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I am 18 years old and my name is Sarah. I have dark hair which I inherited from my mom. One other thing that I inherited from my mom is her heavy chest. At my age my bust is around 34c. I am short at 4 feet 2 inches which makes my breasts bigger than they seem. This has been a burden for me since the girls in my class are jealous of them and the guys can't seem to look at my face for more than 2 seconds. And that is only if they get as far as my face ! Therefore, I tend to wear clothing that does its best to cover up my chest. My hips are slim and my butt is rounded but not as provocative as my breasts. My legs are not bad looking but I tend to cover them up too. I realised quite early after puberty that I was not interested much in guys. This could be because most of them were more interested in my breasts than any other part of me. I am quite good at my school work but I had one weakness: computers. This is how I ended up being tutored by a girl one year older than me. Her name is Beth short for Bethany. She was more or less the opposite of me. She was about 6 inches taller and her hair was blond and long.

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   Her breasts (this is usually the first thing I compare!) were much smaller. 30a would be my guess. She was thin and used to wear tshirts that showed off her flat tummy and the skirts she wore made her legs look longer than they actually were. I felt excited by the prospect of her tutoring me since I knew she was one of the popular girls in school. Strangely, most of the guys in school had not been able to get a date with her and this made our sessions quite important for me since I noticed so many guys giving us looks of amazement. "Hi!" said Beth walking towards me. "Ready for your class today?" she said. I looked at her. She looked stunning in a deep neck tshirt that was designed to bring attention to her small breasts. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans to match her tshirt and she looked sexy. I couldn't help but check her boobs out enviously wishing mine were that small. "Earth calling Sarah !"I looked up startled realising that she had caught me looking at her boobs. I could feel my face going red. "Oh!! Sorry !! I was thinking about something I was supposed to pick up for mom. " I stammered feeling foolish.

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  "Hey, cool. Then lets go to my place today. My comp is much faster than the rusty old machines in the lab anyway and I have some interesting stuff for you to help you learn computers. " she said, taking my arm and moving towards her scooter. She passed me a helmet as she started the little thing up. I hadn't been on a bike before and I was terrified. I didn't want to let Beth know so I got on the bike behind her holding on to her with so much force that she asked me to relax. somehow being close to her like this made me feel safe and comfy in a way that I have not felt with other girls. I enjoyed the ride and I could feel my breasts digging into her back as I held her close as she sped home. When we got to her place, I was feeling an odd sensation on my nipples. They were tingling and I could also feel a bit of wetness between my legs. Like all other girls my age, I have experimented sexually and masturbate at least 3 times a week, but unlike the other girls I didn't have a boyfriend. I have never had sex which was unsual for a girl my age. I have seen my share of porn but I never seriously thought about losing my virginity to a guy. I felt funny about getting wet after hugging Beth but pushed the thought out of my mind.

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   We were greeted by Beth's mom at the door. If Beth was gorgeous, her mom was even better. Her mom, Susan had larger breasts which I guessed to be at least 36c. She had wide hips and a graceful air about her and she portrayed a certain unawarness of her beauty that seemed to make her more beautiful. She wore a tight sleaveless tshirt that accentuated her breasts and a pair of shorts that covered her thighs upto her knees. I felt very comfortable with her and she gave me a hug and I felt out breasts bump into each other as I tried in vain to avoid contact with the already sensitive nipples. "Mmm. . you girls look a little tired. I have made you some lemonade and its in the refrigerator. I am going off to your aunts place for a couple of hours. You girls make yourselves comfortable," she said leaving the house. Beth lived in a plush part of town where most of the houses were large and showed the high income level of the occupants. I marvelled the house as Beth took me inside. She took me upstairs to her room.

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  "Make yourself comfortable Sarah," she said taking me into her room. She threw her books to a corner and proceeded to take her tshirt off. I was stunned to see her quite comfortable with me. She proceeded to put on a loose tshirt which was so loose that one end kept falling off her shoulders. "Hey, do you wanna change? I can give you a comfy tshirt, she said. I was not going to change in front of her with my nipples in a excited state. I just took off the shirt I had on revealing my thin strapped tshirt. I showed a bit of cleavage and I was comfy about that with Beth. We sat down on the bed. I was fidgeting about. She went down for a moment to get us some lemonade. She came back and we had a sip of lemonade and I started to feel better. I told her that her mom was really pretty. she nodded. "My dad died when I was small.

