Vampire pt2


I jolted upright, in a soft, warm bed, naked. The blankets were wet with my cum, I immediately laid back down, sitting up so fast made my head spin. I stopped and looked around, this room wasn’t mine. The walls were stone, a dresser and mirror were on one wall, this bed wasn’t mine, it was red, and these sheets are silk. What happened? Did last night really happen?
“Mia?” I said to the darkness.
The door flew open and the two redheads walked in, wearing blood red robes, open in the front. Last night had happened, they were just as beautiful as they were last night, just as beautiful as my new mistress, they were vampires, like her.
“Our Mistress has requested your presence, human, we were also to tell you, you’re not allowed to wear clothing, come along. ” They said, in chorus.
I stumbled to my feet, still weak from last night, I looked at myself in the mirror, there was a big purple bruise on my neck with 2 still bleeding tooth marks, and there was a similar bruise on my left thigh and above my pussy. How many times did she bite me? Oh, I don’t care. My pussy moistened at the thought of HER, my new mistress, biting me in the most intimate places, touching me all over, I was in love with my new mistress… Mia…
I walked along with them, out of my room, down the dark hallway, into the grand ballroom, across the room, into a giant door with a star on it. I was in a huge room, with a star on the floor with an altar in the middle, with shackles on it, and candles burning at each point of the star, and at the other end of the room sat my mistress, naked, on a large throne. They led me to the front of her throne, I slowly knelt, this felt right, she was my mistress. She rose from the throne and walked up to me, her long perfect legs, her perfect pink pussy, were right next to me face, I wanted to taste her. I looked at her pussy, my pussy grew wetter, I felt it drip onto the stone floor.

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   She looked down at me and smiled, she spread her pussy with two fingers and pulled back, exposing her clit to me. I took one look and moved my face toward it, extending my tongue, she put her fingers into my hair and rammed my face into her pussy and I was shocked for a second, then I inhaled her scent, I almost fainted, it was so sweet. I licked, sucked, I wrapped my arms around her waist and hungrily ate her pussy, licking, sucking, teasing her clit, sucking her pussy lips, her juices flowed freely into my mouth, I was in heaven. So delicious… My head spun and I collapsed.
I woke up to chains rattling, I felt cold on my wrists and my ankles and on my tummy. I forced my eyes open, and my mistress was there, she was closing the shackle on my wrist, she bent down, her head over mine, her blood red eyes looked into mine, and kissed me, parting my lips and circling her tongue around my mouth before pulling away.
“We’re going to mark you, this WILL hurt, but you shall be rewarded with me. ” She whispered in my ear and then stood up on the altar above me, “All this will be yours. ”
She spread her perfect ass cheeks and then smacked her ass, she dangled her breasts in my face and kissed me again. If I let her mark me, all of that will be mine.
“Mark me, please, mistress, mark me. ” I almost screamed, I wanted her, I’d do anything to have all of her.
She disappeared and reappeared carrying a brand, the end was glowing red hot, an elegantly shaped M was at the end, she was going to mark me. She jumped up on the altar, and then slowly positioned it over my left breast, above my heart, she slowly brought it down, I could feel the heat on my skin. Oh my god.

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   I can’t do it! Then all I could feel was the burning letter on my breast, the smell of roasted flesh. Oh my god, it hurts! I screamed at the top of my lungs, it could only have been seconds, but it seemed like hours before she pulled it away, the burning didn’t stop, it hurt! Then the pain stopped, I felt it, cold, she was laying on me, her tongue licking the burn, it felt so good… My pussy got wetter… She was on top of me, licking my breast, then her tongue went to my nipple and she sucked on it, her tongue circling around it. I wanted to touch her, I strained against the chains, she tore the cuffs off and sucked on my nipple, my arms around her, crushing her tight to me.
I felt her fangs sink into my breast, on either side of my nipple, and she drank, drank my blood while she sucked my nipple, my pussy was dripping, she delved her icy fingers into my pussy, just 1, Mmmmm, 2, It feels so good!, 3, Ouch, Mistress! 4, Oh god, more! She coned her hand and pushed it into my vagina. Oh my god! Yes! Her hand slid into my vagina, up to my cervix, popped through my hymen, blood dribbled out of my gaping vagina around her arm, pushed through, up into my uterus. I felt her fingers gently stroking so deep inside of me, I orgasmed immediately, clenched tight around her arm, my juices gushed down her arm and I screamed out loud and fell back, dazed.
“Thank you, my pet. ” She withdrew her hand from my vagina and her fangs from my breast. I yelped when she tugged it through my cervix and then slid it out. She licked my juices off her arm, not missing a drop. She then slid down my body. She’s going to eat mypussy! This is what I wanted so badly, for my mistress to eat me! She looked at my pink pussy, and then ran her tongue over my clit, my pussy got wetter. She ran her tongue up my pussy, from my tight little asshole to my clit; she flicked my clit with her tongue, rubbing the icy metal of her piercings against it, and then ran her fangs along either side of my pussy.
I was in heaven; this goddess-like creature was eating my pussy. She sank her fangs into my skin, on either side of my clit and I felt her start to drink from me, and then she ran her icy tongue over my clit.

