Samantha chapter 2


Bobby walked around the convertible from where he had opened and closed the door for Samantha. The car was a late model Cadillac, and his father had already lowered the roof. As he got in, he saw that Samantha's dress, which naturally showed a good bit of leg, seemed to have ridden up even higher on her thighs.
"So where do you want to go?", she asked.
"I was thinking of taking a drive up to the lake at Tupper Quarry. I figure this is our last chance to see each other, and it's quite pretty up there now. "
"Sounds great. But let's stop somewhere and get something to drink. This heat is just godawful. "
"Fine with me. "
Bobby started up the car and put it in gear. As he drove out of the parking lot he looked over at Samantha and realized it really was hot. A fine sheen of sweat seemed to coat her body, and the thin cotton of her dress was glued to her skin. Her nipples stuck out through the fabric, hard and erect. Bobby thought the sight was excellent, and shifted subtly so that his growing erection would not be painful.
Pulling into the parking lot at his apartment, Bobby said, "Just a quick stop.

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   I'll be back in a minute. ", and got out.
Samantha was curious about what the stop was for, but didn't mind. She had also noticed Bobby's erection, and felt the familiar tingling beginning in her pussy! She decided to prepare for the evening. Looking around to make sure Bobby couldn't see, she slipped her hands under her dress and pulled off her panties. She noticed that they were quite damp, and not entirely from the heat. Samantha stuffed the panties in the glove box, and rearranged the skirt, so that it could easily slide up her thighs.
As she waited for Bobby, her mind drifted. She hadn't been a virgin since the day after her 18 birthday, a week before school started, when her first real boyfriend had deflowered her in the back of his van. She'd been a bit reluctant at first, wondering how it would feel, would it hurt a lot? Fortunately, her boyfriend understood, and stroked and fondled her all over, until her body was positively quivering with excitement. He stripped off his shorts, and Samantha felt her eyes grow wide, as she was looking at the first erect cock she had ever seen! It was uncircumcised, a stiff 8 inches, and ready to fuck her, and she eagerly spread her legs, and let Jim get into position. He pushed, and her hymen broke fairly easily, she had flinched and gasped a bit, but she put her hands on his buttocks, pressing down on them so he wouldn't pull back. Encouraged by this, he kept on pushing, and his shaft surged into her, filling her up!
She grunted "yes, oh yes, fuck me!"
Even though she was a virgin, she instinctively knew what to do, and she brought her legs around, locking her ankles around his waist, so he could thrust as deep as possible!
Jim set up a rhythm, sliding into her again and again, and Samantha was almost delirious with pleasure! Nothing had felt so good, and she howled with release as her orgasm rushed at her, exploding into her! She felt her pussy clamp tightly around Jim's cock, and she felt his cock exploding! She cried out again, her pussy spasming wildly with a second orgasm at the feel of his hard, jetting cock exploding, gushing thick ropes of spunk deep inside her! The spasms of her tightly gripping pussy milked greedily as his pulsing shaft, draining his balls of every drop of spunk.
It had been an interesting year at school. Just after Jim had deflowered her, she had received a package in the mail.

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   It was unsigned, and a mysterious note had been in the package, along with a DVD.
The note said, "Dear Sam, this is your secret admirer. I am in your class, and would love to get together with you. If you are interested, watch the video alone, and I will tell you that I would love to do the things in the video, to you! If you are interested in getting together with a female, wear the red jersey style top to school on Friday, and I will let you know who I am. If not, this will go no further.
Your secret admirer. "
Sam was interested, she had been curious about having sex with another female, and her curiosity was aroused. After her Mom was asleep that night, she put the DVD into the DVD player, and turned it on. It was a montage of scenes from various lesbian videos, and Sam's pussy juiced up as she watched dozens of hot porno actresses enjoying hot sex! She had to stop the disc halfway through, and stroke herself to orgasm, before she could continue! After the tape ended, in bed, she brought herself off to another gut wrenching climax! Sam was determined to find out who her secret admirer was.
All during the week, Samantha was excited and horny, wondering who her admirer was. On Friday, she wore the red jersey style top, and eagerly awaited contact. During lunch, her cellphone rang. It was her admirer, and she asked Sam to meet her in the girl's gym locker room after school, so they could meet each other in private.
Just after 3 PM, classes ended, and Sam made her way towards the gym locker room. She took a look around, saw no one nearby, and ducked in.

