I used to think that I had good healthy masturbation life.   I started to jerk around 13, and sure for awhile there I would stroke or hump when ever I could, but, as I got older and started having more sex, those urges slowed.
Now for a short wile I worked a Night job and moved back in with my mom and sister, started watching a lot of porn, and because I was working nights, when I was getting in they were getting ready for work.   I loved the thought of getting walked in on by my mom or sister. However both of them had caught me in the past and it did not bother mom at all, and the only time sis was shocked in that time frame was when she caught me a bra and stocking thirsting a vibrater up my butt (I really thought I was alone).
I was married soon after, and I did not stop jerking, but I slowed down to about once a week. , until a few months ago.   I had to out of town for a few weeks for work, and the first days I was good, on the second I bought an adult magazine to help ease the mood. About later I bought a bra, some stockings, a pack of thongs, and a bottle of vodka. After about ½ the bottle I called one of those mommy phone play lines.
I wore panties under my cloths the next day. When I had finished for the day, I went to and adult book store.

I looked around and noticed that they had a preview room. I had never been in one and the girl behind the counter said it cost $10 to go to the back or $5 for a half hour in one the private booths. I gave her $5, she said door #4 , that my 30 minutes would start when the movie did, and when my time was up she was going to open the door “finished or not”.
I went into the booth and closed the door; there was a screen in front a roll of paper towels on the wall to my left with a small hole.

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   On the right there was a small bench, and another hole. The lights dimmed and the screen came to life, It was a good seen but my mind was on the time limit, that’s when I heard the moaning from the booth next door. At first I tried to Ignore it, but curiosity got the better of me, I looked though the peep hole and saw a man playing with himself, I watched  a few seconds, and soon my was pulling my own rod. Then it dawned on me, “The other hole!” I turned to look and I could make out that some was indeed watching. My eyes returned to the blow job on the screen, and I soon popped my lode.
My life has not been the same since. I now live for the pleasure derived from my pants, I jerk whenever the mood strikes; I am no longer in control.



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