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Even though our husbands had very different jobs and work ethics, they both had to travel a great deal in their respective jobs. It was not unusual then when Susan called me one afternoon to say that Randy was away and that she was bored. "Carl is gone too," I told her. "Want to try to get together and do something tonight?""Sure. Say, Julie, want to watch some chick flix while the men are gone?" she asked. I immediately thought about some of my favorite movies that my husband hated. Chick flix like "Sleepless in Seattle" or "Waiting to Exhale"; movies that just made Carl roll his eyes or go find something else to do while I got out the tissues for the tearful ending. This sounded like a pleasant way for us to spend time together. "That sounds like fun. You bring the videos and I'll make the pop corn and break out some wine"The rest of the day was spent tidying up the house and generally being domestic. I gave very little thought to what I should wear for an evening of Melanie Griffith, Meg Ryan, or Meryl Streep. I simply put on a pair of light cotton lounge pants and a matching tank top. Susan and I were comfortable around each other so I did not bother to put on a bra. About 6:30 I poured myself a glass of wine and puttered around. The first glass of wine tasted pretty good so I had another. At 7 PM the doorbell rang.

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   I answered it, and let my best friend in. She had a bag with the movies in it in her hand. She was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt. "Oh good," she said, hugging me warmly, "I'm glad to see you are dressed 'casz', too""Hey, it's my house, I'll dress how I like!" We both laughed and she hugged me again. It felt nice to feel her sincere warmth. We broke apart. "You want some wine?" I asked her. "Sure, that would be great, Julie. ""Get the movie set up, and I'll get some for you. ""I was surprised when you said you would watch chick flix with me. I normally have to watch them alone when Randy is gone. " She said. "I know, Carl doesn't like them either. I go through about a ton of tissue when I get to watch them" I laughed. "You too?" She giggled.

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   "Ain't it great? I'll get one going. Bring me my wine, garcon. "We both laughed. It was so nice to be spending time with a friend. I poured her some wine and headed to the rec room where the entertainment center was. We also had a TV and VCR in the living room, but the rec room had a big overstuffed sectional couch that you could just sink into. "Movies started!" she yelled to me. I stepped into the rec room and turned the corner. I was expecting to see a familiar title on the screen like "Out of Africa" or "Steel Magnolias". Instead, I heard a twanging guitar riff, and saw the title "Blondes in Heat". Behind the titles, there were two naked women tonguing each other's mouths and fingering each other's pussies. I stood transfixed watching the scene. My mouth dropped open. "Oh, thanks," Susan said taking the glass of wine, oblivious to my shock. "I picked out a couple of really good chick flix for us to watch.

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   I didn't know what type you usually watch alone so I picked out this one, and another called "Lonely Wives" since that seemed appropriate to us tonight" she giggled. "What with both our husbands being gone". I sat down at the far end of the couch from her, but still only three feet from her, not sure exactly what to do. I had seen lots of porn before and even enjoyed a good deal of it with my husband as part of our lovemaking. It dawned on me what the confusion was. Obviously, the term chick flix meant something very different to my best friend. How to handle this?I looked down to the other end of the couch. Susan was reclining back, her feet curled under her, looking very relaxed, and watching the movie. I could see her nipples had hardened under her t-shirt so I assumed she was enjoying the video already. I looked up at the screen. Two blondes were sitting on a couch, kissing, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. Their breasts were flattened each to the others. They each had a finger gently probing the pussy of the other. Their kisses strayed from their mouths and moved to cheeks, necks, and lower. They were laying side by side now, kissing and sucking the tits of the other.

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   Next they were kissing tummies, belly buttons, and lower. Their thighs parted like a carefully choreographed dance. They were then licking, sucking, and loving the pussy of the other. Their tongues probed pussies; their fingers probed ass holes. Their moans filled the room. "This movie always gets me so hot. I go through a ton of tissue, just like you said. You got any handy?" I looked at her. I could see the lust in her eyes as she watched the lesbian scene. I could tell her breathing had increased by watching her hard nipples rise and fall inside her t-shirt. "Uhmmmm… yeah, sure" I got up and got a tissue box from the bookshelf and handed it to her. "I get so wet watching this stuff, my panties will soak through to my pants if I don't keep it wiped up. You too, huh?" And with that, she took a tissue in her hand, reached down inside her sweat pants and actually wiped her pussy. This was the first time I knew I had to address what was happening. She had asked me a direct question and there was no avoiding it.

