On My Mind


Hi honey. It’s me, and I just though I’d write you a little something to get your heartbeat up. School today was so boring; I couldn’t stop thinking about you, especially after what we did on Saturday night. What I felt that night I don’t believe I have never felt before. Before I go on, I have to admit I was bit naughty today. I don’t think you would mind me telling you about it would you?No?Good. Get comfortable and I’ll tell you all about my day.

I guess I woke up this way. I must’ve had a good dream, feeling extra slutty today, as I got ready for school. I put tight, red, low cut shirt with a jean skirt, and a red thong to match my shirt. You know how I feel when I wear thongs with skirts. Makes me feel so dirty. You know I secretly love it. The whole first part of the day I just kept getting more turned on, thinking of you and the things we did together. I swear I could smell my scent rising up from below me sitting in class, not paying attention to anything that was being said. I’m sure some of the others around me smelled it to, but they’re all jealous that you have a girl like me around anyways.

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  Anyways, I was just day dreaming away in class, feeling the heat being turned up between my legs, and my nipples become sensitive as they poked up against the cups of my bra. I got many nasty thoughts. I would have sucked your cock right there in front of everyone. You know cock hungry I get when I daydream of you in class. Even my mouth was watering at the thought of your big meaty cock staring inches away from me.

As I progressed through my different classes through the day, it got worse and worse. I actually started to feel the moisture building in my pussy. It was final lyin 9th period when I asked the teacher to go to the bathroom. You know where this is going don’t you?That’s right. Your little slut went to the bathroom and locked herself in a stall to take care of business. I rushed to the restroom and quickly sat down and hoisted my legs up to the side of the stall to stable myself as I leaned back on the back of the toilet. I ferociously pulled my panties aside and began rubbing myself, then licking my hand, then rubbing myself, and back to licking my hand to get my pussy soaking wet. After enough teasing I finally plunged my fingers deep in my cunt, roughly finger fucking my slutty pussy. The only thing I was thinking about was you over me, fucking the living shit out of me, making me the little slut I know I am for you. I kept adding fingers until I was up to four, and I even took my other hand and rubbed my asshole with some fingers, giving me the extra sensation you know I love.

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I came hard. I felt so relieved. Just as I finished, someone else came in to use the bathroom. So I quickly got up and made sure I didn’t look that messed up, but not before realizing how wet my panties were, so I took them off. I didn’t have my purse with me to put them in there, so I leaned over the toilet, and proceeded to stuff my panties in to my pussy. Handy storage container if you ask me.
    After stuffing the last of it in there, I returned to class.

    I learned that my trip to the restroom wasn’t that helpful, as my mind was still racing about nasty thoughts of you and I. Luckily, the day was almost complete by the time I left 9th period. As soon as I got home, I ran to the shower to play more. I know you like to give me orders of what I need to do in the shower, but I think today was necessary for me to put the responsibility in to my own hands, and I don’t think you would disagree, yes?Hmm, that’s what I thought.

    I sucked the shampoo bottles dreaming of your cock, I rammed my pussy to the brim thinking of your dick, I moaned as loud as I could without being heard. I came multiple times, more than enough for a good story for you later. God dammit I need a vibrator. My shower session was so good, and I even managed to sneak a couple fingers up my ass for you.

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      I thought you would especially like that part of my story for you.

    Well that’s all I have for you for today. I hope you enjoyed my story like usual. I hope you finish jacking off and cum soon, but your slut needs her horny sleep. Once you cum, you better clean up the mess you make. Hmm, naughty dreams cutie. I love you.