Mind Powers rock intro

Mind Control


 Mind Powers Rock. Intro Note: this is my first story and I have really good ideas, so leave many comments as you like. Also, this is a fiction story, it’s not real. No sex in this chapter. But read it and you will find it good. This story is told in first person. Don’t be disappointed, for I will tell more later on. If you want part one I am going to need 8 votes. Special Thanks to Morgen, for helping me how to post this story. A cool sword to you Morgen!===|=========> Personal information (For main character): Hi my name is Daniel Hogan. I live in Cleveland, Ohio.  Im 25 years old, (im 5ft9 with an 8 inch dick. Im single, broke up with my wife in 2009) I have always had a wish getting a bigger dick but it would never come true. I work at a radiation lab. I am pretty high up there in rank. It was just the average day in the Radiation lab.

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   Steven, my mentor, was checking the monitors telling me to get out (Steven and I had found a meteorite from space, and the government wants us to explore what kind of radiation is inside. )The Radiation levels were off the charts. Well the entire lab was collapsing from the radiation. I tried to get out but the door was locked. Steven ran out before I could escape. Sadly, I had no radiation suit on. I tried to save the meteorite, but it was too late. The entire place collapsed. The police arrived but they could not find my body.  I woke up in a cave, It was nighttime. I took a look around and suddenly realized something. There sticking up and going side to side, was a tail. “What the Fuck, how the hell did I get a tail?” I said. I looked into some nice shiny crystals, my skin color the same. “Thank god im not green or red or anything.

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  ” I walked around and realized the meteorite was black and was now to the right of me. It used to be green. I began to realize what happened. I had absorbed the radiation, therefore somehow there was enough left in the meteorite for me to somehow teleport. I also walked in further into the cave, realizing there was more similar radiation inside the cave. I looked around and I had somehow ended up in California. I looked up and I could see the Hollywood sign. Then I realized like an idiot I was fucking naked, had shrunk to 5ft6, and my dick was 18 inches. I ran back into the cave, totally embarrassed. My wish had really come to be, getting a 18 inch dick.   I needed some clothes fast. Apparently the radiation had given me vision like an eagle, and I saw a clothes store nearby.  I then ran to the store, it was 10:00 at night according to the clock near the register. The door was locked, and I wanted it to be open. Suddenly the door flung open.

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   “Damn, the radiation must have given me mind powers I guess”. I ran inside and turned off the alarms. Then I grabbed a nice green shirt, green Nike shoes, a leather jacket, some boxers, Jeans, some badass sunglasses, and a 24 carrot gold ring. I had now idea how the ring was there. I ran out the store and the door closed itself. “Man, mind powers fucking rock!” I had also grabbed a tape measurer inside the store to see how long my tail was. “Twenty four inches, holy shit!” I hid my tail in my jeans and found a news paper on the ground. I read the date, and it was June 24, 2013. “How fucking long have I been asleep?” I Then found a car store two blocks away and then headed out to see that the store was open. I asked the manager if I could have a car. He said go fuck yourself. I looked at him and he got a weird look on his face and he said “Be my guest, pick whatever you want, Its free of charge”. I had figured out I could persuade people with my mind. I then took a corvette with keys and drove to a nearby five star hotel, also free of charge, due to my persuasion. I took a nice suite, ordered room service, and then went to bed.

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  The next morning I had figured out that persuasion should be used for the better good, but I first wanted to fill my desires. Starting out with a nice girlfriend would probably be a good start. I went next to the room next to my room, room 205, and found out that a hot girl was living there. She had 38 D cups breasts, a huge ass to die for, and a British accent. She said her name was Flare. I never heard such a beautiful name. This was going to be one hell of a good time. The series for these stories is called Mind powers rock. I hope you like my intro to this epic series.