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   Mom never remarried. She gets so many requests for dates and she turns every one of them down. But I feel that she is very happy on her own," Beth said. "I am sorry to hear that. ""Oh, thats perfectly fine. ""So lets get to work. Tell me what you want to learn. " So I told her what they are. One was familiarity with the keyboard. She loaded a program to teach me the keyboard. While I used the program, I felt her looking at me. When I turned to her to ask a question, she seemed flustered for a moment and I felt her eyes on my lips. She smiled nervously. "You have a nice pair of lips. They are so full and sexy.

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  ""Thanks. Thats not what most people notice about me. " I smiled at her. "What do they notice?" she asked. "Isn't that obvious?""What do you mean?""Well, my boobs are the first thing that guys notice!""Oh"She smiled. "I did notice that. " Her face had a wistful look. "Reminds me of mom's. I wish I had bigger boobs," she said sighing. "But you are gorgeous. All the guys really want to get a date with you. ""Yeah, I know. ""Hey, can I ask you something?" she said. "Go on. ""Why do you wear clothes that hide your body?""Well, I don't like guys ogling my chest.

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   I find it disgusting. ""Do you mind if girls ogle?""Well, I didn't notice any girls ogling," I laughed. "Turn," she said. Then she started to look at my face, my lips and then my breasts. Her look was so gentle and loving that I was mesmerised by it. Before I could think, she outlined my lips with her index finger. A gentle caress, that sent shock waves to all parts of my body. She came closer until her face was inches away from mine, looking into my eyes tenderly. "You are gorgeous and so sexy. It doesn't matter what people say. Just flaunt it. This is the only chance you will get in your life to be free. "Then her lips came close to mine and kissed me lightly. I almost had a heart attack. It felt so good that without thinking I placed my hands on her cheeks and pulled her closer and kissed her again.

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  Suddenly we pulled back, both aware of what just happened. We both spoke at the same time. "Sorry, oh my god. What did I do?" she asked me. "I am sorry. I shouldn't have kissed you like that," I said. My face was red and my hands were shivering. Without thinking I just pulled her close again. My body was not responding to my commands. I could not control myself. I covered her lips with mine and started to suck on them while her mouth was closed. They tasted so good. I put my arm around her and pulled her close, my heart racing, my eyes closed, not trusting myself to look at her. Then I separated her lower lip and started to suck on it slowly. I have seen this move in a magazine that I read once.

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   I then moved to her upper lip sucking it slowly, my face at an angle, my hand caressing her soft skin at the back over her tshirt. I heard her sigh sinking into my arms. I stopped for a moment. I opened my eyes and I saw an angelic look in Beth's eyes. "Don't stop. Kiss me again. "I pulled her closer and kissed her. I felt her mouth open and her tongue moving into mine. We tasted each others saliva as we kissed passionately. She pulled me on to her lap and I was more comfortable now, kissing her as I felt the smooth comfortable fabric of her tshirt sliding over her skin under my hand. I don't know for how long we kissed. She must have felt my weight since she suggested that we go over to the bed. She led me by the hand. "Are you sure about this?" I asked. I felt so confused about the way I was feeling.

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   My panty was soaked. My nipples were hard. I have never felt like this about a woman before. Was I a lesbian? My mind was like a hurricane. So many thoughts were going in my head. "Yes, I knew this would happen today. I wanted this to happen. I am so crazy about you Sarah. "I was stunned. I sat down on the bed resting back against the head board. She straddled my legs and then came closer and started to kiss me again. I felt her hands caressing my breasts over the tshirt. It was an exquisite feeling. I slipped off the straps of my tshirt exposing my bra and placed her hands on the cup. I felt her shudder as her hands came into contact with my bra cup.


