The Old West


It was another scorching hot day, on this 14th of July, 1855, and the trail to Dodge City had been a long, dusty one. I was glad to see the wooden buildings of the city appear over the next rise. My horse was tired, and thirsty, and so was I. We descended the rise, and soon we were on the streets of Dodge City. I took my horse to the nearest livery stable, and, now that he was getting a well deserved rest, it was my turn. A few steps away, and the doors of the "Dusty Gulch" saloon beckoned. An excellent name, I thought. I shouldered my pack, entered, and bellied up to the bar.
"What's your pleasure?", the barkeeper asked.
"Whiskey, please", I replied.
The whiskey was like a smooth burn as it went down. I sure needed that! I motioned for a refill. The second one I savored. Looking around the bar, I noticed that it was a very spacious building. Over in the far corner, were a group of 6 men involved in a spirited game of poker. Up at the second floor railing, a group of ladies were smiling and looking me over approvingly.

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   Not hard to tell who they are. I smiled at the ladies and tipped my hat.
"Do you have rooms for rent?", I asked the bartender.
"Sure do", he replied.
Reaching behind the bar, he produced a key.
"Room 8, right down at the far corner, and, if you would like some female company, our ladies would be glad to take care of you!"
"Much obliged", I replied.
I went upstairs, and went to room 8. The ladies were smiling invitingly at me, displaying their bodies to fine perfection. I stepped inside room 8. Being on the shady side, Room 8 was nicely cool, and the bed looked very comfortable. I stripped off my clothes, and pouring a basin full of water, I took the washcloth, and washed myself down. It took several basinfuls, before I had washed the dust off. I reached into my pack, and got a fresh pair of jeans and a clean shirt. My cock started to grow, it was too long since I had felt the soft warm curves of a female body! No time like the present, I was not interested in waiting, not with the warm willing bodies available to me, only a few steps away! If I had to pay for it, so what? My cock was insistent, and too hard to wait! I left Room 8, and again, they smiled at me. I smiled at them, and walked their way! As I got nearer, and started to slow my pace, they eagerly lined up, seeing that I was a paying customer! I slowed to a stop, and eyed all the ladies.

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   They were a most pleasing sight to the eye. A blond with rich honey colored skin, and warm blue eyes, a redhead with pale skin and intense green eyes, a black haired beauty with rich brown eyes, another blond with light skin and green eyes, and a brunette with dark skin and deep brown eyes. It was a tough choice, choosing one! But, the blond with the honey colored skin, and blue eyes, was just right. She had an expression of innocence and sincerity, that I could not resist. I took her hand, and the smile she favored me with, made me know I had made the right choice. I led the way back to my room, and she followed eagerly. My cock was fully erect, and ready to go. She stepped behind the screen to disrobe, and I quickly pulled off my clothes, and hopped into bed. She seemed to be taking a long time. Finally, she stepped out from behind the screen. She had removed her dress, but she was still laced up in her red corset.
She approached me, and said, "I'm kind of nervous", and gave me a tremulous smile.
"Why are you nervous my dear?" I asked.
"Because I'm still a virgin", she said, blushing bright red, "You will be my first. "
"What's your name my dear?", I asked.

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She smiled at me and said, "My name is Susan".
"Well, Susan, we all have to start somewhere, and I promise I will deflower you gently", I said. I got out of bed. "Let me unbind you from your corset, my dear".
Susan turned her back to me, and I unlaced her corset. Susan sighed, as her body was released from the cruel pinch of that confining garment. As the corset slid to the floor, I slipped my hands around, and fondled her breasts, stroking her nipples, feeling them turn hard and erect under my fingers. Susan moaned softly, as I caressed her firm, luscious mounds. I turned her around, and pulled her into an embrace. My mouth plunged onto hers, her mouth was hot and wet, as my tongue pushed inside. I broke the kiss, and ran my tongue over her breasts, licking and nipping gently at her luscious mounds. She was moaning softly, as her body started to respond.
I led her over to the bed, and whispered, "I will make sure your first time is the best time, Susan. "
I gently laid her on the bed, and my mouth was all over her gorgeous body, licking and kissing her flesh. Her body quivered with excitement, as I stimulated her gorgeous form.

