A Bit Wet n Wild


I squeezed yet more shower gel into my hand and set about washing between my legs, as i rubbed the soap into my mound and down between my long inner lips my clit began to throb. Even though I had soapy hands i could instantly feel the oiliness of my juices as they mingled with the soap.

I turned to the mirror, and could see mysely all wet and lathered up, and watched my fingers explore my inner depths, and wiggle my clit, it looked horny as i watched my fingers as i wanked myself. I watched as my long slender fingers with their black varnished nails disappeared and reappeared out of my hot hungry pussy, first one finger then two. I was trying to fill my hungry hole, but my fingers just weren't up to the job, so i leaned out and grabbed my hair brush from the cabinet, still with my fingers working my clit i licked the handle giving it a bit of deep throat (its always good to practice) before literally slamming it right up my sodden cunt, at first i worked it in nice and slow, but once my fantasies took over, i was watching myself in the mirror imagining that i had a rock hard meaty cock ramming into me with force, my movements quickened in pace until the mirror image was a blur, but still i wasn't satisfied so i grabbed my good old faithful waterproof dildo, again i prepared it with saliva. And with the hairbrush handle still protruding from my pussy, i bent at the waist slightly, stuck out my arse and slowly worked it in, so now i had both holes filled, unfortunately not with cock, and as the water splashed about all over me i pumped my alternative pricks in and out of my cunt and anus while watching myself in the mirror until with a massive shudder and long deep moan i came and i came hard. After i had recovered moments later i emptied myself of foreign objects, washed them and myself clean and set about phoning my hubby at work to tell him what i had just done. . . . . . . . . .

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  But thats another story if you want it!!!!!.