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   The room was deserted, and Sam surmised that she was the first one there. She took a seat and waited. Two minutes later, she heard the door open and close. She could hear the lock being engaged, and footsteps approaching. She stood up, and her admirer appeared around the bank of lockers. Sam recognized her as Allison Richardson, they had been in the same school for the last 3 years, and she had known her as a classmate, but nothing else. Allison was very attractive, with wavy red hair, a cute face, at 5'7" tall, and about 135 pounds, with a gorgeous set of 36D breasts, just like hers.
"Hi Samantha", Allison said, "I'm your secret admirer, and I want to make lots of hot love to you! And since you wore that top, I'd say you want to also!"
"Oh, I do indeed!" Samantha replied, "Watching that video made me so hot! And thinking about making love to another female made me even hotter!"
Allison took 2 steps forward, and wrapping her arms around Samantha, they locked lips in a burning, lust filled kiss! The touch of Allison's lips on her fired Sam up, and she returned the kiss with all of her rapidly building passion. Allison's tongue slipped out, and Sam eagerly let hers come out, and their tongues wrestled lustfully together. After several minutes, they broke the kiss to come up for air. Both girl's faces were flushed with desire.
Smiling, Allsion said, "In that case, let's go to my place! My parents are both working late, they won't be home until 11:30 PM, and we will have lots of time together. And if you feel like it, you can sleep over at my place. I know my parents would love to have someone with me, while they are at work. "
Walking to Allison's home, Samantha could feel her pussy, slippery wet with her juices, and engorged with blood, her excitement was building.


   On a quiet, tree lined street, Allison took her hand, and the contact sent pleasant tingles all through Samantha. They walked hand in hand the rest of the way.
Unlocking the door, Allison and Sam entered. The house was quiet, and Allison led Samantha upstairs. Sam was so ready, and was glad to see that Allison was just as ready for it as she was! No need for talking or preliminaries, let's just get to the good stuff!
In Allison's bedroom, Allison stripped Samantha, until she was nude to Allison's gaze. Sam could see Allison's eyes grow wide, as she gazed at Samantha's pelt of blond pubic hair. Samantha did the same, and Allison's hot body was revealed to her. She could feel her heart beat faster, as she saw Allison's rich pelt of red pubic hair! Allison took her hand, and led her over to the bed.
"Sam, lie back and let me love you, and then, you can do me, Okay?" Allison whispered.
Samantha nodded eagerly, and she felt Allison climb onto the bed, pressing her body against Sam's. She brought her mouth to Sam's, and their lips pressed together, gently at first, then with a growing passion, their hot panting breaths interspersed with the hot, burning press of their lips. Breaking the kiss, Allison worked her way down, lips and tongue licking, sucking and gently nipping at Samantha's breasts and nipples. Samantha felt Allison's mouth, kissing and licking at her body, setting fires of pleasure going wherever they touched her. Sam moaned, the sensations were shooting straight to her pussy, making her clit throb with desire! Going lower, Sam could feel Allison kissing her way down, down towards her drenched pussy! Allison swirled her tongue through Sam's full bush, and inhaled deeply.
"You smell delicious, so hot and moist and ready.