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   She started to gasp, as I moved towards her pussy. The sight of her wispy blond pubic hair was wildly exciting. I placed my mouth at her entrance, and started to lick and kiss her pussy, sweeping my tongue into her, and kissing her hot damp inner flesh. I could feel the obstruction of her maidenhead, she really was a virgin. Susan was gasping, as my tongue found her hard, erect clitoris. I concentrated on her clit, licking and teasing it with my tongue, feeling it was hard and straining, throbbing with need! I could feel Susan's hands pulling me in, as she bucked her hips, hovering on the brink. After 18 seconds more attention to her clit, she exploded, moaning with pleasure as her orgasm tore through her, her body jerking and writhing from the force of her climax!
I joined her on the bed, and held Susan while she calmed down from the effects of her first climax.
"Oh my, I have never felt anything like that", Susan smiled at me.
She looked at me, and her gaze dropped to my hard cock. Her eyes grew big as saucers as she stared at my 7 inches. She put her hand on my cock tentatively, and stroked it, feeling it throb in her hand.
"Now my dear, I am going to deflower you, if it hurts too much, tell me and I shall stop".
Susan nodded her head, so I eased her on to her back.
"Spread your legs, Susan".
I got into position between her thighs, and placed my cock at her entrance.

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   My cock was rock hard, and I was so ready to just thrust it in, and fuck wildly, but I reminded myself that she is a virgin, and I have to be very gentle with her. I pushed slowly, and felt my cock head nudge the entrance to her pussy, pushing in very slowly, I felt my cock meet the resistance of her maidenhead. I pushed against the resistance, and suddenly her maidenhead broke, and my cock slid in!
Susan flinched and gasped as her virginity was ended, but as I paused, she whispered, "That feels so good, don't stop. "
I pushed in slowly, until all 7 inches were buried in her. Susan's pussy was tight, hot, and slick with her lubrication. I pulled back slowly, and pushed in again, relishing the feel of her tight virgin pussy wrapped around my cock. Her tight gripping slickness pumped my cock as I fucked her. She started to moan and brought her legs up, around my waist.
"Oh yes, that feels so good", Susan whispered, "Please don't stop!"
I started to fuck her burning pussy a bit faster, my throbbing cock sliding into her again and again. I reached down, and cupped her cute bottom in my hands. She moaned, and started to pant, as I continued to fuck her steadily. Her tight hugging sheath milked greedily at my cock, urging me to let my load go, my cock was throbbing, working to an explosive climax. I held onto it, I wanted her to explode again!
"Oh my, it's going to happen again!" Susan gasped. Her body started to jerk, she gasped "It's happening again!", as she exploded.
Her pussy spasmed and wrenched wildly, clamping tightly around my aching cock! I could feel my cock swelling tight with a massive urgency! The virgin tight hug of Susan around my throbbing cock, quivering and spasming wildly, took me over the edge!I
felt the hot spunk sizzling up my shaft, and I let it go, and felt my cock pulsing as I exploded, my spunk blasting out, and splattering the insides of her pussy.

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   Her pussy was spasming wildly, the hug of her wrapped tightly around my spurting cock milking me, draining my balls into her tight, sucking depths, drawing out every drop I could pump into her.
As our climaxes ebbed, I flopped down next to her, on the bed. I reached into a pocket of my jeans, and withdrew a US 20 dollar gold coin, known as a double eagle. Her eyes widened as I showed her the coin, and then I placed it in her palm.
"Susan, why are you doing this, still being a virgin?", I asked.
"The owner of the hotel, Mr. Robert Cutcheon, did some favors for my father, and my father was unable to repay him. So, the only thing he could do, was put me in his employ. My Dad probably thought I would work as a chambermaid, but Mr. Cutcheon had other ideas, and you just happened to be the first one!"
This disturbed me, that he would employ such a pretty young lady in this manner!
"How old are you?", I asked.
"I just turned 18 two weeks ago", she said.
"Susan, would you like to leave here?"
"Very much so!", she said, crying softly, "but how?"
"You just leave that to me," I assured her. "Stay here, I'll be back very soon. "
I got dressed, shouldered my pack and went down to the bar. I asked the bartender if Mr.

