The purser unlocked the door to Ingrid's cabin with an electronic key and after placing her bags next to the bed said, "I hope this meets with your approval, Miss Engstrom, I believe that you will be having a bunk mate arriving shortly, I hope you have a nice cruise!!!" Upon hearing that she would be sharing her room, a stab of panic raced through her and she quickly said, "That's impossible, I mean I was supposed to share this cabin with my boy friend but he's not going on the cruise, so how could anyone be sharing my cabin, we've already paid for both berths!?!" The purser took out his registration sheet and after scanning it for several seconds replied, "My records show that a Mr. Christopher Hopkins traded his ticket in for another cruise and his place is being taken by a Miss Andersen!!!" Ingrid slumped onto the bed and mumbled, "That's just great, now I've gotta share my room with a stranger," and seconds later she fell into a deep sleep!!!"She didn't know how much time had passed, but she was roused awake by the sound of the shower running in the bathroom!!! Momentarily she worried that someone had broken into her room, but groggily she remembered the purser mentioning something about her having a bunk mate for the trip, so slowly she crept over to the bathroom door and while knocking softly said, "I'm sorry I was asleep, but my name is Ingrid Engstrom!!!" From the other side of the door she could hear the water stop running and someone reply, "Come on in, I'm just finishing up in here!!!" Gingerly Ingrid pushed open the door only to be faced with one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen in her life!!! Water was still dripping off of her as she extended her hand and offered, "I'm Krista, Krista Andersen, and you must be Ingrid, the purser kinda filled me in, I'm happy to meet you!!!" "Uh, me too," Ingrid stammered, still a little shocked at the overtness of her bunk mate, "I'm from New York!!!" "Minneapolis, here," Krista replied, "and I like this weather a whole lot better than what I left back in Minnesota!!!" As hard as she was trying, it was almost impossible for Ingrid to keep her eyes on Krista's face, not that there was anything wrong with it, it was just that Krista had the body of a Playboy centerfold, with blonde hair, perfect breasts, long slim legs, and a bottom that no woman in the world could ever have complained about!!! As she was toweling off, Krista casually said, "The shower's empty, go right ahead!!!"Why she did it she'll never know, but straight arrow Ingrid Engstrom calmly stripped herself bare and climbed into the shower and began soaping herself off in front of someone she had met less than two minutes before!!! As the water poured down on her, Krista commented softly, "You have a lovely body, are you Norwegian!?!" "Uh, thanks," Ingrid mumbled, "no, I'm Swedish, what about you!?!" "I'm Danish on my dad's side and Norwegian on my mom's, so I guess I'm pretty much one hundred percent Scandinavian!!!" The warm water was very relaxing and while Ingrid let it pour over her head and down the rest of her body, she was totally unaware when Krista climbed back into the shower behind her!!! She was just about to reach for the shampoo when Krista whispered, "Here, let me have that, I'll do it for you!!!" A stunned Ingrid stammered, "W-what are you doing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . !!!" "I'm going to help you with your hair," she whispered back, "you don't mind do you, after all, it's just we girls here, right!?!" "Uh, yeah, right," Ingrid stammered, not quite sure how to react to what may have been just a gesture of kindness!!! "Mmmmmmm, you have really thick hair," Krista said softly while massaging the shampoo into Ingrid's scalp, "it must be the Norseman in you, thick hair to keep out the cold!!!" "I don't know," Ingrid replied softly, "I-I'm glad you like it!" "Mmmmmmm," she hummed as a stunned Ingrid froze in fear as Krista's hands roamed from her head around to her firm full breasts and down to her hairy vagina, "and I like this too nice and bushy!!!" "W-what are you doing," Ingrid demanded while trying to turn around!?! "Oh, just be still, silly," Krista said while holding her in place, "you have wonderful body, why not enjoy it!?!" "But I'm not a, you know," Ingrid stammered!!! "A lesbian," Krista asked?!? "Yes," she replied, "I've never been with a woman before.

