my first time yes its true


        hi my name is correy at the time of this story i was 18 and an early bloomer i had a 28 inch waist and 31 inches at the hips. now my best part at this age i had 36c breasts ( they've gotton much bigger) now to the actual story.
i went to an all girls bosrding school so i already knew alot about masturbating from all the stories. this happens while i was home for the summer. one day when my cousin was over i could see him shecking me out in my new bikini. now i always thought my cousin was good looking but once i saw the outline of the cock in his swim suit. after i saw him i could feel myself start to get wet (i knew this from what the girls at school told me) this was the first time i ever felt like i neede to "finger" myself.
after he had left my parents went out with some friends to dinner and i told them i didn't want to go.

so after my parents left i knew my mom had a dildo in her drawer so went and got it. as i took it out of her dresser drawer i was shocked. this was bigger than any of the ones the girls at school had. this dildo was easily 12 inches lang and about 3 inches round.
i thought to myself how will this ever fit in me. i saw a bottle of lubricant next to it so i though that could help. so insttead of risking my parents coming home early i went to my room and locked the door. i stripped all my clothes off quikly and laid down in my bed.

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   so i put some lubricant on the tip and worked it down the sides.
    i put it towards my pussy and rubbed it along the slit. i started to shiver. i closed my eyes and imagined it was my cousins that i saw earlier. i aimed it towards my slit and found my so i tried to push it in but it just wouldn't go in. finally i smacked on the back and the tip went in i screamed in pain. i just left it there for a minute and desided to go on. so i pushed in a bit more and it stopped and i knew i hit my hymen from what the girls said about their first times. i knew it would hurt so i took a deep breath and put both my hands on the end of the dildo and pushed and it went through and i just screamed sold loud my neighbors had to hear it.
    i just sat there minutes in pain finally the pain started going away so i started up again and i knew my vagina was accepting it because as i sarted to work it i felt myself start to quiver. the orgasm i had filled a 1 foot area in front of me with love juices. the orgasm was the best orgasm i have had to this day.