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   Cutcheon was available. He took me to a backroom, and knocked on the door. "Come In" a voice behind the door answered. He opened the door, and I went in. Mr Cutcheon stood to shake my hand.
"Welcome Mr. Richards", he said, "I trust you are enjoying our hotel, and the fringe benefits!"
I took the hand and shook it firmly.
"Very much so", I replied. "I certainly enjoyed the favors of lovely young Susan!"
"Ah, yes, an excellent choice", he agreed.
"I would like to buy her freedom, if that is agreeable to you!"
He looked startled for a moment, and then said, "Well, her father owes me a rather large sum of money".
"How much would that be?", I asked.
"Five hundred dollars, it is a substantial sum", he replied.
"So, if I placed five hundred dollars in front of you, she would be free?"
"Yes, she would", he replied.
I smiled, reached into my pack, withdrew 500 dollars, and placed it on the desk in front of him.
"And, for Rebecca's favors", I said, and also added a gleaming double eagle to the pile of bills.

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He looked dumbfounded, but quickly recovered, and smoothly whisked the money off the desk, and quickly stashed it in a safe behind the desk. I had made a big hit in the California gold rush of 5 years ago, and could buy Rebecca's freedom.
"Well, I will be sorry to lose her, but I am a man of my word", he said. "She is now free to go".
"Thank you Mr. Cutcheon", I replied, "Nice to do business with you. "
I quickly returned to Room 8, she was under the covers, smiling at me as I returned.
"Susan, you are now free!", I told her.
She looked bewildered, "How did that happen?"
"I paid off the bill your father owned, and Mr. Cutcheon has released you from his employ! I also paid him the 20 dollars for your favors, so you can keep the double eagle gold coin!"
"He has?", she whispered.
"Yes, you are now a free lady!", I replied.
She jumped out of bed, totally nude, and rushed over to me.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!", she squealed, covering my face with kisses.
Her kisses got slower and deeper, and I felt her hand stroking me. My cock stiffened up accordingly, and soon I was as naked as she was.

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   We tumbled onto the bed laughing, and I quickly mounted her, needing to feel the slick heat of her inner tightness again.
She squealed with pleasure as I penetrated her molten core, and gasped, "Yes, that feels so good!"
I slid into her again and again, until I felt my balls cinch up tight! She exploded beneath me, her body shuddering and writhing in orgasm, her cries of joy and delight filling the room! The tight clamp of her pussy around me brought me off, and my howl of orgasm joined hers, as I exploded, my cock squirting wildly inside her gripping dark velvet depths.
She stayed with me the night, and we made love 2 more times, long drawn out passionate affairs. I licked and kissed and stimulated her gorgeous body, until she was quivering with desire, and plunging deep inside of her, I rode her, power fucking her tight cleft, Susan's obvious joy and delight in our coupling spurring me on! I waited until she had an explosive climax, watching the joy and delight of her orgasm play across her lovely face, and hearing the sounds of pleasure she made as she climaxed made my orgasm all the more enjoyable, then I would let the gripping hug of her inner silken flesh, wrapped tightly around me and quivering wildly, take me over the edge, and I would explode in a massive climax, losing a thick load deep inside her tight velvet grip. In the morning, I asked her if she would like to go with me, and she eagerly agreed. In a symbolic gesture, she left the cruel pinching corset on the bed. She was no longer owned by anybody, and she didn't have to be bound up physically by it anymore. We rode away from Dodge City, and her eyes were sparkling with happiness. It sure made my heart feel good, to see her so happy!
In a few hours, we stopped at a large lake, to water the horses. I turned around, and Susan was standing there, gloriously nude!
"I don't want to waste this opportunity!", she grinned, and dashed into the lake.
She dived forward, and dove down deep, then her head broke the surface, She stroked out a few feet, and stood up. The water was up to the bottom of her breasts, and she certainly looked glorious! Smiling at her enjoyment, I stripped, and quickly ran into the lake, to join her. I stroked quickly out to where she was.
"The water is beautiful!" she enthused. "This is such a wonderful spot! Let's go deeper!"
We swam out, and the next time we stood, the water was up to her neck, while it was just below my shoulders.

