Unexpected Wonderful Weekend Pt. 2


Jana and I were finishing breakfast (nude of course) and my roommate came in and saw us. "Damn, I miised a good time it looks like. " Darlene said and I introduced Jana to her. Jana without missing a beat went to her and kissed her deep and long to the point that when she stopped Darlene had her blouse off and her bra was in Jana's hand. "Brenda said I have to make sure it is okay with you to move in. " Jana told her, still with their arms around each other. Darlene stepped back and took off her jeans and panties and sat on the couch and spread her legs apart some. "Well, let's see what you bring to the living arrangments. " Darlene said and Jana walked to the counh and kissed Darlene again and sucked her nipples then she was in her pussy making Darlene moan loud. Soon she had a nice orgasm and she moved Jana to lay on the carpet and laid next to her sucking her tits and fingering her wet pussy. They ended in a 69 and both soaked each others faces. Jana sat up and looked at Darlene and said, "So do I get to move in?" and Darlene licked her fingers, "You have my vote. " and Jana got up and came to me and hugged me then kissed me deep. "So what do I tell my boyfriend when I get my stuff?" Jana said. "You never said you were in a relationship. " I said to her.

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   "So, what do I tell him?" She asked again. "Well, that you are moving with two other women and that you will be sharing beds with them both I suppose. " I told her. "That sounds perfect. " she said and said that she wanted to get her stuff while he was gone and then would tell him later that day.

We drove to her apartment and packed her stuf and made two trips in Darlene's van and brought it to our place. Mostly it was clothes and nothing else except a chest that she kept her special things and jewelery in. We moved her into my bedroom since she was after all my friend. That was Saturday and so after Supper we drove o tell her boyfriend. David was there and was looking around and we all came up. "So what it the story?" he said in a restrained tone. "I have moved in with Brenda and Darlene. " she said and then added, "Brenda is a school friend from high school. " and she stood there in the silent interval waiting for someone to speak. He looked at us, me, long sun dress, no under things, breasts moving whenever I did, Darlene tank top and jeans and no bra holding her lovely 38DD tits in place and Jana wearing a jean skirt and no panties and a tank top and her tits fre of any bra also.

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   "Well, so what is the fucking story? david said, "You going lez?" and then we all looked at each other. "Well, I suppose so but at the moment I am just moving in with two very good girlfriends. " Jana said. "You mean to tell me that you are sleeping with these two and it is better than with me?" Jana smiled and looked at me and said, "Oh yeah, a lot better than anyone I have ever been with. " Then she moved to me and kissed me deep and Darlene watched David and his reaction. He stood there red faced and also hard as a rock in his pants. Jana whispered in my ear, "Would you mind showing him then we can leave?" she said. I looked at her and whispered to Darlene and she smiled and shook her head yes. Darlene said, "Why don't you sit over there in the chair and we will show you if you like, but no touching any of us. " she said and he moved to the chair and sat down.

Jana undressed us first and Darlene and I undressed her then we all sat on the couch and began kissing and sucking each other. We made sure that Jana had a screaming orgasm quickly and then we began working on each other as well as her. Jana had her butt up as she ate me and Darlene, who has a long wonderful tongue began licking her pussy letting it go in deep, then she changed and began licking Jana's ass and slipping her tongue in making Jana moan louder and then have an orgasm that was really a squirting stream. We all took turns with each other and played for more than an hour and finally David with a cock in his hand and cum all over his shirt and stomach said, "Okay, I guess you got something going there. Can you guys come over sometimes and let me watch again?" he said.

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   Darlene looked at him, "Maybe, just maybe. " and we all got dressed and drove back to our place and went in, clothes gone as we got to the living room and began to cook dinner.

That is all for the moment. It is Wensday now and Jana and Darlene and I are doing good. Jana sleeps with me most of the time, if you can call it sleeping. She likes sex as muich as I do so she is most always with either Darlene or me, kissing hugging and whatever else feels good. Her nipples are going to be pierced this afternoon so we will be out for a while.
Brenda, Jana and Darlene.