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   A thousand thoughts ran through my mind in a flash. I wasn't offended by what was on the screen. I was just shocked by the situation. This was all just a simple misunderstanding of the term "chick flix". Susan was my best friend and obviously was grateful to have someone that she thought understood her intimate needs, needs her husband did not understand, and someone that she trusted to share them with. The last thing I wanted to do was embarrass her. I decided that no harm could come of us sharing this experience as best friends. "Sure, the damn thing is just like a faucet" I replied and smiled. She giggled. "Ain't it great? Looks like you like this video alright. " She was looking at my chest. I looked down. My nipples were clearly visible under my tight tank top. The video so far had had a pronounced effect on me. There was no denying what her eyes could see.

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   I shrugged, smiled, and said, "Well, I have my fine points""So I see" She giggled. By now, the scene on the video had changed. Two different tall blondes were in a kitchen together. One was fucking the other with a cucumber while sucking her delicious looking tits. The vegetable stretched her cunt lips wide. She worked her hips to meet each thrust. Susan looked at me. "If only cooking dinner was always that much fun. I would never leave the kitchen. " She giggled. "Need a tissue yet?"While the video was making my pussy moist, I was not to the point of dripping. She took another tissue, reached down inside her sweat pants and wiped herself. I could see a slight shudder pass through her as the soft tissue rubbed over her labia. She laid the tissue on the coffee table in front of her with the other one. I could see her wetness glisten on it.

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   But I thought, this could embarrass her if it is just a one-person thing. I reached out and took one. I had never touched myself in front of another woman. She had seemed so un-self-conscious when she had wiped herself. I took the tissue and reached down inside my lounge pants. My hand was met with a raising heat and musky aroma from my pussy. I ran the tissue over my pussy lips. I caught my breath as I did so. It felt better than I had planned. Back on the screen the blonde holding the cucumber and fucking her partner with it was now on her knees. Her tongue was flickering over her partner's openly displayed clit. The woman being licked was leaning back and tossing her long blonde hair over her shoulders. Whether her cum was real or acted I couldn't tell but it seemed convincing to me. "Wow" I heard Susan whisper. "That is awesome… and beautiful, isn't it?"I heard my own voice whisper hoarsely in response "Yes, it is.

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  " I looked down at the other end of the couch. My best friend was looking at me. Our eyes met and held; the tension was incredible. I could see her hard nipples poking out on her soft tits. I looked down. I could actually see a wet spot between her thighs! She was looking at me in a way she never had. We both giggled nervously at the same time. "Need another tissue?" I asked trying to break the tension even more. "Shit, too late now" Susan giggled. "I'm soaked through already. You got a blanket or something for me to cover up with?""Sure. " I got one for her assuming she would simply cover her lap. She draped it over her lap, but then she wiggled under the blanket and pulled out her sweat pants. Her t-shirt followed almost immediately. Seconds later her panties appeared in her hand.

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  "There. Now I don't have to worry about getting them wetter. This is much more comfy. Just like I watch at home"My senses were starting to overload. My best friend was now sitting under a blanket, only three feet away from me, completely naked. Not only naked but completely turned on while watching a very exciting lesbian porn video. I had to admit that she wasn't the only one completely turned on. My pussy was now in full flow. I could feel the moisture build at the entrance to my cunt, the moisture condense to liquid, and the liquid began to run down from my lips toward my ass. It tickled. This time I really did need a tissue. Susan intently watched me pick one up. As I slid the tissue over my pussy lips and into the crack of my ass, I could not help but shiver at the delicious sensations that passed through me. Pleasure radiated out from my pussy to all points of my body and back. Susan could not help but see my reaction.

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   "Did that feel good or are you cold?""Maybe I should get a blanket too," I laughed nervously. She held up a corner of her blanket. "Want to share mine?"I couldn't see all of her naked body, but I could see her graceful shoulders, most of the breast closest to me, her womanly curved side, and her very smooth thighs. "You normally stay dressed when you watch these alone?"I was so turned on by her beauty, her warmth, her friendship, and the intimacy of our situation, that I no longer cared about the mix up about watching "chick flix".
    I smiled at her and simply said, "No. "I pulled my tank top up over my head; my tits rising firmly and proudly as my arms went over my head I smiled at her and she smiled back, her tongue sliding over her lips as she saw my tits for the first time. I hooked my thumbs into my lounge pants, and pushed them to my knees. Gravity took over and they fell around my ankles. I stepped out of them and stood nude in front of my lust-filled best friend. I sat down next to her and she draped the blanket over me. I snuggled up to her, thrilling at the feel of her warm soft skin against mine. My tits were rubbing against her arm. Our hips were pressed together. "Mmmmm…. This is nice," I whispered.