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"Yikes!" Susan gasped, "It sure got deeper, quickly, I've never been in water this deep!"
She threw her arms around me, so that I could hold her up higher. The feel of her body pressed to mine got me going again, and I brought her around to my front. I reached down, and ran my fingers over her pussy, hearing her moan softly. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I grasped her hips, lining her pussy region up with my cock. I pulled down on her hips, and I impaled her on my cock, the 7 inches sliding smoothly up into her in one stroke.
She clung tightly to me, and whispered, "Every time we make love, it feels better and better. "
She started to hump her body up and down, the water helping her out, as she started to ride my cock. Seeing her in the throes of passion, out here in the daylight, started my cock sizzling! She was gasping with pleasure, as she rode closer and closer to her orgasm. Her body stiffened, and she cried out wordlessly as her pussy exploded, her orgasm sizzling through her. My cock exploded, throbbing wildly, pumping my seed into her slick channel! I shot a huge load of semen into her, my body shaking from the force. We stayed joined in the lake for several minutes, just enjoying the peace and solitude. We emerged from the lake, and the sun soon dried out our bodies. We saddled up, and we were on our way again.
Several hours later, the sun was rapidly dropping towards the western horizon. Estimating it to be about 7 PM, we stopped for the night at the edge of a forest.


   With lots of branches available, I soon had a fire going, and we had a supper of jackrabbit and baked beans. The shadows started to grow long, and, as night closed in, I laid in a good supply of branches, and fed the fire, keeping a strong blaze going. I turned around, and Susan was standing there, totally nude! The firelight painted her glorious body with a yellow red glow, and she looked like one of the night time spirits, come to glorious life!
She snuggled into my arms, and whispered, "Could you kiss me down there again? I would love to feel your tongue inside me again. "
"It would be my great pleasure, sweet Susan", I whispered.
She lay down on the blankets as I stripped. Once I was naked, I ran my tongue all over her body. She cooed with pleasure, as I gave her a tongue bath! Her breathing deepened as my mouth found her pussy, and spreading her lips apart, I swept my tongue into her.
She gasped with pleasure, and said, "There, oh my right there!"
I ran my tongue into her again and again, sweeping my tongue over her straining clit, again and again, as she shuddered with pleasure.
She gasped, "Oh my, It's going to happen again, oh Yes, yes, YES!!", her voice rising to a shriek as he pussy exploded!
I was so turned on that I mounted her immediately, slamming my iron hard cock into her in one thrust! Her eyes opened wide, then she gasped, and she bucked wildly beneath me, her body jerking and writhing as another climax ripped into her! I pumped her pussy, my cock sizzling! She came again, and again, her body shuddering through wave after wave of pleasure! Seeing her in the throes of passion, and feeling her pussy spasming tightly against me, did it, and I let out a roar as my cock exploded, flooding her wildly twitching pussy with a big load of semen! The wild spasming of her pussy milked my swollen cock greedily, and she drained my balls into her hungry depths! She shuddered though the aftershocks, as we drifted back down.
"That was unbelievable" she gasped, "I never knew it could happen so many times, so quickly!"
We both drifted off to sleep, well satisfied!
I awoke, and looked around. Susan was sleeping against me, her arms around my neck, and her head pillowed on my shoulder. The sun was climbing above the eastern horizon, as dawn broke. I lay my head back down on the pillow, and listened to the sounds of the forest. After about 20 minutes, I slipped out of the blankets, so as not to disturb Susan, and fed a few branches into the embers. They caught, and I got a cooking fire going.

