College Town Vengeance - Chapter 1

Mind Control

The moment of realization slammed through the corridors of my mind, as though someone had opened a flood gate of some type. My revelation had come too late, when my boss, her father, had shown me a picture of the very girl who’d scarred my soul for life. That had been six months ago, now, yet I remember it as if it had only been moments. Kevin Kersh, the manager, had apologized for the negative treatment I had received by his hand, as one of his employees. He blamed his actions and attitude on his concerns for his beloved daughter. The same daughter that had, unknown to him, fucked me over, royally. Julia Kersh. He proceeded to hand me a transfer slip, moving me to another department, where I would be much happier. He told me how Julia had just moved to Mississippi to start college, and how she’d be gone for the next four years. Now, let me be the first to say, that there may very well be something wrong with me as a person. I don’t deny it. But in the six months since that incident had occurred, I had become a very bitter person. So bitter and hateful, in fact, that I became quite obsessed with Julia Kersh, and the concept of getting even with her for what she had done to me. I went to work, put in my eight hours or so, secretly using that time to silently curse her for everything she’d done to me, then come home. It didn’t matter anyway. With her so far away, there was no way I would be able to get back at her.

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   Until one night at work, when I learned different. [Chapter 1]I had been, to say the least, a mindless drone all night at work. Barely speaking a word to anyone, as usual, I’d worked tirelessly to make sure that everything was in it’s proper place and all of my notes were taken care of. Returning from my final break, I was approaching the toy department, where I had been transferred to, six months ago, when I heard a voice from behind. "James!"I turned, startled. Hardly anyone spoke to me, since my mindset had first gotten like this. In fact, most of the other employees considered me creepy. With good reason, I always thought. "James, if you want to clock out early, and go home, you can. I’m letting the overnight stockers finish a lot of the cleaning, since we’re not getting any deliveries, tonight. " Kevin told me, as he walked up to me. "This might give us a chance to cut hours, so I thought I’d ask if you’d volunteer. ""Okay. " I said, before turning and walking back into the direction I’d just come from. I heard footsteps, and it became evident that Kevin was following me.

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  "Yeah, I’m getting off early, too. I’ve got to get to the airport, within the next hour. My baby girl’s coming home!" He said, as he caught up to my side, grinning like the idiot he is. Needless to say, my attention was focused on what he’d just said. So much, in fact, that I had almost choked on the chewing gum that I had in my mouth. I cleared my throat to save myself from what would be an embarrassing reason to call 911. Baby girl? Daughter? Was it her?"Julia?" I asked, shocked but still faking little or no interest. The thought was astonishing. Had she flunked out of college, or was she simply home for the weekend?"No, Trina, my 18-year-old. Julia’s her idol, and she’s coming in from her Mother’s house, tonight. " Kevin informed me, as we both walked through the doors to the back room. I thought about this, as I approached the time clock. Julia, the girl who completely ruined my outlook on life, had a little sister? Fourteen years old? That meant that she was four years younger than I am. Kevin grabbed his jacket from his locker, as I clocked out. "Here.

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  " He said, before pulling his wallet out and roaming through it. I tugged my blue vest off and folded it up, throwing it into my locker, before he handed me a picture of Trina. "She’s a real looker, ain’t she? She’s going to be trouble when she hits 18, that’s for sure. "I was amazed. This girl was even more petite than Julia was! She stared back at me, from the picture. My eyes took in the sight of her short skirt, hanging so softly against the most beautiful legs I’d ever seen in my life. Her strawberry hair curled in around her face, only serving to highlight her gorgeous, deep, blue eyes, and her thin, pouting lips. I handed the picture back to Kevin with a silent nod, and turned for the door. It was time to go home for the evening, and with that picture still in my mind, the night had more promise than I’d seen in a long time. I walked out of the building and into the Wal-Mart parking lot, lighting a cigarette in the chilly night air. I couldn’t help but continue thinking about the beautiful girl from that picture. --I opened the door and threw my keys on the counter, before closing and re-locking the door, behind me. I was still in the same apartment I was living in, when I was making love with Julia, nightly. I reached in the refridgerator and grabbed a cold beer from the remainder of a 12-pack that a friend had left, a while back. I popped the cap on it, and took the first sip, before making my way into the bedroom of the apartment.

