Bachlorette Party Girl


Well, as I am very good at playing several hands, I would love to tell you about this girl and her hands. 
This little cocktease, a professional, a pharmacist by day, with all the makeup she had on she reminded me of another type of professional, and I thought I was gonna get my prescription filled in a different way.  She was out here for a bachelorette party with some other sluts, and although she was as flat chested as a teenage boy, something told me before the end of the night I was going to be tasting that red/auburn pussy. 
I finally convinced her with a little coaxing to come back to the Rio with me and I had those panties off in no time flat.  I was eating that pussy like there was no tomorrow, kinda tasted a little fishy, but I was so horny and I just knew I would have those toned legs wrapped around me soon anyway.  I'm a big boy at 6'4 and she grabbed my dick like she was so hungry, I thought I fuck her several times maybe shoot a load in her mouth, but the cocktease all around was playing hard to get and said she didn't fuck randoms. 
Imagine the nerve of this little cunt, she's a good gurl now is she?  Well my magic tongue, made her squirm, and my big fingers stuffed that tight little pussy and ass so full she came like she was the horniest bitch in Vegas.  She sent me a nice pic of us together, but if anyone wants to see the real pics of us together let me know!
My cockblocking roommates did not help the getting to fuck situation by knocking on the door so much that it may have freaked her out.  Hopefully there will be a part two to this story when I get to Virginia and fuck every hole this little slut has, because that night she gave me blue balls, and the only one with a winning hand was hers when I shot my load all over her fingers, and then the slut licked them one by one.