Lucky Stone Pt. 5

Mind Control

It had been nearly a week since the “Gang Bang in the Old Garage” and every night I had thought about the power this “lucky stone” possessed and I vowed to use it to the full the next opportunity I got. Sue had got her money from Dad as well as a bonus from Mr King for “services” to the company. No one was talking about it and Sue and Dad had gone a little cold in the past few days. Dad announced that he was going away for the weekend to surprise Mom but Sue claimed work and I made up a school report to avoid going. Dad asked me to clean up the storage cupboard under the stairs if I got a chance and then hit the road. No sooner had he’d gone when Sue come down with a small suitcase and announced she was staying with a friend for the weekend and that left me on my own so I decided to look at the cupboard and see how bad it was going to be to clean. As I looked at the collection of dusty boxes I noticed a small box that was reasonably clean and from the marks on the shelf it looked like this one was taken out regularly. I picked it up thinking that it must be one of Moms craft collections. I gave it a shake and heard something inside and when I opened it up found a blank video tape hidden under some old dress patterns. The tape was not in a case and it had no labels on it and looked to be on old 3 hr job. I went into the family room and popped it into the video to watch it on the big screen TV dad had bought with his bonus. I hit the fast forward and after a few seconds credits and pictures appeared. I grabbed the remote and rewound to the start, kicked in the surround sound system, dropped onto the lounge and hit play. Almost straight away I recognized that the film was of our street but maybe 18 months to 2 years ago. Some of the houses had been painted and some of the gardens changed. The title on the screen said “Home Alone” and it looked slightly more professional than Dad usually filmed.

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   A van drove into our drive with a sign for a plumber on it. Then a young guy, maybe mid twenties, gets out of the van wearing T-shirt and shorts, checks a list, picks up his tool box and heads for our front door. I nearly died when the women who opened the door was my Mom wearing a short toweling robe. She invites the guy in and leads him to the kitchen. She is pointing out a problem under the sink and as he kneels down to look Mom is massaging her tit through the robe. He lays flat on his back and slides under the sink. He asks Mom for some tool from the box and as she steps over him to get it you get a shot up her robe to a naked pussy. Mom then tells him to ask if he wants anything else then leans across the sink giving him a clean beaver shot. His cock is growing under his shorts and Mom puts a foot on it and begins to rub. I press fast forward and the scene jumps to Mom sucking the guys cock while he still lay’s on the floor. Forward again and now they are both naked and Mom is leaning over the kitchen table while the guy bangs her cunt from behind. The surround sound makes it feel like they are here, now doing it as Mom keeps telling him to fuck her harder and moans and groans. Next she is on her back on the table he keeps pounding away as Mom rubs her breasts and screams with delight. Then she grabs a banana, peels it and starts deep throating it while the plumber flushes her pussy. Finally he pulls out, turns to her face and shoots his load over her.

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   Mom says she loves cream with her fruit and then just keeps lying on the table smiling as the scene fades to black. I looked at the panel on the video and only 20 minutes of tape time have been used so I decide to get a little funky before watching what comes next. I went to the fridge and got a beer, hey I know I’m not 18 but I am the man of the house, then I went to the laundry but Dad had already washed everything before he left so I went up to Sues room but she had locked the door before leaving. I went to Moms drawers and selected a pair of her panties. Stretch black satin with lace panels on the front. I took off my underwear and replaced them with Moms then I put my running shorts back on and returned to the lounge to watch the rest of the tape. I hit the play button and the second clip began and this was called “Mauled at the Mall”. Mom was wearing a very light sun dress. You could clearly see she had no bra on underneath. As she wanders the mall a man begins to follow her and when she enters the elevator he jumps in as the doors close. He produces a knife and tells her not to make a scene but to come with him. The elevator stops at the roof top car park and he leads Mom to a van parked away from any other vehicles. He opens the door and forces her inside. He uses the knife to cut the straps of her dress revealing her breasts. He then tells her to take his cock out of his trousers and then tells her to suck it.