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   When I entered, I flipped on the light switch and set the beer down on my computer desk, and turned the power switch on. The computer began booting up, as I turned the light to the room back off, and sat down. Within moments, I had dialed up to the ‘net, and was browsing through several chat rooms, at once. With another sip of my beer, I heard a bell-like sound from my computer and found that I had been private messaged by a user going by the name of swt15intx. I read the line of text, expecting it to be another porn ad. "Hi, I read in your profile that you were 18. Is 18 too young for your taste?" She had typed, with perfect punctuation and spelling. I raised an eyebrow and lit another cigarette before typing out a response. "Not really, no. Do you happen to have a picture?" I asked. In a matter of seconds, a new window opened and a file transfer began. I watched the progress indicator glide across the screen, until it reached the blinking "100%. " I scrolled the mouse cursor over the corresponding button, and her picture opened in a new browser window. She was an attractive redhead, with an attractive smile, green eyes, and nice breasts for a girl of her age. I switched back to the chat window and typed "Nice.

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  ""Thank you! Sorry, I just have a thing for older guys, not these immature jerks that try too hard to be cool. " She responded. Almost immediately, a moment of realization dawned on me, forcing me to close the chat window. I left her, as I opened the browser and searched out a website to look up phone numbers and addresses with. It loaded and I clicked on the "Find Address" link, opening a new page. When it finished loading, I grinned and began typing. I hit the "Search" button, and soon it had found 1 possible match. My grin grew wicked, as I grabbed a nearby pen and pad, to write down Kevin Kersh phone number and home address. When I finished, I switched off the computer and downed the rest of the beer. I would have my revenge, after all, and I’d just figured out how. --Trina opened the door to her bedroom, finding it in the exact same shape it was in when she left it. After the flight in from Seattle, it was going to feel good to throw her things on the bed and get a long, hot bath. But first, she had a long-distance call that she’d promised to make, as soon as she got to her Dad’s. Silently, she laid her bags on the bed and swung her head, tossing the hair from her face. She reached to the nearby night-stand and picked up her transparent cordless phone and began dialing.

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   Eleven digits later, the phone began ringing. "Hello?" The familiar voice answered. "Jules?" Trina’s soft voice asked, across the telephone. "Trini!" Julia squealed, almost hurting Trina’s ears. "Hey, sis! How was the flight?" She asked her little sister. "Long, but I’m home now. " She replied, before plopping down on her soft bed. "I’m glad. I think you’re going to be a lot happier at Dad’s. At least there you don’t have to worry about Mom’s stupid boyfriend. " Julia told her. "Yeah, probably. I just don’t understand how she can put him before me, I’m her own flesh and blood! I don’t know. I guess I just don’t understand her. ""Well, you’re at Dad’s, now.

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   Did he say when he was going to be putting you in school, there?""First thing, Monday. I’m just going to be spending the weekend relaxing, until then. I’ll probably do some shopping, or go to the movies, or something. " Trina told her, while playing with her hair. She kicked her shoes off and carefully rubbed her foot, as she relaxed across the bed. "You do that, I’m sure you’ll feel a lot better. You know you can reach me over the phone or online, if you need me. Listen, I’ve got to go, okay? I’ll be online tomorrow, most of the day, if you want to reach me. ""Okay, Jules. I’m going to go run my bath water. I’ll talk to you later, Sis. " Trina replied, saying her goodbyes. After a moment, she pulled the phone from her ear and hung up, before arising from the bed. She’d decided to put everything that had happened at Mom’s out of her mind, and just focus on relaxing, now that she was in a better place. Mom had never quite been the same since the divorce, anyway.

