Drugged By My Cum Chapter 6

Mind Control

On the way to school Monday, I phoned Sherry and Lauren and instructedthem to meet me after school. I sent Marisa home. I asked the pair totell me about themselves. Their parents were going through anacrimonious divorce and the father was living elsewhere. Too bad forthem, but it made what I wanted to do much easier. I had the sisterstake me to their house, where we hung out for a couple of hours untiltheir mom, Colleen, came home. Colleen immediately went into protectiveparent mode, sat down with us and started asking me questions. Shewanted to find out what kind of new boy her daughters were associatingwith. While we talked, I casually took the Kit Kat bar out of my bookbag and opened it. I broke a piece off for myself and then offeredColleen one and she took it, bit into it and her eyes became glassy. Ihad her daughters each eat one, too, and now I was in the same room asthree chicks who were under my control. I whispered the obedience orderinto Colleen's ear, including the bit about her having an orgasm when Isaid "good girl. " I helped them all out of their clothes . She was acouple of inches shorter than her daughters, but sported D cups and asoft belly with copious blonde pubic hair and thicker legs.

I told the daughters to stay put on the couch. I took Colleen's hand andwe trudged upstairs to her bedroom.

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   I didn't have a lot of time since Ihad to go home for dinner a little while down the line, so I hadColleen lay on her back and I moved in to get a taste of her cunt. Itasted some wetness and I sucked on her clit for a few minutes to helpthat lubrication process along. I came up for air and inserted twofingers inside of her and her jellyroll was moist. I deposited myclothes on the floors, climbed on top of her and buried my cock in herpussy. I didn't have any condoms, so I barebacked her and would have topull out so that she didn't end up with a 12 hour dose on top of the sixhour one she had just ingested. Again, as with Terry, her twat wasquite velvety and I was enjoying reaming that hole immensely. So wasshe, as she was being worked up into a good lather, her legs around myback. "Oh fuck, oh God, oh yes oh yes God yes, don't stop!" she imploredas she received my 18 year old seven incher over and over. "Harder!"she gasped and so I slammed it into her bigtime like an out of controljackhammer, eliciting a choked scream from her as the endorphinsovertook her senses. I kept pounding it into her and she kept cumminguntil I was just too close. I withdrew and firehosed her stomach andtits with my fresh baby batter.

I rolled off of her and laid there to catch my breath. She was panting,too. Once I was rested, I snagged some toilet tissue, wiped my jizz offof her and flushed it. I told her to stay in bed until further notice,but I had no idea how effective that order would be with her then stateof mind.

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   I put my clothes back on and descended the stairs. I helped thegirls dress and then took them up to one of their's bedroom and urgedthem to stay in there until midnight. I lightfingered Colleen's carkeys, which also had her house key on it, and hotfooted it for home. Iwolfed dinner down and walked with all the alacrity I could muster backto the Odom abode to check up on them. While I was there, I calledMarisa and talked to her so I wouldn't be totally bored. At 11:30, Ireturned home. They were due to come out of it at around 12:00 a. m.

Tuesday morning before I embarked for school, I rang Lauren and directedher and her sister as well as their female friends to meet me and therest of my posse at school during lunch. Also, they were to wear onlyskirts in public and pants, panties and shorts were prohibited exceptfor gym class and when necessary indoors. During that meal, the sistersdid indeed have two of their girlfriends in tow, Cassie, who was ashort, cute chunky blonde with D cups. and Kelly, a dishwater blondewith C cups and who was approximately 5'5" and maybe 120 pounds. Cassiewas really perky while Kelly was more sarcastic. Because my group wasbecoming so big, it took a bit for the four girls to have a chance totalk with everyone.

Toward the end of lunch, I separated myself from the group and calledColleen at work, ordering her to hold a sleepover for her daughters andtheir longtime friends this Friday and to make the necessarypreparations for it.

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   Then I phoned Lauren and commanded that she inviteher friends to the sleepover. Since I didn't know how many other peopleSherry and Lauren would have there, I had to be armed for bear, Icommenced my preparations Wednesday, I brought Marisa over to my placeafter school and had her give me head until I was just about to blastoff. I dashed off to my room and jacked my wad on to a plate and thentransferred it to a Kit Kat bar. I returned to my naked girlfriend anddemanded that she play with herself. Her righthand went to her clit and,after starting slowly, she ramped it up to a frenzy of circularrubbing. "Keep going until I tell  you to stop!" I requested and seeingher body jerk when she climaxed put my little soldier at attention. Shestayed on her clit and soon had herself on the edge, shuddering when shewent over the edge. Watching this made me super horny and I was aboutto lose it. I scampered back into my room and dotted the plate with myfluid and allotted it between several more pieces.

I went back to the livingroom and slid my mouth in between Marisa'sthighs and two fingers into her sloppy slit. Her now very sensitivemini-joystick was easy to create electricity on, as the muscles in herpubic region jumped in waves that withered her hold on sanity. The tasteof her wetness coupled with the sensuousness of her cries restored myerection and I encased my drill bit in a rubber and bored it into her. "Oh fuck Greg! Oh shit!" she whimpered, as her already overworked systemnow had to contend with something else stimulating it. I stayed insideof her for a good 45 minutes and she had climax after climax until I hadto leave the scene of the crime again to secrete more of my essence.

