When Opportunity Knocks


Topic: When Opportunity KnocksWHEN OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS
My last boyfriend always wanted me to wear short skirts without any panties for him that is when the weather permitted. He also loved when I shaved my pussy for him, and I loved when he would reward me by slipping his hand under my skirt and finger my pussy when we were out in public. I guess I got use to the smooth feel of my pussy and the breeze under my skirts, so when we split up I continued to shave and go panty less whenever I could.
I have nice round firm tits with pink pencil-eraser-type nipples. I could often get away without having to wear a bra if I didn’t mind my nipples pointing for all to see, so I often didn’t wear one. I couldn’t get away with it at work though so I usually just wore a thin one with lace. It was a beautiful summer day and on Fridays during the summer our office let us leave at noon. Which was one of the many reasons I loved working there.
I ran from my subway station to catch my connecting bus which was about to pull out from the station. The bus was pretty packed with no chance of getting a seat so I wormed my way through the people towards the back because most people never move back when the driver instructs them to so I figured I’d have better luck finding a place to stand with a little air to breath than packed in like a sardine at the front. As luck would have it I did find a little space in front of a man and woman. Both professionally dressed and each had an attaché. I figured that their offices must closed early on Fridays also.
 The gentleman was reading a newspaper but the woman looked at me as I approached. I gave her a little greeting grin then grabbed the pole in front of me as the bus rolled on. It was a rough ride and I felt bad that I kept bumping against the couple but they too were bumping me from time to time.

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   The bus stopped to pick someone up when all of a sudden I felt a hand caress my ass. I was stunned and not quite sure what to do. I didn’t want to make a scene so I let it go. As the bus continued along so did the hand. I guess the culprit figured since I didn’t object to their feel of my ass that I might have enjoyed it.
 The hand started to caress my thigh around the hem of my skirt. I knew that if this continued it would soon be discovered that I wasn’t wearing panties. I thought it must be the guy behind me with the newspaper. I tried to move forward a little but with the extra passengers that got on it was impossible. The hand was now working its way underneath and as it reached my ass a shrill of excitement ran through me and I felt my nipples start to get hard. The hand caressed me softly and I could feel a trickle of moisture between my legs. The next jerking of the bus had me grasping for new footing for balance also causing my legs to part a little. The hand took the welcoming opportunity to reach my pussy. Its finger gently rubbed along the slit of my puffy lips. I knew I was pretty wet by the way the fingers were rubbing me and it felt so good I continued getting wetter.


   I knew this was wrong but I didn’t want the person to stop, I needed more now. And more I got as a couple of fingers slipped inside my cunt and started slowly moving in and out.
Someone rang the bell and this time when the bus stopped the gentleman that was behind me said “excuse me” I shifted to let him through only, the fingers remained where they were. Then it dawned on me that if it wasn’t the gentleman who was behind me that was fingering me, then that meant… Oh my god it had to be the woman. I tried to turn to look at her and from the corner of my eye I caught her smile at me. I had never been with a woman before although I often wondered about it, even fantasized about it, but never did anything about it. Now I had an attractive woman’s fingers inside my pussy making me feel really good. More people got on the bus and I was pushed further against her that I could almost feel her breath on me. I could definitely smell her perfume and it was intoxicating.
She whispered in my ear that the next stop was hers, and that her house was close to the stop if I was interested. Then her fingers slid out of me.
I was dumbfounded and knew I had to decide fast cause the driver was starting to pull over. Oh God what do I do?
 Before I realized I had even made a decision I found myself off the bus and slowly following this woman home. She lived only about a block away from the stop. We reached a really nice two storey house on a quiet side street.

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   I followed her through the gate towards the side door. There was a tall fence leading towards the back yard but I could smell chlorine so I figured either she or one of her neighbors had a pool. I would find out later it was she who had the pool out back with a tall privacy fence. She pulled out her keys and opened the door. I stood frozen a moment till she looked at me and smiled and told me to come in. I slowly walked towards her and her hand brushed my back lightly as I entered. I couldn’t believe what I was doing here. What was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking, that was the problem, at least not rationally anyway.
  “I’m glad you decided to come. ” She said “My name is Heather, could I offer you some ice cold lemonade or would you like something a little stronger.
 “umm… lemonade sounds wonderful thanks (anything cold and wet would have been fine since my throat was suddenly so dry I could barely swallow. )She poured our drinks and handed one to me “If you don’t mind me asking” she said “What would you like me to call you?”“Oh I’m sorry my name is Trisha. ”“Well Trisha it is a pleasure to meet you. ” She held out her hand and I shook it. She had such a gentle touch.

