So this all started one night when I was younger but ill get to that later. I’m writing this story because I like these stories heck I’m hard even now. When this story takes place I was only 18 I was a larger lad but not so much that I was socially inept. I had a normal sized cock about 4. 5 to 5 inches when hard and 2 when soft. I unlike my friends was single and didn’t even have anyone on the horizon but I was okay with that. So when I wanted pleasure I only had my hands to help me. This particular occasion is one of my favourite memories of wanking. It was a cold winter evening and my mum had taken my younger brother out to his football game. I waited 18 minutes to make sure they were definitely gone and then made my move. I had to be very careful about using the computer for porn because it was a family one and couldn’t afford parents finding my history. But none the less I proceeded to make my way to the family room. Once there I logged on and started viewing various videos and pictures and reading stories. After about ten minutes the pressure got too much for me. I undid my fly and put my trousers around my ankles.

I then slowly peeled down my boxers and my rock solid 5 inches sprung out.

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   Glad to be in the open air it bounced up and down excitedly as if it knew what was coming. My bare arse cheeks were on the hard wooden seat, carefully placed one leg up on the computer desk and let the other rest on the floor. Finally the time had come. I put on a really sexy video of two girls masturbating for a guy. As they got down to fingering their wet hairy cunts, I tickled my balls circling each one in figure of 8 motions. With my other hand I gripped my shaft and slowly began to pump. The video got more and more hardcore the women 69ed each other, tribbed then moved on to the guy. At this point I stopped playing with my balls and focused on pumping my shaft. As they both sucked his cock I picked up the pace on my pumping. My hand was moving up and down and god did it feel good, I could feel my climax arriving. I couldn’t have timed it better; the last image I saw before closing my eyes in ecstasy was the guy pumping cum into one of the girl’s mouth.
    I erupted giving off four intense powerful shots of thick white hot cum then several more less intense spasms followed with cum now just dribbling out. When I had recovered the porn was still on. The two girls were doing something I had never seen before, they were kissing passionately and swapping the cum between them. It looked so hot I couldn’t help myself scoop up some cum and lick it from my fingers.

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       It tasted funny and I don’t think Id do it again but what the hell it was an experience. No sooner had I swallowed then I heard my mum’s car in the drive, quickly I redressed and deleted browsing history and logged onto MySpace to make myself look innocent. So that’s my story hope you liked it all comments welcome. .