I did the same thing with her Thursday and now I had 12 six hour doses.

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   Ialso ordered my mom to permit me to sleep over with the mythical JeffFriday.

When Friday finally came to be, I went home, grabbed my doped candy andpissed off for Lauren and Sherry's house. I had those sisters stay intheir room until Colleen came home. I gave her the Kit Kat bars andinstructions on how to hand them out while I waited upstairs. She was tocome and get me when everyone had eaten one. I dispatched Lauren andSherry downstairs to await their pals. The knocks at the door startedcoming and I laid in Colleen's bed watching tv anxiously hoping thedistribution of my semen splashed confections would go smoothly. Justlike with the sleepover at Melanie's, there was a lot of initial noise,but then suddenly things died down. Colleen opened her bedroom door and Ifollowed her back down to the livingroom. There were eight girls, fourmore than I expected, sitting there looking as if they had all beenblessed with inner peace. I directed Colleen to eat a piece of the KitKat bar and she soon accompanied the youngsters to nirvana.

I walked up to all the girls, one of which looked about 12, andwhispered the obedience directive into their ears. Then I notified themof the rewards for pleasing me. I took Colleen upstairs, stripped her,fucked her (I squirted my ballcream on to her face and rubbed it in toher skin) and left her there to sleep. I went downstairs and helped thegirls into their sleeping bags.

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   I kissed them all goodnight, some ofthem heatedly, and plodded upstairs to join Colleen in bed. I set thealarm for six, thinking there was no way any of them were going to be upbefore that.

I was barely right. Colleen and I had barely gotten up when the 12 yearold came upstairs to use the bathroom there because the one downstairswas occupied. When she exited the john, I called her aside, introducedmyself and then told her to answer me truthfully. Her name was Kristaand she explained to me that she was the 18 year old youngest daughterof Colleen's next door neighbors and went to a private Christian school. She confessed to being there to spy on her two older sisters, who werefriends of Lauren's and Sherry's, so that they wouldn't do anythingimmoral. I stated that from now on, anything that goes on in Colleen'shouse stays in Colleen's house. She was certainly not to tell her folksabout me. She meekly agreed to both propositions. I wonder what herparents would think of their spying tactic now that their littlest girlwas my slave?

I went downstairs and the five other girls except for Lauren and Sherrywere surprised to see me. I had them all but the 18 year old undress sothat I could check them out from head to toe. I asked this skinnybrunette who she was. That was one of Krista's sisters, Abigail, or"Abbey,"17, who stood about 5'6" with C cups and a carpet that matchedthe drapes. The girl to her left was another neighbor who was a senior,Hailey, who ran in a different circle in school but was still veryfriendly with Lauren.

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   She was 5'4" and had dark brown bobbed hair withbangs, a cute button nose, chubby cheeks and D cups. That then leftKrista's other sister, 18 year old Kylie, who was only slightly shorterthan Abbey, but she also had C cups and a trimmed bush. Just becausethey were going to a holy roller school made me want to give Kylie andAbigail a right royal screwing.

"Okay, first, Abbey, Krista and Kylie, this doesn't include you, but therest of you are prohibited from wearing anything but skirts outside,including to school, and you aren't permitted to wear panties. The onlyexceptions are for gym class and when you're at home. When you goswimming, you must wear bikinis. "

"Abbey and Kylie, when you're outside, you may only wear skirts with nopanties underneath. At school, though, you will wear whatever you feelyou need to. Krista, when you become 14, you will also only wear skirtsoutside with no panties but do whatever is appropriate at home and atschool. All of you will keep your pussies shaven. Does everybodyunderstand?" They all indicated their assent.

I took Krista aside again. "Hey look babe, you won't have sex without mypermission, do you understand?" "Okay. " Then she emitted a verypeaceful sigh. "Good girl, Krista.


  " Her eyes suddenly got wide beforethey rolled up into her head and then she panted hard and let out asound like, "Unnnggggahhhhh!" as she began to orgasm. I similarlycomplimented the rest of the girls and, like Krista, they all climaxedhard. "This is what happens when you're obedient and please me," Ipointed out. "So Krista, you're going to stop spying on your sisters. ""Okay," she affirmed before she got another pleasure jag. "Good girl,Krista. " She yelped and panted rapidly again before attaining sexualapogee. "Abbey, Krista and Kylie, do you guys masturbate? Be truthful!"They all admitted they did. If only their parents knew.

I ordered them to groom themselves and get dressed. "Hailey, I want youto bring your female friends here tomorrow," I orchestrated. "It's okayif not all of them come, but the more the merrier," I demanded. Shesignaled her concurrence with my desire. Still having three doses lefton the Kit Kat bars, I left for home, picking up more of those bars onthe way. I called Marisa and we hung out together until dinner.

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   We had agood snog, which gave me another raging stiffy, and then we both wenthome. I jerked off twice watching some interracial porn and loaded upmore semen on to the one bar and left it to dry.