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   I took the coffee pot, and went about 100 yards away, where a small stream flowed. I filled the pot with stream water, and took it back to the campsite. Measuring in the coffee, I set it on top of a rock cropping right by the flames. Soon I had bacon sizzling in the frying pan. The smell of brewing coffee and sizzling bacon smelled mighty fine! I glanced over at Susan, she was propped up on her side, smiling at me.
"Good morning, Susan!" I said, "you look wonderful today!"
She giggled, and said, "Why thank you gallant sir!"
She giggled again, and swung aside the blankets. She stood up and stretched, and I was treated to a wonderful view of her nude body, for my eyes to feast on! The way her body was so wonderfully proportioned, I could feel my cock stirring, and tended to the cooking, to try and calm myself down! When Susan came over towards me, she was still nude!
"I love being outdoors, I can prance around naked all day if I like!", she said.
The sight of her walking around casually, totally comfortable in just her skin, was immensely exciting!
"You certainly provide a glorious sight to see, that's for sure!", I agreed, "but you make it hard for me to concentrate on making breakfast for us!"
She giggled, and said, "I will start to worry once you no longer WANT to look at me!"
"No chance of that, my dear", I replied, "I will never want to stop looking at you. "
She ducked her head down, and I could see the tears in her eyes, and I stood up, and she rushed into my arms.
"You are just so wonderful!", she said, crying softly, "How did I ever become so lucky?You were so tender and gentle and loving when you deflowered me, and now, I have found out how wonderful making love can be, rather than having to let dirty, sweaty men use me as nothing more than a receptacle for their own dirty lusts, for their own selfish pleasure. "
"I was just thinking the same thing, how did I become so lucky to find you?", I replied.
I held her, and her soft crying tapered off. When I tilted her head up, she smiled at me.
"I guess both of us just got lucky, at the same time!", I smiled at her, "Breakfast is ready, are you hungry?"
"Famished!", she said, "And the smell is making my empty stomach rumble!"
She sat on a log in the shade of the forest, and I was once again struck how she resembled a forest goddess, perfectly at ease in her natural state! I portioned up the bacon, and pouring coffee, I took over our plates, and then the mugs.
"So, what do today's travels look like?", she asked.

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"Today we have to be very careful, we will be traveling into Indian country, and if they captured us. . . . "
"What would they do to us?" she whispered.
"Well, I'd be scalped right away, and you would probably be taken back to their village, and every Indian brave would rape you. After that, they might keep you alive, to be used sexually again and again, as the braves saw fit, or, they'd scalp you, and throw your dead body to the wolves and coyotes. " She went very pale as I told her, and I quickly added, "We will just make sure that they won't get a chance to do so. If it comes down to it, I will make sure that they don't have a chance to take us alive. I will shoot you, and then kill myself".
"Do you promise?", she whispered, "Not to let them take me alive?"
"I promise", I replied.
The idea had certainly chilled the day, Susan was very subdued, as she got dressed, and we saddled up our horses. I made sure my revolver and rifle were fully loaded, and we set off.
A few hours later, as the sun climbed towards noon, we were moving along slowly, I felt that speed at this point, would be extremely risky. I did NOT want to face a tribe of battle ready Braves.

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   We were in a narrow canyon, with high cliffs on each side. A risky spot, but we had no choice, the open plains would have been a suicide run, the Kiowa and Sioux tribes would have been all over us. I kept my eyes glued to the tops of the cliffs, looking for any sign of Indians, but, so far, all was clear. Suddenly, I brought my horse up sharply, Susan's horse, a few steps behind mine, halted as Susan brought him up. I peered down the canyon, and at the far end, I could see a raiding party of Kiowa Indians! I signaled Susan to head back the way we had come, and I turned my horse quickly, applied the spurs, and with Susan at my side, we raced back the way we had come. At the end of the canyon, there were several large caves in the canyon walls. One of them was level with us, and I jumped off my horse, and motioned Susan to enter the cave with her horse. I quickly followed, and led my horse into the cave behind her. The cave led into a fairly roomy chamber, about 30 feet across, and 18 feet high. We quickly unsaddled the horses, in case the horses bolted, we didn't want our gear on their backs to be a giveaway that we were near.
"Do you think we've been seen?" Susan's voice quavered.
"I hope not, wait here, I'm going to scout them, and see if they're chasing in, or not", I replied.
"Please don't be long, and keep yourself safe!", Susan said.
I pulled her into my arms, and our mouths met.
"I promise", I replied, as I broke the kiss.

