A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 7

Mind Control

Monday, before she left for work, Evan reminded Amanda to take Ryokoto the doctor so that she could get on the pill. Unfortunately, thesoonest she could get an appointment was two weeks hence, so Evanwas going to have to wait until around mid-August to plumb Ryoko'sdepths with his meat sub. This would give him some time to thinkabout how he was going to balance doing both her and Yvonne. He diddecide, though, to get a bigger bed so as to better accommodatehaving three people in it. He and Yvonne went shopping for a kingsize bed that day, picked one out and then had it delivered, alongwith new bedding for it.

Once Evan assembled it, which didn't take very long, he and Yvonneleaped into it. "Oh my God, it's huge!" she enthused. "You think itwill be a lot more comfortable when Ryoko is in it with us?" "Oh, nodoubt, babe," Yvonne asserted. "Well, how about we break it in?"Evan chuckled. Yvonne giggled and they rolled around on it kissingeach other with conviction. When they came up for air, she remarkedhow nice a new bed and bed clothes smelled, which meant that both ofthem were feeling very comfortable. Yvonne's clothes started flyingoff and he insinuated his face into her crotch. She cradled his headas she felt the first licks of his tongue across her clit and theyboth lost themselves from there on in, he devotedly wanting to seehow many orgasms he could give his twin and her mind diverted by theintense sensations he created within her. It was his way of not justworshipping her, but showing his love. The unceasing tide ofpleasure caused her to lose her comprehension of time, the 45minutes he spent on her nubbin seeming like ten as her mind narrowedits focus to when the next spike of euphoria would be visited onher.

He rose up on her and slid his penis into her willing pussy.

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   Shefelt that initial jolt of the friction that occurs when his penis isalternately pushed and dragged across her vaginal walls. That it washer beloved twin brother Evan doing this to her gave it just thatmuch more of a spark. The love she attempted to convey in theeffort she made in hugging him while she took his cock over and overimbued the whole experience with a profound brand of connectednessthat would be tough for any other couple to match.

As Evan's increasingly vigorous thrusts steered her ever upwardsensationwise, he looked down at her face and and thought about howbeautiful she looked when it had that ecstatic expression on it andhow much he wanted to keep her feeling it. When the pleasure pushedher mind into hyperspace, he felt a great sense of gratification ashe saw and heard her testifying to the delight  of having his dickbeing pistoned in and out of her. Then his work done, he was able tooffload his liquid freight from his balls and into her hot box,feeling not just the relief of his release, but a sense ofaccomplishment.

He had to have her approval. If he had that he could pretty muchignore anything anyone else said about him. The Jungian resonance oftheir origin made their bed a womb unto itself, as they curled upwith one another, he wanting to secure her and she wanting to bevalidated as his helpmate and partner in life.

"Looks like it passed the test, huh babe?" Evan wryly observed. "Ithink so," Yvonne giggled. "There's just something so special aboutmaking love with you, Yvonne. We really are one when we do it. " "itseems like that, honey. It's so frustrating that I can't have yourbaby.

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   You're the only guy I ever want to be with and creating achild with you would be so amazing. " "I totally agree, beautiful. Maybe we can adopt twins, too? Would you want twins?" "I wouldlooooove to have twins, Evan, but I would rather have them with you. I guess we have to respect the genetics and find another way tohave kids, though. "

"How would you feel if I got Ryoko pregnant?" "Any kids you havewould be special to me. I would be such a good aunt to them. I loveRyoko, too, but I would really envy her when she would startshowing. " "Yeah, I have to say that as much as I care for Ryoko, Iwould have pangs of regret that it wasn't you with my baby in hertummy. How do you feel about being inseminated by another guy?""God, I don't know. It would be like I was being bred and not makinga child under a loving circumstance. Maybe I'll find a guy who I'lllove enough to not have that sort of transactive aftertaste about it, butit still won't be the same as having them with you. " "You have noidea how stoked I am to hear you say something like that, Yvonne. Thanks babe. " "You're welcome honey. "

Following dinner, Evan told Ryoko he wanted to show her something. 

