A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 6

Mind Control

Saturday, Evan rose early and grabbed his book bag and set out forthe park. Camping himself against a tree just beyond the rightfieldfence, he took out a book and started reading it while he waited forthe meeting to happen. There were very few people at the park. A couple ofjoggers, a friendly tennis doubles match and some kids playing on the swings and that was about it. He had to hand it to the guy he put in a trance: he showed up righton time and Evan stuffed the bulky bundles of cash into his bag andmade a beeline for home, where he stashed the entire amount behindhis dresser with the remainder of the previous haul he had realized.

At just after one in the afternoon, Casey called and invited Evanover to play videogames with him. Casey let him in and theywent upstairs, but on the way into his bedroom, Evan heard cryingcoming from Casey's younger sister Sophia's bedroom. "Dude, what'sup with Sophia?" "Oh, her friend Ryoko is moving back to Japanbecause her dad is being transferred home. The thing is that Ryokohas been here for eight years and is pretty Americanized, so she'safraid of being bullied for it at the Japanese high school she endsup at. " "Wow, dude, that sucks. I've been there as far as beingbullied and it's the shits. Can I meet Ryoko?" "Yeah. I think it 'llbe okay," Casey expected.  

They went to Sophia's door and Casey lightly knocked before enteringwith Evan. "Hi Evan," Sophia said, through her tears. "Hi Sophia.

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  Sorry to hear about your friend. " "Thanks. Ryoko, this is Casey'sfriend Evan. " "Hi Evan," Ryoko replied, sniffling a bit. "Hi Ryoko," he answered as his eyes surveyed her smoky brown eyes, longblack hair and slim 5'5" inch figure that featured large C cups. Hiscock instantly hardened. "So I understand you have kind of aproblem, Ryoko," Evan continued. "Yeah. I'm supposed to go back toJapan this coming July and I kinda don't want to go. " "Sophia askedmy parents if we could take Ryoko in, but my mom said we couldn'tafford it and we don't have the room anyway," Casey informed him. "How are you doing in school?" Evan inquired of Ryoko. "3. 9 GPA,dude," she boasted. "Cool, same as me," Evan smiled. "Does she usedrugs or any of that shit?" Evan interrogated.

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   "Nah, dude. She'spretty chill. I tried to pass her a joint once and she refused totake it. " "Seriously Casey, you got to give that shit up,  man. It'ssuch a waste of money. " "Yeah, but I like to smoke it when I getbored. "

"Do you have a boyfriend, Ryoko?" "No. My boyfriends usually loseinterest when I tell them I won't let them get into my pantiesbecause I don't want to get pregnant. "  "Then, how would you feelabout living with my family? You'd have to double up with my sisterin her bedroom and keep your grades up, but I think I can talk myfolks into taking you if you're interested. " "Are you serious? Whatdo you think Sophia?" "Evan and his sister are totally nice, Ryoko. And we could still hang out with each other," Sophia advocated. "Here's the deal, Ryoko: you would have to be able to get along withmy sister. We're twins and really close as a result. Also, myparents make a pretty good living, but we're not rich, so the bestwe could do for you would be to send you to a state college. By theway, what do you want to do?" "I'm thinking of double majoring inmath and physics and then teaching high school.

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   I can also teachJapanese here and there, too. If that doesn't work, I can then justget a job in a lab somewhere. " "Cool, babe. Yvonne wants to get intobiotech and I want to be a prosecutor. So you wanna give it a shot?My mom is a family law attorney and can draw up the papers thatwould help this happen if your parents are up for it. But I stillhave to talk to Yvonne and my parents and see how they feel aboutit. " "That would be so kind of you Evan. I'll talk to my parentsabout it, too, and see if they'll agree to it. " "Cool,  babe. Giveme your digits and I'll hit you back in a couple of days with theanswer. "

When Evan and Casey went back to the latter's bedroom, Evan askedhim why he hadn't seen Ryoko before. "Because, dude, you don't comeover that much. Ryoko's around all the time. " "Yeah, we usually justmeet somewhere or you come over to my place. " "Yeah, but I've alsoseen you less since you started going out with Pam, too.