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      Her light, slender body never made a noise as she strolled into the bathroom, laying a towel out for after the bath. She turned the water on, and the sound echoed through her, as steam poured from the faucet and water filled the tub. She looked in the mirror at herself, before hooking her tiny fingers into the bottom of her shirt and pulling it over her head. Her naked breasts were now exposed to the air, as the tossed the shirt to the floor and looked at herself. She had never liked the idea of wearing a bra, and rarely did when she was in a relaxed atmosphere, despite her mother’s bitching about the topic. Her dad never would, though, he was always too embarrassed to get into any kind of conversation of such a nature with her. Gently, she cupped her hand over one of her pert breasts, and squeezed, kneading it between her fingers. A slight moan escaped her lips as she released and looked. Her nipple was erect and tingled slightly, sending chills through her. Slowly, her hands rested on her stomach and slid downward, pushing the capri pants and white cotton panties to the floor. Bent in half, her firm little ass hung in the air, bouncing side to side as she stepped out of her clothing. Her mind wandered through taboo thoughts of lust, as she stood back up, and put one foot into the hot bath. Masturbation was nothing new to her, but she’d never experienced sex, much to her disappointment. She sank, slowly into the tub, before fully extending her legs to allow her full visibility of her tiny, shaven virgin cunt. After a moment, Trina brought two of her fingers to her soft lips, before wetting them with her saliva, and bringing them back down to her aching womanhood.

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      A muffled gasp escaped her, as the familiar feeling washed through her body. This was something she’d been needing to do since the flight began. If anyone ever knew that she wasn’t as innocent as everyone thought she was, she would surely die. --I had almost filled my notepad with information I had found online about the Kersh family, and was quite pleased with what I had learned. It seemed as though Julia and Trina both had online chat accounts, and were online very often. I’d also managed to find e-mail addresses, along with Trina’s personal homepage, complete with an online diary. This was wonderful! This gave me the perfect opportunity to learn everything I could about the young girl, before I made my first move. I still had a lot of work to do before the plan could even be carried out, but what I had in mind would definitely ensure that my vengeance would be served. The computer speakers blasted the latest Rob Zombie MP3 that I had downloaded, as I punched up a map of town, and pinpointed their home address. It was a large 3-bedroom house, just off of Pecan street, in one of the nicer parts of town. It figured Kevin would have a nice supply of money under his belt. All in all, I knew that this was going to take a lot of planning, if I wanted it to turn out just right. --Trina’s long legs stretched out, over the edge of the tub, while her fingers worked her shaven sex, violently. Small moans and whimpers escaped her lips, while a gleam of light danced across her naked body, thinly coated in water. Her mind raced with thoughts of how mush lust the secretly held, and how dirty she would be in her family’s eyes if it were ever known.

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       Waves of lust poured through her body, almost like electricity, as her impending orgasm approached swiftly. Her eyes shot open, and her mouth hung wide, as her climax overtook her. Her tiny hips bucked in the water, and a squeal escaped her lips, almost too high-pitched to be audible. She felt her tense, then release, before she went completely limp, in the water. Slowly, she grinned, reveling in the extraordinary release of tension. She now knew that it was almost time for bed, and wondered what tomorrow would bring. --Meanwhile, I had finished reading the newest entry in Trina’s online diary. It informed me that she had come back to live with her father, due to undesirable living conditions at her mother’s house. It also said that she spoke to Julia often, which was excellent. If Trina was close with her sister, then what I had planned should hit very close to home. I rubbed my eyes, putting the print-out of her latest diary entry down. I’d had too much to drink, and my vision was getting a little too blurry to continue reading. I had the next day off, so if I went to sleep now, it meant I could sleep in, and not worry about having to be up and at work. I took off my shirt and sprawled across the bed, falling asleep within minutes. I had a lot of work ahead of me.


       I’d decided that if I was going to do this, then I was going to do it right. .