Vampire pt 1


Who says Vampires don’t exist?

I was driving home from work late one night, I live far out in the hills in Northern England and it was winter, so the roads were treacherous. I passed by an old castle that has always been there, as far as I knew it was abandoned. Tonight I saw a light in the tallest tower of the castle, perhaps someone DID live there? As I wondered about that and stared at the light, my car went into a skid and hit a snow bank. I tried to back up, but my car stalled and quit.
“Fuck!” I said outloud. I stupidly hadn’t thought to bring a jacket, so if I didn’t find a way to stay warm, I’d freeze to death. I looked at the light in the castle, it was still there. Well, if the light was there, someone else was too. I got out of my car and crossed my arms over my chest and ran through the knee deep snow towards the castle. I fell several times and I got covered in snow and all wet, and I was getting colder, god I hope whoever that is has some blankets. I blundered through the snow up to the front of the castle; there were 2 huge doors, 20 feet tall at least, with a regular door just to the side.
I knocked as hard as I could on the door, my fingers were freezing. The door flew open almost immediately, my mouth fell open. A tall woman, pale as snow, with long hair, neon blue. It must be dyed. It went almost to the ground, stood in the doorway.

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   She wore a black robe; open in the front, revealing luscious pale skin, perfect D cup breasts with succulent, pierced, pink nipples, and a bare shaved pussy, with the clit and lips pierced. She had perfect pink lips, pierced in snake bites and in the middle of the top and bottom, with haunting eyes, her irises were blood red. She must be wearing contacts. Her nose was pierced in the middle and in both nostrils. My eyes traced down her beautiful neck, over her succulent breasts, down her beautiful belly, down her long, tight, smooth legs, down to her cute feet, then back up again, my pussy was soaked almost instantly, her skin was covered all over with tattoos, I noticed her belly button was pierced and she was barefoot.
“May I help you?” She said in a deep, beautiful voice, with only the slightest accent, I noticed a glint of silver in her tongue. Piercings?
“My car broke down, I’m stranded and I’m freezing, do you have a phone or something?” I asked her, my teeth chattering and my voice trembling.
“Oh my! Come in, come in. Let’s warm you up and get you some dry clothes and I’ll send you on your way in the morning” She ushered me inside and into a long, dark hallway with candles on both sides, lighting the way.
I was almost immediately warmer, it was cozy inside the hallway. I put my arms down and flexed my fingers, trying to get the feeling back. She stood looking at me quizzically as she closed the door and bolted it. I looked over her body again; she seemed perfectly comfortable showing me all of her, my pussy kept getting wetter and wetter. I haven’t ever kissed a boy before, or a girl, but girls are much more attractive. I couldn’t help but stare, I’m probably a lesbian, or I was now, who could resist when there was such a succulent woman as her in the world?
“Follow me please. 

  ” She said walking past me, the sound of her voice was music to me, so alluring.
We walked down the long hallway, as we walked, I noticed she had a big, full ass under that robe, I wanted to touch it. She pushed open a huge door, opening into a large ballroom with lines of black robes hanging on the walls, and two giant chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, illuminating the stone walls and the plush red carpet. She walked towards the wall and took one of the black robes off the wall and turned to me.
“Your clothes are soaked and you must be freezing, also we have a dress code, you must wear one of our black robes in the Black Castle, your clothes will be washed and returned to you when you leave,” She explained, holding out the robe “Would you like to change here, or in private?”
“I’ll change right here, will you help me? My fingers are still numb. ” I answered her, without thinking. I wanted this goddess to see me naked, and her taking my clothes off just made it sexier for me. I wanted her to touch me.
Her fingers glided over my black vest, the buttons coming undone without her touching them, she slid it off and down my back and the buttons of my sleeveless white blouse came open in the same manner and she slid it off my body, revealing my 36Cs in a black lace bra. She looked at them hungrily, and then knelt down and untied my black sneakers and helped me out of them, pulling my socks off as well. She then got up and unbuttoned my black jeans and slid them down and off my smooth legs. As I stepped out of them, it clicked with me, she’d see how wet my pussy was. My black thong was drenched and my pussy juice was running down my legs.
“I’m afraid your underwear must come off too, allow me. ” She circled around behind me and I felt her fingers, they were cold as ice, touch the clasp of my bra and open it and it slid down my arms and off me.

