A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 2

Mind Control

Because their parents left for work an hour earlier than Evan andYvonne had to for school, the amorous twins often preceded theirdeparture with some heavy making out on the living room couch. "Howdid you feel about last night?" "I'm glad it was you who took myvirginity, Evan. I know how much you love me and you took so muchtime to make sure I enjoyed it. It's just too bad I can't have yourkids. " "Yeah, that kinda sucks. It also sucks I can't be moreaffectionate with you in public. People would totally freak out. ""Yeah, that does suck, honey. At least I can still lay in your lapand stuff. People don't seem to mind that as long as you aren'tkissing me or holding my hand. " "Even though I want to. " "I know youdo. "

On the way to school, Evan was quietly pondering how he could bestput his flashlight to use. He had made a shortlist in his mind ofchicks he wanted to bone. He also had to devise a way to isolate histargets so that nobody would get a hint as to what he was doing. Hefinally determined that he would have to dismantle his flashlight tofind out why it seems to temporarily halt the conscious andsubconscious brain function of people it's pointed at.

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   Then he wouldendeavor to build a miniature version of it he could conceal andpull out at a moment's notice. He had already basically enslaved histwin sister, so anything more than that he could think of as abonus.

The following morning, he packed his flashlight in his book bag. Hehung around for a while after school to wait for the campus to clearand then found a janitor in the hallway of one of the classroombuildings. That hallway was dark enough to where the beam from theflashlight was noticeable at that time of day. He got the janitor'sattention and then shined the light on the guy's eyes. He told thejanitor to take him to the electronics lab and to stand guard andshoo away nosy people while Evan was in there. The lab had anoscilloscope and other diagnostic equipment. What Evan discoveredwas that the way he had rejiggered the wiring of the bulb in theflashlight had caused the light to rapidly but yet irregularly pulseat an unusual frequency. This wasn't consciously noticeable by thenaked eye and, Evan guessed, that temporarily confused the brain'sprocessing rhythm and thus halted its function until it couldfinally dispose of the new information. Evan reassembled theflashlight, tested it again on the janitor, who was told to resumehis duties as usual, and went home.

Stashing the flashlight in his room, Evan headed to a localelectronics store and bought a bunch of penlight lightbulbs and acouple of penlights to hold them. He then spent the next few dayscarefully rewiring the bulbs with the help of another trip to theelectronics lab to ensure those bulbs were pulsing how he neededthem to. He tested them on his mom the Saturday morning after he hadfinished final assembly and that familiar blank expression evidenceditself. He told her that she would give his dad a bj whenever hewanted one and she would find his cum delicious.

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He soldered a clip on to the body of the penlight so that he couldattach it under the end of a longsleeve shirt and then aim it at histarget without being conspicuous.

When he went to school the following day, though, the girls hetargeted were all among groups of people in the classroom buildinghallways. So after walking home from school with Yvonne and laterreceiving a nice bj from her, he headed back to school because therewas going to be a basketball game there at seven that night. He sataround in the quad nervously playing with the penlight he hadsecreted under his sleeve waiting for a vulnerable target. Finally,one materialized. Popular cheerleader Pamela Schumacher had gottenback to campus a little late and had to use on street parking ratherthan the now filled campus parking lot. She was running Evan's wayand he knew she would have to pass him to get to the gym. As soon asshe approached within about 18 feet of him, he hit her right betweenthe eyes with the light beam and she stopped on  the spot. Evanhurried up to her. "You will obey everything I tell you to do andwhen I say the words, "good girl" after you've followed one of myorders, you will have an intense orgasm. " He waited for her torejoin reality in progress. Her eyes blinked rapidly as sherecovered her consciousness. "Stay right there, Pamela," Evanordered, looking over her toned and tanned 5'4" 110 body featuringquasi-conical D cups. He had her give him her cellphone number andemail address and then he texted her with his address. "You be at myhouse tomorrow night at seven," he propounded.

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   "Okay," sheconsented. "Good girl," he complimented and he watched as Pamquickly slapped a hand over her mouth as her body convulsed inecstasy. When the orgasm subsided, she walked off in a wobblymanner. During the actual game, when she did some kicks during thecheer routines, Evan noticed a wet spot the size of a quarter in theshorts under her skirt. Evan was too chicken to take chances at thegame, though, and decided to be satisfied with the hot blondecheerleader.

He could hardly wait for school to get over with the next day, whichwas a Friday. When he and Yvonne got home, they made out for awhile. He  then told her to stay in her room after dinner until hecame to retrieve her. Once his family ate, his parents adjourned tothe upstairs family room to watch tv and, as she was ordered, Yvonnewent to her bedroom. At seven, there was a knock on the door. "I gotit!" Evan yelled and ran downstairs. When he pulled the door back,there was Pam in all her foxy glory. He bid her entrance and guidedher up to his room. Pam had no idea why she felt the need to be atthis guy's house, a guy she had never met before. She was an 18 yearold senior and her career ambition was to be a cheerleader for theSan Diego Chargers.