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   I screamed out loud, it was too much. She slid 2 of her icy fingers into me while she sucked and licked my clit, her fingers moved faster then I thought possible, oh my god. I melted into her mouth, cumming, gushing really, into her mouth and all over her fingers. I passed out from how powerful my orgasm was.
I woke up in my room again, I felt so sore, but so wondrous. My mistress had eaten my virgin pussy. Well, former virgin pussy. My mistress had taken my virginity. My fingers ventured down to my aching pussy, I ran my fingers over my pussy, I was soaking wet. I brought my wet fingers up to my mouth and licked them… Mmmm, so good. I heard a knock at my door.
“Come in!” I yelled, hoping it was my mistress.
It wasn’t, a short woman, probably 5’2”, walked in. She was naked, revealing perfect D cup breasts with beautiful pinkish-brown nipples, and I saw between her legs her pussy, shaved bare, and her skin was the color of honey. She had black hair down to the middle of her back, and brown eyes and perfect lips that I really wanted to kiss.

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   She had long, perfectly smooth legs with perfect little feet and a cute butt.
“Hello Rebecca, I’m Haley, the mistress sent me to get you. ” She said in a very quiet voice, without a hint of accent.
My pussy was getting wet. My time at this castle must be getting to me, I’m having very Lesbian thoughts about this beautiful woman. I got up from the bed and walked over to her, looking at her head to toe. I wanted her, and I wanted her NOW! I pressed her close to me and smothered her with a kiss, she tried to say something but it was quickly muffled and she wrapped her arms around me. Then it hit me, she was warm, human, like me. She slowly led me back onto my bed and pushed me down on it, pouncing on me and kissing me deeply, ramming her tongue into my mouth. She roughly grabbed my breasts and kneaded them, pinching them, expertly making me moan. I put my arms around her and pressed her tighter to me, our breasts pressing against each other and her thigh rubbing against my excited pussy, I was soaking the bed sheets.
The door banged open again and there stood Mia, beautiful, pale, wearing her black robe, was the mistress displeased?
“Haley, I was wondering what took so long. Let’s go get into a bath where we may ALL enjoy some fun. ” She said, shrugging out of her robe, showing her beautiful naked body to us. Haley and I quickly got to our feet and ran after our mistress as she turned and left my room.

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   She led us to the grand bathroom and sat in the nearest tub beckoning us over. I sat on one side of her, Haley sat on the other.
“You ladies will go bring me a snack, but first, I need an appetizer. ” She leaned over me and held my hands tightly, she pressed her cold lips to mine, and laid her beautiful body over me, she pressed herself tightly to me, pressing her beautiful naked body against mine, a shiver rocketed through my body, I leaned my head back, and Haley sat with one leg on either side of my head and stuffed her pussy in my face. I greedily lapped at it, she tasted so good, then I felt my mistress’ fangs sink into my neck. Drink from me mistress, take what is rightfully yours. I licked hungrily at Haley’s pussy, her juices flooded my mouth as she came, I felt Mia’s cold fingers slide into my pussy, I came almost immediately, her fingers moved faster then I thought possible, she brought her mouth away from my neck and licked my juices from her fingers.
“Your turn now Haley. ” Mia said, helping me up and then Haley sat against the side of the tub and leaned her head back. Mia quickly sunk her fangs into Haley’s neck and I decided since I ate her, she should return the favor. I sat with my pussy on her face and I moaned out loud when her tongue slid up the length of my pussy. She ate me quickly, I came in less then a minute, then I got off her face and into the water, Mia finished her meal and got off of Haley and sat between us, she put a loving arm around both of us and kissed us both.
“Good girls, now it’s time for you to go get me dinner. ” My mistress said afterward as we all dried off. I had been wondering what she meant, “You two are going to go into town and find me a lovely girl to drain dry.

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  ” I was somewhat horrified, but it was for my mistress, I’d do anything for her.
“Good girl. ” She said, kissing me, had she sensed that? “I’m going to go wait, Haley, I’ll leave this to you. ” She kissed Haley and then left.



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