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   Spread your pretty legs for me, Sam honey", Allison whispered.
Just before she positioned herself, Allison fluffed up two pillows, and placed them under Sam's head, explaining to her that half the fun of being licked to climax is watching your lover as she licks you! She watched Allison positioning herself, then Allison's tongue licked gently at her delicate lips. Sam watched the red head of Allison between her thighs, moaned with pleasure as her lover's tongue swept all over her coral pink lips, again and again. Allison's fingers spread her pussy open, gazing at her sensitive inner pinkness, deep red and glistening with her juices, and Allison waited no longer! She slid her tongue into her, over and over, then wrapped it around Samantha's clit, pulling at it again and again! It was wildly exciting, watching Allison's mouth making such sweet love to her pussy, Sam grunted with pleasure, she was ready to explode! Allison slid a finger up Sam's pussy, finger fucking her as her tongue drove Sam's throbbing clit to a frenzy! The knowledge that she was being made love to by a very pretty girl sent her racing towards orgasm! She watched Allison, could see Allison's head full of long red hair between her thighs, at her pussy, licking her wildly. That gave her the final shove, and her orgasm charged at her, full speed!
"Yes, oh yes, damn you're so good, keep licking me, baby, I'm almost there, almost, almost, ungh, ungh, ungh, oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, OH YES!!" Sam howled.
As her voice shrieked out, her pussy exploded, she felt a wash of hot juices gushing out, and she howled with delight as she came hard, her pussy wrenching and spasming wildly, clamping down on Allison's finger, gushing her juices into Allison's eager mouth!
She floated in the afterglow, Allison's body pressed against hers.
After a bit of recovery time, she grinned at Allison!
"You made me cum like crazy", Samantha cooed, "and now, it's your turn! Allison sweetie, lie back, and let me love you!"
Allison eagerly lay back, and Sam could smell her desire, musky and hot! Sam worked her way down, kissing and licking Allison's hot body, enjoying the sounds of pleasure she made! Between Allison's legs, she gazed at Allison's red muff of pubic hair, her natural red pubic hair excited her! The scent of Allison's arousal filled her, musky, hot, and eager! Samantha wasted no time, dipping her tongue into Allison's burning core, licking up the juices that filled her! Her nose was filled with the heady aroma of Allison in heat, and she licked at her wildly, her tongue finding Allison pulsing clit, and sweeping across it with long, broad licks, using her tongue to drive her lover to orgasm!
"Yes, oh yes, keep licking me Sam honey, oh yes, yes, yes, fuck, fuck fuck, OH YES!" Allison howled.
With a howl of pleasure, she came hard, her body shuddering and writhing, coating Sam's face with a gush of her hot, tasty juices. Sam stayed with her, licking her as she shuddered through her orgasm, licking out all her tasty juices.
Sam crawled up, so she could press her body against Allison's, as Allison floated in the afterglow.
"Oh Sam, that was the best, the best!" Allison said, "You don't know how many times I've seen you in class, and wanted every time to be able to touch you, and love you the way we just did! And having the reality better than the fantasy made it perfect!"
The lay together for a while, savoring the feeling. Soon, each could feel the desire return, and this time, they did a 69 together. Breasts to bellies, mouths to hot cunts, they engaged in that most intimate kiss. They licked each other wildly, until their sweet cream flooded into each others mouths, their howls of orgasm filled the room, as they shuddered and writhed together through another powerful orgasm.
They got up and hopped into the shower.

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   Rubbing soap all over each other, and stroking each others sleek hot curves got them going again, and they clung to each other, their probing fingers sliding up each others, hot, horny centers! Their cries of orgasm filled the shower, as they both came hard! They toweled off and got dressed, and Sam phoned her Mom, and got her okay to stay overnight at Allison's. After such fabulous lovemaking, Samantha was eager to stay overnight!
Two blocks away was a bagel shop, and they grabbed a light dinner, it was almost 7 PM.
Soon, they were back in bed again, stripped and ready for more action, their nude forms pressed together. This time, Allison brought out an 18 inch double headed dildo, and asked Sam if she'd like to ride her toy! Sam certainly did!
"Lie back Sam baby" Allison cooed.
As Samantha did so, Allison lubed up one end of the dildo. She pressed it against Sam's center, and worked it in slowly. Sam moaned with pleasure as the walls of her cunt were stretched open. When 7 inches were in her, Allison eagerly got into position. She placed the other head of the dildo against her, and with a groan of pleasure, impaled herself, sinking down the shaft. They started out slowly, working the dildo in and out. Sitting face to face, with their legs spread out of the way, they started to move faster, using their hips to propel themselves. Soon, they were pressed together, their burning cunts joined together by the thick, pleasing dildo. Allison would tighten her pussy down on the dildo, and thrust with it, pushing it as far up Sam's burning pussy as she could. Then, Sam would tighten down on it, and thrust it back into Allison's burning center. They moved faster, fucking each other wildly, both girls could feel the burning fire of orgasm rising!
Suddenly, Sam howled, "Oh my God, I'm gonna cum, oh yes, oh fuck, it's so good, cum, cum, cum, yes, yes, YES!!"
Her orgasm exploded, and she gave voice to her gut-wrenching climax with a shriek of pleasure, her pussy spasming wildly around the hard dildo.

