Drugged By My Cum Chapter 16

Mind Control

I walked Marisa home and kissed her goodbye. After dinner, I went overto Terry's with a clean Kit Kat bar. I had Terry go down on me while Isat in her bed as her daughter Melanie kneeled behind me kissing me onthe neck, sliding her hands all over my body and  running her tongue allover my ear ridges. I don't know if it was just the variety factor orthat I had a mother and daughter naked and servicing me, but my ballsfilled right back up and it only took me about 20 minutes before I wasready for blast off. I scurried over to Melanie's room and splashed theplate I brought with me with my cum before doling it out to the candy.

This time, I had Melanie on my pipe while her mother hugged and kissedme from behind. I really like Terry since she had done so much for meover the many months she's been my slave and that love, if you can callit that, really helped move my horniness along to where Melanie put meright exactly on the tipping point. I hurried back to Melanie's chamberand I spooged the plate for two more doses of the hypnojuice.

Now it was my turn and I spread Terry's legs open as she reclined on herbed and bounced my tongue off of her clit while sneaking in intervalsof sucking, too. Meanwhile, I had Melanie teasing my balls with hernails from behind and kissing me on the neck and back. I loved givingoral to Terry and hearing her climax only made me more eager to keep heron the pleasure train, which further fueled my ardor, causing my semenproduction to reach the quantity I needed in my scrotum. I had Melaniesit on the bed and I flipped her legs over my shoulders and buried mycock in her. I shived her pussy like a man possessed and having her momsitting right next to her as I did this made it much hotter. On and on Ithrusted, my balls beginning to boil and my cock becoming increasinglysensitive, shepherding Melanie up to the summit of pleasure twice beforeI was at that magic trigger point and had to excuse myself from herpleasure tunnel and inundate my plate again.

I sat between Terry and Melanie, trading kisses with them and having apleasant chat with them. I had expended a lot of energy and needed therest, even at almost 18 I just wasn't in the mood anymore, so I put myclothes back on and went home.

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The following day, after school, I went home with Karina and Mayu, whoundressed as soon as they entered their house. Rika was already sittingthere in the nude, as she should have been. Mika hadn't come home yetfrom her middle school. I grabbed a plate from one of Rika's kitchencabinets, went upstairs to her bedroom and laid out one of my Kit Katbars. I pulled my eye dropper out of my book bag and left it next to thebar. When I re-entered the living room, I ordered Rika to suck my cock. I was already hard knowing that I was going to have Karina's and Mayu'smom suck me off in front of them, so when her lips enclosed around myunit it felt so marvelous and was so hot. While Rika did this, I toldKarina to do an erotic dance for me while Mayu kissed me on the lips andneck and rubbed my body with one of her hands. I looked down atdiminutive Rika and her B cups swaying slightly as her head bobbed upand down on my fuckstick. In ten minutes, I was reaching the point of noreturn. I stomped upstairs and streaked my jizz on Rika's plate anddosed the candy bar. I sailed back down and began making out with Rikawhile Mayu fondled me. I stood up and inserted my dick into Mayu andKarina's mom just as Mika was coming through the door. I said hi to Mikaand commenced slamming my meat into her parent's moist middle agedtwat. Mika took her clothes off and joined us.

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   I leaned over to one sidewhile continuing to jam my baby maker into Rika and kissed Mika, whowas now 18 I kept swapping spit while Rika's breathing was getting awayfrom her. Karina slipped on to the floor and tongued my nutsack as Iplowed into Rika. Rika started to cum and the sound of that beautifulmature woman getting off amped the mood up for me considerably, my spermcauldron roiling once more. Five minutes later, I sprinted upstairs anduncorked my effluent on to the plate. I precisely distributed it on totwo more segments of the bar and popped back down to the first floor.