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   At first he is standing while Mom is kneeling with her head bobbing up and down as she swallows his cock. He keeps one hand on the back of her head as he fucks her mouth. The scene changes and now he is kneeling and Mom is almost flat on the floor still sucking his cock. He has pulled her sun dress up revealing her ass and he has pushed her panties aside as he slips two fingers into her cunt. He continues to thrust his fingers deep into her while slapping her arse. Then he has one finger in her cunt and the other is working its way into her arsehole. Now he has her doggy style his cock plunging into her in a series of deep thrusts. Mom pleads with him to stop but he keeps up the pressure and he still has the knife which he slowly runs along her back. My own cock is rock hard watching this but I know if I rub it then I’m going to explode. Now he uses the knife to cut away her panties and gripping his cock begins to force it up her arse hole. Mom keeps telling him to stop but he pushes it further until he has slid it all the way to the balls. He pulls back most of his length and slams forward. Mom is moaning and still asking him to stop. Now he increases the tempo really slamming her arse with each thrust until he finally pulls out and jerks off into her stretched butt hole filling it with cum until it runs down her crack. Mom rolls onto her back but she is smiling as the guy takes off a wig and false moustache and says “Next time I get to pick the fantasy.

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  ” I hit the pause button as the screen faded to black wondering what was coming next. As I reached for my beer I heard someone come in the back door and I quickly pulled up my shorts as Jenny came into the room. “Hi Mark, is Sue upstairs?” asked Jenny“Uh no. She’s gone for the weekend” I stammered as a reply. Jenny kept looking at the bulge in my shorts, at the beer and the TV and back to me “Sue rang me this afternoon and said she was ill and wouldn’t be at work this weekend”“Well she left about an hour ago and Dad has gone to visit Mom so if you’ve come for a visit it’s just me. Care for a beer?” I got off the lounge and moved close to her as I walked past to the kitchen, my cock merely grazing her hand, and as the door closed behind me I took hold of the stone and whispered “Make it happen. ”Jenny said she’d like a beer and then asked what I was watching. I came back with two cold ones and stood right in front of Jenny as she sat on the lounge, my cock level with her face, as I told her it was a surprise video. “Does it star anyone I might know?” she asked “Lets turn it on and get a surprise. ” I said sitting close to Jenny and hitting play on the remote. The next story was called “School Sux” and started with a group of students entering a class room. Jenny perked up as the girls in the clip were wearing the same skirts and blouses that she and Sue had worn to high school. One girl sat in the front row and so far no faces had been seen so Jenny didn’t know this was my Mom. Then the teacher takes her seat and as she looks around the class the camera has a close up of Mom’s legs as she opens them to reveal no underwear. Her hand then starts to rub her cunt.

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   She slips a finger in and then brings it to her mouth licking the juice from it. Jenny gasps as she finally recognizes who it is. Mom slips her finger into her cunt again as she brings it up blows a kiss to the not unattractive teacher. The teacher looks flustered and quickly writes a note and tells Mom to take it to the principles office. At the office the principle reads the note and walks around Mom and then runs his hand up her skirt and over her arse. She opens her legs and he slides a finger along her crack and begins playing with her butt hole. Meanwhile Jenny has slid her hand into my shorts and is running a finger along my cock. “These feel nice” she said with a smile and with her other hand pulls up her skirt to display a pair of red panties of the same material. On screen Mom was leaning against the desk as the principle continued to finger fuck her arse. He then tells her to undo her blouse and play with her tits. Jenny was now rubbing me with one hand and herself with the other. The principle pulls his growing cock from his trousers and has Mom kneel to suck him. Jenny stands and pulls me up with her then she drops to her knees and pulls my shorts down and the waist band from the panties she slips under my balls as she plays with my cock and starts copying Mom’s action on screen. With one hand on the back of Jenny’s and the other holding the stone a little rhyme pops into my head. “Make me hard, Make me last, I don’t won’t to cum too fast” Matching the action on screen I start to push my cock deep into Jenny’s mouth as her tongue swirls around the shaft.

