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My name is Sheena, and I have always been sort of wild.   Well sexually wild that is.   I married this guy when I was eighteen and we had a great time for a few weeks then something wonderful happened.
I am 5’2” 120 pounds.   I have short black hair with blonde and auburn red streaks in it. My eyes are sinfully gray and my Native American flesh tone makes me looked tanned all year long.   I shave my twat smooth and silky and I have three dimples, one on my chin, and two on my cheeks on my ass.   I had luck when I was younger and got some pills to enlarge my breast naturally and by the time I married I was 40E-28-36.   A little pudgy but not floppy around my mid section.
We had been married for two weeks when his boss sent him out of town for the week.   I was use to getting sex three or four times a day and suddenly nothing at all. So I moped around our apartment for a few hours the first day, and then headed off to the store for some smokes and a snack.   Along the way I passed by the local cemetery and since I was on foot and the nearest store was straight through, I made a short cut through it.   I walked along the tombstones until I passed by several concrete above ground tombs.   One was opened and look abandoned, as I neared the doorway of it to pass by.   I peered in and saw the flat concrete slab where the coffin would have rested and a thought came over me.

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    I slowly peered around inside the building and then scanned the graveyard itself to make sure no one was around.   Then I slipped inside and walked over to the slab and sit down.   I was wearing a white tube top and black satin shorts and flip flops only, no underwear at all.   I sat there on the cool slab in the dim room and began to get horny; soon I was fondling my breast over my top and pawing along the slit of my shorts.   I scooted back onto the slab and let my ankles fall off and slowly sliding my legs wider open, I slid my left hand along the inner most part of my thigh and allowed my nails to caress the outer folds slightly.   As I began to grow increasingly horny, I tugged on my tube top and out popped my right breast followed slowly by the left one.   I slowly let my other hand cross over the nipples and without any real touch just a passing feel.   I was dangling my feet from the slap as my flip flops fell off.   That action prompted me to stand and strip naked and then toss my clothes into the air wildly.   They sailed into the darkest corner of the room and disappeared in the dim light.   Now naked I fondled my own heavy large boob and nipple pulling it to my mouth and licking and sucking it as the other hands played with my clit before sliding inside me two of its fingers.   I was panting wildly and within a few seconds I began to twinge and tingle madly.   Suddenly the air in the room got really hot and sweaty and I realized I was about to explode.   I fingered myself all the way to a massive orgasm then I sucked my own juices from my hand.   I reclined on the stone and spread my body wide open and dreamed that many eyes were watching and wanting and I began to fondle myself again.

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    This time I brought myself to a screaming moaning peak of joy and a squirting climax of ecstasy.   I played with my tits and nipples after that for several more minutes before I decided it was time to leave.   I found my top and shorts and dressed then slipped my shoes on and my body out of the building without anyone knowing it.   All the way to the store my mind was dreaming what if about what I had just done.   Then on my way back to my apartment, I slowly crept to the doorway of the tomb and peeked in.   It was if I was being called inside, and I could not resist.   So once more in I went.   I placed my bag of goodies on the floor and left my shoes by them.   My top was off and my shorts were as well and soon I was on the slab making my pussy tingle and then squirt and then shutter.   I played with myself for hours, and as the sun began to sit I realized I ha do get home.   I slipped off the slab and barely found my clothes in the now darkening room.   As I struggled to get out of the graveyard, I found myself wanting to return.   I made it to my apartment as the sun set at nine that night.   I had been gone for eight hours.   I fixed me a quick snack for dinner and then showered and got ready for bed.

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    My husband had called and left a message around seven that he would call about ten.   He did and after we talked I was even lonelier.   I retired for bed about eleven that night and as soon as my head hit the pillow I began to dream.   The dreams were erotic and sensual and soon I awoke screaming and panting for sex.   It was two in the morning and I was wide awake.
I got up and before I really knew what or why, I dressed in my black shorts and this time a black tube top.   I slid on my flip flops took my keys and smokes and headed out my door.   I walked all the way to the entrance which was open and walked into the graveyard   The darkness of the place was spooky, but the occasional glimmer of a quarter moon through the light clouds above gave me some light.   I made my way to the vault and peered intently around before entering and to my amazement, I went in the pitch black room.   I stood there for a few seconds and thought to myself, if I take my clothes off now I could loose them in the dark and be forced to walk naked home.   Now the problem with that is while it was late there were still people out so I decided if I did this, that I would have to stay all night and wait for daylight. By the time I finished thinking about it I was already naked, on the slab and fingering my pussy wildly for an extreme shuttering screaming climax that sent me squirting my juices all over the slab and my legs.   That didn’t satisfy me as I continued on to a second and third the same way.   I was playing with my boobs and tugging away on them when I began to feel like someone was there with me.   I pawed my boob and nipple and then fingered my pussy and lifting my legs high and wide I screamed for them to take me.

