WWE Divas


The corridors were long and seemed to go on for every as she walked along
taking in everything around her. The photos of her heroes were all over the
wall; you name it they were there. Knocking on the door a voice from inside
called her in.
"Hi I am here to see you about join the WWF. " In front of her the lady was
standing with her back facing her and the first thing she noticed was her
tight arse inside of those famous PVC dress. Without looking at her, she
started to fire question to Lita about what she could bring to the company,
her abilities and why they needed her. To this Lita answered simple, " I
bring to the company, not only great physical ability but a set of thongs
and g-strings that no one can compete with. You kneed me as I am a powerful
women and I can turn any man on, much like you in that way. " With that
Stephanie turned round to see in front of her the sexy and desirable women.
" You think I am that good?" she asked.
" Look at yourself, you are powerful, rich, wear PVC and have a great body.
Who can not want that, even women will want you. " To that Stephanie blushed,
not to keen on the women thing but thanks all the same. Moving over to Lita
sitting on the edge of the table legs crossed, her short PVC mini skirt
ridding up higher than Lita could imagine. " Well I love wearing PVC the
touch of it against you skin" closing her eyes for a few seconds " but that
is not important. I mean you are nice as well and I think would make a great
addition to the company, but remember you will not only have to be loyal to
the company but also to the family who owns it, do as we say.

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" Yes Mrs. . . "
" Call me Stephanie. "
" Yes I understand Stephanie. What ever you ask I will do, I mean I have
wanted to be in this company forever. "
"Well let me get the papers for you to sign, ok?" Lita out of the corner of
her eye she saw the PVC ride up even higher to expose Stephanie's pants,
like Lita's she was sure it was a thong. When she got of the table the skirt
feel down and she walked out of the room.
Lita could not remember when a women had got her thins turned on, it must be
the power and the PVC that got her going but then this was her new boss, she
couldn't do anything about this sadly. But how she wish she could, Stephanie
looked so good in real life, her body was amazing, how her curves went so
well with the PVC hugging her body. When Stephanie came back into the room
Lita was becoming so horny every time she looked at her PVC clad body it
made her feel so hot wanting her. When Stephanie came back into the room,
she sat down at the other end of the desk and leaning over, Lita could see
her ample breast, staring at her. She was find it so hard to control
herself, just the idea of her and the boss getting it on made her feel so
horny wanting her was becoming to much, she had to get out of the room or
she could not be able to control herself.
" So are you happy with this deal then, Lita?" questioned Stephanie.
" I think it is great, I just can't wait to get some action here.

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"What do you mean by that? Are you trying to come on to me?"
" No I'm I was meaning action in the ring. I promise you. " Her voice was
nervous as Stephanie questioned her over and over.
" Come on Lita, tell the truth now, I have been in the business long enough
to know that you want some of me. All the stuff you said about how females
would like me and when you looked down to my chest to check me out. " Her
voice became more aggressive to Lita. " Tell me the truth Lita, I told you
that as I am the boss you have to do as I tell you, I want to know now. " Her
questioning was making Lita hotter and hotter she could feel the pressure
building up inside of her. "Tell me right now Lita, I don't what this to
hurt the first day here, now tell me. " Stephanie was standing up, her hands
on the table, leaning forward try to put more pressure on Lita, but instead
Lita was looking deeper in to Stephanie cleavage as it moved up and down
with her deep breathing.
"I promised you Stephanie, I don't anything by it at all, I promise you. "
" Right then, well I will talk to you later Lita, you better go as you are
on Monday night. "
" Once again thank you Stephanie, I can't wait. " Stephanie walked her to the
door of her office they said bye and Lita walked out of the office, so hot
and horny by seeing Stephanie thong and her PVC dress exposing some of her
cleavage. As Lita was walking down the hallway she was upset that she could
do nothing about this her pussy wanting Stephanie so much.

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   She stopped
turned round and head back to the office, not knowing what she was doing,
knock on the door and walked in. Stephanie was on the phone and was
confirming that Lita had signed. "Looked Dad I got to go. Bye" turning round
she saw Lita was walking over to her. " Oh, can I help you Lita?" But
instead of answering Lita leant over and kissed her nothing was going to
stop Lita now with Stephanie locked on to her lips Lita's hands ran all over
her body through her hair rubbing her PVC dress it felt so good. The feeling
of it against her hands, she squeezed it tight and gave Stephanie a pleasure
she had not experienced for such a long time (since college). Lita puled
away looked at Stephanie "sorry I lied to you. "
" It is ok, I wanted you and I knew you wanted me. " Grading her hair
Stephanie pulled Lita in for a passionate kiss and pulling in so close
forced Lita on to the chair with her the more kissing they had the great
their body's moved with each other. Lita was getting so hot from the feeling
of PVC rubbing against her exposed stomach. The noise it made when she was
playing with Stephanie's body was such a turn on, but she wanted to get into
her thong but could not get her hand between the PVC.
"Stephanie, I want you so bad and I mean all of you. "
" God yes Lita please me, please. " With that Lita pull her top of over her
head to show her purple bra and firm breasts. With that Stephanie drove into
them kissing and sucking around the bra as Stephanie pleasured Lita, she
loved it.