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   Her head is moving at a nice rhythm and her hand jerks my cock each time she comes up her tongue trailing a mix of pre-cum and saliva. Then without warning Mom walks into the room and she is momentarily speechless at he sight of her sucking cock on the big screen and me getting the same treatment right in her lounge room. Thinking quickly I grip the stone and tell Mom to come and show this amateur cocksucker how a porn star pro sucks it. As if in a daze Mom kneels next to Jenny and takes my cock from her mouth then starts to work it like she is doing on screen. While Mom bobs up and down my cocks length Jenny has undressed and kneels behind Mom and runs her hand up her skirt playing with and kissing her arse. On the screen Mom is now naked and bent over an arm chair as the principle slides his cock into her pussy. Jenny climbs onto the lounge in the same position and as I remove my cock from Moms mouth I tell her to undress as well. Moving behind Jenny I push my rock hard cock between her moist cunt lips. A little pressure and I’m in and sliding my length into her. She moans deeply as I pull back and thrust forward building up a steady rhythm. She throws her head about and arches her back. I reach around and grab a handful of tit and roughly squeeze it as I pound her pussy. Jenny cries out in delight and reaches down to rub her clit bringing forth more moans. Mom has now joined us on the lounge and has her hand between her legs playing with her clit. After several more pumps into Jenny I withdraw and move behind Mom and holding my cock I run it up and down her slit.

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   She tries to grab it and pushes her arse back while asking me to fuck her. My cock slips easily into her pussy and her arse moves back to meet my thrusts. I am really slamming into her and her moans set Jenny off as she leans in and starts to suck on Moms breast. I can feel Moms hand as she rubs her clit and grabs for my cock with each deep penetration. I can see her arse wobble as each thrust hits home. Despite Moms repeated calls for me to “fuck her hard” and not to stop I pull out and climb back on to Jenny as she lays on the lounge. I go straight in and hammer away hard and fast. Jenny is moaning as well and calls me a “Motherfucker” and telling me to really give it to her and that I would fuck better than this if I was fucking Sue. Mom then positions herself over Jenny’s face and has the young girl give her cunt a good licking as Jenny pulls open Mom’s cunt lips and slips two fingers up her moist slit. Both women are now bucking under the attention they are receiving. Mom is squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples pulling them up to her mouth to lick them while Jenny’s tongue probes deeply into her vagina and sucks her clit. Although I am about to pass out from pleasure overload my cock has no intention of shooting just yet. Mom turns around and tells me she needs to have her arse fucked so as I get into position I notice Jenny is flushed and sweating close to her own orgasm. My slick cock nudges her arse hole and I force my cock head into the opening. Her arsehole grips my cock tight and I gently push it deeper, Mom though can’t wait, and she pushes back and forces my cock in with one movement.

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   She lets out a deep primal scream and starts to move forward as I pull back then at the same time we slam together. Again she screams but this is one of delight then it’s on as I ream her hole good and deep forcing myself in until my balls are slapping against her then pulling back until the head pops out before I plunge back into her well stretched butt. Mom’s moans are matched by the sounds from the video but I can’t turn to see what’s happening as I slap against her repeatedly. Jenny is underneath licking both my balls and Moms cunt while sticking two fingers up her own pussy and jacking herself off. Finally I can’t take any more and pull out and as the two women lay side by side I jerk my cock and in my head say “Let me shoot, let me blast, Let me cum at long last” then in a strange slow motion kind of way I felt a twitching in my balls and I could feel the cum rising in my cock to shoot out into the waiting mouths of Mom and Jenny. Again and again I squirted cum at each woman, their faces covered in a white slime as they hungrily licked as much as they could into their mouths. Then turning to each other they gave a long, slow, deep kiss and used their tongues to pass cum to each other. I dropped to the floor my legs unable to support me. I grabbed the remote to stop the tape and looking at the screen saw Moms face also covered in white goop as the video ended. The two women were still kissing on the lounge as I headed for the shower. .