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    Somehow that feeling made me go crazy and at times feel like it was happening when I knew it wasn’t.   I gasped and groaned and yelped loud enough to wake the dead outside.   No more than a few seconds after that I jittered and shuttered into my most intense climax ever.   I feel back on the slab pawing myself until I was sound asleep.  
When I awoke I was naked and cold.   The light of day halfway lit the opening for me to see my clothes near the door. I walked over and collected them and dressed quickly however I lingered inside for a few more minutes.   Than I slipped out and headed home.   It was eleven that morning when I got in.   I bathed this time and pampered myself and then I began to look around for things to please myself with.   I found my toys and some new things I could use and placed them in a handbag.   After cleaning my apartment and making lunch, I fell asleep and rested until my husband woke me at 8 that night.   We talked for an hour then after hanging up I went into my closet and found a silky black dress that slid easily on and off.   I grabbed my handbag and the key and headed out the door.   By the time it was completely dark, I was cutting across the graveyard and ducking inside the tomb once more.

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    My bag contained candles and something more, a camera and small tri-pod that I sat up after I lit two candles.   I placed the camera in the far corner of the room and set the camera to record automatically until it was out of memory.   Once I pressed the start button it would snap images until all 2 gigs were used up.   Then I stood dressed upon the slab and began to pose and gesture as each image was taken.   By the time I was naked the candles were burning brightly and I placed myself on the slab and coated both my breast with one and then used the other to coat my belly and upper clit.   One was placed near me to light the dark room as I then used the other one for a hot dildo, still lit, and used to slide in and out of my wet pussy for the camera.   I had lifted my legs wide and high and played with it until my squirting pussy juices put it out.   Then I reach down and got my rolling pin and tongs and toyed with my lips yanking them while ramming most of the handle of the pin inside me.   I had no ideal it would feel this good so I went a little further and began to cream madly.   Then I turned my ass up to the camera and used my dick like rubber dildo to fuck my asshole.   About the time I came the candle went out leaving me naked in the dark and alone.   The camera would snap pictures at high speed in the dark and you would be able to see the image by the flash that was very bright.   Then after a few more flashes in the dark it stopped.   I still went on and fondled my self for three more very intense orgasms before I rested in the cool darkness for a few hours.   When I awoke the sun was about to break over the horizon, so I gathered up my things and placed them in my handbag and dressed myself and slipped out of the vault back home.

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    I spent almost all of the day looking and creaming over my pictures which looked great, then after hubby called at nine.   I started to prepare for anther session.   This time I chose a red skirt and blouse and my red leather boots.   I gathered up everything and headed back to the tomb.   Once more I recorded my erotic adventure but this night I wouldn’t be alone for long.
Two boys I knew in high school were using the tomb on occasion for a place to fuck.   They weren’t gay but on occasion when they got horny they did each other.   This happen to be the night and when they walked in the door there I was using my candle for a dildo and about to cum.   They were younger than me by three years and when they saw me I think they forgot about each other.   The two of them flew to me and being as horny as I was, I allowed them to do me first.   The one boy was well built, Rodger was his name, and he had a massive thick. But only five inch cock.   He used it in my mouth as his friend Will, and his six made a track for my asshole.   They were normal looking guys short haired and sort of then but I was horny and wanted to be fucked, so anything would do.   When they saw the camera flash they went crazy fucking me harder and harder.

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    Then along the way Rodger got his load to explode on cue on my tits and mouth.    Then I made him feed it to me with his cock head until I was clean.   The only thing Will could do was explode up my ass and fall back panting.   Then after Rodger was cleaned I did the same for a very tired Will.   They left afterwards but made me promise to let them fuck me again in a couple of days.   They were truly amazed when I told them I would be back again the next night of they wanted some more.   The rest of the night went fast and soon it was late and instead of staying all night, I tossed on my dress and boots and grabbed my camera and handbag, but I left my tripod and toys wrapped up in a garbage bag in the corner.   Then as I walked home, I got hot thinking about the double fuck, the first since my junior prom.   The thrill of two dicks in me had me pulsing and as I entered the apartment compound I removed my dress and walked naked through the buildings to my door and then went in.   I bathed and soaked as my pictures downloaded and then about five minutes after I got out and was drying off a knock came at the door.   It was a woman dressed semi sexy, not showy like me.   I had my towel around my head and a one on my body that I left drop slightly as I opened the door for her.   She smiled and stuttered and spluttered and then asked me, “I just wanted to see if you are okay?”
“I’m fine.   Why do you ask?” I replied as the towel drooped down to show almost my entire right boob and half my nipple.  
“Uh well I thought I saw you earlier in the courtyard, and you looked…” she said spluttering wildly.