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   As she shuddered through the pleasure, Allison's howl of orgasm joined hers, as her throbbing pussy exploded!
As it was almost 18 PM, Allison and Samantha decided they had to put a stop to the fun, for now. After a few minutes, they got dressed, and trooped downstairs to meet Allison's parents. Right on schedule at 11:30, they arrived home from work. Samantha found them to be funny, charming and welcoming, she liked them immediately, and they were very happy to find out that she had been there since school had ended, to keep Allison company.
At 1 AM, Sam and Allison went to bed. Allison had a queen size bed, and she teasingly asked Sam if she would like to wear a pair of her pajamas.
Smiling, Sam replied, "No, I love to sleep in the nude. It's much more comfortable, we wear clothes all day, we need to let our skin be free at night. And how better to stroke and caress you, without all that fabric in the way?"
Allison whispered, "Good, because I feel the same way! Let's go to bed, and make some more sweet love, Samantha baby!"
They stripped naked, each girl taking long looks at her lover's physical charms and assets. Sam could feel Allison's loving gaze, and it made her pussy simmer. She gazed back at Allison, feeling her desire grow as she gazed at Allison's sexy red triangle. They hopped into bed, and they stroked and caressed their lover's body, each of them giving off soft coos and moans of pleasure, as their senses took in the rush of pleasure from the soft stroking hands. After much stroking and caressing, they once again formed a 69, forming the well known number of oral love, their breasts pressed tight against their lover's belly, mouths joined tightly to cunts, licking lovingly at each others hot creamy centers, fingers sliding up their lover's hot, horny cunts. Samantha and Allison did their best to stifle their cries of delight, as each licked and finger fucked the other to an explosive orgasm.
During the rest of the school year, Samantha had had 2 fabulous lovers.

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   Allison knew about her boyfriend, as did Sam, who knew that Allison had a boyfriend. But, as for their loving relationship, they kept that to themselves. A girl has to have some secrets, after all! Even now, 5 years later, Allison and Sam still got together on occasion, and had a hot erotic time together, they could really heat up the sheets!
Samantha smiled as she thought about that. Her mind then followed another line. Ever since her first boyfriend had deflowered her, she always wanted an uncircumcised cock. She had seen an occasional circumcised one, and did not like the look of it at all. She also liked to play with her boyfriend's cock, and it turned her on to see the foreskin rolling up and down over the swelling head of his cock, until he was rock hard, and the foreskin formed a crown around the base of his cock head.
Every year at college, at the beginning of the year, Samantha would start sizing up potential boyfriends. Just because she was hot, and she could have ANY guy, she was not going to settle for just anyone. A girl has to have standards, after all, and she had several standards for a great fuck. First, he must not be a two pump chump. Anyone who'd ride her for a minute, shoot his load and rollover to sleep, no way! if nothing else, that was extremely rude and insensitive. Second, he must be a true stud, able to get it up and fuck her every time she wanted it. Third, while quality was usually better than quantity, Sam wanted both! She wanted a big cock to open her up! She loved the feeling of being split open by a big stiff cock, and having it pulsing and throbbing deep inside her. Fourth, she wanted a real shooter.

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   She wanted her horny cunt filled to overflowing with a big load. When she was sucking his cock, she wanted to feel his cock spewing thick streams of hot spunk all over her tongue, filling her mouth up! Fifth, she wanted a guy who would not be some amateur at pussy licking, She loved oral sex, giving as well as receiving, and no guy who was too selfish to go down on her, and do a great job, was going to be her guy. And lastly, she wanted an uncircumcised cock, if possible. After checking out several prospectives, she would give each one a special, all night, horizontal "interview. " After the interviews, Bobby was the one. He met the first and second criterion, he was an all night stallion! He had no trouble getting it up over and over, all night, and fucking her. Third, the size was no problem, Bobby was a 10. 5 inch horse cock, and the feel of her cunt being split open by his massive cock was perfect. Every time he came, he would flood her horny cunt, or, fill her mouth, gushing thick streams of spunk deep into her womb, or spewing them over her tongue! He was sweet and kind, hung like a horse, uncircumcised, could fuck her all night, loved to lick her pussy to orgasm, and could always blow off a massive load of spunk into her. He could hump her like crazy, and Sam craved his humping! They went together for the rest of the school year.
Bobby came out the front door of the apartment carrying a large pile of items. Seeing Samantha open her door to help he said, "No! No! I'vegot it taken care of", and threw the pile in the back seat.
Samantha looked in the back seat and saw several blankets, some towels, and a large and empty cooler.
"The Boy Scouts always say to be prepared. ", he commented.

