The Organisation of Sluts for the Pleasure of select men - Chapter Two, Meeting the Owner


If you haven't read my first story I would recommend it! It gives relevant background detail, and this story follows on. Please leave comments on what you think.



It was 3 days since the night with Steph, my mind was still jumping at the thought of this organisation of sluts.  We had swapped numbers and she had been dirty texting me the whole time.  I thought I would try and push my luck on one occasion, I sent her a text telling her that I wanted her to go into a toilet (immediately) and send me a picture of her pussy. Within 5 minutes of sending the text I had a picture message in return of her amazing pussy.  I was loving this.


I arranged with Steph to meet her grandfather for a meal, it would be at this very posh restaurant and Steph told me I would need a suit.  She went with me and picked out a nice dinner suit that I hired.


"I'll be your date," she informs me, "I'll be wearing my red dress, a red bra but no knickers, pick me up at 7pm if you come a little earlier I'll give you a blowjob. "


"Ok," I say giving her an instruction as well, "I want a picture of you naked when you get dressed. "  We went our separate ways then to get ready for the evenings dinner, I was getting more and more nervous wondering what her granddad would be like.  An hour before I am due to pick her up, I get a photo message from her, it is of her completely naked, full body tits out.  I notice that it looks like she didn't take the picture.  I reply 'Fuck me your tits and body is so hot! Who took the picture x. '


She replies, 'Was my friend Bex! Glad you like my tits x'


'I will be round at 6:45 for my bj I hope Bex will be there topless for me x,' I reply, before going to get ready myself having a quick shower, running gel through my hair and putting my suit on.


'Yes Sir x,' she replies, as she slips into her cocktail dress.


I arrive at the door bang on time, and ring the door bell.  The door is opened by a pretty blond girl with no top on, she has amazing perky B tits, wearing only a pair of denim jeans.  "You must be John," she says.  My eyes staring at her tits, hardly noticing she has spoken.  "I am Bex," she continues, "Come in. "


She stands aside to let me into the house, I walk in my eyes never off her tits.  I look up to see Steph coming down the stairs, she looks fucking stunning.  Her blond hair flowing down over her shoulders, her tits beautiful under the stunning red dress, her shapely legs carrying her towards me.  "I see you met Bex, she is my sister and is 18  You look very handsome," she says as she kisses me on the cheek.

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"I want my blowjob Steph, while I play with Bex's tits," I say getting right to the point.  Steph drops to her knees and begins to unbutton my trousers as I pull Bex to me, "Only 18 huh that's a bit naughty. "  She just grins at me as I push my tongue into her mouth.  I wonder how young this organisation goes with its girls, or how old for that matter.  It's not long with these two young girls playing with me that I am fully hard as Steph does her magic on my cock.

 I am soon moaning as she cups my balls and begins to bob up and down.


I have no idea what she is doing with her mouth one bit but I am in heaven, her mouth giving its best.  I pull away from Bex so that I can encourage Steph with my hands, I run them through her hair.  I then begin to push my cock further into her mouth, forcing her to go faster and faster, it isn't long before I am face fucking her quite hard.  I look down at Steph and see she is looking up at me, her eyes filled with pleasure, at seeing her eyes looking into mine I feel myself getting close to cumming.  Without saying anything I have one final thrust before pushing my cock deep into her mouth and letting off stream after stream of cum.

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    I groan in pleasure as she swallows my cum, I give a few more final thrusts into her mouth before pulling out.  A few bits of cum remain on my cock, without even prompting Steph cleans my cock, before putting it away in my trousers


"Thank you, your such a good slut," I say giving praise where it’s due.  She grins at me as she stands up, and licks her lips.  What pleases me even more is that she doesn't even need to go and clean her teeth she is quite happy leaving with the taste of cum still on her lips.


"It's just gone 7 the taxi should be here now," she says and then she turns to Bex, "I don't know when I will be home baby, stay here no fingering unless one of the guys call. "  With those instructions she takes my arm and leads me out the front door, I take one last look at her young tits before following Steph.  We leave her house and get into the awaiting car, "Hi Gary," Steph says to the driver as we get in.  Clearly this is a discrete company Steph uses often, to emphasise this she places her hand on my crotch rubbing it gently been a good girl to me.


It isn't long before we arrive at a small little Italian restaurant.

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    Something tells me this place is very discreet as well.  We are shown to an enclosed booth were an old man sits wearing a dinner suit and a young girl wearing a dress with a plunging neckline sits.  The girl can be no more than 18 and with the dress she is wearing she can't wear a bra as the neckline goes below each breast, she is fucking stunning knowing every guy I know (myself include) would give and arm to fuck her.


Steph's grandfather, the older gentleman, stands and introduces himself as Jim Sullivan, I shake his firm grip as he motions me into the booth and to sit down.  Only once I am sat does he introduce the girl he is with, he says, "This is Amy she is 18 nice and tight, I thought she could be your first fuck as a member.  I know Steph brought you in," he continues, "And she will continue to be your personal pet, but I would recommend Amy for the ceremony. "


"Ok," I say rather shocked at how forward he is, my eyes drawn to Amy's C cup tits.


We small talk for a little while mainly about me, what I want to do, my girlfriends, it isn't long before he begins to ask me about me past sexual experience.  He completely ignores both girls, as if they were table decorations, I follow his example as he talks to me, understanding that this is how the girls should be treated.

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    I am still unsure as to if he wants me to join the organisation or not but I understand that he is just trying to get to know me.  He asks me about my fantasies, and I explain that I love the thought of being in charge of girls and have always wanted a threesome.  He grins as I say that.


"Let me tell you a little bit about the history of the organisation," Jim says, "I lost my virginity when I was 18 to a girl who was 17, nothing special but it was after our 4th fuck I began to realise how submissive she was.  She would do anything I say, it wasn't long before me and my friends were all using her.  I got a little tired of her and she was getting loose but the feeling of power I had found I loved, I just had to find willing girls.  By the time I was 18 I had found and used over 40 girls aged from 18 to 30, I have photographs of every single one completely naked which makes for quite a collection.  When I was 18, I met Steph's Grandma, she was 18 and had a pussy to die for.  She was a virgin when I took her which made my mind up for me that she was going to be my wife and pet.  It took me a year to train and perfect her at which point I had her move in with me.  I began breading her although it wasn't for another 20 years that Steph's mum was born.  It wasn't long before I had recruited a further 8 or 9 sluts, most willing some had to be forced.  When the number got to 25, that's including 9 babies I decided I needed some help.

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    I was 30 at the time, not working but most of the girls I had all had jobs which is how I made money, I had known a man called Mitch for a long time and he knew I was a bit of a player.  He was 25 at the time and when I brought him in he loved it.  He is Steph's Dad but I am sure Steph will fill in on her family history later.  Over the years I have bread and gained more and more girls all living with me and the 18 other males.  We all live in a big house out of town all the girls have full or part time jobs, and serve our every desire the rest of the time.  All the males in the group are over 50 so we are looking for some fresh blood to carry on when we are gone. " By this time my cock is rock hard thinking about all these girls, he finishes with, "I would like to invite you to join our organisation of sluts as our youngest Master. "


Without hesitating, I reply, "Yes please. "


"Great," he says, "The initiation ceremony will be tomorrow at 7pm, Steph and he sister will go with you back to yours tonight and help you get ready for the ceremony, you may use them both as you wish.  I will have Amy prepared and ready as your first fuck as a Master. "


"Fantastic," I say, sensing this is the time to leave I stand up shaking his hand as I do.  Steph rises with me as I look at Amy's covered tits knowing tomorrow they will be mine.




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