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   “You must be wondering if I do this sort of thing often, well I don’t. ” “As a matter of fact you’re the first. ” “But when you got on the bus and I noticed how attractive you were I couldn’t seem to stop myself. ”
 “You must be dying in that blazer” she said “Here let me help you take that off. ”She slid her hands inside the jacket and slid it off of me. Her breath was on my neck, and then I felt light kisses there. My eyes closed and my head tilted back. My body started shaking with goosebumps. She must have felt my nervousness and whispered “shhhh… it’ll be fine, just relax, and enjoy. She started to undo the buttons on my silk blouse; when they were all undone she slid her hands up my sides till she reached my bra. She placed more feather-like kisses on my chest above the cups of my bra and along the parts of my breasts that protruded out of the cups.
Her hands reached for the front clasp on my bra and unhooked it. With the blouse and bra together, she slid them off of me and let them fall to the floor.
Her eye’s feasted on my bare chest, my nipples were hard as could be, pointed at her as if begging her to suck on them.
ummmmmm, God, you are so beautiful, and ‘these’ are so beautiful” as both her hands grabbed my tits and kneaded them.

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   Her thumb brushed across my nipples sending shock waves to my pussy. She started to undo the buttons on her blouse so I reached over to help her; my hands were shaking as I unclasped her bra. Both her garments joined mine on the floor. Her tits were nice and round like mine, slightly smaller but her nipples were the same as mine. Although I felt some apprehension I couldn’t resist touching and rubbing them the way she had mine.
She rubbed her tits on mine and leaned over and started kissing me. Her hands moved down to the zipper on my skirt and unzipped it. She pushed it down. Never breaking our kiss the whole time. I now stood in this woman’s house completely naked.
Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled my pelvis into her. Then her fingers found my wet itchy cunt. She slipped a couple of fingers inside and I let out a muffled moan. Breaking our kiss, she asked“You like that?”“ummmmmm yes I whispered”She slid her fingers out and put them in her mouth. “Oh, you taste so good” “You’ve got such a nice wet, tasty pussy and I want to tongue it till you cum all over my face.

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  ”She took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. It was really large and she had a king-size bed in it. There were a set of French patio doors which led out onto a small deck. She slipped her skirt off and motioned me to sit on the bench at the foot of the bed. She spread my legs and lifted them up on the bench. I laid the rest of my body back to rest on the bed. She took a pillow and put it under my head. She looked at my pussy and spread the lips apart. “ummmm, as beautiful as the rest of you. ” She said” I shivered when I felt the flick of her tongue lightly lick up and down my slit, I couldn’t help myself and let out a pleasing moan. Her tongue found my clit and she sucked on it for a moment. “ohh yesss” “Ohhh that feeling sooo good”“It tastes good too” she repliedShe really went to work on me now, licking me with long strokes and short flicks every now and then. She had me squirming and pushing myself towards her tongue. She stuck two fingers in me while she sucked on my clit and I was practically screaming now. I knew it wasn’t going to take much longer before I erupted.

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   And I was right cause when she took my clit and started sucking it harder; I started convulsing in a mind blowing orgasm. It took me about 2-3 min. to calm down. She crawled up on top of me smiling, her face glistening with my juice all over it. “I think you enjoyed that didn’t you?” she asked “I know I sure did. ”“Ohhh yes, it felt sooo good” I placed my hands on her tits and played with them. Her nipples were so inviting that I placed one in my mouth a sucked it before my tongue flicked it and swirled all around it She leaned back on her heels straddling my hips while I ran my hands all over her body. I noticed she too shaved herself as my hands made their way down to her pussy. She was soaking wet and as soon as my fingers touched her pussy she jumped as though she got startled by something. My thumb found her clit and teased it. She was playing with her tits. “I want to taste you. ” I said to her. I never tasted a woman before but I found myself wanting to lick her so badly. “You want to taste my pussy?” she asked teasingly“Yes, I want to, I need to, please let me fuck you with my tongue”“Well since you asked so nicely, and you need to so badly, I wouldn’t want to deprive you now.

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  ”She crawled up towards my face till her juicy cunt was just centimeters from my mouth. I spread her lips and started tonguing her hungrily. She tasted sweet and I discovered quickly that I like it, I liked it a lot. I think I realized then that this wouldn’t be my one and only encounter with a woman. I knew I would want and need this again. As much as I liked a hard cock in my mouth I knew I would also want to lick some pussy from time to time. She reached behind herself to play with my tits while I contently worked her pussy with my tongue. She was moaning and moving her pelvis & cunt across my mouth. My tongue started going up inside of her. She was almost grinding herself in my face and at times I couldn’t breath. She finally arched her back and let out a loud moan as she came on my face. I sucked her clit and licked faster and harder till her orgasm calmed down. “Well that looked fun, don’t let me interrupt” came a male voiceShe swung her head around and said “Hi honey, you’re home early”
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