The Organisation of Sluts for the Pleasure of select men - Chapter One, Introduction


Ok, so this is my first story on here.  This is the first chapter and although at first it doesn't appear like a BDSM story as is progresses it will.  Hope you like it.


It had been a long time since my last sexual encounter with a girl as I was stood flirting a little nervously with this beautiful blond.   She was 5ft4 must have been dress size 8, amazing 32 DD tits that I kept on sneaking a peak at.   She was wearing a stunning red dress that came down to just above her knees and showed off her ample cleavage.   Her hair was flowing down around her shoulders and she was flirting with me, I couldn't believe it.   I had seen her a couple of times around campus and I shamefully admit thinking about her while masturbating.


Maybe I should tell you about myself before I go much further.   I am 21 in my final year of studying physics and maths at university, I know it sounds geeky but I am not really a geek maybe just clever.   I had plenty of nerdy friends who all got excited over complicated equations, admittedly I do as well - sometimes.

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    I am 5ft8 tall with short brown hair and blue eyes, I am not athletically fit but not fat either.   I have an 8 inch long and 6 inches around cock which I didn't think was big until my last girlfriend told half my class my size.


Sex wise I had a fairly boring sheltered time so far.   I have only slept with one girl so far, she was a slightly chubby maths student with big tits - you will notice I have a thing for big tits.   The first time we tried to have sex was a bit of a disaster I was naked and hard and she got out a condom.   I had never even tried to use one before, as she tried to put the condom on it became apparent it wouldn't fit.   She turned and grinned at me saying it won’t fit.   So my first time was delayed until I could get some bigger condoms.   Sex with her was good but it never seemed to be able to satisfy my desires and urges. After 6 months I broke it off as I just didn't feel the same way about her.   That was about a year ago since then I had flirted and kissed but nothing more.


Then here I was stood in this bar talking to this total hottie.   The guys from my course who I had come in were all gobsmacked that I was chatting to her.   After maybe an hour of chatting - I had bought her 2 or 3 drinks she asked if I wanted to go back to hers where she had a nice chilled bottle of white wine.  I wasn't going to refuse this girl anything, I waited as she got her coat and then followed her out of the bar winking at my friends.


We made small talk on the way back to hers, I found out she was doing a degree in Dance which explain why she was so toned and fit.  She was in her 2nd year and really enjoying it.  I asked jokingly how you could get a degree in dance, and she quickly pointed out all the technical things that you have to learn.  It wasn't long before we were at her student flat, and wow it was amazing.  She had a big kitchen coming living room with a 40"plasma TV on the wall.  Nice plush red sofas and lovely velvet carpet.


"How on earth do you pay for all this," I ask.

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"My daddy is rich," she giggles, as she bends over letting me stare at her lovely arse as she gets the wine out of the fridge.  Now I am not a great fan of wine but here is a rule, if a hot girl offers you wine you take it!


"Wow this is a seriously nice place," completing her flat.


"Thanks, wine?" she asked as she wandered back over.


She sat down on the sofa next to me and hands me a glass, after one sip she leans in and kisses me hard on the lips.  I kiss her back, oh my god I say to myself.  Her lips are so soft and warm, it isn’t long before her tongue was pushing into my mouth.  We kissed like this for at least 30 minutes it was so heavenly, my cock getting so hard.

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    It wasn't long before her hands found their way down to my cock straining now to get out of my pants.  She begins stroking my trousers rubbing right above where my enlarged cock is.


  • 0001pt" class="MsoNormal">"My my," she says, "Your getting hard.  Go on undo my dress, let my tits out"


    "Ok," I reply as I hastily put my hands around her back and zip down her dress, pushing the straps off her shoulders letting the dress fall to her waist.  It reveals a red lacy bra, which makes me think again oh my god.  I stare at the tits enclosed by the beautiful bra as I reach around and undo her bra.


    "Fuck me your tits are amazing!"


    "Thanks," she replies grinning shyly.

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    I bend down and without asking just take a nipple into my mouth and begin to suck.  "Shit," she moans, "Suck harder. "  I pull it further into my mouth as my hand reaches for her other tit.  I massage her big tit in my hand as I suck her nipple hard.  I pull off from her tit and put my other hand where my mouth was and firmly grope her big breasts.  I begin to kiss her again and it’s not long before her hands have undone the buttons on my trousers and are pulling them down.  She then gets her hand inside my boxers and begins to feel my cock.


    "Wow, you’re big," she whispers.


    I don't reply as she begins to stroke my cock, I pull her dress from under her, revealing that she is wearing a red thong.

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        There is quite a wet patch already on the thong as I pull that off so that she is completely naked.  Her pussy is shaven completely bald, so smooth just the way I like it.   I push two fingers against her bare slit and feel how wet it is.   I slip them into her warm wet pussy as she moans.