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I took the rifle, and gave her the Colt . 45 revolver. I crept to the cave entrance, and cautiously peered out. No sign of the raiders, yet. I cautiously moved back the way we had been going, climbing on boulders, until I could see them. I hunkered down, and watched them. They were approaching at the same leisurely pace we had seen earlier, and were not tense, or ready for battle. Thank God! I whispered silently. I quickly sneaked back to the cave entrance.
I dashed inside. "Susan, it's OK, they haven't seen us, they are still approaching at the same pace we saw earlier!"
"Thank God!" Susan gasped, "How soon before they are here?"
"They should be passing by in about 30 minutes, " I replied.
Susan suddenly shocked me by tearing off her clothes.
"Tony, I want you to come over here and fuck me! Fuck me now! If this doesn't work out, I want to make sure that I have not missed the last chance I had to make love, something to remember our wonderful time together! Please, make love to me!"
I understood her reaction, fear will often pump up the libido. I had had some close calls with danger, and noticed that my cock would get hard. And this time was no exception.

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   I stripped, and my cock was bloated, rock hard and throbbing with need. I eased Susan down on her back. My mouth was at her pussy in an instant, but she stopped me.
"Just fuck me, I need it now, enter me!!"
I placed myself between her legs, and penetrated her, pushing my entire length into her in one thrust! She gasped with pleasure, as my cock spread apart the walls of her pussy. I pulled back, and thrust into her again. I felt her legs circle my waist, and she pulled me in as deep as possible! Her pussy was hot and slick, she was wildly turned on! I pumped into her, again and again, riding deeply inside her. Her breathing was coming in sharp little gasps, as she raced to orgasm. The spunk was sizzling in my cock, and as she exploded, her orgasm sizzling through her, I exploded, my cock spurting wildly as I splattered her insides with a big load of semen! She shook and trembled from the force of her orgasm, gasping with pleasure.
We drifted back down, and Susan took my face in her hands, kissed me tenderly, and said "Thank you, my sweetheart".
We quickly got dressed and Susan took the horses, and led them over to the far side of the cave. She stroked them, and whispered gently to them, and the horses stayed very calm. I took my rifle, and hid behind a large boulder a few yards inside the cave entrance. It would provide an excellent cover, and I could watch the horses pass by, with very little chance of being seen. I got comfortable, keeping my rifle ready, and waited. Fifteen minutes later, I could hear the clip- clop of the horses hooves.

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   I cautiously lifted my head just above the boulder top, and I could see the horses passing by the cave entrance. I could not see the Braves, so they could not see me either. After a few minutes, the last horse passed by, and the clip-clop of the hooves faded away. I waited a few more minutes, then cautiously made my way to the cave entrance. I saw, with great relief, their was no further sign of the Indians! I ran back into the cave, and told Susan the good news. She threw herself into my arms, and I held her tightly.
After a few minutes, I crept out of the cave. Returning to my former point of vantage, I carefully surveyed the length of the canyon, and was relieved to see no more raiders in sight. The Indians that had passed us were no longer in sight, either. I returned to the cave, and Susan and I saddled up the horses quickly. I took the lead, and we left the cave.
An hour later, I was glad to see the end of the canyon approaching. There was a forest just beyond, and I felt a wave of relief as we entered the forest. The shade from the pine trees was deliciously cool, and the tension drained out of our bodies.
"Hey, what do you think of this, Tony?", Susan asked.

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I turned around and feasted my eyes on her breasts, as she was now naked from the waist up!
"I wanted to cool down a bit faster!"
"How about if you take the lead for a while, so I can get my fill of your form!" I said.
She did, and I rode along behind her, enjoying the view of the smooth slope of her nude back, and her frequent turns towards me, so I could see her breasts!
On the far edge of the forest was a log cabin, that was owned by a friend of mine. He had told me to use it as often as I needed, and I thought it would be an excellent place to stay. We had been on the trail for a while, and a night in a normal bed sounded wonderful. As we drew within sight, I told Susan about it, and she was very enthused about the idea. We slid down off the horses, and unlocked the door. It was a bit small, but well kept, and it sure looked like a better sight to spend a night in!
"Oh, this looks wonderful!", Susan enthused, "I can really enjoy a night off the trail!" Looking out the back window, she said, "And we have our own private river!", as she saw the river running by the cabin, about 100 feet away.
I unsaddled the horses, and led them around to a small barn that had been built next to the cabin. After the horses were settled, I took our gear in. Stepping through the front door, I came face to face with Susan, now completely nude!
"I just have to take a dip in the river, it looks so refreshing!", she grinned. "Like to join me?"
"Sounds great, I would love to join you!" I exclaimed.
I smiled and quickly shed my clothes, and we made our way to the river. The time felt close to 6 PM, and the sun was sliding towards the west. I walked just behind her, enjoying the way her hips and her cute bottom swayed as she walked, as we made our way to the river. A beaver dam had been built, and the backed up water created a good sized pond.