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   My pink nipples were hard as rocks and begging for attention.
Her hands cupped my breasts, my mouth fell open, she kneaded them gently, her fingers were so cold, I couldn’t help but moan, I wanted more, but then her hands fell to the waistband of my panties and slid them down and off, they were soaked, and more of my juices ran down my legs, I wanted her to take me. I felt her run an icy finger over my pussy; I felt her pussy against my tight little ass, I moaned out loud. Please, put your fingers into me! She didn’t, she brought her finger, wet with my juices, to her mouth and licked it. She closed her eyes and then opened her eyes and looked at me, helping me into the robe; she circled around me and stood in front of me.
“Soon. ” She murmured.
“What?” I asked, confused.
“Never mind, now, would you like dinner, or a nice hot bath to warm up?” She looked me over from head to toe, pulling my robe closed, it was so soft.
“A bath, please. ” I could masturbate in peace, I needed to, so bad, or maybe she would take me, my juices ran freely down my legs.
She took my hand in hers, it was so cold, and led me through a door off the ballroom into a giant bathroom. Pool sized steaming tubs of water were all around, the floor was white and rough, the walls were covered with cupboards. In one of the pools, two red-headed females fiercely kissed their hands all over one another.
“Ruby! Garnet! We have a guest.

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   Restrain yourselves. ” She turned to me, “Towels are in the cupboards, come out when you’re done. ”
The two females stood up, they were beautiful, tall, lean, with big, full, perfect asses, blood red hair, the same red irises, they were pale as snow just like her, they had beautiful DD breasts with big red nipples and both had a perfect triangle of blood red hair above their pussies. While I stared at them, she slid her hand into my robe and touched my pussy, she withdrew her fingers, slick with my juices, and licked them clean and then walked out.
“Come, join us. ” The two females said in chorus, then sat back down in the water, hand in hand. I shrugged out of my robe and walked naked to the pool, I slowly got into the water, and sat down on the ledge, the water going up to my neck. The two females got up and sat on either side of me, they held hands in my lap; their hands were icy cold, right above my pussy.
“It’s not like the mistress to play with her food,” one of them said, “She must have something special planned for you, human. ”
I was confused. What do they mean by human? Mistress? Food? What’s going on here?
“You know Ruby,” The one on my right said, “I don’t think the Mistress would be mad if we had a sample of her dinner before she digs in. ”
“I think you’re right Garnet,” The one on my left said, “Just, a sample. ”
They both grabbed my arms and pinned them against the side of the tub and then cupped my breasts with their other hands, pinching my nipples, kneading them, they both leaned over me, both putting one leg over mine, they leaned in towards my neck. Oh my god! What are they going to do to me?
“STOP!” My eyes jerked to the door, she was back, standing in the door, an angry look on her perfect face, “Leave her alone, you two, go, now!”
The two redheads got out of the tub and left quickly, running into the hall naked and the door closed. She shrugged off her robe, walking towards me, naked, her body was so beautiful.

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“You’ll have to excuse them; they get a kick out of scaring our guests. ” She said, getting into the water next to me, my whole body flushed, she was less then 6 inches away, she leaned in towards me, our faces almost touching.
“What did they mean? Human? Dinner? Food? What are they talking a-” She put one icy finger to my lips.
“Shhhh, it’s just you and me now, Rebecca. ” She kissed me, pressing her lips to mine. Wait, how’d she know my name? I didn’t care. She leaned over me, sitting between my legs, her icy arms locked around me and pressed me close to her cold body, our breasts pressing together, her piercings were as cold as the rest of her. Stars danced on my vision, I wrapped my arms around her neck and wrapped my legs around her waist and kissed her back, closing my eyes.
As my tongue slid into her icy mouth, my tongue touched something hard, two of them… Fangs… The cold, dinner, human, vampires. Terror blew through my body. Oh my god. Vampires! She’s going to drink my blood and kill me! I don’t care, she can have me, I can’t think of anyone more deserving. My last living act will be to make a good meal for this vampire queen. I kissed her harder, pressing my body tighter to her. Take me, please.

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   She pushed away from me, I held tightly her, but she pushed me away.
“I see you’ve come to realize the truth, but I’ll gladly let you live if you give me your life. Serve me, and I shall make you truly happy. ” She said, looking me in the eyes.
“Yes, I want to be yours forever, please, take me, now. ” I choked out, so overcome I couldn’t breathe.
“I am your new Mistress, Mia. ” She whispered in my ear, and then I felt her sink her fangs into my neck.
“Mia…” I moaned out, she drank my blood, I could feel it, her icy naked body on mine, her fangs in my neck, her hands cupping my breasts. I moaned out loud and then felt cold, darkness started to close around me, I slowly passed out in my new mistress’ arms.



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