   She must have felt my nipple straining against the cup. Then she started kissing my neck and moved up to my ear. Her tongue was wet in my ear, probing and loving it. I shuddered at the sensation. I never knew that my ear could be that sensitive. She bit my ear lobe gently, moving back to my throat. I pulled my head back letting her lick my throat. Then she proceeded to kiss me again. I slippled off her tshirt accidently and exposed her breasts. They had puffy nipples and the breasts could fit into a glass of champagne with ease. I cupped them as she kissed me again. Then she moved down licking my cleavage. I could feel the saliva pooling at my navel. Then she did the most amazing thing. She started to wet my bra cup with her tongue.

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   She avoided my nipple, teasing me. It drove me crazy. I didn't want to say anything because I felt so comfortable in the moment and I felt that I shouldn't spoil it by saying anything. I wanted her to take her time. Suddenly she sucked my nipple hard through the bra cup making me jump. My panty was soaked and I was sure it was leaking into the sheets. She lovingly slipped off my bra, exposing the breasts. She stared at them lovingly lifting them in her hand feeling their weight. She squeezed them and played with them like a child. Then she brought both nipples close together and sucked them alternatively. Her tongue was like magic. She then put her face between my cleavage and let my breasts envelope her face. She then moved down to my tummy kissing it gently. "I want to kiss your breasts," I whispered. She smiled softly at me and lifted herself up bringing her lovely breasts in line with my mouth.

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   I closed my lips over the puffy pink gorgeous nipple sucking it so gently. She gasped as I felt her crotch rock on my thigh, rubbing her pussy against me. I put my hand in her shorts and realised that she was not wearing a panty. I felt the smooth skin and realised that she has shaved her pussy. I pushed her shorts down to get my hand into it. I cupped her wet pussy while I sucked her nipple and most of her breast which went easily into my mouth. She moaned pressing herself harder into my mouth and rocking against my hand. I felt her slit with one finger and started to rub her there as I had seen in lesbian movies. She gripped my head hard pulling me to her rocking hard. "Oh god Sarah, please lick my pussy. Oh god ! Please lick my pussy. "I pushed her onto the bed making her lie down. I pulled her shorts down and it was completely off in seconds. Then I started to lick her thighs moving up towards her pussy. I have never licked a pussy before and I had a fair idea of how its down.

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   I kissed the top of the mons and started to move down tasting a woman for the first time. She had a slight sour taste and was mixed with sweat. I loved her taste. I kept licking between her legs pushing my tongue deep into her slit, feeling her clit and moving up and down. She pushed my head down making me lick all of her slit and moving back up to her clit. Then she shuddered as she came hard. I felt her spurt her juice and for a moment I thought she had peed in my mouth. Later I realised that she squirts cum during her orgasm. I lay my head on her thigh, resting my head from the vigorous licking. She pulled me up, kissing me tenderly, our breasts rubbing against each other. "Oh baby, that was so good. I came so hard. ""I want to lick you now. Please sit on my face. "She pulled me up so that my pussy was right on her face after I had taken off all my clothes.

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   She started to lick my pussy. It felt so good that I screamed when her tongue licked my pussy for the first time. I felt her tongue probe my pussy. I held on to the bed post as she licked and licked. I felt her finger rubbing my pussy as she licked. I squeezed my breasts with one hand as I kept my balance with the other. I came shortly afterwards screaming my head off. I have never cum like that before. I had to try hard to release the bed post that was being held by my hand. I felt like I was in heaven. I moved my pussy away from her long tongue and started to kiss her. I could taste my pussy in her mouth. "Oh Beth, how did you learn to make me cum like that?"She gave me a mysterious smile. " I will tell you later," she said. We lay there in each others arms for a while.

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   We had to get dressed really fast when we heard the front door open and her mom's voice calling out to us. We managed to get dressed in the nick of time. However, I felt our faces must have given us away since her mom had a puzzled look on her face when she saw us. It was a fleeting expression and I was not sure if I had really seen it. I went back home and had a long shower. I used the shower nozzle to pleasure myself again thinking back at what happened with Beth. My mom asked me whether I met someone new, when she saw me at dinner. I blushed and looked down. "Mmmm. . must be someone really special," she said. I didn't trust myself to say anything so I kept my big mouth shut. I was looking forward to my next class with Beth. This is my second lesbian story. I need your comments.

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