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   Speaking ofwhich, where is she?" "She's at some gay ass cheerleading competition. I'm glad it's far enough away that I'm not obligated to go. " "Yeah,I hear ya. Talk about lame. 'Rah rah, look at my tits!'" Evanriposted "No shit, man," Casey echoed, laughing.

That night, Evan hit Yvonne with the flashlight beam as she was inthe hallway to his bedroom. "You're going to love Ryoko as if she isyour actual sister when mom and dad get guardianship of her," hecommanded. "You will not feel any rivalry with her and you will befine with me fucking her. "

Yvonne's wits returned and, inspired by the earlier vision ofRyoko,  Evan plowed her into next week. They finished and,while he was cuddling Yvonne, he heard his parents coming up thestairs to go to bed and watch some tv before turning in. Evanhastily got up, grabbed his flashlight and told his dad that heneeded to have a few private words with his mom. Amanda came outinto the hallway and Evan lit her up. "You will welcome Ryoko intothis family like she is your natural born daughter and you will begindrawing up the papers necessary to become her guardian. I will bringher over in a couple days so she can fill in the details. "

Evan told Amanda to stay there for a minute and he went into hisparents' bedroom and shined the light on his father, urging him towarmly invite Ryoko into the family and treat her like she was hisflesh and blood.

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Monday, during lunch, Evan rang Ryoko. "Hi Ryoko, this is Evan. Howare you?" "Hi Evan. " "So what did your parents say?" It took a lotof doing, but I finally got them to consent to letting me live withyour family. " "That's great news Ryoko. We went back and forth on ita lot, too, and they're going to go for it. " The next sound Evanheard was Ryoko squealing in excitement. "Oh my God, Evan, thank youso much! Oh my God, you have no idea how much this means to me. I'llbe so quiet you won't even know I'm there. I promise!" "Look Ryoko,just be yourself. But just don't get on Yvonne's bad side or you'regoing to be on a plane to Japan because she means that much to me. ""You got it, Evan. Oh my God!" she burbled before she started tocry.

"So Ryoko, what did you say to your parents to convince them to letyou stay in California?" "Well, initially, they wouldn't go for itat all, but after a lot of futile pleading, I finally threatened tobecome one of those girls who shut themselves up in their room afterthey got bullied. That would reflect badly on them as parents andthey pretty much folded after that.

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   You're a lifesaver Evan. " "Noproblem babe. Let me know when my mom can go over and have them signthe papers. " "Okay. Thanks again Evan. "

Ryoko's parents visited Evan's family's home to meet his folksas well as Evan and Yvonne the ensuing Wednesday and scribbled theirsignatures on the documents that Amanda proffered. Amanda filed them thenext day. The meeting was tense and awkward for all involved andEvan was glad they wouldn't see her mom and dad until the weekendafter the school year ended, when Ryoko was scheduled to move in.

Yvonne hugged Ryoko and welcomed her into the family. She later toldEvan she looked forward to having a sister. She also said, though,that it wouldn't change her need to spend a lot of time with Evan. Indeed, Evan realized that he would need to program Ryoko not justto become his little fuckdoll, but to accept the incestuousrelationship between him and Yvonne and keep it a secret.

Not being able to use his flashlight technology during the day wasfrustrating for Evan. As he walked through the school, he would think to himself, "I want to fuck her and fuck herand fuck her" and so on as he passed girls in the hallways and inthe quad. He mused about various subterfuges he could use to enslavehis fellow students, but many of them took the technology out of hisdirect control and perhaps even enhanced his chances of being foundout, so he put the kabosh on them.

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   As he held Yvonne's sleeping formin his arms at night, he decided to just wait until Ryoko joinedtheir household before chasing any new poon.