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   " God yes Stephanie I love it. "
" You want to get even more pleasure Lita?"
" Yes please I want all you can give me, right her. "
" The come with me babe. " Taking Lita by the hand Stephanie open a door in
the side of the room. " This is my little area of the building. " Lita looked
around but there was nothing special there the normal stuff that was all.
"Well you coming or not?" called out Stephanie. " Because I want you to
come. " In the far left hand coroner of the room a small opening where
Stephanie disappeared. " Hey you come back here, I want some more. " Lita
body glistened with her sweat as she ran in to the area to let her find
>From behind she felt a slight pain when she entered the room only to find
Stephanie holding a riding crop and looking at Lita. " NOW you be a good
girl or I will get angry with you. " Hitting her arse again "this is how I
command respect from you. " Whip "You understand Lita.

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"Oh yes Stephanie I understand. " Stephanie started to kiss her but with so
much passion Lita started to walk backwards nearly falling over, up against
the wall Lita was engrossed by this kiss. So when she tried to move her
hands to grad on to Stephanie's arse she could not move her hands as they
had been cuffed to a strapping on the wall. "This is what I call tough love,
Lita, I will teach you to tell the truth as you have lied to me already. "
"I can't wait" Lita called to her as Stephanie walked out of the room. When
she came back it was a different Stephanie, instead of the full PVC dress;
it was a PVC bra and thong. " So my little bitch are you ready for my heat?"
With this Stephanie start to play with her pleasure pain threshold. She
kissed Lita fully exposed breast so hard and firm but as she came close to
the nipples with her lips the kissing turned to biting and when she got to
the nipples she pulled them with her teeth moving in and out with them
clamped in her mouth. Lita moaned out in pleasure with every pull at her
teeth. " No bad enough for you Lita?" in reply to this she purred like a cat
making Stephanie even more turned and wanting to have her beg for her pussy.
Then Stephanie moved up to her lips and slowly kissed them and then again
started to bite down on her lips but still there is nothing. Stephanie was
getting angry with her "Why will you not give in to me?"
"I want more than this Stephanie come on I want the good stuff. " To that
Stephanie pulled out the whip and start to hit her across her flat stomach
with ever hit it made Stephanie's breast bounce up and down even more and
Lita love it. "Come on I want more, that is nothing" Getting more and more
hits and then one of Stephanie's breast fell out of the bra. "Let's see both
of them Stephanie.

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  " With that she pulled down her bra to reveal her generous
breast that were firm but big, Lita's pussy was in over drive she could feel
it growing and throbbing seeing this site. "You like that don't you Lita,
you want to touch that don't you. "
"Yes please let me. "
"NO" and with that let out whip after whip making her breast bounce up and
down, turning Lita and herself on even more. "You want me don't you" Moving
over to Lita, Stephanie removed her from the wall and forced her over the
room pushing her around and slapping her near bare arse apart from the
thong. With this Lita could not talk any more, she grad Stephanie and
started going at her body, biting and playing with her nipples in her mouth.
Biting them made Stephanie moan in pleasure, as she loved to feel the pain.
Lita bent Stephanie over and pulled down her short skirt to show a shining
PVC thong, Lita could not hold back now she went on her knees and sunk her
teeth in to the bare flesh. Sucking on her tan arse, so firm in her mouth.
Moving the thong strap across showing her pussy and arse Lita started to
lick from one to the other. She loved playing and teasing Stephanie by not
deciding on which on to play with. Stephanie started to moan as her pussy
was becoming wet and with that Lita got her clit between her teeth holding
down and sucking it to start with then she pulled away causing the Stephanie
to feel pain making her even more wetter as Lita lapped it up. With this
Stephanie's body fell to the fall making Lita pull away from her.
"You had enough yet?" Stephanie's answer to this was to rub her foot over
Lita's tits.
"Right then.


  " With this Lita stood up and looked round the room and finding
a desk, open it up to find a range of sex toy Lita grad them and went back
to Stephanie's body. Putting on the dildo, Lita flipped over Stephanie and
slid the dildo in to her pussy and started to ride her moving it up and down
inside of Stephanie making her feel it deep inside of her. "Do you like
that?" As Lita had her from behind, the dildo going deep into Stephanie's
wet pussy as Lita hands cupped her full breast. Playing with her nipples as
she moved the strap on hard and fast, Stephanie love the feeling of the long
shaft moving inside of her pussy, the cold rubber feel of the dildo made it
all the move enjoyable for her. She then realised the Lita had raped her
arms round hers, holding her body close to her with the dildo push as far as
it could. "Let me show you one of my moves. " And with this Lita flipped over
Stephanie putting her in to a Back lock, but it felt so good as Lita was
able to push the dildo deeper inside of Stephanie's weaping pussy. Lita
could feel the cum moving out of the pussy and falling on her legs and she
loved this nearly as much as Stephanie. With three more thrust Lita could
hear Stephanie cum again and with that her body went limp. Lita got up and
with a final kiss for Stephanie started to put back on her clothes, as she
headed for the door Stephanie called out to her. " Welcome to the company
Lita, hope you enjoy it as much as you did this!"
"I hope I do Stephanie. "
"I know you like thongs and I don't think you will have on of these. " With
that she lobbed her thong to Lita and Lita put it in to her bag and blow
Stephanie a kiss. Just as she left the other door opened and standing there
was Trish Stratus. " What you been doing, or more who have you?"
" Just the new girl, she is not half bad, you should give her a go!"

Tell me what u like in this.

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