alot filling her and shot some on her stomach i pulled out and had her lick me clean then i told her to take a shower. after she got out of the shower she dug out her black see through nighty and sliped it on. and we went to bed. the next morning ben went to school and shortly after that i saw are neighbor walking up to the house. he was alright for a neighbor i guess but was kinda noisy like some neighbors are. he was about 55 years old  a little over weight and bald. he came to the door wearing a tee shirt and sweat pants. Barb still just had on her black nighty i had her put a robe on over it and go tell him i was not home. in vite him in for a cup of coffee and  leave him in the kitchen. come back to me for a minuite. she went to the door and let him in he sat down at the kitchen table and she came down the hall to are room.
    i put her under and instrucked her to go back out and flirt a little with him let your robe fall open a little and after 5 min come back to me for a minuite. she walked down the hall as ahe did i peaked out the door.

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      she got him a cup of coffee and sat down at the table accross from him. as she did her rob fell open. you could see her tits pointing out and he was just staring at them you could tell he was nervous but had trouble keeping his eyes off her body she stood up and went too the sink to do dishes as she did i could hear her talking to him about the weather and everything else neighbors talk about. she had her back to him and all he was doing was staring at her butt as it wiggled as she dried dishes a few times her robe rode up and you could see the bottom curve of her butt. i could see under the table his hand was tring to hide his erection. barb came down the hall to me i told her to seduce him anyway she wanted to and she left. when she got back in the kitchen she walked over to the laundry room and took off her robe and put it in the washer then turned wearing only her black nighty and came back over to the table. dave thats are nieghbors name had sweat beads on his for head. said he had work to do and better go barb walked over and stoped him and sat on his lap stradled him in one motion pulled her nighty off and stuck her tits in his face. then she reached down and freed his hard dick it was only about 6 inches but big around. she raised herself up and slowly sank it into her pussy. dave said nothiing as she started geting into rythem she kissed him full on the lips as she wigled her hips back and forth on him he came first and tried to pull out before he did she just wraped her legs around the chair and made him stay in her. he was sweating bad but barb was'nt done she got him up and took him in the bathroom  continue this storry later in part 3 hope you enjoy