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   I enjoyed watching her stepping towards the water's edge, and sticking her toe into the water, to test the temperature!
"Perfect!", she exclaimed, and she dived into the water.
I could see her body under the water, stroking towards the surface, and she broke the surface, her face in a huge smile! I stepped to the edge, and dived in too. I quickly stoked over to her, and soon we were face to face, smiling at each other. She wrapped her arms around me, and we just floated in the pond.
I tried to get things going, but she gently said, "Not now, there'll be plenty of time for that later! And a nice bed to hold us, when we couple!"
After a while, we were back on shore, and we walked back to the cabin. Susan coquettishly asked if I had an objection to her remaining gloriously nude! Neither I, nor my cock, had any objection! Seeing the state that my cock was in, she led me back to the bedroom.
"Tony", she whispered, "I have a request of you, could I", she stammered, becoming red faced with embarrassment, "kiss you down there, the way you do it to me?"
"Of course, my dear", I replied.
She had me stretch out on the bed, and her hand circled my hard cock, and she squeezed it gently. She moved her hand slowly up and down, her eyes wide as she looked at my cock, and the way it throbbed with eagerness in her hands! She brought her full lips to the head of my cock, and began to kiss my cock lightly, her lips brushing the head. I saw her tongue snake out, and she began to lick gently at the head of my cock. I moaned with pleasure at the sensation, and her tongue began to roam all over my throbbing cock, over the shaft, up and down the length. Returning to the head of my cock, she parted her lips, and her mouth slid down over my cock. I groaned with pleasure, from the feel of her hot wet mouth engulfing my cock. She slid her mouth down, until my entire seven inches were in her mouth! She slid her mouth up, until just the head was in her mouth, then down, taking in my entire length again! She kept this up, sliding up and down my throbbing length again and again, and the sensation was making my toes curl with pleasure. I could feel the spunk sizzling into my shaft, and I knew I was almost there.

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   I warned her that I was about to climax in her mouth, and she slid up, until the head was in her mouth. Her hand stroked up and down my throbbing shaft, and I exploded, moaning with pleasure as my spunk gushed into Susan's eager mouth! She took in every drop, swallowed it all, and smiled at me!
"That was delicious!" she exclaimed.
"Lie back my dear!" I said, "I'm going to kiss you all over. "
She lay back with a happy smile, and soon, she was moaning with pleasure, as my tongue swept into her pussy, again and again. Her straining clit reached for my tongue, and I lashed at it, over and over again, until her body thrashed wildly as she exploded, her climax tearing through her! My cock had quickly revived, and I turned her over, so she was on her hands and knees. I placed my cock at her warm entrance, and slid it in. She gasped as I spread her pussy open, and filled her with the entire seven inches! I pulled back, and pushed into her again. I grabbed her hips, and started to fuck her steadily, my cock sliding into her steaming core over and over again. She gasped and moaned, and I reached around and started to stoke her clit with my fingers. She was breathing in sharp little gasps, as her climax started to rush at her! My cock was sizzling, and as I slammed into her, my cock exploded, flooding her!! She cried out wordlessly as her climax slammed into her, her pussy twitching and spasming wildly! We both shook and moaned as our climaxes rocked us! I flopped down onto the bed, and she fell into my arms, totally spent and satisfied!
After a few minutes of recovery, I swung out of bed, and set about making a meal for us. As promised, Susan remained nude, and it gave my eyes something to feast on as I got dinner ready! The light was quickly fading from the day, as the sun dropped below the western horizon. I lit one of the lanterns, and Susan by lamplight was just as glorious as Susan by daylight! After dinner, we sat outside for a while, listening to the sounds of the forest. I was more than sure, that I was deeply in love with her. She had come to mean an awful lot to me. Her smile, her unspoiled, almost innocent nature, the cute little laugh, the way she looked in the throes of passion, the feel of her in my arms, and in my bed, I couldn't imagine living without her!
As full darkness settled over the forest, we went back inside.