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   "Okay babe, lose the clothes," he firmly said. She shed her tube top and her gorgeous knockers tumbled out. Thenshe dropped her shorts. She wasn't wearing panties! Not only that,she was shaved bald. Evan's heart raced like never before as hestood before this fine example of the Southern California surferbabe. He had her hold her arms up so that he could look forincisions to see if her considerable boobs were fake. He couldn'tfind any scars and he fondled those sweater puppets. They feltnatural. firm and soft.

"You will answer my questions truthfully," he urged. "Okay. " "And bythe way, that's 'yes Master,' he added. "Yes Master. " "How many guyshave you slept with?" "72 Master. " "72? Holy shit! You're only 18and you've already been with 72 guys? When did you lose yourvirginity?" "When I was 13, Master.

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  " "Who was it with?" "It was myboyfriend at the time, Master. " "What is the oldest guy you've beenfucked by?" he inquired. "41, Master. " "Tell me about that. " "We metat the county fair. I was only 18 at the time, but he didn't care. Iwas at the concession stand buying food for my friends when he cameup to me. He was really funny and very good looking. So we sneakedoff to his truck, which had a camper shell on the back of it, andhad sex. " "How was it?" "It was hot! We were only in there for about20 minutes, but we had a good time *giggle. " "So you love cock,then?" "Yes Master. As one of my girlfriends likes to say, 'thingsgo better with cock. *giggle' "Are you on the pill?" "Yes Master. Igot a fake ID when I was 18 and then managed to get on it. ""Excellent.

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   Do you have a boyfriend right now?" "Yes Master. " "Andhow is your sex life with him?" "It's different *giggle. He and hisfriends have gangbanged me a few times. He has a thing aboutwatching other guys fuck me. " "Sounds like a real nice guy," Evansnarked, rolling his eyes. "Shit, I guess if she doesn't make it asa cheerleader she can do porn," he speculated.

He had Pam get into bed with him and kissed her heatedly for afew minutes before he dragged his lips down to her mammaries andsucked on her tan nipples. It didn't take very long for herardor to ramp up and she undid his pants and slid her soft handunder his boxers and fondled him. He had a gander at her slit beforehe slid his cock into her. Within five minutes she was alreadynearing climax as he pounded her like had never slammed it intoYvonne and she had a loud, jerking orgasm. His eyes were feasting onher looks as he continued to enjoy the feeling of his red rocketcruising through her inner space until he firehosed her cunt withhis cum.

After she went home, he laid in bed thinking about what to do withher. "Her sluttiness and what sounded like an asshole boyfriend wasgoing to get her into trouble one of these days. And let's face it,being a cheerleader is a pretty pathetic way to make a living," heruminated. One of this buddies, Casey Rinzler, had never had agirlfriend.

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   He was also a really nice guy and smart enough to be acandidate for the Ivy League university system. Should he hook them up?

In addition, Evan also had his eyes on another cheerleader, KimCampbell, who had something of a reputation for being a snottybitch. She was a smoking hot brunette, 5'7" with dark brown eyes, Ccups and with a nice hard body. Evan mulled taking her down a coupleof pegs, too. He picked up his cellphone and called Pam. "Hi Pam. This is your Master. " "Hi Master!" she said brightly. "Pam, you willdo two things for me tomorrow: first, you will end it with yourboyfriend; second, you will bring Kim Campbell to my house at seven. "Yes Master. " "Good girl, Pamela," he verballypetted and the next sound he heard was her panting and thendeclaring, "I'm cumming!"

That bit of aural stimulation made Evan hard again. He went toYvonne's room and had her follow him into his. They both got nakedand he lovingly and leisurely worked Yvonne into a frenzy of sexual hunger and thendrilled the living shit out of her.

Saturday, afternoon, Pam met with her boyfriend and told her she wasbreaking up with him. When he asked why, she could only reply,"because I have to.

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  " He felt totally blindsided and empty as she gotback into her car and went home. Then she phoned Kim and told herthere was someone she wanted her to meet.

In the meantime, Evan was hatching his plan for Pamela: he was goingto give her to Casey. He called him up. "Hey Casey, what's up?" "HeyEvan. " "Hey dude, the reason I'm calling is because there is thischick I know who likes you, but she wanted me to ask you something. ""Dude, are you fucking with me man?" "No, I'm not fuckingwith you, dude, I swear!" "Is it Yvonne?" "No, dude. You seriouslygot to get over her. She's not into you. " "Yeah. " 'Anyway, if Iintroduce the two of you will you treat her good?" "Dude, she isn'tone of these fat girls with a 'good personality', is she?" No," Evanlaughed. "She's actually pretty fine. Anyway, answer my question. ""Listen dude, you know I don't really have any experience withgirls. I won't beat her up or any of that shit.

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   As long as she'scool to me I'll be cool to her. " "Okay dude. I'll talk to her andget  back to you. " "Okay dude. You really aren't fucking with me,right?" "Dude, stop being so paranoid. Later!"