April and May passed uneventfully and the calendar entered June. Evan's mom rationalized that buying a new bed to accommodate bothRyoko and Yvonne in the same room would be unnecessary since Yvonneslept with Evan anyway. Instead, she bought an armoire toaccommodate Ryoko's clothes and shoes and put up some new shelvingon which she could lay some of her personal possessions.

When Ryoko moved in the Saturday after school ended, she was puzzledabout where Yvonne was going to sleep. She was told not to worryabout it and Yvonne helped the new addition to the family arrangeher stuff in the room. The two families involved in the transactionwent out to dinner that was both a goodbye and welcome party forRyoko. She cried when she got into the car with the Reeses and werecomforted by the twins as they drove to the house in which she wouldlive for the next few years.

They arrived at home and Evan told Yvonne to wait for him in hisbedroom. He knocked on the door of Ryoko's room and told her hewanted to talk to her for a minute. She let him in and he closed thedoor behind him and switched the light off. Then he hit her right inthe eyes with his flashlight beam and ordered her to accept his andYvonne's relationship as normal, but she wouldn't tell anyone aboutit. Also, she would find Evan extremely attractive and do whateverhe said and wouldn't be jealous of Yvonne's relationship with him.

Ryoko came to, though she was disoriented for a few seconds beforeher senses were fully back online. "Hey Ryoko, why don't you comeand lay with Yvonne and me?" he proposed.

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   "Okay," she responded andhe took her hand and led her into his room. Evan laid on his back inthe middle of the bed while Ryoko and Yvonne snuggled up to him ontheir sides. "Fuck yeah!" he thought to himself as he felt theirboobs jutting into his sides. "How do you feel Ryoko?" he asked. "Kinda weird since my parents aren't here and it isn't my family'shouse, but I'm so relieved to not have to go back to Japan. " "Well,make yourself at home. We're glad  to have you here," he reassured. "I bet you are, Evan!" Yvonne snarked. "Well, I have to admit thatholding two beautiful women is kinda nice," he grinned. He gaveRyoko a quick kiss and did the same to Yvonne, who then had alook of concern on her face. "Don't worry babe, she knows and isokay with it. She won't tell anyone," he said "You guys are so cutetogether," Ryoko propounded. "You're so lucky to have such a hotbrother Yvonne. " "Yeah, I can't keep my hands off of him. He's so goodto me.

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Evan's cock was brick hard as he cuddled their soft bodies and thewarmth that radiated from them was comforting to him. He couldn't helpbut gaze for long periods of time at Ryoko's exotically beautiful face. "By the way Yvonne, what are we going to do about there only being onebed in your room?" "Don't worry about it Ryoko. I usually sleep withEvan, so you can pretty much consider it your bed. " "Oh. Great!" Ryokoreacted, surprised.

After laying with the twins for a while, Ryoko begged off so that shecould have some time to collect her thoughts and get used to her newenvironment. Being a guest sucks because you always feel like you'rewalking on egg shells. But it beats the hell out of the nonsense shefeared she would have endured in Japan, where she may have been labeledwith the insult of, "not really Japanese. " 

Sunday morning, Sophia came over to hang out with Ryoko and they wentwindow shopping at the mall. After dinner that night, Evan told Yvonnehe was going to have sex with Ryoko. He knocked on the Japanese girl'sdoor and was let in. She was laying in bed in a pair of shorts and at-shirt reading a ladies manga. He went and sat on he edge of the bednext to her. "Hey babe, let's make out," he requested.

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   She smiled and reached out for his hand and pulled him to her. He wrapped her up in hisarms and tasted her flaming red lipstick as he engaged her lips withhis and revolved his tongue around hers . As that went on, his handscrawled up her shirt and unclasped her bra to give him tactile access toher soft melons. He gently fondled and squeezed them with his righthandand her nipples became erect under it while her slit commencedlubrication, making her pussy warm and moist. He pulled her shirt andbra off and, as she laid her head on a pillow, he dropped his mouth onto her dark brown milk ducts and slithered his hand under her shorts andpanties in search of her clit. He felt hot and his dick was as stiff asa tree trunk while his fingers explored the marshy terrain of her lovecave, tenderly grazing the ridges of her g spot with his fingertips. Higher and higher the intensity of her passion ascended, Ryoko pullinghis head against her left breast as she felt some preliminary quakescentered on her pubic region. The magnitude of them only climbed fromthere, eventually climaxing in a firestorm of pleasurable sensationsthat appeared to take her breath away.