       I tilted my head up and lightly kissed her on the cheek. "Yes, it is. " She looked at me and we let all the final inhibitions crash away. Her lips met mine. Our lips parted and her tongue was in my mouth. I sucked hungrily, passionately on it. My hand found her tits at the same time her hand found the inside of my thighs. I caressed her nipples. She ran her finger up my pussy to my clit. We both gasped at the touching. I leaned over and took her nipple in my mouth, kissing it, sucking it, and loving it. She parted my pussy lips and began to finger my cunt with first one and then two fingers. Her fingers explored deep in me, sending waves of pleasure throughout me. I had to touch her as she was touching me. While I sucked on her tits, my hand dropped to her thighs and she parted them eagerly.

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       My face rose back to hers and our mouths pressed together. I was finger fucking my best friend and she was finger fucking me. There was no embarrassment or self-consciousness. There was only two women, best friends, caring for, and pleasing each other. I could feel my orgasm start to build. I could feel her cunt grow hotter and tighter on my fingers. Her fingers probed deeper in to me as my hips thrust against her hand. My hand became covered with the incredible amount of pussy juice she was secreting. Magically, we came at the same time. We moaned and whimpered into each other's mouth as our cunts exploded on each other's fingers. I could feel her nipples pressed into my tits and she could undoubtedly feel mine in return. We kept each other high on our mutual orgasm, hips working together, pussies exploding together, lips and tongues pressed together. And then, like the lesbians we had seen only a short time before we began to shift our position. We were lying side-to-side, able to devour the other's tits; biting, pulling, sucking, kissing them. Without a word or a signal, we were suddenly kissing each other's tummies, playfully licking each other's belly button.

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       And then we took the final step. Her pubic hair tickled my nose as I moved the last few inches toward her pussy. I could already feel the heat and smell her intoxicating oils. There was no hesitation now. My face was right at her pussy. Hers was at mine. I gladly reached around her thighs and spread them. Her pussy opened up in front of my mouth. I could feel her do the same to me. My mouth covered her pussy and, like a lover, I began to French kiss it. My tongue probed into the mouth of her cunt in the same way it had probed her mouth seconds before. Her tongue was exploring my pussy, teasing and caressing my clit. I put a finger into her as my mouth found her clit and began to suck on it. I felt two of her fingers slide into me, thrilling me. Then one of them was removed and I felt it press lightly at my ass.

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       I mumbled some sort of encouragement, muffled by her pussy humping my face. I felt her finger break the seal of my ass and then she began to double fuck me with her fingers; one in my cunt and one in my ass. The triple stimulation of her tongue and two fingers took me higher and higher. I took her clit in my mouth, sucking it, licking, and caressing it with my tongue. Her hips worked feverishly on my face. It was though we were both racing to see who could help the other cum first. She won. As my orgasm washed over me, waves of incredible pleasure hitting my cunt, my hips thrust hard against her hand and face. I tried to concentrate on pleasuring her but my orgasm won out and I rose up, pressing my cunt hard down on her face. My hands came up and grasped my tits hard and I pulled at my nipples trying to create every possible sensation of pleasure I knew my body was capable of. My rubbed my freely flowing pussy all over her face. I could feel her tongue trying to catch every drop of my juices. In her passion, she reached up and roughly grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me back down to her pussy. Her roughness was induced by her need to cum, and I knew this. As I was still gasping from my intense orgasm, my mouth once again found her clit.

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       Two fingers slid easily into her saturated but unsated cunt. I licked. I sucked. I finger fucked her. I could feel her gripping my hips, licking my ass, and I could hear her begin to moan more loudly. I wanted to please her the same way she had pleased me, even more if that was possible. Her hips worked up and down to meet the thrusts of my fingers. Her hips swiveled back and forth to enhance the actions of my tongue on her clit. "Oh god, oh god, oh god…" became her mantra of pleasure. Then she came for me. Her hips thrust up hard and froze. I could actually feel her cunt muscles contracting around my fingers. Her hot juice gushed out, coating my hand. Her clit hardened under my tongue. Her breath came to a stop as she became frozen in time and pleasure.

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       Then she simply melted into a limp body below me. I pulled my fingers from her and licked them clean. I turn back around and lay next to her, partially draped over her. Our tits met and our nipples kissed. I gently kissed my best friend on the lips. "Watching chick flix has never been like this before for me" I whispered to her. "Yeah" she said as our tongues teased and her hand found my still demanding pussy. "Ain't it great?".