College Town Vengeance - Chapter 2

Mind Control

When I finished, it was an amazing difference. I hated looking like a reject from Dawson’s Creek, but if that was what it took to make this little girl’s panties wet, then it was a small price to pay. I gave myself one final look in the mirror before going to the closet. I had several pictures printed and cut out of the guys she found hot enough to put on her website, and they gave me a good outline as far as how I should dress. After completing my ensemble, I looked in the mirror and almost wanted to gag. I looked at my watch and prepared myself. It was noon, and I knew that by 1 pm, she’d be at the mall. It would be my perfect chance to watch her, and if things go right, approach her. --By the time I made it to the mall, I knew I had some work ahead of me, finding her in such a crowded environment. To my surprise, that wasn’t the case at all. I finished my cigarette as I approached the door to the establishment, and flicked it to the side as I saw her walking up to go inside. It was almost enough to make me grin. Within seconds, her eyes locked on mine. It was fabulous, her reaction to my appearance was even better than I’d expected. Her lips curled, slightly, and she bit her lip. I smiled back, before opening the door for her.

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   Slowly, she went inside, doing everything in her power to wiggle her ass with every step. I would’ve been stupid if I hadn’t taken a look at what she was showing off. It amazed me that a 18 year old could be built so perfectly. Trina was just the right height, weight and shape. Everything was in outstanding proportion to show off her shapely body, including her pert breasts. Within seconds, I was following her through the entrance to the mall… only to be caught completely off guard when I had to stop. She’d stopped in front of me, and had bent at the waist to pick up something she’s dropped. It was an obvious attempt to get me to look, but it didn’t stop me from falling for it. Her perfect ass hung in the air, the target of my gaze, before her head swung around for her to look at me. When she confirmed that I was looking, she grinned and stood up straight. Instead of walking away, through, she approached me. “Did you enjoy that?” She asked, grinning. “Show me someone who wouldn’t, and I’ll tell you that they’re gay. ” I smirked. She giggled slightly, before blushing.

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   “My name’s Trina, what’s yours?” She asked, extending her hand. I took it in mine, and pulled it to my lips before planting a soft kiss on it. “You can call me slave. ” I said, grinning. She was at a loss for words, which actually surprised me. I felt like a complete idiot, but I knew it was the only way I was going to get this girl’s attention. “Wow. Okay. ” She said, giggling uncontrollably. “You’re sure you want to be considered my slave?”“I can’t think of a single reason why I wouldn’t. ” I said, my eyes still locked on hers. Her blushing complexion told me that my efforts were well-placed. After a moment of silence, she reached into her purse and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. Biting her bottom lip, she scribbled on the paper and handed it to me. “You know where the broken bridge is?” She asked, her words almost haunting my memory of the last time I’d been there, with her sister.

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  “Sure do. ” I answered, doing my best to keep a poker face. “Well, we’re having a rave out there, tonight. I’ll be doing quite a bit of drinking, and I’d like to see you there. ” She smiled. Silently, I folded the piece of paper and stuffed it into my pocket. “I’ll be there. ” I said, grinning. “Oh, and by the way, when you show up, should I called you ‘slave’ in front of my friends, or is there something else you’d like to go by?” She asked, giggling. “James. ” I said, knowing that it would be the name that she would give her sister. “Alright, James. I’ve got to go, but I’ll see you tonight, okay?” Trina said, still grinning like an idiot. “Okay. Bye.

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  ” I said, before she walked away. It was unbelievable just how easy the first approach was, and I couldn’t help but think about the doors of possibility that had just been opened. Even more amazing was the slut-like nature of this young girl, proving to me that she was indeed related to Julia. I browsed the mall for a few minutes, so as to avoid raising suspicion, then left. I needed to go visit one of the few friends I had, to brag about the situation. --It was 6 pm before Trina ever made it home from shopping, but she was quite pleased with the things she’d managed to buy. She placed the bags on her bed, and began pulling clothing from them. She had three hours to prepare herself for the rave, and she already had the perfect outfit lined up. For now, though, she decided that it was time to eat something before she started getting ready. Trina made her way into the kitchen, her thoughts dwelling on the handsome gentleman that she’d met at the mall. There was something about him that made her weak in the knees, and she couldn’t quite place her finger on it. She did know, however, where she wanted him to place his fingers. --“Is anyone here?” I called, when no one answered the door. It wasn’t like Josh to have anything to do during the day, after all, he was the sheer definition of the word ‘lazy. ’I backed away from the door, and made my way half-way around the house before I heard the music blaring from inside.