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A few minutes later they pulled into a convenience store. Hopping out again, he returned with a large bag of ice and three six-packs of cold beer. He put the ice and two of the sixes in the cooler, and gave the rest of the beer to Samantha. She put the beer on the floor between her feet, and they were off.
Several minutes later they pulled off the main road and began heading for the quarry. Samantha opened a beer and gave it to Bobby, then opened one for herself. The thin straps of her dress slid down her arms, dropping the front of the dress dangerously low. When Bobby looked over, he could see that the only things holding the dress up were Samantha's nipples, and even they were beginning to show. At least the top edge. In addition, Samantha's skirt had ridden very high up her legs. Only the front was still in place over her pussy, where Samantha was holding her beer. It seemed obvious that she couldn't possibly be wearing panties.
This sight had an immediate effect on Bobby. His erection became painfully large, and he finished the beer almost instantly. Bobby finished his beer as he pulled into the quarry.


   Taking another beer from Samantha, he skillfully drove the car down a narrow path towards the rear of the quarry.
"I found this place last year. ", he told Samantha. "What with it being so out of the way, the middle of the week, and a school night for the high schoolers, I figure it should be pretty quiet. "
"Private, too. ", she responded, smiling. "Maybe we can take a swim. "
He smiled back. "Maybe. "
Shortly, he stopped the car at a small opening to the abandoned quarry. Getting out, they took the blankets down to the shoreline. Then he went back to the car and brought back the towels and beer, while Jennifer spread out the blankets. By the time Bobby had set down the towels and beer, Samantha was stretched out on the blanket, looking up at him. Her dress by nowwas just barely covering her crotch and nipples. Bobby stood there for a second, then kicked off his shoes and pulled off his shirt.

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"Planning on a swim now?", Samantha asked.
Dropping down in front of her, Bobby smiled. Kneeling before her, he undid the zipper on his pants and pushed them down to his knees.
"No. Planning on fucking you now. "
Samantha loved the sight of his cock. It was huge, at least 10" long and 2" wide. She could clearly see the veins pulsing along the sides. It seemed to throb. Beneath hung two large testicles. Samantha imagined that they were swollen and engorged with the cum he planned to spew into her!
"Go for it, big boy", Samantha returned.
A small shrug dropped the dress completely down, exposing her massive aroused breasts, and she gave a slight tug to the hem, flipping it up to her waist.
Kneeling down between her spread legs, Bobby didn't waste any time on foreplay. He didn't need any, as her rigidly erect nipples and pussy glistening with her juices, told him Samantha didn't either. Positioning his cock at the entrance to her pussy, he gave one big thrust and sank in the full length.

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   Samantha gave a loud gasp as she felt his big cock stretch open the walls of her cunt! She loved the feeling of being split open by his big cock! Bobby slammed it home, and his balls slapped against her ass. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Bringing her legs up, she began to rub the heels of her spike-heeled sandals on the sides of his heaving ass. God, he thought, that feels good. His cock was engulfed in a tight hugging sheath of hot juices. Reaching down and cupping her ass in his hands, he withdrew almost completely, then plunged forward again. His fingers stroked lightly against the tight pucker of Samantha's ass crack. Samantha squealed with pleasure, her tight rosebud was extremely sensitive to his stroking fingers. Feeling the goad of her heels on his ass, he entered into a fast rhythm of pulling out till the head had almost slipped out and diving in so fast his balls were slapping on her ass cheeks. Her pussy seemed impossibly hot and tight. Every time, the tightness of her made it feel like she was still a virgin, and he was claiming her cherry! He could feel his cock throbbing, he knew he was going to cum massively.
Samantha was moaning heavily, and her breathing was labored. Bobby's massive strokes were bringing her to a fever pitch. Her pussy grabbed at his cock, but the slick, flowing juices prevented a firm grasp. Her nipples, which she had thought hardbefore, now felt like rock hard cogs digging into his chest.