Kim was wondering who her and Pam were going to meet. Again, Evangot to the door first and let them in. "Who is this guy?" Kim askedherself. He led them upstairs and into his room. "Hey Pam, come herefor a sec," he requested. He whispered into her ear that he wantedher to tell Kim she was going to use the bathroom and then was tostay in that bathroom for five minutes. "Hey Kim, I have to use thelittle girls room. I'll be right back," she said. Evan picked up hisflashlight then killed the light in the room  and shined it in Kim'seyes. The life went right out of them.

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   "You will obey every order Igive you and when I say 'good girl,' you will have an intense orgasm. "

Her eyes flitted back to reality. "Okay Kim, take your clothes off. "She gave him a semi-pissed off stare for just a second and thencompliantly exposed herself to him. She was a landing strip girl. Evan wasn't that interested in banging her because he felt guiltyabout confining Yvonne to her room again while he had a bit of sexyfun with two chicks he didn't really know. Pam walked back into theroom and was also ordered to strip. He had Kim suck him off while hekissed and groped Pam, expelling a big load into Kim's saucycakehole, which she swallowed. He then asked her a lot of the samequestions he did Pamela. "How many guys have you slept with?" "20. ""Who was the oldest?" "He was 47. It was my uncle. " "Was that rapeor was it consensual?" "It was technically rape, but he got me drunkand I started getting into it after he began feeling me up, so Iguess it was a little bit consensual and a little bit rape. " "Wow. What a loser he is," Evan fumed.


   "When did you lose your virginity?""When I was 14. " "Who was it with?" "One of the guys in theneighborhood. I liked him and we were fooling around one day and onething led to another. " "Are you on the pill?" 'Yeah, I am now thatI'm 18. Before, I just used condoms, which sucked. " Evan also foundout that she didn't currently have a boyfriend.

Evan flipped off the light in the room and shined the flashlight inboth the girls's eyes. He whispered into Kim's ear, "you are goingto sleep until I wake you up. " He turned the light back on and Kimcrawled into bed and was soon sawing logs. Evan flashed the lightagain into Pam's eyes and she was under yet again. "You are going tothink my friend Casey Rinzler is better looking than Brad Pitt. Youwill also believe that his cock is ten inches and thick when you seeit. You will fall completely in love with him and give him sex andblowjobs anytime he wants them and you will swallow his cum, whichyou will think tastes sweet. "

He told Kim after he woke her up that she was to meet him Mondayback at his house at the same time and to dress in sexy clothes. Evan then turned to Pam and told her to meet him at school in themorning at the flagpole.

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   He had the girls dress and go home. He got on the horn to Casey. "Hey dude, you know that girl I wastelling you about?" "Yeah," Casey affirmed. "She wants to meet youMonday before school at the flagpole. "Dude, if you're punking meI'll kick your ass from one end of the block to the other. " 'Dude,you're going to be stoked. Relax!" "Okay man. Talk  to ya later. "

Monday morning, Evan and Yvonne arrived at school earlier thanusual. Pam sidled up to them and, a few minutes hence, Casey joinedthem. "Casey, this is Pam. Pam, this is Casey," Evan instructed. They both shyly said hi to each other. So the hottest cheerleader inschool was the girl who had a crush on him? Casey could scarcelybelieve it, especially since they had never even met or had anyclasses together. Pam was blushing in embarrassment at the hot boyin front of her.

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   Or so that is how she saw him. Casey was only aninch taller than she was, and was definitely nerdy looking. Hewas also having a hard time making sense of this. On the other hand, herpussy was roiling with wetness and the crotch of her panties wasbeing dripped on by her pussy.

"So tell him about yourself, Pam," Evan encouraged. She gave a shortspoken bio of herself. He then directed Casey to do the same. Caseydidn't come up with much. This pissed Evan off since he had gone toa lot of trouble to arrange a relationship for his friend. Heexcused himself and dragged Casey off to the side. "Dude, you'reblowing it. What the fuck?" "Sorry man, but what am I supposed tosay to a cheerleader?" "Listen man, just hold her hand, okay? She'llrespond positively to that. You can see how shy she was around you. That means she really likes you. Stop being a pussy!" "Okay, dude,you better be right.

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  " Casey and Evan rejoined Yvonne and Pam. Caseypositioned himself right beside Pam and reached out for her hand. She gave his paw a little squeeze as they intertwined their fingers. Casey's cock hardened just that much more and his secretion ofprecum went from a small drip to massive leakage as he felt hersoft, well manicured hand in his. "Okay you guys, let's go somewhereelse," Evan suggested and they walked over to the open airamphitheater and kicked back there. Evan sat next to Casey andwhispered into his ear, "dude, kiss her. What are you waiting for?"Casey was still pretty jumpy and very tentatively pulled his fingersout of Pam's and reached around her shoulder and pulled her towardhim. "Oh  my God, I'm kissing a cheerleader!" he celebrated in hishead. And fuck, it feels amazing!" That finally broke the ice andboth of them began to loosen up.

Now it was time for Evan to turn his attention to Kim. .