Domination of the Cheerleader

Mind Control

Inside the shower I allowed the hot water to stream all over my aching body. Practice had been excrusiating and certainly taken a toll on my muscles. I ran my hands over my defined tummy, coating it in soapy bubbles. Down even further to my shapely thighs and legs. I worked hard to maintain my body. I was proud of it, I never had a problem finding a date, thus causeing me to be extremely picky about my suitors. I had attained the reputation of being a frigid bitch from several of the ball players who had tried to "score" with me. I had no time for those silly jocks who only thought of their own pleasure. I much preferred to masterbate than allow them access to my prize body. Besides, the rarely could satisfy me and I only ended up more sexually frustrated after the whole encounter. My hand guided the soap to my hot cunt. I rubbed gently over my smooth, shaven mound, teasing the puffy lips. allowing the water to rinse away the soap, i softly eased my index finger to my engorged clit. It stuck out an inch or so, welcoming my touch. I slowly traced circles around it, feeling my juices building inside my sensitive pussy. With no hesitation, I inserted two fingers inside of my slick snatch.


   Pumping in and out steadily until I brought myself to a shuttering climax. I smiled to myself, "who needs a man?"Melanie's flavor of the week showed up around 7:00 p. m. No dinner, no movie, they went straight to the bedroom. I rolled my eyes at the obvious disrespect my roommate had for her body. I would never allow that loser to get to first base, much less score without the descency of spending a lil cash. I tried to focus my attention on my studies, but the carnal noise of the two of them echoed through our small apartment. I heard him grunt with pleasure and I could almost picture what was happening. Mel, on her knees like the slut she was, gulping down his cock. I could imagine his hand pushing her head onto his shaft, eager to get his rocks off, praying the rumors were true and Melanie did swallow. I almost laughed to myself, envisioning. But the worst part, I am afraid to admit, I felt the familiar aching growing deep with myself. Slowly stirring within, I needed a fuck badly. I looked at the clock 7:45. As if possessed I picked up the phone and dialed the Windsors number.


   The receptionist greeted me on the other end. "Do you have a Mr. Jones with you this evening?" I requested. She took a moment to look over her log. "Yes, he is in room 124. . . " she continued talking but I simply hung up the reciever. Surely I was not seriously considering this. But the deep longing burning in my cunt answered for me. . . . Indeed I would. I grapped my jacket and was on my way.

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  . .
I knocked on the door. Nervousness only succumbing to my deep need for relief. I heard footsteps and suddenly the door was thrust open. My eyes grew wide, as shock crept over me. It was Melanies father!!! "Chrsiti, what are you. . . . " My jaw remained open and I stammered to find the words. Melanie's dad was the mystery date. Did this mean that my slutty roommate had been fucking her own dad? "Please come inside he urged, before someone see's you. let me try to explain. " He was wearing a robe and from the opening in the front nothing else.

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   My eyes narrowed in on his groin area straining to catch a glimpse of his cock, the cock he fucked his own daughter with. Snapping back to reality, I withdrew my gaze. "Christi, please try to calm down. " "Calm down!?!?!" I exclaimed, "You were planning on fucking Melanie, you thought I was her. " He looked at me. "Why are you here?" he demanded. I was at a loss for words. He knew that I had planned on fucking someone tonight. I had prided myself on being a model of perfection, if Melanie was to find out that i had planned on fucking a total stranger, well, she would use it against me. The slut would love nothing more than to humiliate me. I turned back to her dad. He was staring at my legs, a look of lust in his eyes. The feelings began again to stir. "You like what you see, you perverted son of a bitch?" I asked. A crude smile over coming me.

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   Anger flashed in his face. "How dare you speak to me like that young lady. " he fumed. I was stunned by his sudden burst. Swiftly he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him. Inches away from my face, his hot breath flooded over me. "Listen here, you snotty little bitch, it is time daddy taught you some manners. " He spat in my face. I was so shocked I could not react. Tears sprang to my eyes. "What was he going to do to me," I wondered. He forced me onto the bed and began to lewdly strip away my clothing. I tried to cover my body, but a sharp slap to my jaw ended that. I lay there helpless. He unsnapped my bra, my pretty 34c tits spilling out.

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   He pinched at my nipples roughly. I winced in pain, but dared not to refuse him. He sucked my breast hard and ran his hands over my white cotton panties. Gripping them in his fist, he ripped the away in one quick tug. I lay there, naked and exposed. Shaking both from fear and anticipation. He ran his index finger up and down my slit. Laughing to him self at the obvious wetness within my cunt. "You like being daddys whore, Melanie?" he sneered. Melanie? He called me Melanie. That disgusting bastard was imagining his slut daughter instead of me. Anger welled inside of me. I kicked and caught him hard in the ribs. He fell. I sprang forward and dashed to the door, but the old fucker had already caught up to me.

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   He slapped me across the face and I tasted blood from my lip. He once again spat on me, "your mine whore," he said. He threw me back onto the bed and mounted me. His dick growing to an enormous 18 inches. "Listen Mel baby, daddy has needs too. Please baby, it will only hurt for a minute. " he cried. The sick motherfucker was reenacting the deflowering of his daughter. I descided the only way to get out of here was to play along. "Please daddy, don't hurt me. " I begged. "I am only a little girl. " Lust filled his face, "Your 18 now, you need to learn about these thing if you want to be popular baby. Don't you want the boys at school to like you. " "13, she was only 13.

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  . . "I thought. "Such a sweet little pussy, please let daddy inside baby. " He thrust forward shoving his dick deep within my cunt. It hurt unbarably. I was no virgin, so i could only imagine how painful it must have been for Mel, the first time. I cried out, "Daddy please, it hurts, please. " He thrust deeper and began pumping in and out of me. As hard as I tried, my body gave in to him, and soon I was meeting his thrust. Sweat poured from his brow onto me. The smell of my sloppy pussy filled the air. I felt the hot flood building within me, "daddy!!!" I screamed as I released my first orgasm. This sent him over the edge and his seed spilled inside of me. "Yes baby, yes.

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  . . " he moaned over and over. After the first session, I assumed he would allow me to leave, but not until he had emptied a second load into my tight little ass, something he had done to Melanie the first time as well. Then he forced me to suck him off. . . He told me that he had taught Mel to suck cock when she was only 18 I hated him. He was discusting, and yet I swallowed his cum like an eager young slut. After it was over, he showed me a video camera he had hidden in the closet. He had taped the whole thing. he warned me that if I ever told, he would play it for the school and I would be kicked out of the university. I vowed to him that it would remain our secret. But I had revenge on my mind, and I knew I would let Melanie in on it. He would pay for what he had done to both of us.

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  . . Pay out the ass. . . . To be continued. . . .