I looked over Mika and the thought of seizing her virginity from herhelped my dick begin to stir. I wasn't going to do that yet, but I didhave her put her mouth on my length of conduit and taught her how Iliked to be sucked. "Roll my balls lightly in your palm," I directed asher tongue danced over my lengthening, thickening shaft. I tousled herhair while she did this. Again, I had Karina get behind me and tongue myscrotum as her younger sister sought to please me in front. I had noidea what Rika was thinking as she watched her unshod teenage daughtersendeavoring to make me explode, but it was hot having her there while Iinstructed the youngest on the art of the blowjob. Of course, for all Iknow, Mika had already given a few. She was definitely moving my ardoralong nicely and eventually got me to the decision point. I withdrewfrom her yapper and loped upstairs to unload more of my burden on theplate and then on to the candy.

I reappeared in front of the four bare bodied females and told each oneshe was "a good girl," which provoked scorching orgasms in them.

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   Thatkicked my engine over and I went down on Mika to get a taste of hereighth, soon to be ninth, grade pussy. I asked her if this was the firsttime anyone had their tongue on her clit and she said it was. Thatspurred me to want to make this a really good experience for her. Isucked it, I licked it, I flicked it, I massaged it. I also put twofingers inside of her and now she was feeling it from two differentparts of her anatomy and her panting betrayed how nice a job I was doingon her. Five minutes later, I had her subconsciously pulling my headinto her crotch as her pubic muscles spasmed in ecstasy. I was rock hardnow and wanted to fuck her something fierce even after having shotthree wads so far. I had another bar with me, so when I hiked upstairs, Ihad something to slime with some cream of me.

I told Rika I was going to be staying for dinner and to get it started. Isat next to Karina and laid a long, heated kiss on her while gropingher sweet titties. The other two girls decided to go upstairs to watchsome tv while Karina and I sucked face. I strummed her g spot and myerection was reviving. I had Karina lay on her back lengthwise on thecouch and I crawled on top of her to cleave her vaginal walls with myflesh knife. "Oh fuck, oh God," Karina celebrated as her mother preparedthe evening meal only about 40 feet away. I managed to just barely getKarina into the great state of euphoria before Rika announced thatdinner was ready.

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   We ate it  and then Karina and I went to her bedroom,where I licked her pussy to get her sufficiently wet before I set aboutporking her again. At one point, just as Karina was attaining apogee, Ilooked in the doorway and saw Mika standing there. She was lightlyplaying with herself as she observed me impaling her sister. She knewthat she was next somewhere down the line and maybe she wanted toconfirm that it would feel good. I was inside of Karina for the betterpart of an hour and she climaxed God only knows how many times before Iwas ready to pop. I pulled out and walked quickly into Rika's room anddoled out more of my ball batter on to the second Kit Kat bar and let itdry out while I dressed and hung out with the three daughters in frontof Mayu's tv set. I went home around nine just after Rika's husbandpulled up in the driveway.

The next day was Saturday and I had Marisa phone Juanita. I took thephone from Marisa and ordered Juanita to come on down. She was there 15minutes later and removed her clothes after entering my house. Marisa,me and her went upstairs. I unwrapped a Kit Kat bar and had the two ofthem lick my dick before I directed Marisa to go ahead and take me tothe pilot. She earnestly bobbed her head and had me on that cliff, so Istopped her and stained the bar with my cum. Juanita was then told toget her lips around my meat and damn! Her mouth felt amazing! It seemedslightly softer than Marisa's, though I had to urge her to move her headfaster as her lips and tongue skated up and down the length of my dick. She pleasured me until dinner time and I fucked both of them twice tohelp me fill an entire bar with my solution.

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Sunday just before noon, I went over to Terry's and handed her one ofthe doped Kit Kat bars. Two of the pieces were unadulterated and fourwere. So she was to give them to her boss, who was to then begin callingfemale workers other than Terry and Toni into his office during thelast hour of the workday looking for suggestions on how to improveoperations. He was to cajole them into taking one of the back piecesafter he chomped on one of the front pieces, but not push it if theyrefused. When one of them bit on it, he was to first call Terry so shecould pick the girl up and take her out to her car and go home. Then ifanother bit he was to call Toni, who would get the girl and take herover to Terry's. I would have Geri or someone drive me to Terry's workafter school and we would wait outside with Marisa, who was ostensiblywaiting for her mom. Then I would utter the obedience order in the newslave's ear. Toni was also to get the remaining Kit Kat pieces from himsince they would be dosed and I didn't want to lose them.