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  . . . . . . . . . . " "Do you want to know a secret," Krista whispered?!? "What," Ingrid gasped as Krista's index finger slid easily into her slit and quickly found her budding clitoris!?! "I've been with both men and women and none of them has excited me the way you do!!!"With her head was now spinning like a top out of control, Ingrid gave in to her passions and let Krista have her way with her now very aroused body!!! "Tell me," Krista whispered into her ear, "do you have a boy friend?!?" "Not anymore," Ingrid moaned, "w-we were supposed to be on this cruise together but I caught him with another woman!!!" While working her finger faster and more intensely, Krista offered softly, "Men are all scum, you can't trust any of them, but don't worry, baby, Krista is going to make the rest of your cruise unforgettable!!!" And no sooner than the words exited her mouth than Ingrid's pussy convulsed uncontrollably as a monster orgasm shredded it like so much confetti, leaving her leaning against the shower wall while holding onto the faucet to keep from falling down!!!"After a minute or two, Krista whispered, "Are you all right, baby, that was a pretty hard one!!!" "I-I'm fine," Ingrid finally replied, "I almost passed out, but I'm okay now!!!" "Good," Krista replied, "let's dry each other off and move over to the bed, I think it would be more comfortable, don't you!?!" Soon they were both taking turns toweling off each other's body, with each of them taking special attention on each other's pussy and tits!!! Up until now Ingrid hadn't commented on Krista's body, but finally she offered, "You have the most beautiful body I've ever seen, and the tan lines around your vagina look just incredible!!!" "Mmmmmmm, thank you," the Nordic beauty replied, "you look nice too, I especially love your bush, it looks so erotic!!!" "You're the first one who's liked it," Ingrid replied, "my boyfriend wanted me to shave it off!!!" "This guy sounds like a first rate ass hole," Krista said evenly, "as far as I'm concerned they're all jerk offs!!!" "I'm beginning to get the same picture," Ingrid replied while Krista led her over to the bed, "women are much more trustworthy!!!" They fell into each others arms as they plopped down onto the bed, and Ingrid experienced her first all female kiss as Krista's tongue popped into her mouth and probed her gently!!!""Do you know what feels different," Ingrid asked!?! "Uh huh," Krista replied, "having your breasts up against another woman's, right?!?" "Yeah," she replied dreamily, "it feels so erotic, like nothing I've ever experienced before!!!" "Mmmmm, yeah," Krista sighed, "I just love the way my nipples get hard when they brush against someone else's, don't you!?!" Ingrid stared down at her chest, and incredibly, just then her nipples popped up as Krista's nubs scraped lightly over her own causing her to moan softly while she watched their two chest gently rubbing and sliding together!!! They lay together for at least a half hour, reveling in the wonderful sensations that their bodies were experiencing, that is until Krista broke the spell and asked, "Do you know what's even better that this!?!" Ingrid kissed her softly on the lips and replied, "Honey, nothing could be better that this!!!" Krista laughed a lilting laugh that sent a shiver down Ingrid's spine and she then replied softly, "Let me show you what I mean," as she pushed Ingrid onto her back and took up residence between her now spread thighs!!! "You smell fantastic," Krista whispered as she breathed in a lung full of Ingrid's pussy aroma, "now, get ready to fly!!!" Ingrid knew what was coming, but never in her wildest dreams had she thought that anything could feel so awesome, but from the second that Krista's tongue met Ingrid's clit, well, Krista had been right, she was fucking flying!!!" "Oh, god," Ingrid moaned while arching her back and cupping her own breasts, "t-that feels fantastic, oh, god, please don't stop, oh yes, lick it, just like that, mmmmm, do it for me, you're so fucking good at it, oh my, mmmmmmmm, yesssssssssssss!!!And she was too, good at it I mean, in fact she was the best cunt lapper that Ingrid had ever experienced!!! She knew just exactly where and when to lick, if by instinct or experience, it didn't really matter, because all she knew, was that this Danish wunderkind was eating her up and she was fucking loving it!!! Between licks and sucks Krista whispered, "You have the hairiest and sweetest pussy that I have ever tasted, where have you been all of my life!!!" "I-if you keep this up," Ingrid moaned, "I'll follow you all the way back to Minnesota!!!" After several more vicious licks, Krista replied, "You better watch what you say, baby, I'll have to hold you to that!!!" Her head was now spinning out of control once again, and this time her orgasm was like a tsunami crashing onto the shore, leveling everything in sight, and taking no prisoners!!!"Jesus christ in heaven," Ingrid gasped, "I came on this cruise to have fun and here you are trying to kill me with sex!!!" Krista chuckled as she slid back up to join her new found friend and retorted, "But what a wonderful way to go, am I right!?!" They kissed again passionately and Ingrid replied, "And we have six whole days and nights to try it!!!" After nuzzling and kissing for anther fifteen minutes or so, Ingrid asked softly, "It's my turn, let me do you!!!" Krista looked her in the eye and questioned, "Are you sure, because if you're not ready, I'll understand!?!" This time it was Ingrid's turn to make her move, and just as her friend had, she slid down and buried her mouth right into the tight blonde bush which caused the Danish pastry to grab her by the head and pull her harder against her gaping crotch!!! As Ingrid bored in hard at Krista's erect clit, the blonde moaned, "A-are you sure you haven't done this before, because you're fucking incredible!?!" Ingrid chuckled into Kirsta's open cunt and replied, "I had a good teacher, she taught me well!!!" "Ohhhh, god," Krista groaned, "I'm giving you a fucking A, you passed the course with flying colors!!!" As many times as Ingrid had touched her own clit, she still was amazed at how responsive a turned on organ could be, and right now, Krista was about as turned on as was humanly possible!!! With each flick of her tongue, the blonde beauty's body tensed as climax after climax wrenched through her, leaving drained and spent on the tip of Ingrid's now experienced tongue!!!The two women fell fast asleep in each other's arms as their breasts pressed softly together! Several hours later when they woke up, they kissed and took another shower together, again enjoying the texture and sensation of each others body!!! "Did you really mean that when you said you'd follow me back to Minnesota," Krista asked while nibbling Ingrid's ear!?! "Do you want me to," Ingrid asked while rubbing her erect nipples over Krista's!?! Krista didn't bother answering, instead she dropped to her knees and let her tongue snake out into the furry mass of hair covering Ingrid's pussy until it found her little excited little clit!!! As she leaned back against the shower wall and her orgasm began overtaking her, Ingrid had her answer, and it was the one she had hoped for!!!THE END.