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Samantha was thinking about her morning fun with her Mom's Sybian! She could feel her orgasm, it was racing at her! She thought about her Mom, in her mind's eye, she could see her Mom, head thrown back in ecstasy, gasping with pleasure, her beautiful body shaking with sexual heat, riding the same thick dildo that had fucked Samantha's cunt, and was smeared with her daughter's horny cream! That did it, and suddenly she tightened her arms around Bobby's neck, as her body began to spasm. Her legs tightened, the spike-heels driving him into her wildly twitching cunt, and her cunt clamped tightly around his shaft!
Raggedly she cried out,"I'm cumming!"
Samantha's spasming pussy drove Bobby over the edge. His cock jerked and swelled tight! Plunging in, his back arched, his eyes shut and his lips drawn back, his mighty throbbing cock exploded! It felt like he was pumping and squirting gallons into her steaming cunt. The spasms milked at his mighty cock, making him gush wildly, spewing a massive load into Samantha's fiery fuck-hole! The feel of his massive load flooding her cunt made Samantha cum again! As they started to slide down from the orgasmic plane, he opened his eyes and looked down on her. Seeing her angelic face smiling up at him, he lowered himself down and kissed her. When he moved to withdraw his shrinking manhood, she said "No" and wrapped her legs around his waist, locking the ankles.
"I'm not done with you yet, Bobby. That was only the beginning. ", she said.
Samantha knew what Bobby was capable of and what he liked, and proceeded to put that knowledge into action. Keeping her legs wrapped around his waist, she began a rhythmic squeezing action in her cunt.
Bobby's eyes widened as his drained and softening member felt the new sensations. He had never before met a woman with this kind of control over the muscles in her pussy. Next she began to undulate and squirm on the blanket, all the while maintaining the squeezing of his cock by her pussy. Bobby's cock began to stiffen rapidly.


Silently, she slid her legs down, and with the tips of her heels, slid his shorts and underwear off his body. Straightening her legs, she rolled him over until he was on his back. Then she drew up her legs so that she was now straddling him. Samantha then sat up, grabbed the hem of her dress, and pulled it over her head. Knowing her boyfriend's tastes, she decided to wear nothing but her heels as long and as often as possible tonight. Bobby could feel his cock stiffen more as he looked at Samantha's nude form. It always turned him on, to see her in all her natural beauty.
Bobby reached over and grabbed the towels. Forming a makeshift pillow, he positioned it under his head. He loved watching Samantha fuck him like this. He couldn't believe that despite the movements, despite the rolling, despite the undressing, her cunt was still squeezing and releasing so rhythmically. It almost felt alive, and his cock seemed to stretch to an even greater length.
Samantha decided this fuck would last longer. Bobby had put a pillow under his head so he could watch, and she decided to put on a good show. Her pelvis began moving, first forwards and backwards, then side to side, and finally in a circular fashion.

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   She mixed the movements, and alternated them, all the while slowly raising up on her knees and slowly sinking back down.
Bobby looked at their joined crotches and thought that her pussy was like a wild animal, slowly nibbling and eating him. Samantha was still tight, hot, and juicy, and by now their first cum had run down out of her cunt and was covering his balls. Looking up, he saw that between the heat and the sex, they were covered with a heavy coat of perspiration.
Sweat ran down Samantha's body and dripped from her rigid nipples onto his stomach. She began running her fingers through the hair on his chest, going from his small nipples down to his belly, ending up by running the length of his cock as it entered and exited her cunt.
Bobby reached up with one hand to rub Samantha's nipples. Large and stiff, they protruded at least an inch from her bouncing tits. With the other hand he reached down and began stroking her clit. Samantha gave a small shudder and seemed to become distracted. She began to lose interest in the complicated motions she had been performing, and began concentrating on a rapid in-and-out.
After several minutes of increasing speed, Bobby could feel the orgasm approaching. Samantha had been crying out for part of this time that she was cumming, and for Bobby to continue fucking her.
At his outburst of "Oh God, I'm going to blow!" she reached down with one hand. Cupping his throbbing balls in her hand, she began to massage his massive, cum-coated nuts.

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   This was too much for Bobby, and he let out that moan than Samantha knew so well, and his big balls exploded, squirting a fresh load of thick, hot cream upwards into her cunt.
Exhausted for the moment, Samantha collapsed onto Bobby. As his cum began draining from her still pulsing pussy and onto his balls, she wondered how her mother and aunt were doing with Bobby's dad.



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