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    “Naked, is that what you saw.   Well I was and still am,” I said letting the towel fall off me.
    Now she was 30 something and very attractive as I had seen her several times before this.   Her long red hair and sexy walk were nice, and I knew she liked women as I had seen her girlfriend and her kissing a few days after we moved in.   She looked to be an A cup but she had a very pretty face.   As she stood there gawking at me, I added, “Well come in and help yourself to whatever you want. ”
    I tossed the towel from my head onto the kitchen table and walked into my bedroom and spread my legs and slid back on the bed caressing my flesh.   The clock said five as she slithered in and slowly began to undress herself.   Then as she crawled up on the bed we kissed for the first time.   It was nice but not earth shattering, until her hands encircled my nipples and the kiss turned passionate.   I allowed her to explore me fully and completely and as her mouth settled between my thighs I exploded onto her open wet mouth fully.   She licked me like sugar and the she fed me her mouth and my scents and then I took her.   I placed my mouth over her erect nipples and sucked like she was my mommy.   She enjoyed it so much that she brought me up from her pussy many time just to suck her during my exploration of her.   It was so easy for her to do to me what she wanted, now here’s the secret, this wasn’t my first time with a woman, as I had been sexually active with my older sister for years as well as my aunt and two friends.

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        I dearly loved the scent of a woman on my mouth and the feel one in me.   We made love for what seemed like minutes but in reality lasted until ten that morning.   We were both so tired we fell fast asleep in each others arms.
    When we awoke she headed to her apartment to clean up and get ready for her job that afternoon.   She promised she would be home by midnight and then we could go wherever I wanted to be alone.   I wasted no time in getting myself ready for her and packing the camera and some fresh candles.   I also took handcuffs as I knew she liked to be the boss.   It was ten before midnight as she pulled into the parking area and we kissed as soon as I ran over to her.   I half way stripped her out of her hospital uniform right there in the parking area.   Then with her blouse open and her breast exposed I walked her to the graveyard where I stripped her completely before we walked any further.   I placed her clothes in my oversized handbag and then handed her my white tube top and red shorts to smell and play with.   Then the two of us naked walked into the cemetery and to the tomb.
    Inside it was dark until I lit my candle and guided her naked flesh to the slab.   There I placed my camera on its perch started it and handed her the toy bag along with the candle.   She did everything I loved that night.


        She handcuffed me and sucked my tits and used a candle on my pussy.   She coated me in wax and then made me eat her pussy while she tortured mine with every toy in my bag.   Before long I had flooded the slab with juices which she knelt and lapped like water.   She also made me promise that I would let her be done the same way.   So after she made me climax a fifth time, I began to assault her.   We lasted until dawn then the two of us half asleep and very fulfilled staggered out and walked home, completely naked.   We arrived at just before six and went to my place to crash.   We slept until three and then awoke to find a note on the door.  
    “I saw you both and I want you both.   Come to 12-A, love Theresa. ”
    The time was short for her but she managed to call in sick and fake a cold and then we dressed up in some sexy clothes I had and headed over to the other side of the complex.   We knew who Theresa was, a tall black woman who was very sexual like us and very much a full blooded lesbian.   We knocked and were escorted inside and then in the blink of an eye the 6’2” 170 pound Amazon raped us both like rag dolls.   We were bound naked face to face on a metal table and abused in the most cruel ways that only women can appreciate or love.   Her boobs were 36 C but like missiles with nipples to match.


        Which she fed to us each at the same time, for hours and when she finished she fed us her pussy using her fingers and then her dildos.   My asshole was plugged with a vibrating toy and my pussy was too until I only could scream in joy.   When she released me I fell to my knees and begged her to keep me as a slave.   Actually we both did and she agreed and branded our asses with her name in blood red permanent ink.   We were allowed to go home to dress and clean up and were to report back at midnight and she told us, “I will show you the side of the vault that you are seeking. ”
    I was dressed in a short pink dress that you could see through easily and nothing else including shoes.   I was marched and then stripped just inside the main gait and along the way, I was forced to fuck myself on several small pointed statues and at one point I was placed on the ground and made to cum by her.   When we got to the tomb, we were naked already all three of us.   Theresa stood on the platform and made us kiss her body and like a giant above us would feed her cream to us from her fingers until she was ready for each of us to lick her pussy and asshole at the same time.   She brought a strap on dildo with her and when she placed on herself and blew out the candles and tome in the ass and pussy I was fucking crazy insane over it.   She fucked me without stop until I had washed her legs and the floor with my squirting pussy juice.   Y the time the night ended, I knew my husband was a memory.   I returned to my apartment and backed my bags and left him a note then I moved in with Theresa.   Every night she takes us to the tomb and each night she fucks us like no man ever could and then eats us like only a woman can.  

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