  He entwined her hand in his and led her upstairs to his and Yvonne'sbedroom. "Oh my God, you got a new bed!" she immediately noticed. The three of them laid down in it and it was much more comfortablewith that many people in it compared to the previous one Evan had. "So Ryoko, tonight you sleep with us, huh?" "Okay," she smiled. "Good thing none of us are over 5'6" I guess," Evan snickered. Thus,that night, Evan found himself sandwiched between Yvonne and hisgirlfriend, a very cozy arrangement.

Tuesday, Evan thought it would be cool to take them to the beach andhe walked hand in hand with Ryoko when they got there beforesettling on a place to lay their towels down. Then he took his timeto rub the sunscreen on them, including slipping his hands up theirtops and massaging them as he applied the oil before they slatheredit on him. Watching all the skimpily clad girls, including the twohe was with, kept him hard throughout their time there. It alsoreminded him that he wasn't going to be able to take Ryoko'svirginity for more than a month, which was frustrating. They choseto not care what other people thought since most folks probablyweren't even paying attention to them anyway, so Yvonne and Evanexchanged occasional kisses and he did similarly with Ryoko. It wasone of the few times in their lives that the twins had been able toshow that kind of affection in public for each other.

They went to lunch a couple of hours later and Evan took both theirhands as they walked to an outdoor cafe. "Fuck it man. I'm so tiredof hiding it," he thought to himself.


   Once they ate, they all playedin the water for a while, with Evan sharing passionate kisseswith Ryoko, and then they went home because they didn't want tooverexpose their non-tanned bodies to the sun for an overlong time. He did have them, though, continue to wear their bikinis even afterthey got home. Before dinner, he had them blow him twice, onceapiece. "God Evan, your  cum is delicious! How did you manage that?"Ryoko noted. "It is, isn't it? I thought it was just me!" Yvonneagreed. Evan just gave the "I dunno" gesture while he laughedinside.

After dinner, Evan had both girls strip and he ate Ryoko to a feworgasms while Yvonne watched. Then he told Ryoko to watch him makelove to Yvonne. When it was all over, Evan asked Ryoko what shethought of the way he did Yvonne. "It was beautiful. You guys didn'tnotice, but I fingered myself while you were going at it. It was themost erotic thing I've ever seen," she claimed in a somewhatembarrassed manner. Of course, at 18 and just about to enter 10thgrade, Ryoko hadn't seen a whole lot of erotic content. She didn'tlook at porn on the net or read romance novels, though there wasoften some pretty spicy content in the ladies manga she had. Onlysome of her masturbatory fantasies approached what she had justwitnessed.

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The three of them took a shower together and they went to bed, withEvan cuddling Yvonne and Ryoko with an arm around Evan's chest. "God, it smells so good in here," Evan grinned. He kissed them andthen dozed off.

As the days went by, Yvonne/Ryoko's room was basically just one bigclothes closet now, as the three of them slept in Evan's bed everynight and they spent just about all their time in his room when theywere home. Ryoko finally got her birth control pills and Evan looked forward to the day when he could pork her.

Evan's dalliance with Ryoko also made Casey and Bill question therelationship between him and Yvonne far less. What remainedunquestionable, though, was Evan's natural horniness. Ryoko wanted to goto a Japanese market in another town to get her manga fix and to havelunch there. Evan thought that sounded like a cool way to spend a coupleof hours and so he, Yvonne and Ryoko went there the following Saturdayin his dad's car. The main parking lot was full, but there was a parkinggarage attached to the market he was able to use. Evan noticed thateven in the midday sun it was rather dark in there and determined thathe could definitely use his flashlight in it. He would still have to bewary of security cameras, however

And that was another issue: even if he picked somebody up they wouldhave to go somewhere to do the do, which was a hassle. So he seriouslybegan to think about buying a van and turning it into his own littlefuckwagon. The advantage of that was that he could also drive it toschool and have quickies with Yvonne and Ryoko during lunch. Or at thevery least they could kick back in it and listen to some tunes whilethey ate.