    "Oh fuck," she moans as I begin to finger fuck her pussy.  "I want your big cock inside me.  Don't worry I am on the pill. "


    Without a further word a pull off my trousers and boxers letting my cock free.  She moves so she is lying lengthways along the sofa her legs spread.  I get on top of her and line my cock up, I slowly push my cock into her pussy as I groan.  Her pussy is so warm and tight, I push my full length into her before pulling out.

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        Fucking her ever so slowly to begin with, enjoying the sensation of her pussy.  "Fuck," I whisper, "Your pussy is so amazing. "  I grab her legs and lift them up onto my shoulders so I can get a better angle and begin to get faster.


    "Fuck me faster," she moaned, "Oh shit you’re filling me right up. "


    I get faster and faster ramming my cock in and out of her tight pussy.  Being so long since I last had sex it’s not long before I feel the urges to cum.  Not wanting to cum just yet a slowed down a little and distracted my mind with things.  I flipped her over onto all fours and continued to pound her from behind knowing I was going to have to cum soon.  I put my hand round and felt her clit, I began to attack it with my fingers.  This seems to send her over the edge as I ram into her from behind.


    "Don't stop," she begs, "Oh fuck I am going to cum. "


    Her whole body shudders as she orgasms on my cock, I don't stop my pounding.  Her orgasm last at least a minute 2 minutes, her pussy seems even tighter.  As she finishes orgasming she turns around and asks, "So where do you want to cum?"

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    This is the first time I have ever been asked this, I feel like I am in heaven.  "In your mouth," I reply.


    I pull out of her as she turns getting onto her knees on the floor, "Stand up," she instructs me.  I stand in front of her my cock standing out hard and almost touching her face.  She begins to kiss the tip of my cock, I moan.

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        This is the best a girl has ever treated my cock, I have had a few (very few) blowjob's in my time and no girl had ever done anything like what she was doing.  She then took the head of my cock slowly into her mouth teasing it with her tongue, before beginning to bob up and down on my cock.  As I was almost about to she pulled off my cock with a teasing grin.  She then began to lick and suck on my hairy balls, with her hand gently stroking my cock.  I moan a little in frustration needing to cum now.


    She slowly licks her way up my cock and as she gets to the tip she again engulfs it, and begins to bob up and down again.  I place my hand on the back of her head and apply a little pressure pressing my cock in more and making her move faster.  This feels amazing on my cock and she seems to be enjoying my hand on her head.  She goes faster, knowing I am getting very close.


    "Fuck I am cumming," I say, as I hold her head, my cock deep in her mouth.  I shoot stream after stream of cum into her mouth which she swallows.

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        She swallows my whole load to my amazement, I let out a low moan of satisfaction, having had the best sexual experience of my life so far.


    She continues to kiss and suck my cock as it slowly deflates back to its normal size.  "My name is John by the way," I say having not yet exchanged names.


    "Steph," she replies looking up at me with a grin her hands still rubbing my cock.  That's not the last time we fucked, we have sex 3 or 4 more times before falling asleep around 4 in the morning.  Having cum in her mouth twice once on her tits and once in her pussy.


    We collapse in a sweaty happy pile in her double bed both still naked.


    I am awakened by a nice lovely feeling, a hand on my balls another on my cock.   "Fuck, you love sex don't you," I say with a grin as I feel myself getting hard again.


    "I just thought you should have a wake up blowjob," she says with a little grin.  She doesn't attempt to cover up her tits.  She begins to stroke my cock a little faster as she says, "What I am about to tell you will shock you, but will also turn you on. "


    "Ok," I reply a little puzzled.


    "I am part of a club/organisation of girls who are used by a select group of men for their entertainment.  It was started by my grandfather 60 years ago when he was your age, every now and then they look for a new male to join.  There are 18 males in the group and over 100 girls.

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        You have been selected after a long process to become the new member if you like," Steph explains, her hand still stroking my now fully hard cock.


    "Fuck, and I would get use of all these girls," I reply my head reeling with the possibilities of loads of girls.


    "Yes, you would have full access to all the girls, apart from the ones being used by other males, anytime of day or night.  All you have to do is text the relevant girl and tell her where to meet you and she will go instantly, she will do anything you want, there is very little you can't do with her," her hand getting faster and faster on my cock as she explains this.  "Do you want this?" Steph asks.


    "Yes," I moan as she brings me near to the point of cumming.


    "Cum for me, cum for your slut my new master," Steph says as she wanks my cock ever so fast.

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    I close my eyes as I cum hard, shooting over her hand thigh and bed.  I collapse back onto the bed as she cleans my cock with her tongue.  "Now you need to meet my grandfather," Steph tells me.




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