Best Video Ever: Part 2

Mind Control

Steven had enjoyed controlling his sister several times since the first. He was in heaven, fucking his super sexy sister whenever he wanted. However, he decided it was time to step it up a notch, and he decided to kick his plan into gear on a beautiful Tuesday morning.
    Their mother had attended a meeting just a week ago and was promoted. With this promotion came a slight change in her schedule. She went to work later and got off later. So, Steven and Amy had to start riding the bus home daily and were home alone for an hour and a half, until their mother came home. That hour and a half window allowed Steven plenty of time to play and experiment.
    He decided that it was time to add someone new to their fun, so, that morning, he called Amy up to his room. "What is it, Stevie," she asked. Steven looked her over. She was wearing a tight green t-shirt and one of the shortest pairs of shorts she owned.
    "I just wanted to show you something. " He directed her to stand in front of the monitor and he started the video. As the spirals formed, Amy's expression left her and she stared blankly at the screen. Steven moved up behind her and grabbed her amazing ass.

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   With his other hand, he reached around her and reached down into her shorts, sticking a finger into her pussy.
    "Do you know what would be really fun and make me really happy?"
    "Huh?" she mumbled blankly. Steven continued. "You should invite a friend over this afternoon. Like Brittney. Yes, Brittney's hot, invite her. Can you do that for me?"
    "Sure Stevie, whatever you want," she said in a dreamy voice. Steven grinned at her. "Good girl. " He took his hand out of her shorts and gave her a quick kiss. "Where gonna leave soon. You can go back to your room now. " "Ok, Stevie," she said as she left the room. Excited, he grabbed all his things and hurried down stairs, hoping that today would go by quick.


    The bell rang.


   Third period was finally over. Amy got her stuff and hurried off to lunch. This morning she had forgotten to pack something for lunch, so she went to get food in the cafeteria. After she got lunch she sat down with her friends. A minute later, her best friend, Brittney, came and sat down next to her. Brittney was a little taller than Amy, and her boobs were a tad bit smaller, but she had a perfect butt, almost identical in size and shape as Amy's. She looked at Amy with her twinkling blue eyes and pushed back some of her gorgeous blonde hair.
    "Hi Amy," she said. Amy turned to say hi, but as soon as she looked a Brittney, she blurted out, "Hey, do you wanna come over after school today?" Brittney laughed and replied, "Sure, I can come over for an hour or two. You ride bus 47, right?" "Um. . . yeah," Amy said, still shocked from what she had blurted out. Confused and a little embarrassed, she stayed quiet throughout the rest of lunch.


    The final bell rang, and Steven slammed his locker closed and left the locker room, practically running to the bus.

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   The day had dragged on and he was excited and anxious to see if Amy had persuaded Brittney to come over. He hopped on the bus and found a seat. A few minutes later, Amy got on, followed by Brittney. They both sat down next to each other. The bus left the school and, thirty minutes later, Steven was getting off. He waited for his little sister to get off the bus and walk with him.

    "Hey Stevie," Amy said. "I decided to invite Brittney over. "

    "Oh, cool," Steven said. "Hey Brittney. "

    "Hey," she answered. As they walked, the girls talked about their day and Steven would say something once and a while. When they arrived home, the girls went up to Amy's room and Steven went to his room. He closed the door and set his stuff down. He cleaned up a little bit and then turned on his computer and got the video ready.

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   He was shaking with excitement as he thought about what he was going to do. He went to his dresser and opened the drawer. He pulled out a digital camera that was given to him for his birthday several years back. He turned it on and checked the battery. There was still half left. He set the camera on the desk and determined that he was ready. He walked to the door and, in a shaky voice, yelled "Amy, Brittney, come here. I have to show you something.

    He heard voices down the hall and Amy's door opened. Out came Amy, followed by Brittney. They walked down the hallway and then entered his room. "Make this quick, Stevie. " Amy said.

    "Oh, I will," replied Steven. "Can you two sit and look at the computer screen? I wanted to test something really quick.



    Brittney looked at Amy, amused but slightly nervous. "Ok," Amy said. They both sat down on Steven's bed and looked at the screen. Steven started the video. Again, the spirals were beginning to form. As she watched, Amy's expression left her. However, Brittney still sat there, perfectly normal, looking at the screen. Steven began to get nervous, desperately hoping that the video would work. Finally, five seconds before the video ended, Brittney's expressions vanished. Relieved, Steven turned off the video. Then he looked at the girls. He kept imagining Amy in her cheerleading uniform and remembered how sexy she look wearing it. He made his decision.