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So the weekend after that, he had his dad go with him to look at amini-van that was being sold by a private party. They drove it aroundand checked to make sure everything worked. They haggled over the price,with Evan pointing out that vehicles like that didn't hold any realresale value, and they finally arrived at a price. Evan paid cash forit, registered it and it was officially his. He removed the rear seatsfrom it, found a mattress that would fit, sheeted it, got other bedclothes for it as well as pillows and he was in business. He took Yvonnefor a walk on the beach a few nights after that and then they did thehumpty dance in the van while it sat in the beach's parking lot. Herolled the windows down as they lay there naked to let the fragrantocean air waft in and cool their post-coital heated bodies. Thepotential danger they had put themselves in by doing that made the sexpositively exhilirating.

Two days after that, he, Yvonne and Ryoko spent the day at the beach. When they got into the general area of the beach, they stopped at alocal convenience store, loaded up on muffins and soft drinks and thenfound a parking space near the entrance to the coastline area. Evanopened the windows and they ate, kibitzed and played a little kissy facewith each other before getting out and spreading sunscreen on oneanother and obtaining a spot on the sand to watch the surfers ride thewaves. When the blackball came out signalling that the water was beingturned over to body boarders and swimmers, Evan's eyes were treated tothe sight of water dripping off of the bikini clad bodies of Ryoko andYvonne as they emerged out of the ocean. When the marine layer finallyburned off, Evan reapplied sunscreen to his girls, which left thoseyoung women with some very aesthetically pleasing tan lines at the endof the day.

At noon, they went to eat and had a leisurely lunch before retiring tothe van and chilling out for a couple of hours, with Ryoko giving him ablowjob while Yvonne stood as lookout. It was now two in the afternoonand Evan decided to leave in order to avoid the worst of the traffic.

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What this all demonstrated was that the van was indeed a comfortableplace to have sexual fun in and it helped that Evan, his twin and Ryokowere all relatively short people. So Monday, he went back to theJapanese market around noon and parked in the parking garage. He wentin,  bought a boxed meal and went back to the van to eat and read thepaper. Or so it appeared. A few minutes later, he saw a cute middle agedJapanese woman entering the garage with some groceries. Once she loadedthem into her car, he got out and flashed her with his flashlight. Shefroze and he gave her the obedience order and she followed him to thevan and got in. Her name was Ayame and she was a 41 year old housewife,but she looked like she was only 30. Because Evan had no idea if therewere video cameras in the parking garage or not, he opted to take Ayameto an industrial park, where he parked in an alley behind a vacantbuilding.

He directed Ayame into the back of his van and stared at her face, whichhad a mature beauty about it. He began kissing her and undoing thebuttons on her blouse as they lay on the mattress. "Tell me truthfullywhen was the last time you had sex," he commanded. In heavily accentedEnglish, she confessed that it had been two weeks since she last hadsome cock from her husband. By this time, Evan had deprived Ayame of herbra and blouse, exposing her A cups with quarter sized dark brownaureolae and pencil eraser like nipples. She moaned as his hand passedover her milk ducts, which soon became his mouth on them and that handmoved on to sneaking under her slacks and panties to tease her soppingwet pussy.

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   Her ardor was rising and he then acted to pull the remainderof her clothing off of her. He turned on his side and moved down in akind of side by side 69 position so that he could eat her little hairysnatch while her mouth covered his dick. Her slim legs compressed hishead as the heat within her grew and she screamed on to Evan's fuckstick when she felt the first indications of her orgasm . She let hisjohnson slip out of her mouth as she panted and gasped and was subjectedto several more climaxes, with him lapping her juices up when he wasdone.

He swung his body back around and wrapped her 5'2" 100 pound body in hisarms and rolled on top of her. He quickly inserted his penis into herand started pumping away like mad, giving her a right royal fucking likeshe probably hadn't had in a long time, her tight lubricated slitgrasping at his hardness at each outstroke and gratefully greeting it onevery instroke until she went over the falls again and into the pool ofpleasure below while he inundated her with his his cum.

He cuddled her and asked if she enjoyed the afternoon delight. "Your sexis a very good one," she said in broken English. "Maybe better thanhusband. " "I'm glad, babe," he said. "You're really hot for being 41,"he complimented, kissing her.

When they both had floated back to earth from the sensual high they hadbeen on, he drove her back to the market and dropped her off, Ayameexiting with a smile on her face.