Evan stood up and peeled his own clothes off, his rigid member waving infront of her. "Suck it,  babe," he orchestrated. She looked up at himquestioningly as she took it in her hands and put it as much of it inher mouth as she could and attempted to suck on it like it was coughlozenge or something. He immediately understood that she had never givenhead before (he would later find out that the furthest she had gone washandjobs). "Okay babe, run your mouth up and down my shaft," he taught. She began to do that and he let out a few moans to let her know howgood that felt for him. He had her use her lefthand to play with hisballs.


   Then he remembered that he had yet to program her to love hiscum. He also recalled that she wasn't on the pill. ("Shit!" he thoughtto himself. He wasn't going to have her first time be with a condom, sohe realized he was going to have to put off screwing her). The pressureher lips were bringing to his engorged length was becoming too much forhim. "Hey babe, you're going to let me cum on your tits," he ordered asshe pushed him closer to his launching point. She nodded her headvertically to acknowledge the command and another minute later,  hepulled out of her mouth and his white cream splattered her ample bosoms.

He sat on the bed to catch his breath. "Did that feel good?" sheinquired. "Oh yeah, definitely," he confirmed. Once he came down fromthe high of his orgasm, he moved himself between her legs and he tuggedat the waistband of her shorts. "Evan, I don't want to get pregnant,"she asserted fearfully. "Don't worry Ryoko, we're not going to have sex. I am, though,  going to have a taste of your pussy," he pointed out andyanked the shorts off of her cute legs. He went for her panties and sheraised her hips so that he could strip those off of her, too, leavingher totally naked.

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   Her exposed snatch was decorated by a trimmed blackbush. He had her hand him a pillow and he placed it under her butt tomake her vulva more accessible. His tongue then went to town on herpussy and clit, as he slapped it around and sucked on it. Her pussytasted slightly different than the other girls he had eaten, just a bitsaltier than Yvonne's juices were. She enjoyed the oral attention andshe squealed loudly when the first orgasm rolled into her, which wasfollowed a couple minutes later by another one, then three in a row, asEvan sought to drive her insane with pleasure before his jaw fatigued.

He went to his limit and scooted on top of her heaving, exhausted bodyand encircled it with his arms. "Oh God Evan, that was incredible," shepanted. "Thanks for not going for sex. " "Yeah, I should have rememberedthat you weren't on birth control. I'll have mom take you to the doctorso that we can get that taken care of, " he said. "Okay," she smiledplacidly. "So Ryoko, do you want to be my girlfriend?" "What aboutYvonne?" "Yvonne's my wife, at least in a spiritual sense, but there'sno reason I can't love you, too. You're so beautiful and nice that Iwant to have a relationship with you as well. The three of us can loveeach other. Besides, since Yvonne spends so much time with me sheprobably wouldn't mind having a girlfriend close by, too, so you guyscan talk about girl stuff and do things together that girls like to do.

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  I'd really like you guys to become sisters and not competitors for mebecause I need to have you both with me. " "Okay sweety. I would love foryou to be my boyfriend and I'll treat Yvonne like she's my sister. ""Good girl, Ryoko. I know that Yvonne will cherish your friendship. "

"Wait a second babe, I'll be right back, Evan said while suddenlyslipping out of bed and running into his bedroom still nude. He snaredone of the penlights and went back to Ryoko's room and turned the lightoff. He shined it in her face and she went blank. "You will love Yvonnelike she is your precious sister and you will also think that my cum is akind of candy. You won't mind if I have sex with other girls, too," heintoned. He flipped the light switch back on and Ryoko's consciousnesswas back in effect not long afterward. "This is going to be oneinteresting summer," he muttered under his breath.