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   Susan pulled me by the hand, and led me back into the bedroom. She stripped me down, and with a giggle, pushed me back onto the bed. She quickly climbed atop me, and, placing my cock at her entrance, she impaled herself on my cock, moaning with pleasure as my cock pushed up into her, spreading open her tight inner flesh! Once she sank down to the hilt, she started to slide up and down my pecker, her face alive with pleasure! Her squeezing tightness stroked my throbbing prick over and over, making my shaft start to sizzle. She started to ram herself up and down on my cock, her breath coming in sharp little gasps!
"Yes, oh yes, yes, yes, YESSS!!", she shrieked.
Her orgasm slammed into her! Her pussy was spasming wildly, and my cock exploded, my seed flooding into her! We gasped and shook as our orgasms crashed through us!
"The best way to end the day!", Susan giggled, "and to start the day, and many times during the day too!"
She laughed as she flopped forward onto me, her beautiful face inches from mine. Her eyes were shining in the light from the lamp, and they looked almost violet. She reached for her clothes, I was a bit confused as to what she was up to. She took out the 20 dollar gold coin I had given her. She looked at it, turning it over, the gold of the coin glittered brightly in the light from the lamp. Her eyes were misty, and when she spoke, there was a tremor in her voice.
"This is my good luck coin, and I will never part with it. It brought me my freedom, and, most importantly, it brought me you. "
She tucked the coin away in her clothes, and she lay her head on my shoulder, and as I turned off the lamp. She snuggled in against me as darkness enveloped the room.
My eyes opened, and the sun was rising rapidly in the sky.


   The bed next to me was empty, and I swung my legs out, and stood up.
"Susan?" I called, "are you here my sweetheart?"
Receiving no answer, I went to the door, and looked outside. She was frolicking in the pond, and it was a beautiful sight to see! I headed over to the pond, and Susan smiled up at me as she saw me!
"Good morning Tony!" she said, "Care to join me?"
"I would indeed!" I replied.
I quickly jumped into the pond, and got a chill run through me from the cool water!
"Woo, that's brisk!" I cried.
She smiled at me and said, "The better to wake you up with!"
We splashed about, enjoying the peace and solitude, and soon, she was floating on the surface, my iron hard cock fucking her steadily! She was breathing in sharp little gasps, as her climax started to build. Watching the joy play across her face, I thrust into her, again and again, until my balls drew up tight, and just as she exploded, I let go, flooding her churning cunt with my spunk! She was right, the best way to start the day!
Late in the morning, we were back on the trail again. I told her as we rode, that my home was close, and we should be there in the evening. I did not tell her that I had a huge ranch spread, paid for by my fortune in the California gold rush, I wanted to surprise her! The forest gave way to a great plain, that seemed to stretch to the horizon. Just as the sun started to slide towards the west, we crested a hill, and there it was.
"This is it, my dear!" I said.
Susan was stunned, she had never seen such a massive spread!
"This is yours?", she whispered.
"Yes indeed, my dear!", I said.
I swung down off my horse, and helped her down from her horse, taking a deep breath, I said, "and I would like it to be yours! Susan, my sweetheart, I love you so much, I want you to be with me always. Would you marry me?"
She was thunderstruck, then, she started crying wildly!
Throwing herself in my arms, she gasped, "Tony, oh my God, I love you so much, YES, YES!!"
I held her tight to me, as she cried her happiness. Whatever else I had done, this felt like the best decision I had ever made! When she had calmed down, I led her to the ranch house, and soon, she was leading me to the bedroom!!.

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