Disturbing Nightmare

Mind Control

"Ok katie,do you realize were gonna need a um complete physical from you before were allowed to test you. " "A physical,I havent gotten one for years," she said worried she might not be able to get the money. "Oh no worries be can give you one right here,but first a few ore questions. One do you have any children?" "Yes,two," she replied. The doctor seemed shocked by this. "Wow how were you able to keep that body,"the doctor said while creeping out of his monotone voice into a little boy thinking of all the fun things hes gonna have with his new toy. He pressed his cock firmly against his pants thinking it wouldnt be much longer. "Well I guess im lucky. " "Ok um lets just skip all that I think we got the jist of it,lets get to the physical. First I need you to change into this hospital gown. " She grabbed in and startded to change into the gown which had a missing button in the back revealing her creamy white ass. The doctor pretended he was fiddleing with some test tubes while sneaking peeks of her butt. "Well I like to get started quickly and the first objection would be a needle shot. We put some drugs in here that might make you a little drowsy but you'll be just fine. " "How is that revelant to a physical?" "I would explain it but im on the clock and we need to get started. Please bend over.

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  " "What why?!?!" "With this type of needle it has to be taken in the behind area,please I'm a doctor we dont take notice to that kind of stuff. " She thought it over and finally agreed,the money won her heart. She slowly bent over and tucked out her bum,leaving complete access for the doctor. The doctor gently caressed the area with his finger tip and punctured the smooth skin with the needle. "Ow!"she yelped. "That hurt. " "My apologies," he said while staring at his wrist watch until she would pass out,"5-4-3-2 and now. "Katie passed out in to the arms of the doctor and he pushed her onto the leather doctors bed. "Lets get started he thought. First off he stripped off the hospital gown to reveal the slim body,he slid his hands around her perky tits and sucked on her pink nipples. Then with one hand rubbed the shaven cunt, but dissapointed it was dry as a bone. He went to one of his many cabinets and grabbed an industrial sized baby oil. Popped the top and let it drip all over her paralyzed body,centering it most in her pussy. When done he unzipped his pants and grabbed his waiting cock and washed it to with the oil already stiffened from the minute she walked in. He grabbed his 5" cock and pinched its head playfully.

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  Then mounting on her he slapped his penis against her cheeks. With one hand holding his penis the other he opened the bottom lip letting the inside gently touch the ridge of his penis,with the baby oil it must have been oversensitive and he already gushed out cum onto her lips spraying it on her entire face and some dripping into her mouth. "Fuck!"he let out in frustration. It didnt seem the doctor would be hardening again for a while so he grabbed a wash cloth and wiped away the baby oil mixed with cum. Cleanig himself and her,he finished when placeing the gown back on her skin. After a few minutes Katie woke up in disposition senseing something bad happened. "What happened?" "Well you dosed off but I finished the physical anyways its time to get to the test. "She squirmed to think she was asleep halk naked with a creepy doctor having access to her. "What exactly is the test?" "Follow me and I'll show you. " They entered a dark room having one object in the middle and a tall black nurse dressed in white next to it. "This is a dream scanner we will hook you up to it and analyzeing your dreams inside of it. We will give you slution that will make you fall asleep and from there we will anlyze what your dreaming. Any questions?" "Um I guess not. ""Ok lets get started,Anthony would you place our patient into the machine?" The tall black man strapped her into leather buckles and placed a cylinder tube on her head,she could see the outline of a very big penis and grew even more paraniod that a black man would be here too. The doctor came over with a long needle and pressed it into her skin, pushing a slution into her system.

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  "Now anything that you may dream is all false it may seem real at times but it is not,remember that. " After a few moments Katie seemed ullusional,she never fell asleep but the room went into a daze of flashes and symbiotic movements that hurt her eyes. The light seemed to flicker over and over and whenever she blinked and reopened her eyes she would see another scene in the room. First it was the doctor and nurse masturbating in front of her face and spraying their cum into her hair. Then it was the doctor on his knees swallowing the black nurses huge cock into his mout gagging at times,and have the nurse grab the back of his head and pushing hard until the doctor would take the entire 12 inch cock. Another scene was both doctor and nurse sliding their cocks into her mouth spreading her mouth wider then her lips could open,feelng both dicks in her mouth. Next she was naked being pumped away by the black cock furiously ripping her cunthole hole and having the doctors penis in her mouth still. The pulsating moves of the nurse hurt her and she wanted to scream in pain because of the huge penis but was stopped by a river of cum from the doctor. The final scene was the most horrendous. The doctor was being pumped in the ass savagely by the nurse but holding 2 metallic bars in his hand both 2 feet in size and 5 inches wide. He pushed both objects into her cunt and asshole,screaming in pain her arms tried to rip free fro the leather buckles. After minutes of this savage beating of metal she let loose and let the objects rip her flesh. And moments after that she soon felt a relief of pleasure and her cunt started to get wet letting the metal structure move more easily feeling pleasureful. She strated to moan hard from both feelings of being double penetrated and seeing the doctor being beaten like a bitch by a big black cock. After a few minutes of moaning the doctor was released of his hold and took out the metal objects.

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  With the last few pushies of the big silver bars she screamed in repetitive orgasms electrifying her body and her dripping cunthole. That was the last sensation she had until falling asleep and waking up to a serene room of no disturbed scene and being clothed herself. "What happened" "It seemed you had a nightmare while you were out,i hope it was nothing to disturbing. " She shook her head and reached down to feel a little blood on her pussy lips. .