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"Ding-dong" said Chena' as she opened the door and walked in. "Hi! Guess who called me today?""Cody. ""Oh my god how did you know?""You told me on the phone. ""oh yeah. . . I forgot. "She told me she brought Twister, but I wanted to show her something on the computer first. "Wait. I wanna show you something. "i brought her to the computer and typed in a search engine name. I searched for free sex stories. Several popped up, and I clicked the first one. "look" I said. "These are fun. "she looked at them.

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   There were pictures to them. "Oh my god" she whispered feircely. "what?" I said. she said nothing, and continued reading. I shrugged. About half-way through the story, Chena' started squirming in her seat. Seeing that she was doing it made me really horny, I started squirming in my chair too. We stayed awake about seven hours, then my mom told us to go to bed. I was *just* on the edge of orgasming!We went upstairs and fixed Chena's bed. "I'm really horny" I whispered. "What?" asked Chena'. "Have you ever. . . .

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   played with yourself?" I asked. "No, but i've heard about it. I really want to try it. ""Wanna do it with me?""Ok. . . "we searched around frantically to find a dildo-like object, but couldn't find any in my room. Then I finally thought of something. "I have an electric toothbrush. . . wanna use that??""yea!" she sounded excited. I went and got my toothbrush, put on an old toothbrush head. "You try it first" said Chena', kinda scared. "Ok!"I went under my covers so she couldn't see me and turned it on.

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   She giggled. I decided to start right beside my clit. It wasn't doing much, so I put it directly on. I jumped at the touch, then got used to it. "oohhhhh. . . . goddddd. . . . " I moaned. in about two seconds I orgasmed, it was on full speed. "God I want to try it, please! I need it!" whispered Chena'.

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  "Fine, but don't wash it. I want it to make noise,so I can cum again. ""Can I lick it? PLEASE?"that just went over the edge. I got so horny. "Yes!" I said "Please lick it!"She put her tongue on the tips of the bristles and licked. It got too intense for her, she stuck it in herself. "oh shit. . . oh shit. . . ugh!" she was bucking her hips against the toothbrush. She screamed as cum ran out of her. "I want to do you," I said.

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  "Yes! Do me!""but then you have to do me!""ok ok! Hurry!"she handed me the cum-covered toothbrush and moved the covers from over her. She spread her legs wide and pulled her pussy lips apart. I almost died at the sight of her hot pink snatch. At first I teased her, and lightly touched her clit. "Do me! Now! Please!" I immediately stuck the toothbrush hard on her clit. after about 12 seconds she cummed again. "Do me now" I told her. i spread my legs wide, along with my pussy. She stuck the toothbrush in my pussy, and as I was groaning, she put a pillow under the vibrator and started to lift off my shirt, as well as hers. At the time a had a rather big bust, and was surprised that she did too. she usually wore just baggy clothes and stuff. i didn't notice that she was sitting on the toothbrush untili felt it go further in. I moaned so loud the neighbors could hear. I opened my eyes as I watched Chena' rubbing my breasts with one hand, while playing with her pussy with the other. Seeing her do this made me have multiple orgasms, which I have never had before.

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   After, we played Twister a couple times like nothing happened last night, and promised not to tell ANYONE, even if we were tortured until we died. I kissed her lightly before she had to go. "Bye" I said. "Hope we can do it again sometime !"And with that Chena' grinned and exited out the door. .



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