    "Ok you two, I'm gonna take some pictures for the yearbook. I'm gonna need you two to change into your cheerleading outfits.

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   Amy, you have extra that Brittney can wear, don't you?"

    "Yes," she said blankly.

    "Good," Steven grinned. "You two can go to your room and change. When you’re done, come back in here. Play along. " Steven had discovered on his third time with Amy that when you said "play along," the person would get their emotions and expressions back. This made things much more enjoyable for Steven. As if a switch had been turned on, Amy and Brittney smiled at Steven.

    "Ok, Stevie, We'll be back in a second. Let's go Brittney!" They strolled back down the hallway to Amy's room. The door closed. Steven couldn't believe it was actually happing. His plan had work.

    He quickly got his camera ready and set it to picture mode first. Soon, the girls walked back into the room, dressed like cheerleaders.

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   Amy's clothes fit perfect on Brittney.

    "What do you want us to do, Stevie?" Brittney asked.

    "Just sit on the bed next to each other for now. " They sat on the bed and Steven took a picture.

    "Nice one. " Steven said.

    "How many more do ya need?" Amy asked.

    "Oh, a couple more," Steven said grinning. He took a few more and started to get a little excited. "Boy sure is hot in here isn't it? Take your shirts off. The camera loves skin. "

    A dirty smile crossed the girls' faces and they slowly removed their tops and threw them to Steven. Amy was wearing a red bra that he guessed matched her panties. A white bra held Brittney's amazing tits.

    "Much better.

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  " Steven took a few pictures. "Are your panties bothering you two? Why don't you take them off and spread your legs. Show the camera your pussies. The girls slowly pulled down their panties and spread their legs. The view made Steven as hard as a rock.

    "How's the view?" said Brittney with a giggle.

    "Wonderful," said Steven. "But can you lift your skirt up just a little more?" Brittney did what she was told and Steven took some pictures of their beautiful pussies.

    A devious smile found its way on Amy's face. "Does the camera wanna see our titties?"

    "Steven smiled a huge smile. ”Oh, sissy, I love you. The camera would love to see your tits. " The girls took off each other’s bras and Steven took pictures like crazy.

    "Now bend over the bed and lift your skirts up so the camera can see your ass. " they did and Steven took a multitude of pictures.

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   He couldn't take it anymore so he set the camera down and took off his clothes. He put the camera on video mode and started to record. Then he set the camera on the desk. He went over to the bed and sat between the girls. He grabbed and squeezed Amy's ass and she gasped and then giggled. He turned to Brittney. "Be a good little slutty cheerleader and suck Stevie's dick. She grinned and then started sucking him like a pro. He stuck a finger in his sister's pussy and then pulled her towards him and started kissing her. Steven had never felt so much pleasure in his life.

    Soon, he came in Brittney's mouth and she swallowed most of his load. The rest she kept in her mouth, and Steven stopped kissing Amy and allowed the two girls to kiss, sharing the taste of his cum. Steven kept fingering his sister until she came. When they were done, he looked at Brittney.

    "I know you want it, so just admit it.

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    "I do want it!" she screamed. "Fuck me, Stevie, fuck my brains out. So Steven pushed his cock into her neatly shaven, virgin pussy. All of a sudden, he rammed it in and she screamed, blood oozing out. The he started pumping in and out. As he fucked herm the girl's kissed. He sped up until he heard his balls slapping against her ass. When he was about to cum, he pulled out and shoved his cock as hard as he could into her ass. She broke the kiss and screamed in pain and pleasure.

    Then they came at the same time. Steven's cum dripped out of Brittney's ass. Steven started to lick the cum off of her juicy ass. When she was clean, they laid down on the bed together and took turns kissing while Steven fingered them.


    After fifteen minutes, he decided it was time to make them watch the movie again. He got up and turned the video on.


   "Watch," he said and the girls looked at the screen. The video ended after a minute and he shut off the screen. "Let's go take a shower, girls. " Giggling, they ran to the bathroom. Steven turned on the water and the girls removed their skirts. They got in and started soaping each other down.   When they were clean, they dried off and went back to Steven's room, leaving their towels behind. They laid down with each other on Steven's bed. Amy stroked his cock and Steven fingered Amy for a while. When he looked at the clock and noticed his parents would be home in fifteen minutes, Steven told the girls to gather their cheerleading clothes and go back to Amy's room, change, and fall asleep in Amy's bed. They left and Steven took one final picture of Brittney's ass as she walked out the door. Steven then collapsed on his bed, realizing that he was the luckiest boy alive, and again thought to himself, "This is the best video ever. ".