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   It would have figured that he had the radio on so loud that he wouldn’t hear anyone knocking. What I saw when I looked in the window, though, disproved my theory instantly. It was Josh’s sister, Ashley, in her bedroom. The sight was shocking, but at the same time, it was beautiful. Ashley was an interesting girl, to say the least. With short blonde hair, a petite figure and a tomboy attitude, I always found myself astonished with her behavior. This time was no different. Of course, the fact that she was only wearing a pair of tiny jean shorts and her trademark military boots might have contributed to that. Or maybe it was her position on her bed, with the zipper down on said shorts, with one hand shoved between her legs masturbating violently, while her other hand was squeezing her exposed breast. Can you say ‘instant erection?’The heavy metal music was blasting from within her bedroom, as her body shook violently from the seemingly endless orgasm that she had achieved. The point where her thighs disappeared beneath the fabric of her shorts was a focal point of my attention, because the inside of her thighs were so wet that her bedroom light was reflecting off of them. I watched as the pinched her nipple, and twisted slightly. It was unbelievable when I heard her screams begin to drown out the music. It was then when her eyes opened and looked directly at me, through the window. I froze, expecting her to be furious.

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   Instead, she smiled and continued. It was typical that she enjoyed having an audience. I watched as she brought herself to yet another orgasm. By then, of course, my dick was aching and I was beginning to consider jacking it off. I was sure, though, that she wouldn’t have enjoyed having to explain the cum stain on her bedroom window, when her parents got home from work. She quickly recovered from her orgasm and launched herself from her bed, coming to the window. She hadn’t even attempted to zip her shorts or put on a shirt, when she unlocked the window and opened it. “Did you enjoy that?” She asked me, before looking me over. Her expression silently told me of her dislike regarding my appearance.
    “Obviously not as much as you. ” I answered, smiling. “And don’t even ask about the clothes. ”I looked as her lips curled, revealing a grin that was almost evil in its intent. Her eyes were still on me, and at first, I thought she was still looking at the clothes I had on. Boy, how wrong I was.

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      “I got you hard, huh?” She said, tauntingly. “Why don’t you climb in here and put that fucker to use?”Oh yeah, like I needed to be asked twice. I might have well been Superman, the way I came through that bedroom window. Once inside, I hadn’t even regained my composure before Ashley had dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants, allowing for my erection to spring forth, almost slapping her across the face as it did. Her grin was indescribable as she looked at it. In an instant, her eyes met mine and she took it all into her mouth. Her head began bobbing almost immediately, and I found myself completely under her control. The pressure of her lips and tongue on my cock was insatiable, and before I knew it, she was forcing the head of my dick down her throat with little effort. The sensation was intoxicating, as I looked down at her face, impaling itself on my swollen prick. Oddly, I couldn’t keep my attention focused on her. My thoughts began to wander about what chances I might get to fuck Trina at the rave, later on. I couldn’t help it, I wanted to see that little girl’s face impaled on my dick. I had every intention of fucking her so wildly that it would turn her away from men, forever. It would be my ultimate revenge against Julia for the shit that she’d put me through. No… not just Julia, but all of them.

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       Everyone in the whole goddamn town. Ashley’s tongue worked over the head of my dick, teasing it slightly before she rammed it down her throat. What could I say? The girl was talented, but it wasn’t enough to focus my attention purely on her. Since I’d moved to town, it had been apparent that I was beneath all of those that were attending college. I was sick of it. While I was busting my ass, trying my damnedest to make rent, they were sitting in a dorm room, driving little sports cars and partying every damn night. And where they working to do any of this? Hell no. It was all funded by mommy and daddy. Well, tonight was going to be the night. Tonight, I was going to have my revenge on Julia for ripping my heart out. She’d used me, made me the butt of her joke. I was going to see how she felt after I fucked her little sister… but for now, I had another matter to attend to. “Get up. ” I told Ashley, the sound of my voice capturing her attention. Her eyes opened and she pulled my dick from her mouth.

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       “You like that, baby?” She asked, grinning. “Yeah, I do. Now, are you ready for it?” I asked, ready to take out all of my frustration on her sopping pussy. “Fuck yes. ” She said, standing up. “Good, then bend that little bad ass over and drop those shorts. ” I ordered her. She peeled them off of her, and pushed them down her legs until they fell to the floor. She stepped out of them, and did as I had ordered her. The sight of this little blonde bending over in front of my was wonderful. It was so hot that I couldn’t describe it if I tried. I took my dick into my hand and guided it to her hole, before sliding it inside her. It was then that I felt her body tense up. Her breath exploded from within her, with a squeal. “Holy shit!” She exclaimed.

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      [Chapter 3 - Coming SOON].