Rebirth of a Woman: Part 1: Free Falling


Laurie Williams was one such married woman. At forty two, her marriage was falling apart, but her husband, Karl Williams, did not even seem to notice. Karl was that big, overly loud kind of guy who ate, drank, smoked, and fucked business. He was also twelve years her senior. He was definitely aging, but his aging wasn't bad at all, certainly not like some men. Karl, at fifty four, looked every part the distinguished business man that he was. She'd seen the young secretaries whisper when he walked by and smiled. She saw the looks of seduction, but knew he wasn't easily seduced by little college age girls. No, his only temptress was business, she thought to herself bitterly. She was standing in her room, looking at a yellow stain on the floor as though it was her marriage. Stale and yellow. She looked into the mirror, focusing on each part of her body and contemplating its worth. Face, aged, but still atractive, with dark blue eyes. Some wrinkles. A small mole on her right cheek. Red hair, well moisturized, some hints of gray, shoulder length.

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   Neck, well, that had a few red spots, hardly noticable though. Breasts still filling that CC bra, but they were sagging a little more than usual. Sort of depressing, but expected. Stomach looking good, although proably could use a few more crunches. Pubes nicely trimmed, just like Karl wanted them. Legs looking good still, although some running could probably help. . . A door slammed loudly, startling her from her self infatuation for a few minutes. It was Karl. He didn't even say "hi" anymore, just grabbed some food and left. She grabbed her robe and walked gracefully downstairs. She started to speak just as he slammed the door. That was the end of it. She felt herself drowning in pain right there on the stairs.

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   She walked slowly to the sofa, putting on Lifetime to try and drug her pain with images. It didn't work well. However, the sound of the poorly acted movies combined with the throbbing in her heart produced a drug powerful enough to lull her into sleep. She opened her eyes, and saw that the house was different. The gloom was replaced with sensual candlelight, and the furniture was pretty much gone. She felt a sexual presence flowing throughout the house, curling around her naked breasts, hardening her nipples. She moaned softly, and touched the twin towers of her breasts lightly, tugging on each one slightly, small bolts of sexual eroticism shooting throughout her chest with each one. She closed her eyes, and felt herself lifting off the carpet, levitating with her sexual energy. She licked her index finger, and ran it over one breast, feeling the warmth moisture turn to icy sexuality, causing her to moan cautiously. The sound added to the sensations, and she allowed her hands to travel over her stomach, tracing lines across her torso and chest. Then, the hands, with minds of their own, split, one tickling its way up to her neck, inserting itself into her open mouth, her sucking on the finger, then letting it escape. The other teased her inner thighs, getting closer and closer to her sexual core. As the hand on top began to massage her breasts lightly, causing waves of heat and pleasure to roll across her body, her bottom hand circled her erect clit, searching around it while she waited in raw anticipation for more sensations. Her wish was granted seconds later, the hand finally brushing along its side, causing her to moan loudly in pleasure. The hand made its way inside her dripping hot feminine vortex, just enough to dabble in the moisture building up there.

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   The hand crawled its way up her body to her mouth, giving her a taste of her juices. The taste made love to her tongue like a high school boy, cumming and going just when she was really enjoying it. The hands both practically leapt to her aching pussy, one hand working her tiny erection, the other working her inside. The aching need to orgasm was driving her body mad. She had no conscious thought, only sensations. She let the hand go in deeper and deeper, the hand slipping out and then going back in for more. The subtle building sensation deep inside of her being began to rise up, and her moaning changed to a low, primal growl of sexuality. Her body was breaking out in sheens of sweat, which turned to ice, increasing the level of sensation across her whole form. She felt herself lose all control, and then saw herself, down below, in the air, making raw love to herself. The building was more and more intense, deep in a way she had never experienced before. The sexuality was somehow mixed with the spirituality, and her whole body and soul exploded in simultaneous orgasms, splitting the reality in which she felt herself levitating.
    The whole room was filling up as her body released torrent after torrent Time was dead, and the sensations kept coercing her to scream over and over again. She felt the power force her over the edge, and then all was black. Her eyes flashed open, the last sensations of her orgasm dripping out like the last drops of her fluids. She gazed around her in a post orgasm daze, the room just like normal.

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       Her robe was soaked, ripped, and laying on the floor. Her hands lazily continued pleasuring her, sliding up and down her soaked chest. She felt born again. She felt alive. Her daze broke away suddenly, and she stood up on the damp floor. She had made quite a mess, but that was no matter. Karl wasn't coming back until next week anyways. Fuck Karl. She would clean it up when she felt like it. Like he would even notice anyways. It was time to take reality into her own hands. Tomorrow she was going into work. She would think about the new her tomorrow. For tonight, there was more work to be done. *Look for the next installment in the next week or so.

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       For all you wanting to see the next part of my first story "The Chronicles of Magic and Licentonia," I have started on that, but it will not be finished in quite a while. I'm thinking about revising the first part and releasing it to peak interest in the second part. *.